My First Time On A Cruise Ship

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Female Ejaculation

A Sean Carrington Adventure.

My First Time On A Cruise Ship.

My name is Craig and I have been on here before. I am now twenty years old and working as a Junior Purser on a Cruise Ship in the Mediterranean. Originally I came from Stornoway in Scotland but had to finish my studies at Universities in Ayr and Glasgow to gain qualifications in business and maritime; this is my story.

Initially I lived in Halls of Residence in Ayr but they had a major flooding following a water pipe bursting in the roof. We were all decanted to various local B but never were.

I tried to find somewhere to live, that I could afford; they were all too expensive. Although I did have a part time job in a local Morrison’s store stacking shelves at night it still wasn’t enough. I also met Jason, Paul and Adam there they were late night shelf stackers too, we became good friends as we all played badminton together.

One night on my way back from Glasgow University I went to the ‘Underground’ venue to check it out, some girl students had recommended it to me. This was where I met Malcolm, we both lived in Ayr and travelled back together that very cold wet and windy night. When we were passing Malcom’s luxury apartment near the sea front he invited me in to dry off and have something warm to drink.

I didn’t know at the time but the ‘Underground’ was a gay venue, the girls had tricked me into going. Malcolm was gay but we seemed to get on very well with each other; I liked him. He asked me if I was gay or ever thought that I was gay. I had thought that I may be gay, nothing specific just a lot of little things, not that I had ever had any gay sex or any sex for that.

As we had arrived back very wet at Malcolm’s I had taken my wet clothes off to dry and put on one of Malcolm’s dressing gowns. Malcolm was dressed in a similar way as we sat there together talking about wither I was gay or not. I got very aroused by the discussion we were having, I think it was then that I decided to see if I was gay.

My first introduction to gay sex was a disaster, all my fault, but I did stay the night with him, also the thought of going back to my B&B spurred me on to stay the night. We didn’t actually have sex that night as I said I made a complete mess of things, but I did enjoy sharing with him.

The next morning I met two of his friends Tim and Mike when I inadvertently walked into the line of vision of a Skype call he was having with them. I was only wearing bikini type underwear at the time, I was very embarrassed about it but they were very supportive which made me feel comfortable with them. Not like the last time something similar happened to me, when one of my sister’s friends took a photograph of me similarly dressed on a skype call that I had inadvertently walked into its line of vision and posted it around the island; I was very embarrassed about it. Islands are small places where everyone knows everyone.

They invited Malcom and me round to their apartment for drinks and a Chinese meal that night, it was a toga themed night where we all dressed up as Romans. That was one of the best parties I was ever at, no sex or anything like that just free flowing talk and fun. I think it was then that I was adopted as a project by them.

That night I went back to Malcom’s apartment and we did have sex together, because I knew I wanted to, this time it wasn’t a complete disaster but very nice; I enjoyed it. My accommodation problem was resolved a few weeks later when I moved in with Malcolm. For all intents and purposes Malcom became my sugar daddy, Tim and Mike sort of became my surrogate sugar daddies, although I never had sex with either of them, only Malcolm. They took me on holidays with them too.

My friend Jason was a bit unsure of my relationship with Malcolm but was openly very supportive of me, particularly when anyone made derogatory comments about me being gay and living with a sugar daddy. As he often got tarnished by the same brush.

Paul and Adam my other badminton friends were very much more aggressive in my and Jason’s defence, they were both very big guys and could be intimidating when they wanted to be. They often all came round to Malcolm’s and Mike and Tim’s place for parties and meals, no sex or anything like that just banter about sex.

When I went round to Jason’s place to help him with his college accountancy studies, which he was struggling with. His parents although wary of me being their son’s friend, never said anything and always made me feel at home.

Although I had strong feelings for Jason, as I think he had for me, we never took it any further than friendship. He was still unsure of his preferences in life I think. We often posed for Tim on some of his photoshoots, which he paid us for. We posed and modelled swimwear and underwear for him, every time he had one of his pictures published or sold we got an additional commission too.

One escort bayan gaziantep of the times when we were down on the beach, it was one of those very hot lazy sunny days. After a swimwear shoot we posed in the nude for a naturist magazine, as it was a naturist beach it was ok to do this. In one of the poses I was to hold Jason intimately, we were embracing each other seductively, when I had a sudden arousal which triggered one off by Jason. We stood there as Tim took numerous shots of us, not wanting to move in case he saw what had just happened. If he did he never said anything.

I think Jason was at a loss as to what he felt or should do about it, I didn’t peruse it, although I wanted to. After that we posed together on a number of occasions in Tim’s flat and studio, for what can be best described as erotic photographs. Tim managed to sell quite a few of our photographs to magazines; particularly to a well-known Dutch magazines.

I came across one of these magazines, with our picture in it, on a port visit to Amsterdam and a passenger once asked if that was it me in the photograph. I said ‘I wish’ although they were very good, they were just erotic, not full frontal or anything like that, I didn’t get embarrassed by them.

I passed all my exams with honours and graduated from the business Studies University and the Maritime University which I had to wear my Naval Cadet Uniform for; I was told that I looked stunning in it. My parents and my friends came to my Maritime graduation, including Jason and his parents, Malcolm, Tim and Mike. Tim was our official photographer for the day.

About two weeks later I received my first posting, I was to join my first Cruise Ship as a Cadet Junior Purser in Palma in ten days’ time; my dream job. Before joining my ship, as I would be away for at least six months, I wanted to go and see my parents. Jason came with me as he never been to the Isle of Lewis on the west coast of Scotland before.

We travelled there by train, bus and ferry, it was an adventure in its own right particularly for Jason. We also had to stay overnight, while waiting on a ferry that was delayed due to bad weather, in a B&B in Ullapool, we shared the last room which only had one double bed in it.

I was ok about it but Jason was a bit unsure initially, it worked out ok and we didn’t do anything. Although we did wake up during the night spooning each other, we just laughed it off. The landlady though we were brothers, and as her brothers used to share the very same bed she thought nothing off it.

We arrive at my parents’ house the next morning, my father was at work he was a Master on one of the small inter island ferries. My sister was staying at her friend’s house overnight to allow us a room each. I didn’t know at that time that my sister was gay too and often shared a bed with her friend.

My mother lent me her car and Jason and I along with my sister and her friend toured the island, visiting my school friends and obligatory relatives.

One night in a pub in Stornoway, someone with too much to drink openly accused me and Jason, my sister and her friend as being gay faggots. Many Islanders are like, alcoholic’s one day, religious zealot’s the next and the downtrodden for the rest of the week. We left to defuse the situation; embarrassed but we just left as we were leaving the next day. The journey back to Glasgow and Ayr was uneventful, fortunately.

We found out later that my school friend’s had openly condemned the drunk on Social Media; which is now a way of life on the islands. Openly supported us condemning him as a moronic drunk; the following summer Stornoway had its biggest and most colourful Gay Pride parade ever. I missed it.

My preferred epilogue story of that event was that he repeated this to my father’s face in the pub one night and he decked him in one on the spot. Although he had the same build as me and a lot smaller than the drunk, he was with 2 Para for ten years. Before he met my mother and settled down on the Islands.

By chance the local policeman was also in the pub at the time and arrested the drunk for being drunk and disorderly. He was my God Father and had ultimately married my mother’s cousin after visiting my father; he had also served in 2 Para with my father.

Malcolm, Jason, Tim and Mike all came with me and my big wheelie case to get my early morning flight to Palma, from Glasgow airport one dark and wet morning. They saw me off, although I was quite emotional about leaving I tried not to show it.

When I arrived in Palma, it was very hot and sunny, I though what a contrast to my lonely travel thoughts of leaving my friends, in particular Jason and Malcolm, all quickly disappeared with the sun and warmth. I travelled in the bus that took the tourists, soon to be my guests, from the airport to the dock. Thirty minutes later I boarded my first ship, it was a new ship to the company’s fleet, which I though was magnificent and beautiful; my excitement was now in overdrive.

I met my soon to be boss in his office, his name was Lee and from Southampton, he introduced me to his team. I had never met so many nationalities at the one time before, I didn’t know how I would remember their names or pronounce them.

Fortunately they all had name badges on, I was handed mine, it had my name, Cadet Officer, Junior Purser on it. I was to wear it any time I was on duty and for the first week or so when I was off duty in the crew area. It was then that I felt I was part of the crew. Lee asked Alex, his deputy, to take me down to my quarters.

He knocked the cabin door and went straight in, my cabin mate was lying in his bunk reading a book. He stood up and came over to greet me, it was a very strange introduction as he was standing there naked apart from a pair of very tight fitting bikini underwear. He was tall and had a fantastic physic, firm and muscular not an ounce of fat that you could see, his skin was a fantastic light olive brown colour.

Alex said, Peter will be your mentor for next three months and left us to introduce ourselves, my case arrive just as Alex was leaving and said he hoped I had remembered to pack my teddy bear. Turned out that was one of his stock statements, but at the time I did know what he had meant by it, if anything.

Peter my roommate was a dancer in the entertainment team, although he was Spanish, his mother and father were Irish. They moved to a town outside Madrid from the troubles in Ireland and opened, a now very popular Irish bar long before Peter was born, he was two years older than me.

He then said that it was very unusual to have entertainers share with hotel staff. He assumed that it was because he was gay and had a sugar daddy once; just like me. My first lesson on board you don’t have any secrets and you have to fit in; that’s part of your job. I liked Peter’s light hearted live and let live attitude. I knew from that point we would get on very well.

Peter helped me unpack, then got dressed into his white shorts, trainers and sports shirt and said that I was to dress down like him, so we can mingle with the guests as though we were guests too. We did a tour of the ship, helping guests as we went along who looked lost or looking for inspiration as what to do next, this was to be our way of life on board; and it is a great way to live, all the guests were your friends and you theirs.

After about an hour we met up with another new start and her mentor, Annie the mentor was from Oklahoma in the US. Her name was Ansoo from Malaya and would be working in the front house like me. We were both lost, too many new things at once. Ansoo was reserved and quiet, five foot four petite with jet black hair, very stunning in her own way and had a very sexy mischievous smile.

When Peter and Annie went away to discuss something in private, we went onto the promenade deck, got a coffee and sat at a table in the sun enjoying the gentle breeze, it was still quite as guests were still arriving. I started to tell Ansoo about me and Scotland, as she asked me. What it was like to be gay and have a sugar daddy?

Before I could answer, she said that she had a sugar mamma back home that was not very nice to her and wanted her have sex with other people for money. That’s why she left and joined a cruise ship as some of her friends had done.

I told her about Malcolm and how we met, and how it was then that I found out that I was gay. Malcolm allowed me to live with him and how he helped fund my University studies. He also had gay friends Mike and Tim, they all were great to me also took me on holiday with them. I also had a friend who was called Jason that I played badminton with, he wasn’t sure if he was gay though.

Ansoo said she did not know if she was gay too, sometimes she thought she was but didn’t know. I said, don’t worry if you are you will know when it happens like I did. That day we became great friends as did Peter and Annie.

When Peter and Annie returned they asked me how they can get services they provide to guests on a private basis charged on the guests key cards. Cruise ships are a cashless society, which is very good when you adapt to it. And how would they get paid for it. I said I don’t know but I can ask Lee, my boss, if you like. At that time I didn’t know what they were talking about or what I was about to get myself involved with.

After our tour of the ship Ansoo and I reported to Lee, the senior purser. He handed both of us an agenda for our shipboard training which we had three months to complete and pass. We had to do ships fire drills, work fire systems, lifeboat training; which was fun, security {Both Ansoo and I liked the self-defence training, given by some on board security ex-Gurkhas; they bounced us and their other students about the gym floor until we knew how to fall and defend ourselves then restrain someone.}. We had to complete at least two modules a week.

That night I went with Ansoo to see a show with Peter in it, Annie was the duty photographer and took photographs of all the guests, including Ansoo and me. The show was great as was Annie’s picture of us, after it we went down to my cabin to look at the training manuals that Lee had given us. We sat on my bunk together, I think we both felt strange doing that, but were very comfortable in each other’s presence.

After Ansoo left I went to bed that night, my mind was racing with what had happened that day. It was cofounded further with the feelings I was having about Peter standing there almost naked and Ansoo sitting beside me on my bunk bed. I was exhausted and fell asleep.

I was wakened when Peter returned about three in the morning, which would be his normal time which was determined when the guests stopped partying. I could see him getting undressed in the glow of the blue night light, I started to get aroused at seeing him and his muscular body in front of me. I was awakened about six in the morning by my alarm.

As I dressed, I don’t know why but I seemed to parade about the cabin in my seductive underwear, that Tim and Mike had bought me as a going away present. When I was fully dressed in my uniform whites, checking everything was correct. Peter stirred and said I like you in your whites, nice butt, we can work on your muscular toning later. I felt really great when he said that.

I met Ansoo when I left my cabin, her and Annie’s cabin was directly opposite mine. My and Ansoo’s first day went well, we also had lunch together. Just before we finished Lee gave us a debriefing on our first day, which he was very upbeat about. I asked him about what Peter and Annie had asked us about charging for services through guest key accounts.

He told us what the services were for, not that that was a surprise, what was was the scale of it. From laundry to personal security, private parties including other discreet private services rendered, onshore and offshore. Then the bombshell dropped Ansoo and me were to work out how it should be done, not if, including payments to those rendering the services and their currency exchange and tax payment requirements.

It took Ansoo and me about a week to work out how to do it, including a test demonstration model, the system we had on board allowed you to do that. Then we had to present it to the Purser and the two ship Captains and a Company Executive who was on board visiting and who all had to approve it. The Purser and the Company Executive both added significant improvements to it based on their international and competitor experiences.

We modified it and reran the test model it worked. It was approved. Our next task was to train the relevant ship’s company, the participants, discreetly, in how to use it. There was a crew of over 1,000 on the ship, all looking to earn more money. That’s what they went to sea for nine months at a time. Although we were not part of the services, we still had a great time implementing it. Some of them more than doubled their earnings from it.

This was also used for other unusual but conventional arrangements that guests may require, like hiring a car or a private excursion or service somewhere. Of course these costs are very discreetly listed on their end of week account; that is automatically debited to their credit card.

One mandatory rest day, no courses on and we were at sea I had a luxurious extra hour in my bunk, Peter had an early preceding night. It was one of the few times that we were in the cabin together. I went for my morning shower and came out with only my towel on, as normal.

As I stood there, I felt a presence, turned, Peter was standing there naked fully aroused, which instantly turned me on. He undid my towel and let it drop, then embraced me, his warm muscular body pressing on mine was fantastic; we were both fully aroused. Without saying a word we started to caress each other, enhancing our arousal and desires. We lay on my bunk and had sex together for the first of many times.

I felt him seductively enter me and start to undulate within me, it was my first time since being with Malcolm or with someone other than Malcolm; I really enjoyed it. Peter being a dancer was very athletic with me and I learnt a lot that fantastic day. We swapped who was active and I tried to replicate what Peter had just done. I didn’t get it right but I enjoyed learning how to, first time I climaxed with Peter was unbelievably sublime.

We had an open relationship, which at my time of life was a normal thing to have, our fling together lasted three months until Peter’s next posting took him to another ship. I also had fun with three of Peter’s friends in the entertainment team, I bed hopped for the first time in my life. It was a fantastic first three months at sea.

My and Ansoo’s on board training was now complete and we both passed with high marks. We had achieved a lot together. Ansoo had also made new friends, including Annie who she sometimes shared a bunk with; why not.

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