My First Time Giving Oral

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Through my tears I watched the neon of the bar get brighter. She had left me, for good this time… All my attention had been focused on other things, including porn, and everything but her. I’m not angry with her, but with myself. That’s why a few tequila shots will make me forget…

This was the alcoholic amnesia, the whole place filled with men who want to be alone and forget. No one looks at you, and you don’t look at them. Everyone comes and goes after drinking away that someone special.

Tonight was tequila, straight up. About 7 shots and 3 beers make me feel happy and buzzed, but only enough.

I get in my car and start driving home. Just like any other drinking night, I’m horny and ready for action.

I detour to my favorite porn store to find a really dirty movie I haven’t seen a million times. Maybe some F2M strapon movie, those had always made me wonder, and masturbate.

I browse each title, half buzzed and not sure what I want. I reach into my pocket and pull out… Woops! Tequila left me little to spend on porn. As I leave, the guy behind the counter tells me “Hey buddy. You can borrow any DVD and watch it for tokens of time.

What?! “How do I borrow a DVD?” I ask.

“It’s easy enough. You take the movie you like into the booth, drop in some tokens, and watch the movie. Each token gets you three minutes.”

“WOW!” I almost say like a kid at Christmas. “I’ll take five dollars in tokens, and this Boss Bitches strapon DVD!”

He rolls his eyes as if to say ‘Another horny man into the dirty stuff’. He’s seen it all before his body language conveys.

I take the DVD into the booth, insert it into the slot laoder, and drop in one dollar in tokens. The screen jumps to life, and the opening credits eat one tokens worth.

Then antalya escort I’m greeted by a woman stroking a long and thin strapon, and telling me how she will make her bitch love it. My cock twitches, and I lean in to watch more closely.

As I watch this womans ‘cock’ disappearing and reappearing from her bitches asshole, my cock grows and my mouth waters.

I drop my pants and rub my cock through my pantyhose… A caveat of my former relationship. If she was to wear pantyhose for me, I had to return the favor. It felt so good I kept it up. I push her memory down as I keep rubbing my growing cock.

Suddenly a knock on the wall tears my attention from the screen, my heart pounding.

I look, and there’s a cock sticking through a hole in the wall!

“I must be drunker than I thought” I think, and my heart slows down, until I hear a muffled “How about some help” from the other side.

Am I dreaming? An alcoholic mirage? No. Another knock, harder this time.

My mind is racing almost as fast as my heart. I’m confused by the cock, and the anonymous orders being barked from the other side. I’m still hot from my movie still playing.

I try to push it away, but he persists. “Cmon! You help me out, I help you out! Let’s go!”

I stare. His cock pointing at me, beckoning, calling…

I reach out again. My hand brushes the head, and to my surprised, it’s hot. Really hot. I grab the shaft to see if it’s all hot, and it is. I hear a moaned “That’s it” from close by.

My eyes jump back to the movie as the scene changes, and another woman is holding a longer, thicker strapon cock than the first. She’s stroking the shaft of the monster pointing out in front of her.

Slowly, I mimmick her strokes on my mystery cock, lara escort and my own. To my surprise, I’m moaning very low also.

The cock is harder now, as hard as the wall I’m leaning against. My mind is racing so fast, inhibited by the alcohol and the feelings shooting from my cock up my spine.

“Mmmmmm Now use your mouth” he says, hidden from me.

I jump. My heart pounding now. My hands still stroking. My chest is tight and my eyes are wide.

Before I know it I’m kneeling, my pants all the way off, and my pantyhosed knees up against the wall. I’m still stroking as I stare at the eye of this cock that I can’t seem to let go of.

I lick. It’s salty, bitter-sweet taste taking over my tongue as another moan escapes my new friend.

My mouth jumps to the head to lick some more, and he thrusts his hips and the head is in my mouth. It’s warm and firm, and I stare down the shaft, and then close my eyes.

My left hand lets go of his cock, and braces against the wall. My right hand still rubbing my now rock hard cock through my hose.

I think “This isn’t bad. Why does everyone say it is?”

I lean forward, and I feel the head glide along my tongue, so very firm and veined.

His cock moves along an invisible track I never knew my mouth had. It gets a little fatter every inch I go down.

Now this cock wasn’t especially big, it was only a little bigger than my own 6″. But I feel myself choke. I back off, met by a whimper from the wall.

“I’m sucking a cock. I’m just like the bitch in the movie. I’m a cock sucker!”

The thought makes me cock jump and throb. The front of my pantyhose catch every gob of cum that spurts out, making a big wet cum area.

I moan as best I can with a cock in side escort my mouth, and the vibrations send him over the edge.

I start to pull off his cock, and he thrusts his hips again he stays just inside my dirty lips.

I feel something hot and thick hit my throat, just barely missing that choke zone.

“He’s cumming in my mouth” my mind screams as each shot spurtsout, getting steadily weaker.

I want to pull off. I want to get away and run, my mind still racing.

I hear the last part of my movie before it clicks off “Suck it like a real whore!” the Boss Bitch says.

I stay. I let each hot, thick, salty shot drop into my mouth until he goes soft.

As I pull back, my lips don’t follow his cock all the way and some dribbles onto my chin and pantyhose.

My cock is still aching as I look down at the droplet of cum.

I gasp, and I’m suddenly choking down on a big mouthful of man juice.

“You just swallowed your first load of creamy cum!” my mind yells at me, and it happened fir the first time in my life. My cock jumps and more cum collects inside my pantyhose. I came again! Sucking this cock and swallowing cum gave me my first multiple orgasm!

“Give me that cock” the wall demands. “No thanks” I reply “I’m done already”.


My heart, that was racing, now stops and jumps into my throat. My cock goes soft inmy pantyhose.

The door opens, and my co-worker stares at me. His pants only buttoned and his cock still somewhat stiff.

“Holy shit Jim! You’re amazing! We share an office, how did I not know about you?” His eyes scan the room “What’s with the pantyhose?”

I stand. I put my pants back on and go with Leon to the parking lot.

“What are you going to tell your girl?”

“Nothing, we broke up tonight”

He smiles. “I’m glad I snapped you out of it. Let’s go back to the bar and talk about what’s-her-name”.

Whats-her-name indeed. I never thought of her again. But now Leon thanks her for my pantyhose fetish and my new eager mouth!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32