My First Time Giving Oral

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Big Tits

I was on active duty in the Army in Europe when this story takes place. Some of you will laugh at my age when this happened, but understand that I came from a very strict family where even the mention of the word sex was sinful!! So I was pretty dumb to a lot of things that “come natural” to other folks.

I had just arrived at my new assignment and as part of the introduction to the new environment, we were given a one-day area orientation and a four day (32 hour) class on conversational German language.

I had been to Germany before, but for only a short tour, because I then had to go to Vietnam. But while I was there on that short tour, I had learned some phrases and customs. So I was not really looking forward to going to class for four days to re-learn some phrases.

One of the first guys I met upon arrival to that new unit was a nice country boy who was an administrative clerk. He just happened to work in the education center, where this class was to be held. Of course he gave me the run down on the class and on the instructor, who just happened to be a married German lady of about 25-27 years of age. “She is a knock out’, he tells me, but she is married and won’t mess around. A lot of guys have tried, but she wouldn’t go out with any of them”, he tells me. Oh well, so what, there are plenty of women in town!

The first day of class, I stroll over to the education center, stop by his desk, grab a quick cup of coffee while he introduces me to the other workers in the center. Then I go down the hall to the classroom where I am to spend the next four boring days. I walk into the classroom…..and there behind the desk is a beautiful, young, blonde-headed, blue-eyed angel from heaven!!! She was just simply beautiful!!! Well….not to be obvious or anything, I go up and take a seat on the front row, right in front of her desk. I introduce myself before I sit down.

She says, “Hello Sergeant, I was warned you were coming to my class.”

“Warned?” I asked!

“Oh yes, the specialist told me that his new friend was coming to my class, and that I should watch out for you!” She says. The other four students get a good laugh out of that one!

I take my seat, wondering what he has told her. She starts the class and for the whole day I listen to words (Most I already knew) and phrases (some I didn’t know) but the ones that I did know, I used to tease her. Like she would say a phrase in English and being a smart ass, I would say it in German. Then she would say it in German with the correct accent on it. (Being from the south, I didn’t have much of a German accent!) But we played like that all day. And she tolerated me very well.

The next day of class, she got serious with some of the phrases. (Now understand that this was a combat line outfit—No women assigned to it) She started giving us some phrases for shopping, and for ordering meals, and for use with the girls!! Now she is talking my language!! Again, a lot of them I already knew. So again I teased her with some of the ones I knew. I also told her in German how very beautiful she was. But she didn’t let on that I had even said anything. istanbul escort By lunchtime, I was doing pretty good with putting together phrases (The rest of the class was too) but I was making phrases that would tell her how pretty and how nice she was and how I admired her (especially for putting up with me!).

About 2 PM that afternoon, she started getting a rash on her neck, her shoulders and face.

So she dismissed the class for the day and we all took off for the snack bar for coffee. She went to the office and asked if someone could take her home. Of course my friend tells her he will take care of it and comes to get me to drive her home. Of course I didn’t hesitate for a minute. Of course I’d be happy to take her home.

I had bought a Volkswagen as soon as I got there because I hate being grounded! So I pick her up at the Education Center and drive out the gate.

“Where to Monika?” I asked.

“Turn right, I’ll show you the way.” She said as she leaned against the door of the car, very obviously sick.

We drove through one small town and to the next and then we started going “turn left, go straight, turn here, turn there, etc. etc.

Finally we got to her house. Being the southern gentleman that I am, I got out and went around and opened her door and helped her out. She seemed very weak, so I walked her to the house, only to find out that she lived on the second floor, so I walked her up. We entered her apartment and went into the kitchen. There she had what we call an “eat-in” kitchen. In one corner she had a booth, if you will, a table, with 2 bench seats, connected in the corner, and then chairs out in the floor. Nice little set up! I sat her down on the nearest bench, knowing that if she fainted or anything, she could fall back on the bench and not hurt herself, like she would if she fell out of a chair. Anyway, I got her a glass of cold water and set it down on the table by her.

“Are you going to be alright Monika? Or should I take you to a Doctor?” I asked.

“I’ll be fine after a while Daniel, I just need to rest .” she answered.

“Ok, if you are sure you will be ok, I will go on back to work then.” I said. I just couldn’t even try to take advantage of her while she was ill! As much as I wanted her, I just decided to wait till another time.

I reached out my hand to shake hers, (Germans are big on handshakes) and she took my hand and pulled herself up and like fell forward into me. Then she leaned her head back and quickly kissed me full on the lips!!! Needless to say at this point, I was not prepared for that! But instinctively my other arm went around her and pulled her tight to me and we held the kiss for a minute. We broke the kiss and my head went down on the right side of her face and I kissed my way down, on her cheek, her ear, her neck and her shoulder. I had, by now, put both arms around her and she had both of her arms around me.

I whispered in her ear as I licked it, “Oh God Monika, you are so beautiful!” I leaned back and kissed her lips again and this time with all the tongue I could find! She had the softest lips istanbul escort bayan and the hottest tongue I have ever had. She was a dream girl to me!!! I went down the other side of her face, kissing and licking and nibbling. All the time holding her like I was afraid she would get away! I wanted this woman so much!!! But I knew she was married and this would be all for nothing!

I thought about it for a second, and to see if she was for real here or just playing, I said, “Monika, I really need to get back to work!” and released my grip on her body.

She said “Daniel, Please don’t go.” And pulled me back to her.

We kissed another long deep kiss. I was going nuts!!! I’m sure she knows how much I want her, but I’m not sure now as to whether I should or not, since she is married and my friend said she never messed around. What makes this time different? Surly not me! I’m too common, too simple a person to be exciting to a beauty such as she.

I eased her back to the bench seat and sat her down, and as she sat down, she unbuttoned her blouse! I dropped to my knees so I would be at the right level to kiss her again. I started with her lips again, then moved down her face, neck, shoulder, then around her neck to the front. Then I started licking and kissing down her chest. In the meantime, she was unhooking her bra and she let it fall to her lap. I almost came right then in my pants! Her breasts were so wonderful! So firm, yet soft to the touch and to my lips, and her nipples were just perfect for her C cup breasts! I started sucking on the right one, and then licking all around it till I was over on the left one. She was moaning and holding my head all the while. Then she laid back on the bench, eyes closed, smiling. I raised up and leaned over her and kissed her again.

I was standing between her knees as she had her feet on the floor. She brought her feet up till her heels were on the edge of the seat. As I kissed her and fondled her breasts, she raised her hips and pushed her skirt down. I leaned back up straight and pulled it the rest of the way off her feet and dropped it on the floor. This was a true sight from sex heaven!! This beauty queen, this doll-baby, was lying here in front of me in just her bright red silk and lace, french-cut panties!!! Her panties showed wetness in the crotch!! I wanted to devour this gorgeous lady!!!

I dropped to my knees again and she slid her ass to the edge of the bench seat, with her heels still on it, and spread her knees as far as she could, against the table and the back of the bench. But that is all I needed! I leaned in and licked my way again around her breasts and then down her belly. She was pushing against my head as I slowly moved down he body. Finally I reached her panties and kissed my way down them to her wet spot. There I sucked with all I had to get whatever moisture I could from the panties. She raised her hips and tried to push her panties off, but I wouldn’t let her, not yet. I had to tease this hot lady a little. She tried to grab my hair, but there was none with the GI haircut! So she tried pushing my head down into escort istanbul her crotch. Again I resisted as much as I could, just licking and sucking on her through the panties.

She raised up from her shoulders and shoved my head down and said “Daniel, stop teasing me, I am crazy already for you!”

I raised my head up, leaned in and stuck my tongue in her mouth and she quickly sucked in all she could get and then played with it with her tongue while I pulled her panties off her. Then I went back down to the hottest place I had ever been! It was shaved except for a very small patch at the top which was trimmed pretty short. The lips were like just a small fold in her skin, very neat and very delicious looking. I reached around her thighs and got her by her hips and pulled her to me as I pushed my face into her pussy. I had my tongue going in and out, up and down, sideways ….every way to give this girl pleasure! She hit the table and then she hit the back of my head as she yelled at me….

“Oh Daniel…Honey don’t stop…I have an orgasm now!!!” (Maybe in her classes on English, they didn’t teach the word ‘cum’ to the students.) She was humping her hot ass against my face as hard as she could and making all kinds of noises as she orgasmed . She hit me on the shoulders a couple more times, but I didn’t care, she could beat me with a stick if she wanted to as long as she let me lick and suck on her pussy! I licked and sucked every drop of her juices out of her. But I didn’t stop. I wanted this baby to be mine, so I kept up the tongue play and added in two fingers under my chin. She raised her ass up and groaned as I slid them in as far as my fingers would go and then started pumping them in and out as I licked and sucked on her clit. It didn’t take long for her to hit her second orgasm. She started bouncing her ass on the bench so fast I couldn’t keep my head in contact with her, but my fingers did!

She yelled to me “Daniel, Daniel, DANIEL AGAIN AGAIN!!! OH Daniel one more time!!!!!”

When I had finally licked all her juices up this time, I sat back on the floor. My neck and jaws were aching now. She just laid there for a few minutes. Finally she raised up on her elbows and looked at me with a very strange look on her face. She said “Daniel?”

I said “Yes honey? Do you want more?”

She smiled and said “THAT was fantastic! But now I want to please you. Come and make love to me Daniel.”

I got up and leaned down and kissed her again briefly on the lips and said “Honey, I have to get my butt back to work!!! We’ll have to do that some other time!!” I walked over to the kitchen sink and splashed some water on my face and used a towel to dry it off.

As I turned around she was standing almost against me, she took me in her arms and said “Daniel, I knew you were different. I knew you were not one to just make love then run away. Will you be in class tomorrow?”

“Of course!!! Wild horse couldn’t keep me away from you tomorrow! Hey! Your rash is gone!” I said.

“Oh, I knew what that was. When I get very excited for sex, I have a rash!” and then she laughed.

“I’ll remember that!!” I said as I started for the door.

She stepped behind the door as I opened it and held her arms out and I melted into them again for a long deep kiss before I left.

I would definitely be in class tomorrow and I was going to bring her home again tomorrow afternoon!

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