My First Time

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This is a true story that just happened the other day.


Warning – This story contains M/M/M sex. So, if that is not your thing, please move on.

Trust me, we are all well over 18. We are all clean.

There are some water sports as well.


My name is Tony. I am a married guy and a nudist.

A couple of days ago, I got an email from my friend Ray. He is a member of True Nudists, like I am.

He told me that he connected with a mutual friend, Vern, and was going to visit him in three days. He asked me if I wanted to join him.

Vern is also a member of True Nudists.

Since my wife was visiting friends in Georgia, I told him I would join them.

I had been to Vern’s house a couple of times. We just hung out nude in his private yard and relaxed, usually with some wine.

His hot tub was always inviting and we used to it often.

Vern, never the shy one, would jerk off as we relaxed. He asked me to join him but I never did.

Maybe because I don’t cum any more and his cock was much bigger than mine, I just felt funny.

Anyway, the day came and I drove over to Vern’s place. When I got there, Ray was already there and both guys were nude, taking the sun.

I noticed Vern’s video camera on his tripod and asked him why it was there.

He said he just felt like recording the day.

It was a hot day, so I immediately removed my clothes and laid face down on the big blanket on the ground.

I told the guys that my hips were sore and Vern offered to give themselves a massage.

Before I knew it, Ray and Vern joined me on the blanket and started giving me a massage. It felt Bahçeşehir Escort so good too.

We talked and discussed plans to visit a nudist resort one day. Both guys said they would go.

As we talked, I could feel Vern’s hand on my inner thigh. I didn’t say anything and let his hand wander.

By this time, my cock was getting hard. I then told Vern that he was looking for trouble and we laughed.

In the meantime, Ray moved his hand onto my other inner thigh and I could feel his handwriting touching my balls.

I looked at both of them and asked what they were up to.

Vern smiled and said that he and Ray were going to give me a great massage.

With that, Ray’s hand firmly grasped my balls and started massaging them.

I rolled over to my side and Vern started playing with my cock.

I told them to stop and that I don’t shoot cum any more.

But my friends kept at it anyway.

As they played with me, I instinctively reached down and grabbed Vern’s big cock and played with it.

This was the first time I ever played with another man’s cock and it felt good.

My other hand found Ray’s cock and I started jerking it a little.

After a few minutes, all of our cocks were rock hard.

They continued playing with my cock and balls.

Vern was the first…he started sucking my cock and it felt real good.

When Vern stopped, Ray took over.

Soon, I told them that I felt like I was going to explode.

In an instant, my hips rose up and down as the sensation was unbelievable with them doing me.

As soon as my body relaxed, I went down on Vern and started sucking his big cock.

I Beylikdüzü Escort then alternated between his and Ray’s cock.

When I wasn’t sucking one cock, I was jerking the other one.

I could not believe I was doing this. The pleasure I was getting was enormous.

My cock was getting harder as well.

Ray told me he was going to cum. A few more of my jerks and Ray shot stream after stream of cum on my hand and his own cock and balls.

I continued jerking Vern’s cock and he told me he was ready to cum, I finished him off by hand and his cum landed on me and his cock and balls.

We all rested a bit and after awhile, Vern went in his house and brought out a thin double headed dildo and a digital camera.

He had Ray and I get on all fours and inserted the dildo in our asses and told us to push back until the dildo was completely in our asses.

Vern, Ray and I took a ton of pictures throughout the day. we

We did as he said and soon our asses were touching with the dildo completely in us.

Then Ray started moving back and forth and soon we found a rhythm and were fucking ourselves with the dildo.

As we did this, Vern was underneath us sucking our cocks and balls.

I never felt this great sensation that had overcome my body.

My balls were touching Ray’s balls as both our cocks hung down and were in Vern’s mouth.

After a awhile we took the dildo out of our asses and I got on all fours on the blanket. Then Ray slipped his cock into my ass as I was now sucking Vern’s big cock and Ray was jerking my cock and playing with my balls.

It didn’t take long before Ray shot his load into my ass and Vern sprayed his cum on my face.

We all fell flat on the blanket in exhaustion.

By this time I had to pee. Vern told me to pee in the back. Ray joined me and as I started to relieve myself, Ray sprayed his pee on my cock and balls.

I was surprised but to be honest, it felt good. I let him continue and finished my pee.

Ray and I had to use Vern’s shower before we did anything else.

As it started to get hot, we moved into Vern’s bedroom and onto his king sized bed.

Vern & Ray knelt on the bed and I grabbed both cocks and lubed them up a bit. Then I started jerking them off together, cock on cock.

When I stopped jerking their cocks, I slid both cocks in my mouth, together and sucked them.

When they told me they were going to cum, I sucked them harder and faster. Then it happened. I got my first taste of their cum when they both shot their loads into my mouth and I swallowed it all down.

I couldn’t even describe what it felt like having two cocks cumming in my mouth at the same time. All I knew is that I wanted to taste every drop of their precious liquid.

For the next couple of hours each one of us serviced the other, sucking cocks, jerking each other off, sucking each others balls and whatever else we could think of.

Ray pounded my ass a few more times and filled my ass with his cum.

When he slid his cock out of my ass, his cum oozed out. Vern was there quickly to lap it up.

When it was time to go, we all showered together in Vern’s outside shower and each managed to get one more blow job before we left.

I even asked Vern and Ray to give me a golden shower, which they were happy to provide.

I told them that I would make a reservation at the nudist resort for the three of us to stay overnight.

That should be a great time and a great story…

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