My First Thai Holliday

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I was a 21 year old skinny and a decent looking guy. It was my first overseas trip and all my mates bailed on me at the last minute and left me to go on my own. I didn’t really mind much as you tend to meet more people when you travel alone and I always had a thing for Asian chicks so I figured there is less competition as well.

I decided to go straight from the airport in Bangkok to a club since it was already 11:30 at night. I got to the club and checked my bags into the cloak room and headed to the bar and ordered a drink. The music was pumping and there were people dancing and there was a great atmosphere.

I started looking around the club when I noticed a stunning Thai girl at the end of the bar. She was tall with long black silky smooth hair, big firm breasts and long sexy legs. I asked the barman who she was and he told me she was one of the DJ’s at the club. I asked him to get her a drink and waited. When she got the drink she smiled and started coming towards me.

She introduced herself as Gwen and we got talking. After about 30mins she told me that she had to play a set and that her friends would keep me company until she got back. Her friends were just as hot as she was they were tall and slim with big boobs and asses to die for.

Gwen was a really good DJ and her friends soon had me on the dance floor and bumping and grinding which Gwen didn’t seem to mind. In fact she seemed to encourage it. By the time she finished her set I was quite drunk and exhausted.

I asked Gwen about good places to stay since I hadn’t arranged a hotel before I got to the club. She hesitated for a moment before she said that she was actually having a few friends around her place but it was a bit out of the city and that I could spend the night there if I liked. I couldn’t believe my luck the hottest girl there was inviting me to stay at her house. That would be great I said so we grabbed my bag and went to her car.

The drive back to her place was interesting. Gwen was driving and I was in the middle of the back seat surrounded on both sides by two of her hot friends and there was another hot girl in the seat next to Gwen.

We were all talking and laughing and her friends started touching my leg. I didn’t really think much of it at first but then they move their hands up my thigh and grazed my cock with their hand. I jumped from the shock and the girls all started giggling.

The Gwen said something in Thai and the other girls all seemed a little disappointed but they stopped teasing me. I asked Gwen what she had said and she told me that she said that the girls can play with me but none of them were allowed to fuck me before she did.

I nearly choked when she said it and the next thing I knew the hands were back at my pants again and one of the girls was pulling my pants down to free my 7inch pole that was hard as steel trying to escape the confines of my pants. Pendik Esmer Escort

The girls started to giggle and spoke back and forth in Thai before the girl on my left turned my head to kiss me and the girl on my right swallowed my cock. Gwen told me to play with her friends tit’s but not their pussies that was for later. Wow I thought 5 hours off the plane and I’m going to have an orgy with 4 of the hottest chicks I have ever seen.

Once we arrived at Gwen’s house I saw that the party had already started. I walked inside and everything stopped for a second then everyone cheered and the party started again. As I looked around the room there were 20 of the hottest girls there that I had ever seen and I was the only guy.

There was one girl with a bowl of pills and was handing them out to every. Everyone had a pill and swallowed it down after about 30 mins I found Gwen who greeted me with the most passionate kiss I have ever had.

She whispered in my ear and asked if the pills were working yet. I don’t think so I said I just feel incredibly horny. That’s good because everyone in this room wants to fuck you. Are you up for it? Fuck yes I screamed.

She led me through the room and told me to take my clothes off. I instantly did as she asked, much to the approval of the other guests. She told me to take her top off. I lifted her top over her head then her blue lace bra revealing the most mouthwatering breasts and nipples I had ever seen. I couldn’t resist I had to suck then into my mouth and taste then.

By now hands were moving over my own nipples and rubbing my cock and ass. That feels good, doesn’t it? All I could do was mumble a muffled yes. She then told me to get on my knees and take her panties off. I reached under her skirt and found the straps of her blue panties and started to pull them down. They seemed to get snagged on something so I pulled them out and down to her ankles.

When my eyes traveled back to her pussy it wasn’t there. Instead there was a big hard cock an inch longer and quite a bit fatter than my own. Surprise Gwen said. I opened my mouth in shock but she took it as an invitation and jabbed her cock into my mouth.

I tried to pull away but her friends were too quick and held me in place. She started laughing and told me to get her cock nice and wet because my spit was the only lubricant she needed. I was still struggling and trying to get away but it was no use there were to many of her friend’s holding me.

One of her friends started to lick my ass hole and I let out an involuntary moan. Gwen noticed straight away and said I knew that you would like it. Her friend started working a finger into my asshole and although I clamped my ass as tight as I could it was no use. She was relentless and with a pop her finger went in. She worked it around and around then started to work 2 then 3 fingers into my virgin ass.

Much Pendik Eve Gelen Escort to my dismay and to the pleasure of the girls around me it started to feel good. Ok girls now it’s time for the fun Gwen said as the girls holding me picked me up and carried me to a padded stockade and bent me over and locked my head and hands inside.

I pleaded with them to let me go and Gwen told me that I was free to go if I still wanted to once every one had their fun. After all you did say you wanted to fuck us didn’t you. Now just relax and have fun.

With that I could feel the head of Gwen’s cock rubbing around my asshole. I was scared but there was something else, I was getting excited. I couldn’t help it for some reason; my cock should have gone soft but instead was hard as a rock.

I started to look around the room and found that the other girls were all starting to take their clothes off. I suddenly realized that it wasn’t just Gwen with a surprise it was all of them. Before it had time to sink in Gwen started to enter me.

It was painful like you wouldn’t believe but she just kept pushing inch by inch until the entire 8 inches of her cock were buried in my ass. She started to slowly pull it out and bam back in to the hilt I could feel her balls slap my ass. I started to yell when suddenly a cock was shoved in my mouth to muffle the sound.

After a few minutes the pain started to go away and was replaced with pleasure I started to leak precum and moan into the cock that was in my mouth. The girl fucking my face must have appreciated that because she started to pick up speed and really started fucking my face.

As much as I hate to admit it I was really starting to enjoy the feeling of having something so hard yet so soft in my mouth. I was surprised to find that the taste wasn’t unpleasant and started to suck this girl with a new found lust.

I wanted to taste more of her. She started to tighten up and I knew what was coming. The first volley went straight down my throat but then she pulled back a little and the next 3 shoots started to fill my mouth. Her cum was starting to leak out the sides of my mouth so I instinctively swallowed to make room for more of her seed.

The girl in front of me pulled out of my mouth but was replaced by another massive cock. This thing was a monster it had to be 10 inches or more and as fat as can of coke. Then Gwen whispered in my ear. This is my friend Vicky. You better hope she cums before I do because she wants your ass next.

Upon hearing this I started sucking like my life depended on it .Unfortunately Vicky was huge so I could only get a few inches in my mouth before I started to choke. Vicky just laughed and said with a head job this bad he must really want my cock in his ass.

I was getting fucked from both ends and was trying to get as much of Vicky’s cock in my mouth as I could. Pendik Evi Olan Escort I desperately wanted her to cum in my mouth before Gwen did in my ass. I knew Gwen was getting close because she started to fuck me hard and fast and I was on the edge of my own orgasm.

I don’t know why but instinctively I clenched my anal mussels and Gwen’s cock exploded in my ass triggering my own orgasm. Rope after rope of cum exploded into my ass as all the girls laughed at me because my cum covered Vicky’s feet and leg.

It looks like his ass is all yours Vicky. With a big smile on her face Vicky pulled out of my mouth and walked behind me. I know you wanted me to fuck you or you would have blown me harder slut. With that she plunged her monster cock into my ass. Thankfully Gwen had loosened me up but still Gwen’s cock was nothing compared to the monster that was now pounding my ass.

My mouth was once again filled by another cock. Thankfully it wasn’t as big this time and I found that I was actually starting to like having a cock in my mouth. I could taste the precum on the tip and I wanted to taste more.

Then on each side of me cocks were being placed into my hands. They were actually fucking my hands. It was actually nice feeling the smooth silky cocks sliding in and out of my hands and I started to get off on giving pleasure to so many beautiful girls.

After a few minutes everyone started breathing pretty hard and the girl in my mouth blow jet after jet of semen into my hungry mouth which I swallowed them Vicky screamed and flooded my ass. I was already full from the first load Gwen left so now it was leaking out and running down my leg.

The two girls fucking my hands exploded spaying my face and hair with their cum. By the time the sun came up every girl had fucked my face and ass at least twice and I was covered from head to toe in their sweet semen. The girls unlocked me and I collapsed in a pool of semen on the floor.

I must have passed out because when I woke up all of the girls had gone. I saw Gwen sitting in a couch on the other side of the room. I tried to stand but my legs failed me. I crawled my way over to her and saw she still had a hard on. Without hesitation I took her cock into my mouth and started sucking.

She looked down at me and smiled. She asked me if I still wanted to leave I just shook my head and concentrated on the job at hand. I wanted so much to please her and thank her for the wonderful night. I cradled her balls and rolled the head of her cock around in my mouth with my tongue before deep throating her once again.

Over and over I did this until finally she couldn’t take it anymore. She exploded in delicious waves that flooded down my throat. Once she stopped cumming I pulled my head away from her still hard cock. I climbed up on the couch next to her and asked her how she can still be hard.

You know that jar of pills that we sent around earlier. They weren’t ecstasy like you thought, they were Viagra. I organize these parties all over Thailand and you were lucky enough to join us. You know there is another one tomorrow night down in Phuket if you want to join me. You did say you wanted to travel all over Thailand.

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