My First Prostitute Ch. 01

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All characters are over the age of 18 and fictional.


The room was a pale shade of green. It held the air mute and chilly. The A/C unit hummed in a nearby corner.

He sat motionless on one of the two beds the room offered; the bed closest to the motel’s lone door. He faced this door with a spark of expectation reflected in the wet of his eyes.

The beds were made. The room was pristine (as much as one could expect a motel of this tier to be). No suitcase. No clothes laying around on the floor. The only light source came from the bathroom where Kurt had left on the overhead dome. Close to hand, near a digital clock, lay a wallet and a set of car keys. Nothing else. Just one handsome, anxious man, the means to travel and pay, and a solitary light in the dim, verdant background gave character to Kurt’s temporary room.

Kurt’s hands lay flat over his knees in a gesture of waiting. Fingers rubbing deep, warm tunnels into the denim of his pants. Kurt was nervous. But he was also very excited. He could feel the heat from his hands, seemingly tangled in his jeans, travel up his legs, through his guts and settle just below his ribcage—where his heart beat in time with the low-hum of traffic passing outside.

Kurt was indeed waiting—waiting for a girl to show up at the door of his motel room. A prostitute, to be most accurate: his very first one.

He had first spotted her on a corner, not far from the motel room he currently was sitting in, about a month previous; it had taken that long for Kurt to build up the courage to approach her and arrange this rendezvous.

Her name was Amanda. Or at least that was the name she had given him. She was blonde, tall, and lanky with pert breasts. She was fair in a slightly weathered, hardened sort of way—a way that Kurt appreciated quite a bit. It was her eyes, her lips, her disposition of beauty that had attracted him most of all, that had inspired him to actually go through with paying for her services. Something he had never done before.

It was something in her eyes, something he couldn’t quite put poetry to (though he truly wanted to try) that instilled within him the desire to have her.

So he asked her, as sweetly as he could, how much, and she told him. Told him to get a room at the River View Motel (no river to view) and wait for her there. That was where she conducted her business, she had told Kurt. So he booked a cheap room and placed a small blue rock she had given him to put just to the right of the room door he was occupying, near the jamb, so she’d know which to knock on.

She said it’d be about a half hour. She only had to clean up real quick but never told him where she was going to do that, so he didn’t ask. It was immaterial as far as Kurt was concerned.

Twenty minutes had now passed since their arrangement and Kurt sat still as the blue rock outside his door, waiting. The only parts of his body one could witness on the outside that evidenced his nervous state was the clawing and un-clawing of his hands on his knees. While inside, his guts churned like a laundry cycle on spin. Some of that heat making its way, finally, down to his penis. He greeted it there, for a moment, cordially, but tried to remain calm. He didn’t want to be in an already aroused state when Amanda knocked. He wanted to build slowly up to that.

And, hopefully, build her up to that state too.

His cock ceased to harden, for now, by force of will. He focused on the round, denim-ed pivots of his knees.

A knock suddenly came at the door.

Kurt jumped on the bed, startled. His mind had been distracted, if only briefly. His cock forgotten (also, only for now) by the sudden change, it seemed, in the motel room’s atmospheric pressure brought on by the knock; Kurt stood up from the bed, walked resolutely to the door.

With his head close to the frame, Kurt found his voice.

“Hello. Who’s there?”

“It’s Amanda.”

The voice was a bit husky from smoking too many cigarettes and the hard living affiliated with her profession, but Kurt recognized it immediately from speaking to her earlier in the evening.

Kurt opened the door. Amanda entered.

She was wearing a tight blue dress that hugged her hips, stomach and chest. It was low-cut, revealing the tops of her breasts. The cleavage suggestive and alluring. Kurt found his eyes were instantly drawn there. The fabric that was drawn tightly over each breast revealed that both nipples were hard and poking through the blue of her dress. Kurt wasn’t sure if that was from the slight cold outside or a sign that maybe Amanda was excited for their tryst. He certainly hoped for the latter.

Amanda took in the room; her eyes travelling over the two beds with practiced ease. She appeared to be making sure the environment was safe. Kurt didn’t say a word, simply allowed her this freedom. He imagined in her business you could never be too careful and this was part of how she stayed safe.

She dropped illegal bahis her purse down in a chair that flanked the still humming A/C unit. She walked to the still alight bathroom, looked in, seemed satisfied that no one was there to hurt her; then turned her attention back to Kurt.

“Well,” a slight smile touched her mouth. “We have an hour. What did you have in mind?”

Kurt looked into her eyes—and yes, it was there!—he saw a bit of the same excitement reflected back wet in her eyes.

“I want to be honest.” Kurt said. “This is my first time doing something like this.”

Amanda’s smile only widened.

“I could kind of tell that.” She said.

“Really?” Kurt wore mild-surprise attractively. Amanda noticed. “What gave me away?”

“For starters, you’re really attractive. And in my experience, the more attractive you are, the more likely this is your first and only time doing something like this, just to say you did it. Does that about spell it?”

“Well, I’m not for sure it’ll be my only time.”

Kurt mirrored her smile. Amanda looked down at the heels she wore—blue, to match her dress; a bashful look adorned her face as she looked to the ground.

Had Kurt charmed her, if only a bit?

He followed her eyes to the floor, found her feet. The small hole at the front of each shoe showcased a small window where Kurt could see a few of her un-painted toes. He couldn’t peel his eyes from them; Kurt had a huge foot fetish.

Amanda noticed where his eyes were planted once her slightly-reddened face rose to search for his. She joined his lusty stare.

“Do you like feet?” She asked in a sultry voice.

Kurt looked up into her wet eyes, nodded. “I do. A lot.”

“That’s certainly a fun way to start. I was hoping to get things moving. Not because I want to go, just because I want to enjoy every moment of our hour together, and I want you to as well. You are honestly really sexy. I don’t even mind if our time goes over a bit. I was looking forward to this.”

She winked at him. Kurt smiled. Felt that familiar energy begin its abrupt journey from below his ribcage back to the head of his penis.

Amanda made her way to the same bed, to the same spot, that Kurt had been sitting earlier, sat down and crossed her legs.

She looked up at Kurt as he moved to stand over her.

“Do you want to take my heels off?” She asked.

“I do.”

“Then take them off.”

She reached her right shoe out toward Kurt. The pointed toe-end slid up between his slightly-parted thighs. The shoe climbed to about an inch below his balls before stopping. Amanda watched Kurt’s cock harden before her eyes, against the rough denim of his crotch, before raising her eyes to his.

Kurt slowly got down on his knees, kneeled in front of Amanda’s extended shoe. Taking the shoe into his hands, Kurt unhurriedly pulled the blue heel from her naked foot. His nose was so close to her foot now that he could detect a slight hint of the fragrance that was her most intimate of body parts. The smell drove Kurt wild. It was a mixture of lotion and sweat. His cock was fully aroused under his clothes. Almost barricaded by his boxer briefs and tight jeans.

He placed her shoe down on the carpet, took her naked foot, pink on the bottoms, clean, no dirt (just as he preferred them) before his mouth, began rubbing his lips across the bottoms of her toes; mashing them, wet, against the balls of her feet. He let his tongue sneak out, started dragging it down her arch, tasting her delicate, warm skin. His eyes had been closed while doing this but a sudden moan escaped from Amanda’s lips, causing Kurt to look up and watch her.

She was leaning back with her arms as support behind her. Her eyes were closed as his had been before. Her mouth open in pleasure. She clearly liked what he was doing. Maybe she entertained a foot fetish of her own.

Kurt stopped licking and sucking on the heel of her foot for a second to ask. “Do you like when I put my mouth on your foot?”

Her eyes opened at his question; she looked down at him with hungry eyes.

“I love it. It appears we have something in common.”

She kicked off her other shoe, leaving both feet pink, damp and wanting attention. She laid back lifting both feet into the air, forcing Kurt to stand up; his cock rigid in his pants.

Amanda pulled her legs high over her head, giving Kurt a great view down her legs, past the back of her knees, down her hamstrings, to the round apple of her pussy and ass. She was wearing dark blue panties. Kurt noticed a darker patch of blue in the center of her pussy. He involuntarily moaned. She was really turned on by him and what they were doing. This night was going better than he could have ever imagined.

Kurt had an idea. He pulled one of the chairs flanking the A/C unit over to where he was standing, looking over Amanda’s body on the bed. He started to unbutton his belt and jeans. The sound of his belt buckle caused Amanda to look around her legs illegal bahis siteleri at him.

“What are you doing?” She asked, not entirely worried; a heavy husk was still very present in the core of her voice.

“Just stay like you are.” Kurt said as he pulled his jeans and boxer briefs down to his feet (naked now that he had kicked off his shoes). “I want to watch you for you a bit. This is too hot to not take advantage of what I’m seeing.”

His hard cock flopped out straight as rebar. On the floor, in the crotch of his boxer briefs, Kurt had left his own wet spots. Precum was smeared all along the front.

Amanda positioned her head to best take in Kurt’s cock from where she lay on the bed. She saw that precum was glistening on the head and deep within the slit. She took one of her fingers and gently dragged it across the bottom of her lips. His cock looked so good; she was so turned on to see what she was doing to him. She sucked her finger in a simulation of wanting to suck that cock displayed in front of her.

“That cock looks so good.”

Kurt sat back in the chair. Pushed his pelvis up and out a bit, so she could see his cock well, and began to slowly stroke it. He thumbed the precum that was sitting patiently upon the tip in circles around his head, making it glisten. Amanda moaned while watching him do that. Kurt’s mouth opened from the pleasure it caused.

Soon, his dick was as slick as if he had put it in her, so much was his arousal and the amount of precum pumping out of his cock slit as he stroked.

Amanda moved up on her haunches to watch him touch himself. In one quick motion, she lifted her dress up and over her head. She was naked underneath except for her blue panties, darker yet in front of her pussy. That patch of panties was so wet at this point, Kurt could make out the cleft in her vagina—could almost imagine he could see her hardened clit through the fabric.

Her tits were free from restraint now, and Kurt took them in, sighing with desire as he stroked. Her nipples were pink, almost like the bottoms of her feet, and erect. Amanda’s eyes were locked on Kurt’s hand as he moved up and down his hard penis (all eight inches of it), but her fingers still went unbidden to her nipples, began pinching them, moaning as she did it.

“Your dick looks so good while you’re stroking it. God! It gets me so wet.”

“I can see it. I love how wet I can make you.”

Amanda began pulling down the flimsy fabric of her panties; the last shred of clothing she wore.

“I’ll show you just how wet.” She breathed heavily.

Pulling her legs up, not unlike a frog, onto the bed, Amanda reached down between her legs, and with two fingers, pulled her pink pussy lips apart to show Kurt how wet he had made her. Inside of her pussy, it was even pinker than on the outside; her pussy positively glared with juices. Kurt could even perceive a slight bubbling at the bottom, where her pussy tapered off, running into the sweet bud of her asshole. Wet noises reached his ears as she continued to spread herself apart.

Unbidden, once again, Amanda’s finger found its way to her hardened clit (just as Kurt had imagined it being through her panties) and began to rub small circles just below its hood. She moaned loudly the moment the pad of her finger made connect.

The two of them were now vigorously touching themselves while watching the other. Only a scant two feet or so separated one from each other.

“Lean back for me.” Kurt asked. “Lay back and pull your knees and feet back. So I can see the bottoms. I want to see your feet, your pussy as you touch it, and your asshole as your juices drip down it.”

“Oh yes…” was all Amanda could manage; she leaned back, pulled her knees back, feet up, just as he asked. She continued to rub herself.

Kurt stroked hard and fast as his eyes feasted on the view Amanda was giving him. He watched her wet fingers rub her pussy into such a froth that, indeed, a small pearl of liquid escaped the bottom of her vagina, dripped down across the small, brown bud of her asshole, wetting it.

Amanda moved slightly to the side so she could better watch Kurt as he stroked.

“Do you like what you see?”

“Mmm. You have no idea. The hottest sight of my life.”

“I love watching you touch yourself.”

“Same here. Oh, man…”

“Do you want to watch me cum?”

“Oh, God, yes! Cum for me. Make your pussy cum.”

“I’m going to make it cum for you.”

She reached out her right foot to Kurt.

“I want to cum with my toes in your mouth.”

Kurt eagerly received her salty toes into his mouth, began sucking them, still stroking as he leaned forward.

“Yes, baby, that feels so fucking good. Stroke that cock.”

Amanda rubbed the red, hard, glistening nub of her clit while watching Kurt suck her toes (which felt amazing) and stroke his engorged cock (which was purple on the head from arousal, red along the shaft); precum still decorated every glorious inch.

Kurt canlı bahis siteleri moaned against Amanda’s foot. Amanda moaned out loud. She felt his saliva coat between her toes and drip down towards her heel.

She felt her pussy clinch in the throes of her orgasm while feeling—watching—these sensations.

“I’m cumming!” She screamed. “I’m cumming! Watch it! Watch it cum!”

Kurt looked down to Amanda’s open, pink pussy—her finger a blur over her clit—as it seized, contracted and came in front of him. He saw her fine, pink lips moisten as fresh wet came gushing from within, guided by her orgasm.

Amanda fell back on the bed fully, satiated. Her foot came smoothly from Kurt’s mouth and he let it go, eased back on his stroking as he felt that a chapter within the book of their “hour” had just ended. And he wasn’t close to being ready to cum yet.

Kurt had incredible stamina; it was his favorite part about sex (and one of the main reasons he had sought out a prostitute): foreplay. The long period of the delayed climax, filled with lengthy teasing and prodding of each other’s parts, till finally, neither can take it anymore and he is basically coaxed to cum. Kurt had never found a partner (despite his relative young age of twenty-nine) that would indulge his whims for foreplay, not to the extent that he wished for. To him, it was all about the delay.

But Amanda, she seemed primed for such an exercise, seemed almost to crave it.

Could she be someone that he could…?

He didn’t finish the thought.

Kurt was having the time of his life. No need to overcomplicate things, not right now.

“That was a really good orgasm you just made me have, Kurt.” Amanda said, breaking into his brief thoughts, still out of breath, spread out on the bed. Her nakedness still just as fetching as it had been thirty minutes ago (had thirty minutes already passed?); he was ready for more.

“I like it when you call me by my name.” Kurt said genuinely.

“Do you?” Amanda raised herself up on her elbows to look at him.

“Yes. I really do. Now. I’m going to ask you what you’d like to do next?”

A sly smile spread across Amanda’s face. Kurt could see a slight sheen of sweat had sprouted between her two lovely breasts; both nipples still pink and just as erect as before.

“I have a few ideas.”

“Well,” Kurt intoned, leaning back in the chair, his cock still hard and upright. “I’m all yours.”

From the way Kurt was leaning back, it gave Amanda a great view of the shaft of his dick, wet with the precum he had used as lube earlier while stroking to her touching. Her eyes travelled the length of his considerable shaft, fell down to his tightly-wound ball-sack. She noticed that precum had even dripped down to there. She eyed the entirety of his cock hungrily.

She wanted it in her mouth.

She wanted to paint his balls with her spit.

She even wanted to tongue his asshole, something she rarely ever felt compelled to do. But there was something about Kurt that really got her motor-running in ways few men did. It had something to do with his quiet assurance of what he desired, and his complete transfixion with her.

Nothing had ever gotten her so wet; her clit so hard.

Amanda scooted across the bed towards Kurt. Her eyes playing over his partially clothed body.

That won’t do, she thought.

She bent down and began pulling his fallen jeans, and boxer briefs, still damp, out from under his bare feet, tossing them absently behind her. She placed the palms of her hands down on the top of his pale thighs (his cock standing at attention between her arms, but not touched, not yet). Her arrangement of hands upon his thighs almost mirrored Kurt’s placement of his own hands earlier in the evening. Pushing her palms slowly, almost as if massaging the thick muscles of his quadriceps, Amanda pushed her hands up Kurt’s legs, under his shirt, and up his abs (which weren’t ripped but tone enough for Amanda to feel some juice leak from her pussy as she kneeled forward).

Amanda’s hands continued their upward progress, over Kurt’s chest, tangling in his chest hair briefly before finding and rubbing his nipples.

Kurt’s head jolted back from surprised pleasure; a moan escaped from between his lips. He hadn’t seen that coming.

“Sensitive nipples.” Amanda stated.

Kurt merely nodded as her fingers worked his nipples. Despite her not having asked an actual question.

“Same here. I love them to be pinched and sucked.”

Amanda stopped pinching Kurt’s nipples and pulled his shirt up over his head. Finally, he had joined her in complete nakedness. She stood up, placed a kneed on either side of Kurt’s thighs, straddling him, but not to the extent that Kurt’s inviting cock could penetrate her. She leaned forward instead, offering Kurt her nipples.

“Would you suck them for me?”

“Mmm. They’re so hard. So pink.”

“They’re hard for you. Been hard for you since you approached me.”

Kurt looked up into her fluid eyes at that comment. A part of him felt dizzy with the knowledge.

“Take one into your mouth.” She breathed, and he felt her breath, warm, against the top of his head. “Suck it for me. Suck it good. Make it wet.”

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