My First Older Man

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Thank you all so much for the warm reception to my first published story! You’ve made this Bi Boi very happy! For this next story I went all the way back to the first time I went full bottom, the first time I went full slut, the first time I went “Dr. Stangelove, or how I learned to story worrying and just love the dick.” Hopefully someone appreciated that reference. I was 24 years old and I met up with an older guy that showed me just how much pleasure I can feel when I have a handsome man pounding me into the mattress. It was my first story I ever wrote so it’s not as polished as I’d like but I decided to leave it as is, all I did was edit a few grammatical errors.

Are These “Daddy Issues?”

I was having trouble stopping my hand from shaking. I watched as my phone once again downloaded Grindr. “If he’s one I’m going over there, if he’s one I’m going over there.” I kept repeating to myself, hoping to silence the nerves that were making my knees weak. I re-signed up and scrolled down to where I would expect to see his profile. “Yes!” I exclaimed excitement building inside me as I quickly typed out a message. I can’t remember what I said and what he responded with but before I knew it, I was walking out the door and getting in my car. I started the engine and was driving towards a night that would change my life…or at least my sex life.

My name is Shawn and I was just a regular bi-curious guy. I stood 6’1″ and weighed about 190lbs. I kept my light brown hair cut short and my blue eyes gave me a very friendly air about me. I wanted to play basketball in high school but unfortunately, I was a late bloomer and didn’t grow into my body until now. That tall lanky kid was replaced with a broad-shouldered guy who thanks to those basketball aspirations now had an incredible bubble butt that I only recently started to truly appreciate. And because of this new found appreciation I started fantasizing about what it would be like to be penetrated. It started with strap-on porn, then moved to Trans women, before finally finding myself watching gay porn. That’s how we got here, at this older gentleman’s house.

I took one final deep breath to try and steady my nerves. “I want this.” I said to myself before I got out of the car and walked up the driveway to the open garage. He was standing inside the garage as I walked istanbul travesti up “Hey there,” he said with a smile. He was very handsome and he looked exactly as I expected him to look. He was shorter than me but a couple inches and was a bit stockier but he looked like solid dad muscle. He was I wearing khaki shorts and an Eddie Bauer looker shirt. “Hi,” I responded in a shy voice as let me into his house and showed me to his bedroom. He turned to close his door and without waiting I stripped my clothes off and left them in a pile on the floor. Now I stood in front of this guy in nothing but my maroon jockstrap that so perfectly framed my butt. “I like your jockstrap” he said as me pulled my close with a hand on my hip. The other hand cupped my butt cheek and by the time his lips met mine all of my nervousness melted away. Soon he had me on his bed, I was now on top of him, he was naked and I could feel his hardness pushing against my ass cheeks as we continued our deep passionate kiss. I was grinding against him and letting out little groans and moans whenever we separated for air. “Can I suck your cock daddy?” I asked him in a submissive voice that I wasn’t even aware I possessed.

He chuckled and said, “Of course my boy.” Without a second thought I climbed off him turning around so I could suck his cock and he could still grab at my ass. As I stared at this glorious daddy dick in front of me, I couldn’t help but lick my lips. It was average size but God damn was it thick! I grabbed it with my hand pointing the cock head towards my eager mouth. Slowly I engulfed it with my warm mouth.

I groaned as it slid along my tongue, fuck this already felt incredible. I know my technique was bad but I hoped my eagerness and the view of my ass made up for it. He let out a deep growl as I took about half of his cock into my mouth. He was now getting more handsy with my ass, I have never felt sexier then at this very moment. This was a different feeling, one that I have never achieved while sleeping with a girl. This man was groping me, slapping my ass, watching it bounce and shake as I kept my back arched and continue to slobber all over his cock. I felt like a porn-star!

“Come here baby” he said as he started to nudge my thigh back over his chest. I barley registered the movement as I buried my face in his balls. The istanbul travestileri only thing that stopped me in my tracks was when his tongue made contact with my ass hole. My head shot up and I let out a “Oh fuck daddy!” as he started to devour my hole. Explosions of pleasure shot off all over my body, it felt like a fireworks show was about to hit its finale. He spread my cheeks apart and fucked my hole with his tongue. Fuck he knew what he was doing! I was completely his at that moment. I was ready for the main event.

“Daddy, I need your cock inside me.” He responded with a smack on my ass, “hop in the shower and I’ll make sure you’re all clean and ready for me.”

We spent the next ten minutes under his shower head. The warm water relaxing me. He made me feel incredibly safe as he washed my body clean. By the time we got out and dried off my body was buzzing in anticipation. We talked about poppers in previous conversations and he was ready with a bottle as we laid back down on the bed. He walked me through how to use poppers and held the bottle to my nose and told me to take a small hit of it. I inhaled through my nose and slowly breathed out. “Ohhh fuck me” I groaned as my body flushed and I experienced cock lust for the first time in my life. I was a bitch in heat as I impaled my mouth with his delicious cock. He was expertly eating me out as we got back into a 69 position. After a couple minutes of our mouths working their respective magic on each other I was ready. I quickly spun around, he handed me a bottle of lube and I prepared myself to take my first cock. I lined his cock up with my tight entrance. He moved the poppers bottle back to my nose and I took three deep inhales. As I exhaled, I pushed back and felt the cock head pop into my ass. I felt nothing but paint at first, my ass struggling to stretch to fit the thick cock head, but soon the poppers hit and I felt my whole body relax. All it took was a slight thrust from him and I was soon sitting on his lap, his cock ball deep in my newly christened fuck hole. As I sat on his lap grinding my hips against him, I couldn’t believe that I was doing this, here I was riding this handsome man’s cock my arms in the arm over my head, like I’d seen countless porn stars do, and his cock was touching buttons inside me that I didn’t even know I had. To make travesti istanbul a long story short, I was in heaven! I soon leaned forward, my lips crashing against his as I began to do my best twerking, letting my ass bounce up and down on his shaft as I moaned into our kiss.

“Get on your hands and knees boi,” Daddy growled into my ear. “Yes sir,” I responded and quickly jumped off his cock, I already missed the full feeling that his cock gave me. He grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed, my ass in the air for him as he stood there admiring it for a second. I meanwhile, was taking a couple more hits of poppers, feeling myself sinking further and further down this rabbit hole. I was now an official cock slut and needed to be filled, “Please daddy, please fill me up again, I already miss your big thick cock.” I begged and whined as he took pleasure in teasing my entrance with his cock head. “Such a good boy” he groaned as he plunged his cock back into my ass.

Once his hands gripped my waist, I knew I needed to hold on tight for a wild ride. Soon his thrusts were slapping off my ass as he pounded me deeper and deeper into his mattress. My brain was completely blank at this point, he truly fucked me silly in that moment. I was incoherently moaning and groaning with each thrust as I felt a white-hot pleasure start to build inside my body. “Fuck. Daddy. I’m. Going. To. Cum” I said as he slammed his cock into me.

“Cum for this dick boi” he said, not letting up his assault on my not-so-virgin anymore hole. My hand was wrapped around my shaft as I quickly stroked myself my orgasm building. “Fuck, I’m going to cum” daddy groaned out as I gave me a couple more quick thrusts. As he popped his cock out of my hole I quickly flipped over to my back as I shot my load all over my chest.

“FUUUCKK DADDY” I moaned out as his orgasm exploded all over my cock, chest, and even my face. Rope after rope of his hot cum covered my body. We were both breathing hard as we recovered from our incredible fuck. I completely covered. His cum and my cum covered my chest and cock. In that moment I knew two things to be true about me, I was now a full-fledged cock slut, and I definitely had a cum fetish.

He handed me a towel and helped me clean myself up a bit before we laid in his bed and talked about random stuff for a couple minutes. Eventually I got dressed and left. This guy showed me an amazing night and I never even learned his name. I never met up with him again and sometime I wish I wasn’t so nervous to meet up with him earlier, maybe I could have had a couple more nights with him.

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