My First Meeting with Sir

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Big Cock

I was very nervous to meet with my Dom for the first time. We had been texting and talking for months after some emails through a community site. This was to be our first date, and the first time I would serve him…

We met outside a restaurant, I took my time getting out of the car, my nerves getting the best of me. He was well dressed, handsome, just like the pictures I had seen. He waits patiently for me, just watching, his eyes on me making the butterflies in my stomach flutter. I step out of the car and walk up to him as he smiles. He spreads his arms and hugs me tight, telling me how cute I look. I am so short in his arms. He lifts my face by the chin and kisses me, softly and first, and then more deeply. He puts his arm around me as we walk into the restaurant.

We eat, talk, laugh, I slowly relax my nerves. After a good meal and conversation we decide to go see a movie. I said I would drive, as Sir had already driven so far today to see me. He smiles and agrees, and we are on our way. We get our tickets and snacks easily, the theater is almost empty. We make our way to our seats; his arm around me or on me at all times making me feel wanted, close to him, belonging to him.

We sit near the back center of the theater, good seats, away from the few other couples waiting for the movie to begin. We joke about the movie facts and commercials, then he runs his hand under the hem of my dress, lightly scratching my thigh. I shiver and suck in my breath at his touch. We kiss again, making out while waiting for the movie to start. His lips were more aggressive, he bites my lip slightly, then kisses my jaw and neck, licking and biting until he gets to my collar bone. I can’t help but moan.

His hand caresses and squeezes my thigh while our tongues meet. I am getting so moist, wanting more, needing more of his attention. He slides his hand up and his fingers brush against my panties, then he scratches the inside of my thigh roughly all the way down to my knee. The sensation is overbearing, I have to hold my breath not to make a sound. I am expecting more but he suddenly stops and simply smiles at me; the movie is beginning. I try to focus on the screen instead of the feeling between my legs and the burning along my thigh.

We snuggle and watch the movie, at times he would caress me or kiss me. We laugh and make silly comments, sharing our snacks and drink. After a time I get thirsty but have finished the soda I have been sipping on. I pout and Sir asks me if I am thirsty. I nod and expect him to get a refill for me. Instead to my shock he unzips his pants and puts my hand on his semi-hard cock. I pull my hand back and implore him to put it away, and he quickly grasps my chin in his hand and holds me with a stern gaze. He tells me that since I am thirsty he will order me to drink his cum.

I am mortified of doing this, even in a dark theater, what if someone saw me. There is no way to hide what I am going to be doing. I beg for him to reconsider and he pinches my nipple hard, I whimper and he tells me I will be punished for disobedience. I am so nervous, but can not ignore being turned on as he pushes my head down into his lap. I lick him softly and then take his cock into my mouth, suck it halfway into my mouth and feel it twitch and grow between my lips.

He runs his fingers through my hair as I begin to serve him with my mouth, taking him ever deeper with each stroke. He pulses in my mouth as he becomes fully engorged, so big and hard, yet so soft against my lips. I try hard to take him all into my mouth but I can not. I gag slightly as the head of his cock grazes the back of my throat. I pull back to regain my composure and take a breath and find Sir is holding my head in place. I panic for a second and squeeze his thigh and arm with my hands as I try to fight his grip on my hair.

Sir shushes me and lets me back ever so slightly to take a needed breath and then, both hands wrapped in my hair, begins controlling my head in his lap. He slowly begins fucking my mouth, gently but deeply, testing my gag reflex. I try my best to relax and take all of him, I want to please him so badly. I don’t know if he or I am quickening the pace, I feel compelled to give him what he wants, what I want. I need to make him cum for me.

I feel his other hand gently caress my pussy through my dress as I bob my head in his lap. He shushes me again as apparently I am moaning and getting dangerously loud. I begin to force his head into my throat a few times, this time causing him to moan and utter the two words I yearn to hear from his lips, “good girl.” He grips my hair and pumps deeply into my mouth, faster, more forceful. Then I feel him tense and I get my reward, his warm cum splashing the back of my throat. I quickly swallow it down and make sure to suck him deep and slow, getting every last drop as if I would never enjoy this treat again.

He kisses my forehead and smiles down at me as I breathlessly Tipobet smile up at him, before we compose ourselves and return our attention to the screen. My panties are quite wet, and I have a nagging need to pay some more attention to my pussy. I touch myself, but before I can build a rhythm his hand closes on mine. I look up and he shakes his head at me. I am not allowed to cum yet. I pout, whimper, and fidget through the rest of the movie.

As we leave I start to get quiet again. I don’t know what is going to happen when we get into his hotel room, and after the events in the theater my mind races. The drive back to the hotel is longer somehow. My nerves return, yet I felt warmth spread between my legs again as he grabs my ass on the way up the stairs. We get to the door and he opens it and motions me inside….

The room is simple and dark, a large bed in the middle, easy chair in the corner with a table and ottoman next to it. He closes and locks the door behind me and then proceeds to turn on all the lights while he tells me to set my things on the table and stand next to the bed. I did as told and wait nervously for what is to come next. I keep starring at the large duffel-bag sitting at the foot of the bed. He notices, grins, and asks if I want to see what he brought for me.

I ask him to show me. He comes over and puts his arms around me and kisses me deeply. He sucks on my bottom lip hard and bites it slightly. I try to keep my head clear as he kisses his way down my jaw, neck, and chest. He sucks and bites at my neck, collar bone, and chest, making me breathe heavy and freshly soak my panties. Sir tells me to undress for him. I quickly do as I am told, nervous yet eager for more of his attention. I stand there naked in front of him and he begins to circle around me, looking me over, squeezing my breasts and bare ass.

I can not help thinking about my body as he examines me. His eyes wandering over my short, curvy, and over-exaggerated hourglass figure. My breathing gets faster and I notice my firm 36 D breasts heaving, he cups them from behind and pinches my tiny hard nipples. He caresses my hips and ass, again running his fingernails across the sensitive skin between my thick thighs.

He orders me to bend over the bed, that I am to be punished for talking back in the theater. I meekly utter “Yes Sir,” and assume the position he wants. I feel his presence behind me as I bend over the foot of the bed, keeping my ass high in the air. He caresses my back, ass, and thighs before giving me a surprise smack on the ass. I jump and squeal at the sting of his hand. He rubs my bare bottom and spanks me again causing my other cheek to sting. He tells me to count as he continues to spank my ass, harder and harder. I struggle to count and stop myself from wiggling and pulling away from his hand.

I count to twelve, my ass on fire, my pussy dripping wet. I whimper and wish I had not been a bad girl. Sir tells me I got a few extra swats for not staying bent where I was told. “Sorry Sir,” is all I can muster. My knees are weak from my punishment, my backside aching terribly. I did not think Sir would be so strict, I must be more mindful of keeping him happy. He tells me I can relax, so I turn and sit on the bed, my ass protesting from my tender skin rubbing against the rough blanket.

Sir kisses me on the forehead, holding my head in his strong hands. He looks deeply into my eyes and asks me, “are you ready to begin training?”

I wonder what he has in store for me, I have so much to learn,and so much we have talked about. “Yes Sir,” I blurt out eagerly, wanting t know where we will begin. He orders my on my knees. I slide my sore ass off of the bed and sink to my knees in front of him. Blood pounds in my ears as he informs me that I must start by learning to properly serve him on my knees.

I look up at him and he nods for me to begin. I unbuckle his belt and undo his pants and eagerly but gently pull his underwear down over his growing erection. I want to get a good look at Sir’s cock, the theater was too dark for me to really see. It is wide and curved upward, no wonder it was so hard for me to fit it in my throat. As I wrap my tiny fingers around it and lick the tip it continues to swell. I take it between my lips and suck it gently while rubbing my tongue against the underside of his shaft. It seems to keep growing as I give it more and more attention and Sir moans softly.

Sir grabs a hold of my hair tightly and pulls me off of his throbbing cock. I look up to see what I have done wrong. He pulls my hands away and tells me to use only my mouth. I place my hands in my lap and answer, “yes Sir.” I look as his cock pulsing in front of my face, it is easily 7″ long. I lean forward and begin sucking on him again. I take his cock deep into my mouth, the tip brushing against the back of my throat. I suppress my gag and try to push him deeper. He tells me to Tipobet Giriş not rush and suck him slow and deep.

I suck him slower, every once in awhile going deep and trying to fit him into my throat. I feel him bend over me and just as I start to wonder what he is doing I feel a hard slap on my ass. I realize my hand is on his cock again. I grab onto his hips and hold tight to try to keep my hands off of his cock while I serve him. He orders me instead to hold my hands behind my back and I do so. He takes hold of my head and wraps my hair into a ponytail in his hand. He grips my hair tight and starts fucking my throat. I do my best to be a good girl and keep my hands behind my back and hold still so he can use my mouth.

Sir shoves his cock hard into my throat, slowly forcing it in. I do my best to relax and open my throat for him. I cannot breathe but I hold still for him. Just when I think I can’t hold my breathe any longer he pulls out of my mouth and I collapse on all fours at his feet. He reaches down and helps me to my feet, my legs are like jelly, I cannot support myself. I have trouble standing and he holds me up against his chest to steady me while he kisses my forehead. He leads me to get on the bed and instructs me to lay in the middle on my back and spread my legs.

He opens the duffel-bag and takes out a few long strips of soft silky red rope. Sir asks if I trust him, I eagerly respond, “yes Sir!” I cannot wait to be bound and used, my pussy aches just thinking about having him inside of me. I have needed to cum so badly since the theater. He gets up on the bed next to me and places my hands above my head and begins to tie my wrists together. The rope is very tight and secure, yet soft, my mind races as I know I will be at his mercy. He secures the rope to the frame of the bed below my head, keeping my hands held firmly above me.

He then reaches into the bag and brings out a flogger. My eyes go wide. I pull at the ropes holding my hands, but it is no use. All I can think is how much will that thing hurt, where will he hit me with it, what did I do to deserve punishment? Sir responds as if answering my thoughts. He tells me because I had such trouble serving him properly I will be punished before he takes my pussy. He tells me if I cum before instructed I will receive more punishment as well. He raises the flogger and I wince.

The first blow lands on my inner thigh. I squeal and instinctively close my legs, the next blow lands swiftly and painfully on my now exposed ass, which is still sore from the spanking earlier. I arch my back in pain and beg Sir to stop. He looks me in the eyes and asks me if I wish to be released. I think hard and decide I want more, I wanted this for so long, the shock of the first few blows just surprised me. I am ashamed at my weakness, I mumble my apologies and ask for him to continue. I receive another swat on the ass for not speaking clearly, which causes me to jump and whimper loudly..

He orders me to keep my legs open otherwise my ass will be beaten. I spread my legs wide again as instructed, and Sir continues my punishment. The flogger lands on my inner thighs, my stomach, my breasts, each time causing a thrill of pain and excitement to rush through me. My breathing increases as the tempo picks up. The blows become more random, causing me to squirm slightly as I cannot expect where Sir will strike me next. One of the strips on the flogger hits my nipple squarely and causes me to cry out. His swings get harder and faster, my body gets sore and tender under his attention, I don’t know how much more I can take.

I close my eyes against the pain. In that instant I wish I hadn’t. The flogger descends swiftly onto my clit, the leather strips causing pain to course through my pussy. I can’t help but cry out and close my legs. I get three hard swats on my ass, making me writhe on the bed. I open my slightly tearing eyes and see that Sir is upset with me. I beg forgiveness as he grabs the other strips of rope and begins binding my legs above and below the knee. The rope keeps my knees bent uncomfortably, and sir gets 2 more lengths of rope and secures them to the feet of the bed to keep my legs spread wide. I know I will receive more punishment now, I have been such a disobedient girl.

He looks me sternly I the eyes while I whimper. He tells me I will receive five swats on the pussy for my failure to behave. I blink the tears from my eyes and nod slightly, hoping to get this punishment over with. I am instructed to count as the flogger falls on my helpless pussy for the first time. “One,” I blurt out, the pain is sharp and undeniable. “Two,” I try to hold my breath to stave of the pain. “Three,” I buck my hips against my bonds to try to find relief from the flogger. “Four,” I can’t help but openly weep as my pussy is bright red, the wetness leaking from me making it even more tender. I don’t know if I can handle one more Tipobet Güncel Giriş swat. I close my eyes and hold my breath waiting for the final strike, which I know will be the worst.

The flogger lands hard between my legs, I scream out in pain, my breath coming in ragged gasps. “Five,” I barely manage to blurt out. Sir shushes me and tells me to relax, my punishment is over. He caresses my thighs and stomach, taking care to avoid touching my swollen and aching pussy. His hands reach up ad massage my breasts, pinching my nipples roughly. The pain in my nipples is a blessing compared to the throbbing in my pussy and ass. I moan for him, and he kisses me deeply. He wipes the tears from my eyes and asks me if I am ready for him to use me. My pussy hurts so much, but I want this aching need to be stuffed with his cock to be fulfilled.

I nod my head and return his kiss eagerly. “Please use my pussy Sir,” I beg. I have been waiting for this moment for months. He crawls between my legs and runs his fingers gently along my swollen lips, making shivers run up and down my spine. I am so unbelievably sensitive, he smiles at me and rubs little circles around my clit that make me moan and squirm under his touch. “Please Sir fuck me!” I cry out. I need to be filled by him, I need release so badly. He continues to harass my clit with his fingers, making me strain against my ropes.

I need to cum so badly. As if reading my mind again, he reminds me I am not allowed to cum until told. I whimper loudly and try to steady myself. He comes closer to me and I feel the tip of his cock rubbing against my pussy. I breath faster, waiting for him to push himself into me. I feel him push slowly against my opening, teasing me, rubbing the head of his thick cock up and down my slit. Making me shiver every time he hits my clit. Finally he pushes the tip into me, I moan loudly as he slowly enters me. He feels amazing inside of me, stretching me open, my sensitive and needy hole craving more.

He kisses at my neck and chest while slowly pushing in and out of me, teasing shallow strokes that make me squirm and buck for more. In an instant he buries himself in me, my breath catches in my throat and after a second I let out a loud moan. He is so big inside of me, filling me up completely. I have to fight with all of my willpower not to cum right then and there. He starts pumping in and out of me, I am soaking wet, my pussy is on fire and with each stroke I get closer to climax. He continues to run his hands over my chest, pinching my nipples and grabbing my ass while pounding into me harder. I can’t hold back any longer and squeal an apology as I have a tearing orgasm that tenses my whole body.

As my senses return I realize I have squirted all over Sir’s cock, my thighs, the bed. He looks sternly down at me and tells I was not allowed to cum I whimper as he picks up the flogger again. I apologize repeatedly as he flogs my breasts over and over while still stroking his cock inside of my soaking pussy. The mix of pain and pleasure are almost unbearable, and I feel another orgasm mounting deep inside of me. “Please, Sir I need to cum again,” I beg. He tosses the flogger aside and puts his weight fully on me, he drives deeply into me and I feel him pulse inside me. “Fuck me harder Sir!” I need to be used by him, filled up by him. He picks up a frantic pace, grabbing my hair roughly and holding my head up so I look into his eyes while he pounds my sore but yearning pussy.

I moan and cry out, trying with everything to hold back the release I want so badly. He pistons into me hard and deep, changing speeds constantly. He rubs me just right inside, I can’t hold much longer. He whispers in my ear, “I want you to be mine, I want to fill you up and keep you as my perfect slave.”

My mind reels, I want nothing more than to serve him, for him to use me and be satisfied, to fill me with his cum. I can tell he is holding back slightly, his breathing ragged, he is waiting for me to respond. I look into his eyes and I make my decision, I whisper to him “cum in me Master.” He kisses me deeply, our tongues dancing. He stops holding back, pounding into me like an animal uncaged. I begin to scream knowing I can’t hold back this orgasm. He calls out for me to cum with him, and we both let go. I gush and squirm and writhe in ecstasy, the feeling of him pulsing and squirting inside of me pushing me to heights I’ve never felt.

We collapse together, breathing in gasps. He kisses me again and again and I realize what just happened. He has chosen me to be his slave, his mate to train and explore our fantasies together. I agreed to be his, and I know I want to be. I want him to always be with me, pleased with me, satisfied by me. He unties the ropes slowly and gently, rubbing the feeling back into my wrists and legs. My legs are still spasming and we giggle together. He looks at the bed underneath us and tells me I have made quite a mess. Everything is soaked, I apologize, embarrassed and red faced. He pulls me up and smacks me on the behind as he directs me to the shower. As the warm water runs over me and my body is aching yet satisfied all over, I think to myself I made the right choice, and I cant wait for more…

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