My First Man

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A few years back I was living in the mid-west. My wife and I were going through a divorce and I was making an attempt to get back into the dating scene.

One night, after visiting a few bars with a co-worker and not having any luck, he decided that he would go home because he had to be at work the next morning. I had the next day off and told him that I was going home also, but I had other intentions.

During our bar visits and a few dances with attractive women, I was getting aroused. I visited a strip club, had a few beers, tipped a few women and after a while decided that I needed something more entertaining. I left the skin club and began walking around the city.

I walked passed a club called “adventures”. Not really paying any attention, I walked inside. There was a five dollar cover, which I thought was unusual for a Wednesday night, but I paid the charge and entered the club.

Right away, I knew why the cover charges. It was a gay club! At first, I wanted to just leave and lose the $5.00 I paid. But not wanting to look like an idiot, and being just a little curious, I decided to have a drink and watch the goings on.

I ordered a drink from the bar tender and he brought it back to me. He began to strike up a conversation. The club was almost empty and the music was at a level that conversations were fairly easy to hear. While I was talking with the bar tender and noticing that he was interested in me, I was also looking out on the dance floor and around the room. I was experiencing a voyeuristic charge in watching men on the dance floor holding each other and kissing.

The bar tender, seeing my eye’s roaming the place, asked if this was my first visit to a gay bar? I related that it was. He asked what I thought, and for the first time, I asked myself what I thought. I liked it AND I was beginning to get excited!

The bar tender left to take care of another customer, and I was finally left to take in the whole gay club atmosphere.

I finished my drink and a guy approached me as I was draining my glass. He asked if he could buy me another drink and join me. I didn’t know what to think, but I automatically said, or I think I said yes.

Steve ordered two of what I was having and the bartender returned fast as lightning. As he was sitting the drinks down, he told Steve that this was my first time at a gay bar. I blushed so fast that I think you could hear my face turn red. Steve looked at me with the kindest smile, leaned over to me and whispered in my ear. He said, “it’s okay, you have to start somewhere”. I smiled back and just nodded my head. What was I doing?

I have always fantasized about having sex with a man. I had bought a few gay porno magazines and watched a few gay movies, but since my younger day’s “exploring” with my best friend, I never acted upon my fantasies.

Until that night!

Steve and I found a quiet table and began talking about sports, the weather occupations and such. After a few more drinks (and yes, I was becoming quiet toasted) he asked me if I was gay. I said, “not yet” and left it at that. His smile, and my smile were huge! (So was the bulge in my pants)

He asked if I wanted to try another bar, he said it was close and we could walk. I was thinking to myself, “I don’t want another drink, but I don’t want to lose out on this opportunity”. We left the bar and while walking out, I looked at the bartender who was smiling as much as Steve and I were. I just winked at him.

We escort bayan gaziantep walked about three blocks in silence. I was pondering the decision I would have to make at the end of the night of bar hopping with Steve. Did I want to invite him to my place? Did I want to go to his place? Did I even want to do this?

When we got to the next club, it was much more crowded. We found a table in the corner of the upper floor and sat there. We were sitting next to each other, at a round table I don’t think there was any doubt that we were together.

The waiter/waitress, a guy in drag, and funny as hell, took our orders. While we were waiting for the drinks, Steve and I began to watch the crowd in the bar. The place was full. Some of the patrons were with others and some alone. There were men kissing and rubbing each other and women who were interlocked in very passionate kisses and some rubbing as well. It was another world for me; I was really enjoying this side of life, from the outside looking in.

Then it was my turn to go inside that world. I was trying to figure out if I should make the first move, or wait for Steve. The waitperson came back with the drinks, put them down and yelled to us over the noise that we looked like a perfect couple. Then he kissed us both on the cheeks and left. I turned to look at Steve and we just locked our gazes for a few minutes, I felt like a teenager on my first date, the feeling was incredible! And, my moments of self-debate were over. We leaned into each other and kissed.

This was the first time that I had ever kissed another man. It was one of those lips slightly parted, tongue darting out to touch lips. Then we began French kissing, and lip licking in earnest. It was wonderful. We both had scratchy faces, but that lent to the excitement for me, it helped me realize, even through the alcohol, that I was kissing another man.

After a few minutes or maybe hours of this, I wasn’t paying attention to the time. Steve broke the contact and asked if I would go home with him. There it was! I looked straight into his eyes, looked away for a brief moment, leaned toward his ear and whispered, “Are you kidding? Where are you parked?”

Stepping into his house, he asked if I wanted a beer? I said yes, and followed him to the kitchen. While he was fishing in the refrigerator, I figured that I would treat him the way I would treat a woman. I walked up behind him, and wrapped my arms around his stomach. He stood up and placed his hands on either side of my head and leaned his head back on my shoulder. I started to kiss and lick his neck and his ear. He began moaning and pushing his ass into my crotch, which by the way, was getting more and more full by the second. He turned his head and told me, “I can’t get the beer with you mauling me”. I let go, he got the beer and we went to the living room.

We sat on his couch and talked for a few minutes. We were sitting facing each and he was rubbing my calf and my thigh. A few times we started to kiss and actually make out. He sat his beer on the table and took mine from my hand, sat it down. He stood up, took my hand and began leading me into his bedroom.

When we entered his bedroom, I wrapped him up from behind again. I was doing what felt natural, and boy did it feel sexy! This time, instead of leaving my arms wrapped around his stomach, I began to slide my hands over his chest and back down to his stomach. I placed one hand under his chin and lifted his head so I could get to his neck. Steve began to suck on my fingers and with his hands he grabbed my ass and began pulling me toward his ass. He began grinding against the erection in my pants and I slid my hand all the way down to his groin.

I could feel that he was as excited as I was, (no kidding). He turned to face me and we began our tongue dance once again. I was so incredibly hot! I began to kiss his neck and worked my way down to his chest, unbuttoning his shirt as I went. I licked his nipples and gently sucked on the nubs.

When I got his shirt fully unbuttoned, untucked and slid it off his shoulders, I noticed that he was built pretty much like me. Nothing rippled or flexed out of his skin, he was just an average, cute guy. I liked that.

I began to unbuckle his belt while kissing him and licking his lips. Steve had no other choice but to let me do my bidding. And he did. His hands were either on my shoulders or rubbing my back and ass, which was all he was able to reach as I was taking command and moving so much.

When I got his belt undone, and began unbuttoning his jeans, I sunk to my knees. I told him that I had wanted to do this for years! I looked up at him, I guess I wanted sure approval; he just smiled and closed his eyes.

I pulled his jeans down, being careful not to take his underwear down and ruin my act of fulfilling my fantasies. I got the jeans to his knees and stared at the bulge in his white, bikini underwear. His cock was slanted to his right and straining to be set free of the garment.

I began to rub his cock through his bikinis and noticed that a wet spot appeared at the head of his cock. At first I thought he was coming, but then I realized that he was oozing pre cum. I slid my fingers into the waistband, and began to slowly pull his bikinis down.

When I got far enough, his cock sprung from it’s trap and stood half erect, pointing to my face. I grasped his penis with my right hand and began to feel his shaved balls with my left. After slowly pumping his hot shaft for a few minutes and getting the pre cum going, I used my tongue and lapped up all the clear juice flowing out.

At that moment, I realized, that for the umpteenth time that night, I was living out my masturbation fantasies. I began to circle the head of his now erect cock with my tongue. And slid my mouth onto his manhood, tasting a fully erect penis for the first time in my life. I couldn’t believe how excited I was getting and how much I enjoyed having this man in my mouth.

Steve let me suck his cock for a while. Then he took me by the upper arms and stood me up. We began kissing again, and attempting to undress ourselves fully. After getting completely naked, we lie on the bed and started making love.

At first, we continued our face licking, and we were fondling each other’s penis, rubbing asses and chests, sucking nipples and the whole, nine-yards. Then, in a moment of brashness, I straddled his groin area. I had every intention of placing his eight-inch, cut cock inside me and fucking him until he came. It didn’t work!

Steve smiled at my inexperience and moved me off of him. He said that I wasn’t ready yet. I smiled and blushed, feeling like a sex starved, virgin. He placed himself at my cock, and we began a sixty-nine. After sucking me for a while, he moved further down, spread my legs and began rimming my ass with his mouth. What an incredible feeling that was! His whiskers were scratchy and his tongue was wet, warm and hard. He pulled me over on top of him and used both hands to lift me up to a sitting position on his face. His mouth was fiercely eating me and he slid my hands down to my ass. I used my hands to part my ass cheeks, I leaned forward ever so much and he began to push his tongue inside my hole.

In a few minutes, I was beginning to feel dizzy with excitement. I rolled off of him and lie on my back. I grasped my knees and pulled them to my chest. Steve knew just what I wanted and he positioned his head at my ass for some more lubricating work.

When I softly moaned, he raised his head and asked me if I still wanted him inside me? The only answer I could muster was a smile and a nod. He got up and went to the bedside table. Producing some KY liquid and a condom, he sat back on the bed.

“Relax and enjoy” were his only words for me. He spread my legs and once again, I pulled my knees up into the air for him. He squeezed some lube onto my balls and let it run toward my wet ass. Then he positioned himself so he could begin to rub the lube onto my hole.

I released one of my knees and began massaging his penis and balls. He opened his legs to give me better access. At first, one finger slid inside of me, then two and finally three of his fingers were sliding in and out. For a little while, he fucked my ass slowly and then began to quicken the pace. After about ten minutes of this, I told him that I was ready, and said that I wanted him inside me.

He got up, unwrapped the condom and slipped it on his fully erect cock. Then he got on the bed and lifted my legs. He positioned the head of his cock at my hole and began to slowly push. After using three of his fingers to fuck my ass, it was still difficult to take his cock inside me. He pushed to my sphincter and stopped for a minute.

When I began to relax, I slowly started to rotate my hips. I could feel his cock beginning to slip further inside and I knew that I was ready to fully take him in. I placed my heels on his ass and began to pull him toward me.

Steve was over top of me, with his hands to either side of my shoulders. He was gently fucking me. Using slow steady thrusts into my bowels, and talking to me. He was saying the sweetest things. I couldn’t believe that this is what sex with this man was like. He was so gentle.

I wrapped my legs around him stopping his movements. I pulled him down to me, so that his full weight was on top of me and kissed him. Afterward, I told him to fuck me. I said it in a way that left no doubt. I wanted him to pound my ass and cum inside me. And that is exactly what he did.

After about two minutes of hard fucking, he began to tense all of the muscles in his body. I knew that it was time for him to cum. I reached up with one hand and touched his lips; he immediately began sucking two of my fingers. With the other hand I began to stroke my wet cock. There was so much pre cum! Steve fucked me harder and faster and then began to moan. I attempted to pull my fingers out of his mouth, but he just sucked them back in and continued to fuck and moan.

“Faster baby”, I said. “Fuck me harder” he picked up his pace even more. Then I told him “I want to cum with you, I want you to cum in my ass”. That is all that it took. He began to loudly moan and fucked even harder, I though he was going to shove his cock into my stomach.

Then he came, as did I. We lie there for a long while until we fell a sleep.

I left the next morning, after some mutual masturbation. I never saw Steve again, but will never forget him.

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