My First Knot pt 3

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Big Tits

Part 3

So there I was, exhausted and sore, lying in a puddle of mixed cum on my front porch. That’s when I noticed that the sky was getting a little lighter off to the east.

I thought that I had better drag myself inside before it got daylight. Didn’t want anybody to see me like this.

So I started trying to get up. My whole body was shaking from all of the intense stimulation I had just been through. As I made it to my hands and knees, I got the second surprise of the night.

I immediately felt paws grab my waist, hot breath on my back, and a bony cock probing my ass, searching for a hole.

Apparently, Thor had been watching Zeus mount me, and now he wanted his turn with this bitch in heat.

Before I could even do anything or move, his cock found my hole and slipped right in with no resistance at all. Five thrusts later, his knot was inside and already starting to swell.

Thor’s knot popped in and out of my stretched asshole several times before it got too large to go back in. I thought I was safe, as he pounded the outside of my hole with his knot. I figured he would just give me a few good thrusts and then pop out of my ass when he tried to turn around. No problem. But, that’s when he really grabbed my waist and shoved with everything he had! His baseball sized knot popped past my stretched sphincter and he was in!

Now the thing about Şerifali Escort Thor is this, he is about two years old and has never bred a bitch before. He is also about twenty pounds larger than his father, Zeus. Well, his cock was larger, too.

As he started to swell inside me, the pressure on my prostate grew quickly uncomfortable. As well as the pressure on my sphincter. His cock was getting longer, too. I could already feel it past my inner sphincter, knocking on my bowels, it felt like.

Then, with a final thrust, Thor shoved his cock even deeper inside me. I felt like it was going to come out of mouth he was so deep inside! As I said, i had been into anal play for a while, but I had never had anything this large or deep inside of me! His knot felt at least as large as a grapefruit!

And then, his hot cum started shooting deep into my bowels. I could feel his cock twitch with every spurt. And that’s when my first prostate orgasm started. My body started shaking and trying to expel this huge intruder from my ass, but he was way too big for that. Cum erupted from my semi-hard cock and my arms gave out. I fell face first onto the floor of the porch. Thor’s knot buried up my ass was the only thing keeping my legs from collapsing, as well.

He shot spurt after spurt of hot dog cum up my ass as I lay there, like a good little bitch. I was whimpering and moaning Şerifali Escort Bayan from the constant stimulation on muly prostate.

I felt another orgasm building! When it hit me, it was almost painful. My body shook on the end of his cock like a rag dog and my asshole spasmed around hus huge knot. Two pitiful drops of cum leaked out of my quickly shriveling cock before it passed.

Thor’s massive cock was still twitching and spurting inside of me when I heard a noise to my left. Turning my head, the firat thing I saw was a pair of work boots and blue jeans.

Oh my God! Somebody was standing there!

As I let my eyes travel upward, face burning with shame, I saw about an eight inch cock hanging out, being stroked by a big, calloused hand. A plaid shirt. A beard. And finally, my other neighbor’s face.

John was watching me be knotted by Thor! And stroking his cock while he was watching!

He said, “I was headed to my truck and heard a commotion and figured I better see what was going on over here. I always thought you might be a little odd, but never figure you for a freak! I’ve seen women do this on the internet, hut didn’t know it was posaible for a man to take a knot”.

Thinking as quickly and clearly as I could with a huge dog knot up my ass, I looked at him and said, “Its not what you think, Mark. Honest. This is all just a big mistake. Escort Şerifali I swear!”

“Maybe so,” he replied. “But I won’t let that stop my plans!. Smule for the camera!”

Before I could turn away, he snapped a picture of my situation with his cell phone and shiwed it to me. You could seplainly see my face, and see Thor fucking me up the ass.

I dropped my head in shame. This was terrible. And it was getting daylight.

And that’s when another prostate orgasm hit me, of course. My body started shaking again, my asshole convulsing around Thor’s cock. But,my balls were empty. There was no cum left inside me at all. My stomach clenched and my balls drew up tighter. My completley limp cock twitched over and over. But, no cum came out. It was the most painful thing I had ever experienced, so naturally, I moaned and groaned a bit.

That’s when I realuzed that Mark was taking more pics of the whole situation. He was getting whole body shots, close ups, you name it. And then he came back toward my head.

“Unless you want these pics to leak out to all of your friends and neighbors, we’re going to have some fun,” he said to me.”Do you want that to happen?”

I immediatley replied,”No! Of course not! I told you, this is all just a big mistake!”

“Mistake or no, are you going to do what I tell you?”

“Yes” I meekly replied.

“Very good, bitch. Now turn your face and look at me.”

I turned my face toward him and was rewarded with a thick stream of ropey cum from his cock hitting me square in the mouth and nose…

Part 4 cumming soon

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