My First Julie Experience

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This is my recall of the first time Julie and I had sex. The time frame is early in 1985…

Julie and I had been dating for a little while and usually we were hundreds a miles apart, but tonight Julie had been visiting her friend, Suzanne, who lived in the same town as I did. Even though it was late I wasn’t surprised by her phone call. We would talk at all hours of the night because my job was not a normal 8-5 job. This time something had upset her, however, and she wanted to talk. So who was I to say ‘no.’

When I arrived, she met me at the door in her nightgown… not even a robe tonight! Surprisingly, she was very upset and I could see that she had been crying. (if this is what happens when she is upset… what happens when she is really happy!! — I would find out about that on another occasion.) She invited me to the sofa, and we began to talk.

It turns out her friend, an old college associate and coincidently Suzanne’s cousin, was in trouble. He was being investigated by the local police, and they had been to see her earlier in the evening — therefore the reason for being upset. She really thought he was a nice guy… but he was being charged with rape of seven women in a nearby community. Each of the attacks were on women over 50… and he was maybe 23 at the time. Maybe it was a older MILF thing — or maybe he was just frickin’ nuts! Suzanne had rushed out of the apartment to be with her family.

We had been talking for a couple of hours… so it was well past midnight at this time. We had been talking, and kissing… and caressing for quite a long time. The kisses were passionate… Julie had such soft lips, and a smile to die for that I would see.. as we would come closer to the kiss, and then I would see again as we broke our kiss. I had been caressing her… cupping her breasts through her gown… her nipples had grown longer and harder and were showing through her gown.

Let me tell you about her… Julie was a beautiful young girl of 22 at the time that we started going out together. She stood nearly 5’8″, and was an athletic framed 130 pounds. Her light brunette hair was a length that reached down to the middle of her back, and her legs were long and muscular. Her beautiful smile was only interrupted by the chipped front tooth she earned in a softball game in high school. She would often tell me about how it happened when she tried to score from second base and caught the shin guard of the catcher in her mouth…and therefore, the chipped tooth. We would go out to dinner, or the movies, escort bayan or just go down the street to Joe’s for a beer and shoot pool to have fun. She would attract the attention of a lot of guys every time she would bend over the table to make a shot. During the summer, eyes would pop when she was wearing shorts and a crop top!!

Let me return to the sofa scene with Julie… I was about the slip the night gown off her shoulder when she grabbed my wrist…gave me one of those NO looks that we often see, and while keeping my wrist held tightly in her hand started to get up from the couch. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but I could help but follow her. I was hard as a rock already, and of course, she had a really tight grip.

She pulled and I followed… and then, we walked into her bedroom. The covers and sheet had been pulled back, because she had been trying to sleep before she called me to come over. The room smelled so good. Julie kept the flowers that I had given her a few days before in a tall vase. She crawled into bed, and pull me along side her. Shortly after getting into the bed, she began to undress me. She lifted the shirt I was wearing over my head… and then moved down to slip off my socks and sweatpants. As I said, I was sporting a raging erection and was hoping for little action-maybe not the way to respond to a girl who was so upset.

Julie then moved up on the bed, and rested her head on my shoulder. We started to kiss again, even more passionately that earlier. She would part her lips, and our tongues would begin to play. Darting in and out, and flicking our tongues against each other was one of the things she liked to do. I would move my kiss to her cheek, and then her eyelids, and she loved to have her earlobes sucked and nibbled upon. I slipped her gown down off of her shoulders, and moved my kiss slowly down her chest to one of her nipples. I took the nipple between my lips… sucking — nibbling — flicking the tip of her nipple with the tip of my tongue. Her nipple was hard and about the size of a pencil eraser at this point, and I could hear her purring as I continued to concentrate on her. I was rolling the other nipple between my fingers, and moved over to it — so that it would not be jealous of the other nipple. I massaged her breasts, and nibbled and sucked on the other nipple until Julie grabbed my head and pushed me down her body.

Julie brought her knees up so that her feet were flat against the bed, and I moved my head under her night gown at this time. Julie smelled amazing. kocaeli escort bayan I can’t remember if it was the perfume that she always wore – or her natural scent – but I was entranced. I began to kiss on her thighs. First to the left, and then to the right – and then moving up, I began to kiss her pussy. I kissed to each side of her pussy, and then on her mound, which at that time was covered with soft curly hair – something you don’t see so much anymore.

I reached my hands up between Julie’s legs and spread the lips of her pussy apart, and I slide my tongue slowly between the lips of her pussy. I could hear her moans begin to grow louder, and I continue to caress Julie’s pussy with my tongue. Sliding my tongue up… and up…and up… until I decided it would be a good time to attack her clit. The tip of the clit was exposed so I began to pound on her clit with the tip of my tongue. Flicking the tip of my tongue over her clit as fast as I could, and I began to suck on her clit. Julie began to writhe around the bed as I sucked and nibbled on the exposed tip of her clit. It was really the first time I had had this experience from a girl I was eating.

I was hoping she was enjoying this, so I thought I might go one more step further. I slide my fingers down that had been holding her pussy lips open…and slid my index finger from each finger into her pussy. I had never known Julie to be this wet before, and as I slipped them in, she was incredibly hot inside. I began to move my fingers together slowly in and out faster and deeper… faster and deeper… and then it happened –

Julie arched her back — lifting her hips off of the bed — and squeezing her legs together so hard I thought she would squish my head!! The juices starting flowing and squirting and spurting, covering my chin, and lips and hands. My fingers were soaked — and really tightly held inside her pussy. I was a little confused to, because I had never had a girl squirt on me before when she came. Such a surprise for me! …and now finally, Julie let loose of her grip on me, and I moved out from between her legs and up beside her. She pulled me tight and we began to kiss again. There were a few times that we had to stop to pull a pesky pubic hair from our lips or tongues… just enough to create a few laughs.

Julie snuggled in close to me and we kissed for probably another half hour, and wouldn’t you know it… she fell asleep! Other than the raging hard on I had, I felt really good. I had reassured her regarding her felonious kocaeli escort friend, and made her feel really good. I was sure that she was wearing a beautiful smile as she slept snuggled up against me.

Now here is where things getting really bizarre, and I have never shared this with anyone before now… so you are the first to hear about this.

Eventually I fell asleep as well. I don’t know what time it was or how long Julie and I had been together that night. As it happened, I began to dream — maybe it was a premonition(maybe more about that later) — I was driving down the highway when I stop to pick up a couple of stranded travelers. Two girls around the age of eighteen were walking down the highway – moving away from a car that had broken down on the side of the road. I offered the girls a ride to the nearest town to see if we could find a station still open to go out and repair their car… but none of the local service stations were open at that time of the night, so rather than putting these two girls up in a local hotel, I offered to let them sleep on my couch. The dream was a classic porn scene with the two girls approaching me and taking advantage of me!! — but then

I woke up to the feeling of something warm and wonderful on my cock. Julie had awakened before I had… and had moved down in the bed, and somehow convinced me to slip off my shorts. She was working the tip of my cock into her mouth, and then moving slowly down the shaft, completely consuming me. She continued this for what seemed like forever, but I am sure I didn’t last that long. She was massaging my balls, and I started to moan. I am guessing that maybe she had been doing this for awhile, because at that point, I felt her finger slide into my ass. She evidently found the magic button because I started to shoot cum into her mouth… and down her throat. She gagged a bit and pulled her head away from my cock just in time to have a shot of cum hit into her hair just above her ear.

I felt amazing and was fully awake now. I rolled over on top of her and began kissing her and nibbling on her neck. I felt her reach down between us and begin to rub the head of my cock against the lips of her pussy. I was just about to push inside her – but was interrupted by a loud series of knocks on her door…

“Miss Frost… Miss Frost… this is Officer Williams” was all I could hear. Julie pushed me off of her and sat up in the bed. She reached over and picked up a robe from her dresser top and began to walk toward the living room. She turned and me, smiling and gave me the “shush” sign, so I decided to remain as quiet as possible. I sit up in the bed, and then I hear… “Miss Frost, we need to ask you a few more questions…”

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