My First Hairjob

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Hard Cock

For 6 years Tom and I dated. After I broke up with him I was lost. What is dating life like?

So I started going to more parties. At one particular party I met a guy that I will always remember…he changed my life on sex forever.

From the beginning Rod and I saw each other I knew there was something going on. He was tall (over 6’7″) and really well build (think a football tight end). Rod was like no one I had dated before.

We talked a few times through mutual friends but never really for more than “hello.” I honestly didn’t know how to go about asking a guy out or even flirting. It is also intimidating to talk with someone who is almost 2 feet taller than you.

At this particular party I wanted to impress him. That night I came dressed in my highest heels, best bra and hair very strait. He seemed to have a thing for blonds (so I heard) and since I had blond hair past my waist to me we seemed a natural fit.

I arrived at the party very late. As it turns out I was too late – Rod was passed out sleeping in his room. A little bummed out I decided to mingle and still have a good time.

After a few hours of partying I started thinking: why don’t Uşak Escort I just go in there and see what happens. I am young and single – why don’t I give it a shot. So I did.

Rod was sound asleep. With just a thin cotton sheet over his body it was easy to make out how large he was. And how fit.

He looked so hot. I was starting to get nervous about being in the room when I noticed something – something amazing. He had the biggest hard on I had ever seen. It was gigantic. There was no way I was going to leave now. I had to see it.

Rod looked perfectly passed out. I even tested him a few times to see how passed out he was. Finally, I pulled off this sheet. He was only in a pair of boxer/briefs. The budge in his pants was straining to get out of there.

Looking at his face for signs of waking up I slowly started to rub it. I had to know how big it was. There was no way this was happening – but it was and Rod’s face stirred very little. The shock came as his dick stirred a lot.

It was getting bigger. I rubbed a little harder to see how big I could get it. I gasped a little as the shaft burst above the waist line past his belly button. Uşak Escort Bayan I mouthed “oh my god, oh my god” in muffled silence with my hand over my mouth.

My last BF Tom was HALF the size of this. Rob was like a science experiment – gone wonderfully right.

I continued to stroke his massive member for a few minutes – harder and harder. Finally, forgetting about him being awake or asleep, I pulled it out of those briefs. It was the size of my forearm.

At this point I was full on jerking Rod off with both hands. Still his eyes were closed and he didn’t stir. His breath did quicken a tiny bit (but at this point I didn’t notice).

It was too dry to keep going on like this so i started to lick his fat dick for lubrication. I say “lick” because I could never get my mouth around it without choking.

Once it was wet it felt so good. It was rock hard and so warm. Now I could see Rod start to breath really hard. Afraid he would wake up I eased back but still gripped really tight. He let out his first moan.

Goose bumps covered my body and I sat up quickly. As I did my hair brushed against his giant shaft. He moaned again louder Escort Uşak as a little pre-cum escaped from his shaft. I knew what Rod needed.

Skillfully I rapped my long, strait blond hair around the base of his baby arm. With this tight cluster strangling the bottom with one hand I worked with all my strength to suffocate the top with my other hand.

Rod let out several groans of pleasure. He even let out a “oh yeah” as I continued to battle his python of a member. The soft silky length of my hair was now all over his low body – laying over his balls and waist in a silky heap. Tighter I squeezed and more pre-cum came pouring out.

He was right on the brink of spewing that fat dick. I was covered in sweat and dripping with juice. Getting so into it I had to do more.

Just as he was about to blow I opened my mouth wide and shoved what I could deep into my tiny throat. My hair blinded me to his face but cum flowed and flowed down inside me.

I didn’t stop. I kept jerking with my hands and cum kept being jammed down into me. Even when the cum stopped I kept jerking with my long hair tighter and tighter on him. I held an iron grip of hair and hands that I was not going to stop until he couldn’t take it any more.

Just as my strength started to fail me Rod cried out “don’t stop Abby I’m gonna cum again.” With a big cock choked smile I happily finished him off again.

I guess Rod wasn’t sleeping after all.

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