My First Gay Experience

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This was my first gay experience that could be called such. I had mutually wanked off with over boys in the past when learning about sex but never further than that. This happened in 1968 in London.

I was eighteen, on my way home from leave in the Royal Navy which I had joined as a boy at 15. Having got to Charing Cross station I saw that I had missed my last train down to Kent. While looking at the timetables I was approached by this guy, I guess in his late 40’s, who asked if I needed any help. I explained about the last train having gone etc and he mentioned a Navy past and asked if I fancied a late drink. In those days I was never one to refuse a drink!

I thought we were going to a late bar but we turned down a side road neat the station and entered a house converted into flats. He reassured me I guess sensing my nervousness. Up in his flat the drink came out and we were soon chatting away.

He asked about girlfriends, sexual experience (other than wanking = none!), although I probably didn’t admit to that. Every time he offered a light for a cigarette his had rested further up on my thigh, again this didn’t warn me of anything that might be about to happen. You have to remember I was so naïve and unworldly at the time. This guy wasn’t the vision of a pouf, queer or whatever they were labelled at the time. He spoke normally and was not at all effeminate.

By this time I was quite drunk although still aware. He asked me where I was going to stay for the night and I said on a bench at the station. He said not to do that and stay in the flat. Well it WAS a cold night and the couch looked comfortable.

He pointed me in the direction of the bathroom and said to feel free to use the shower to freshen up from the journey. Showers were a novelty in those days so I jumped at the chance. While in the shower the curtain was pulled back and there he was with a towel in his hand telling me I had forgotten it. My hands immediately went to cover myself as I was always embarrassed about the size of my equipment. He apologised and said he would leave the towel. I finished and as I was drying he came in and said he was having one too. Off came his clothes and I couldn’t help but look and he had to me what was an enormous cock. I think he saw me looking but never said.

I dried off and went back into the lounge to wait for blankets. When he came in with his towel around his waist and asked why I was in there. I said waiting for a blanket for the couch. Use the bed he said I don’t treat guests like that. The drink I suppose made me say OK. I asked for a pair of pj’s to wear, don’t use them he said I sleep naked. Well I died at that point, I couldn’t do that. Since leaving school and joining the navy I had realised that I was under-endowed and always did my best to hide what I had. Not easy in the navy believe me!

He must have seen the worry in my face. Come on he said we are all the same and suddenly whipped off my towel! I must have been as red as a beetroot, hands straight to my crotch to cover up. Off came his towel and he hopped into the bed. Come on he said I won’t bite or look. He turned away and I slid in staying on my edge of the bed.

You have to put yourself in my shoes at this time. There I was this naïve 17/18 year old virgin, worse for wear over alcohol, who wouldn’t say boo to a goose lying naked next to another man. I was almost in a trance like a rabbit in headlights.

He turned toward me and started chatting again. Asking things about my self consciousness and again about sexual experiences. In the end I said I had a small cock which I was embarrassed about, which was I suppose the reason for lack of sex. He said from what he saw of it the size looked ok. He said its cold in here so that shrinks things anyway, antalya escort look at mine he said. He pulled back the cover on his side to reveal this flaccid cock lying on his thigh. Mines not even that size when hard I thought! He said just ignore your size and flaunt it and you will grow in confidence. There’s only me here so why not make a start now he said. Bugger it I thought so I too pushed down the covers. Now he said just ignore the fact that it is showing and we can chat. So that’s what we did for a while, again having a few more drinks and relaxing, the fact that he was still putting his hand on my thigh when giving me a light didn’t register. I even got up for a wee, so walked away and toward him completely naked without a thought. Hope you dried it off he said otherwise there will be a wet patch and with that he wiped a tissue which appeared from nowhere across my cock. Why I didn’t get up and run a mile I don’t know, I just lay there and laughed.

Anyway you must be bored so I will move on. Having chatted, drunk and smoked for a while I said I must sleep. I rolled with my back to him and settled down. Drifting off to sleep I felt him edge a little nearer to me. It is cold he said as he shuffled up close to me. I was fixed to the spot and just could not move. He slid his arm over me and pulled me tight to him. I could feel his still soft cock up against me right in my crack. His arm drifted down to my belly, his hand almost floating over my young soft skin. His hand passed on to my cock, just brushing it as it passed over it. Then he moved his hand back upward and it ran right over my cock lifting it upwards. To my horror I got an enormous (for me) erection. He must have felt me tense up as he said quietly to relax and enjoy. He continued to caress me running his hand up and down my belly brushing my dick and up on to my nipples.

He then pulled me over on to my back and pushed the covers down to lay me out naked. I was still too scared, excited or whatever to move. I could feel my cock standing upright and waving around madly as the blood ran into it. The room was softly lit and I saw him looking down at me. All the time he was telling me how beautiful my body was, how smooth and soft it felt. He was reassuring me all the time, whispering compliments for me as he slowly continued to caress my body. It felt wonderful and yet I was repulsed by what was happening. Why I didn’t go then I just don’t know, he wasn’t holding me against my will or anything and I certainly didn’t feel threatened.

Then I felt his tongue on my neck and he slowly moved down to my nipple. I couldn’t help but give out a little moan as it felt soooooooooo good. Never before had I felt anything as good. He really worked on both nipples all the time still just brushing my cock as he caressed me with his hand. My nipples were so sensitive, they must have been sticking out miles, it felt so good I didn’t want him to stop but he moved away from them and started down to my belly.

His tongue was into my belly button and then out slowly circling in ever increasing circles until he was just above my cock. Then he stopped and came and lay alongside me and asked how I was feeling. I think I mumbled something like I was alright. Good he said and kissed me on the cheek, nibbled my ear and neck and then down past my chest and belly to my throbbing cock. His tongue darted up and down making it jerk about even more. I think I heard him give a little laugh about that. Then for the first time he took hold of it and pulled the foreskin right back to expose the head fully. His tongue went to work on the head and I could feel myself about to cum. He must have felt it too as he worked a lot faster with his tongue and then the flood was let loose. I think I nearly hit the alanya escort ceiling with my spurts which just didn’t stop. It was a painfully wonderful feeling which I have never experienced since. I was covered in cum as it hit earth again, my chest, belly and face, it was everywhere. Come on he said lets clean you up as he led me back into the shower.

He showered off the cum and soaped me up. He worked around my nipples again and then down to my crotch. His soapy hands cleaned every piece of my cock and then under my balls and into my crack. He turned me around as he soaped up my backside working up and down the crack, just lingering each time around my hole. Relax he was saying all the time, just relax and enjoy. He asked me to bend over a little as he rinsed off the soap from my bum and I could feel his free hand pull my cheek aside as he rinsed. Out of the blue he said have you had a pooh recently, I shook my head No. You need to have a clean bum for the next bit so let me help you out a little. Before I knew it I had a jet of water shooting into me, hold it a bit Jack he said then pop over the loo and let it out. The water shot out along with…well no need to go there, I cleaned up and he ushered me back into the shower. He cleaned me again and this time he worked a finger just inside me but I was so tense that he stopped straight away.

I dried off and followed him back to the bed. I was already getting semi erect (oh those were the days!!). We laid there a while smoking and having another drink. I was just so relaxed. Let me give you a treat he said. He got me to slide down the bed then turn over and get on all fours. Put your head down onto the bed he said and part your legs. I did so without question as I did I felt him pull my cheeks wide apart exposing my bum hole. Oh it is gorgeous he said, so pink and tight I love it. Then he buried his head into my arse and let his tongue go to work on my hole. God what a feeling, it was wonderful. I could feel my self pushing my arse further towards him, my bum hole must have been relaxing as I could feel his tongue inside me. No wonder he made sure I was clean. I just cannot describe how wonderful it felt just then and I have searched for that same feeling for the last 40 years.

I must have been really groaning as he said shhh you’ll wake the neighbours as he pulled his head away. I felt something really cold on my hole and tensed again. It’s OK he said just something to ease things up a little. All this time he had continued to cup my balls and cock which was now ready to go again. He started a wonderful milking action on it for a while working back towards the rear. I felt some pressure on my hole and he spoke some reassuring words to relax me again then his finger was inside me. Only a little a first but enough to know it was there. Good boy he was saying all the time, that’s a good boy. More of the finger was going in now and I was not ready for it and pulled up. Ok he said just relax for a while. As we lay together he chatted as he did and I was soon calm again. He took my hand and placed it on his cock which was now almost erect. Just do the same as you did with the boys at school he said. So I did. There I was actually wanking a naked man off in a bed, WHAT WAS I DOING. I was enjoying it I know that much and I loved watching it grow as I worked on it. He enjoyed it too as he moaned a lot, I even relaxed enough to rest my head on his belly to watch my hand working on him. He suggested that I get nearer but that wasn’t going to happen at least not yet. Better stop now he said, I’m not as young as you and once it cums that’s it for the night.

We lay together again and he starts to caress me again the same as before. It was just as exciting, they way his hand belek escort almost accidentally brushed my cock made it even more so. This time he spread my legs and worked his had under my bum, slowly working around my hole, I felt more relaxed this time and his finger went in easily. That’s good isn’t it he asked. I could only nod. Good boy now just relax as his finger went further in. oh that felt good believe me. The discomfort had gone and made way for ecstasy. I couldn’t keep my bum still; I pushed hard against his finger to drive it in deeper. Then it was out again and I was ready to beg him to do it again when he turned me over onto my front and got between my legs. To be honest at that moment he could have done anything to me and I wouldn’t have cared but to his credit he didn’t even try to fuck me. He lifted my arse up and laid his cock into my crack. You’re not ready for this Jack he said and I don’t want to spoil a great night. I think I was disappointed but only until he started with his tongue on my hole again. I was pushing back into him, spreading my legs as far as I could to expose it all for him.

I could feel myself cum in my bum if you understand what I mean, almost like a female orgasm I guess. I collapsed forward with him on top. We rolled over and cuddled each other and I grabbed his cock and started to wank it for him. Please please lick it for me he said. I was in another world now and went down on him. He pulled one leg of mine over him and we were in the 69 position. I licked along his shaft and mimicked what he was doing earlier and now. I saw some pre cum and thought what the hell and licked it. Salty but ok. Then I took him into my mouth. Not too far but he was big and I had a mouthful believe me.

He was working his magic on my cock with his mouth and his finger was working on my bum hole. I could feel my self starting to come again and went to pull away but he held me tight and sucked every drop that came out into his mouth. I was still working on his cock which was now throbbing and hot. I could feel something happening and pulled away slightly so I was looking at it rather that sucking. I still worked it with my hand and then it came, straight into my face, a creamy eruption which was all my own work.

A towel sufficed to clean my face and we turned and looked at each other and sunk into a deep passionate kiss. I could taste my cum in his mouth as our tongues drove into each others mouth. We collapsed onto the bed, exhausted and satisfied. I must have fallen asleep almost immediately and woke up in the light next day with him cuddling me.

This is the part I feel bad about. I jumped out of bed, suddenly aware of what had happened the night before. What had I done, how could I have been so stupid? All this was racing through my head. I could feel the dry cum on my face and in my eyebrows. I raced into the bathroom and scrubbed my face. Toilet paper cleaned any lingering lubricant from my arse. He asked if I was ok and to come back to bed. All I wanted to do was to get out of there as soon as I could. I quickly got dressed and almost ran out of the door to the station and went home to visit Mum.

Why do I feel so bad about it? Because it was the most exciting sexual experience I have had in my life and I never said thank you to him. I have spent my life trying to re-create that night, a few have come close (which I will write about one day) but none have ever matched that night. I have never thought of myself as anything other than heterosexual and have been married for 30+ years have a wonderful wife and family and a good sex life but that night drives me to meet up with guys to find that perfection once again. I regret now in the cold light of day after many wanks thinking of that time not getting back into the bed in the morning because who knows what new pleasures that would have bought me.

I hope you enjoyed this story. It is the true story of me, Jack when 18 having my first sexual experience back in the swinging 60’s. Where was all the free love for me I wonder?

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