My First Faggotry

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My stories are all true recollections of events from my life, as accurately as I can remember them, with two exceptions:

1. The names of my partners have been changed for their privacy; and

2. I have omitted any references to safe sex, because reading about people fiddling about with condoms is not to my mind very sexy, and in stories you don’t need to be as sensible as you do in real life!


I had my first gay sexual experience when I was 18 or 19. I’d been friends with Dan for about 5 years at the time. Our relationship was pretty typical for teenage guys in most respects. We’d hang out, shoot the shit, and occasionally playfully roughhouse with each other These wrestling sessions had been more common in the early days of our friendship but had diminished when I started to get hard during them. I was worried about how Dan would react if he felt that, since, although smaller than me, he was a lot tougher and better fighter.

But then we’d had a night where fooling around “pretending” to be gay for each other had somehow escalated to the point of caressing each other’s cocks; though with pants still on. We’d both backed off from going any further on that particular night, but the feel of his hard shaft against my palm was not one I was likely to forget. I thought about it pretty much every night while lying in bed, in fact, while fingering my asshole and stroking my cock.

A couple of weeks later, I was over at Dan’s. It was a warm night and air conditioning was much less common back then, so he was just wearing tracksuit pants with no shirt, which showed off his lean and toned body.

Feeling emboldened that Dan wouldn’t just kick my ass if he felt my hard cock pressing against him, I instigated a wrestling session. We rolled around on the floor together, and I could feel the hard planes of his body and the wiry strength of his arms and legs. Soon my cock was plump and firm in my shorts as we grappled.

Finally there came a moment when I was on top of Dan and I seized the opportunity. Reaching down, I grasped his cock through the thin fabric of his pants.

“Got your soft spot.”

Dan was still for a moment, then he also reached down, grabbing my cock and squeezing it lightly. “Got yours, too.”

“It’s not soft.” I quipped, though I am sure he could tell that.

We lay there for a few moments, both panting from our exertions, both gently kneading the other’s cock. It felt amazing to have someone other than myself play with my prick, but I wanted more. I wanted to slide my hands inside his pants, feel the hot length of his cock bare against my hand. I just lacked the courage to take the next step.

Fortunately, Dan was made of sterner stuff. “Want to take a shower?”


I followed Dan to the hatay escort bathroom. He waved me in first, then closed the door behind us. As soon as he did, I knelt and pulled his pants down to his ankles. He wasn’t wearing underwear, and so I got my first close look at his cock as he stepped out of the tracksuit bottoms. He was uncircumcised, and his cock had a more slender shaft than mine, but it looked like we were about the same length.

I quickly stripped as well, feeling a little self-conscious about the softness of my body in comparison to his hard maleness, while Dan turned on the shower.

We both stepped inside, and I immediately took his cock back in my hand, finally feeling the smooth, warm skin of his prick. I pumped my fingers gently up and down on the shaft, rolling my hand slightly so that the soft pad of skin below my thumb rubbed gently over the head of his cock. Dan in turn grabbed my cock and tugged on it gently.

Testing the waters, I leaned forward and licked a bead of water off Dan’s shoulder. Immediately, he shook his head. “I don’t want to do any kissing or stuff like that.”

“Okay.” I backed off and returned to just pumping his cock with my hand, not sure how to proceed. If licking water from his shoulder was off-limits, how would he react if I tried to suck his cock? Better to just have a mutual hand-job session than to ruin things by pushing too hard.

So we stood there for a few seconds, stroking each other’s cocks, until Dan finally shrugged. “If we’re gonna do this, we may as well really do it.” And without another word he got on his knees and took my cock in his mouth!

I’d never had a blowjob before and the feel of his hot, wet mouth on my cock was amazing. Though the feel, a few seconds later, of his teeth scraping down my shaft was a little more scary than anything else!

“Careful with your teeth.” I whispered.

“Sorry.” Dan popped my cock out his mouth long enough to say, then slurped me up once more.

Having my cock sucked felt amazing, but within a few seconds two insistent thoughts were filling my mind. First, that I needed to suck Dan’s cock to even things up between us. And second, that I really, really wanted to suck Dan’s cock.

“Get up.” I tapped Dan on the shoulder, and he quickly rose to his feet. Just as quickly, I lowered myself to my knees, grasped his hips, and slid my lips over the head of his cock.

Fuuuuuuck. I’ll never forget the jolt that swept through my body as his prick sank into my mouth. My own cock seemed to get even harder; so hard it almost hurt; as the shaft disappeared inside me.

Cocksucker. The word pounded in my head. You’re a cocksucker. A dick-loving little faggot cocksucker. And you love it.

Love it I did. I sealed my lips tight on Dan’s shaft as my nose nuzzled into the hairs of his groin, then slowly slurped upward, maintaining suction even as I released most of his cock from my mouth. Eventually only the head remained between my lips and I paused to swirl my tongue around the silky smooth skin, then probed gently against his piss slit.

“Fuck yeah.” Dan pumped his hips slightly, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth, and I immediately slid my lips down his shaft once more. He continued to roll his hips, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth.

You’re being face-fucked. Take it, you little faggot. Take that cock like the slut you are. I closed my eyes so I could focus on the feel of Dan’s prick in my mouth, and slid my hands further around him so that I could cup and knead his taut buttocks. I had quite large hands, and one of my outstretched fingers was soon pressed against the pucker of Dan’s ass. I could feel it flexing each time he slid his cock back and forth in my mouth.

“Mmmm, feels good. Stick it in a little.” Dan grunted, and when he next pushed his ass back, I applied pressure with my fingertip. His sphincter resisted for a moment, then swallowed my digit up to the first knuckle.

“Mmmm.” Dan grunted again, slowing the pace of his hip movements a little. I eased my finger inside him, up to the second knuckle, then began to pump it in and out in time with Dan’s thrusts. I could feel his ass clutch tight around me each time his cock moved forward, then the grip would loosen a little each time he pulled back.

Looks like Dan likes ass play. the voice in my head whispered But it’s not your finger or your cock you want in there, is it?

I pulled my mouth off Dan’s cock and opened my eyes to look up at him. “Turn around.”

Dan turned, giving me a close up view of his taut little ass.

I’m not sure what he expected that I was about to do; perhaps finger fuck him from another angle; but what I actually did plainly caught him by surprise.

I grasped his buttocks and pulled them apart, then leaned forward and thrust my tongue into his tight little asshole.

“Fuck me, you’re a dirty one.” Dan gasped. But he certainly didn’t complain. He even bent forward slightly at the waist to make access to his ass easier. I clamped my lips over his hole and burrowed my tongue inside him, curling the tip so it would stroke against his interior walls.

Ass licker. You’re kissing another man’s ass. Licking his butthole. Tonguing him. Shameless little faggot. This is where you belong. On your knees, serving a man. The words swirled through my head as I reached around Dan’s right thigh and gently pumped his cock my my hand, trying to synchronise the movements of my fingers with my tongue.

I don’t know how long I knelt there, lapping sluttishly at Dan’s asshole while the shower cascaded down on us, but eventually some water unexpectedly got in my mouth and I had to pull away to spit it out. Apparently Dan took this as a signal that the worship of his ass was at an end because he turned to face me.

Standing up as well, I turned my face into the corner of the shower and thrust my ass back. “Please finger fuck me.”

Dan pressed against my rectum with a fingertip, testing it.

“Please.” I wasn’t ashamed to beg.

Dan pressed harder with his finger and my pucker quickly yielded. He sank his finger deep inside me and began to pump it slowly in and out.

It felt amazing. I closed my eyes and pressed my mouth to the shower wall, licking the tile with my tongue each time Dan pumped his finger into me. After about thirty seconds or so the pressure against my ass grew and I felt a second finger enter me, stretching my ass. Dan picked up his tempo, finger fucking me harder and deeper.

You love this. Being fucked. You wish it was his cock, don’t you? You want to take his cock deep in your faggot hole. I did, and I couldn’t hide it. I pumped my ass back on Dan’s hand, trying to take his fingers as deep as possible, and moaned softly with each thrust deep inside me.

Ask for his cock. You want it. Beg for it. I couldn’t quite go along with my urges this time, though. I was still scared that a cock might hurt. So instead I gasped out a question. “Are you ready to cum?”

“If I jack off, sure.”

“Okay, let me get on my knees. I want to see it.”

“You’re a fucking freak.” Dan snorted, but his tone was amused, not angry, so I pulled my ass off his fingers and sank to my knees in front of him, locking my eyes on his cock as he began to stroke it. Pretty quickly, he was rock hard, and a few seconds later I saw his piss slit gape open, and then a jet of cum spattered on my thigh.

I’d had thoughts of licking Dan’s cock clean after he came but he quickly rinsed it and then stepped back. “I’m gonna dry off and get dressed.”

“Oh, okay.”

I quickly masturbated after Dan left the bathroom, then rejoined him in the lounge.


I wish I could say that this was the first of many hot cock-sucking, ass-licking sessions with Dan, and that I eventually got fucked by him, but after this encounter he made it pretty clear that he didn’t want to do “that stuff” very often. I said I’d be up for it when he was, but I felt that I couldn’t really initiate things after that. So however much I fantasised about him using me as his sexslave – and boy I fantasised about it a lot! – it never happened.

In the end we only got naked with each other one more time, at his instigation. That time we were in my bedroom rather than the shower. Dan got off with my tongue in his ass, and I got off with his fingers in mine.

Some years later, after I’d lost touch with Dan, my cross-dressing adventures would begin.



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