My First Couple

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Warning: Most of my stories contain bisexual and sometimes gay activities. They may also contain bdsm activities and fetishes. If you might find any of these subjects objectionable or offensive please move on. Thank you.


This happened back when I was about 22-23 years old. I was divorced from a one year marriage and had recently broken up with my girlfriend. So I was playing the field and enjoying it.

I worked out regularly and I was in good shape. I had a good job and a nice vehicle so I was a hit with the local ladies. I lived in a small southern town and my life pretty well revolved around my job and going to the fitness center. It was at the fitness center where I first met Paul. I had noticed him before because his wife usually accompanied him. He was probably late forties, early fifties. I wasn’t sure about her but guessed forties, though she didn’t really look it. She was, in my estimation, HOT! She had blond hair, worn in the “big hair” style of the eighties and was about 5’4″ tall and maybe a little over 100lbs. She had a nice round ass and her tits were large for her size, through some enhancement help I later learned.

Best of all she usually wore short lycra tights that showed off her plump cameltoe pussy and a sports bra that showed the outline of her nipples. I sometimes had a difficult time controlling myself around her and had to work hard to control my bulge!

I was at the water cooler when Paul approached and introduced himself. We made small talk and then went about our work outs. After this Paul always spoke to me when we met and he even asked me for advice on exercises as he said, “It’s obviously working for you!”, looking me over. I was flattered and I even began to help him and give him spots on certain lifts while he returned the favor. Though he didn’t lift as heavy or as hard as me we got along well and worked out together pretty regular. He introduced me to his wife, Barb, and she was as nice and easy going as he was. He and I talked about the girls I dated, my job, etc. and we quickly became friends.

After several weeks of this he asked one Tuesday evening while we worked out if I had plans for Friday night. I replied that no, I hadn’t made any plans yet. He asked if I would like to come over to their place for a couple of drinks and he would throw some steaks on the grill. That sounded like fun, I’d get to ogle Barb and have a steak dinner too! So I told him sure and we agreed on 6:00 p.m. Friday. He told me how to get to their place(this was before gps and smart phones)and I didn’t really think too much more about it.

I arrived at their place a few minutes before 6:00. I was very impressed, even a little intimidated. Although it was in a small development on the lake their home sat in a small wooded area without any other homes close. Their house was large and very nice. They had a 4 car garage attached and a covered porch ran across the full length in front. The house was a mix of brick and stone and I had no idea what a home like this might cost. (I learned that 6 years later the home and property sold for $785,000.00, a huge amount in this area).

Paul met me at the door and ushered me inside. I had never seen a home as nice as this but Paul made me feel comfortable as he led me through a beautiful living room and dining area into what he called the lounge. It was a large room with a huge TV. This was a projection TV as flat screens were yet to come and it was the first I’d ever seen. There were couches and various chairs but what caught the eye was a large bar. It was huge with 8 barstools and a brass foot rail. Paul explained that he had found it in a gaziantep escortlar small town in KY where the building was going to be demolished. It came complete with some carved initials!

There was a pool table and a card table with chairs. There was also a set of French doors leading outside to what looked like a large patio and then a pool. He asked what I was drinking and when I said bourbon he smiled ear to ear. Apparently he is a bourbon “aficionado”, I never knew there was such a thing. A jim beam and coke and I’m happy. I was served a variety of bourbons over the next hour poured from shot glasses into a larger glass, this apparently let it “breathe” and brought out the full flavors. It all tasted like good bourbon to me and I had a real good buzz going on now.

I was buzzing pretty good now and when Paul suggested we step outside I was ready for some fresh air. There was a beautiful stone patio with several tables and chairs made from teak. Outdoor kitchens are fairly common now but they had a built in gas grill and cooking station that was a first for me. Beyond was a large in-ground pool. I had never known anyone who had an in-ground pool. There was also a large hot tub off to the side. “Hey, here come the steaks”, Paul announced. And I was blown away. Barb came out, carrying a tray with steaks, and wearing a short summer sundress. Her tan legs were luscious; as she came closer I could see her nipples protruding through the thin fabric. She was her sunny, friendly self, giving me a big hug(and hard-on)after handing Paul the tray.

She was drinking wine and it was apparent that she had consumed several glasses before making her appearance. She was quite flirty, once running her hands over my chest as she said that she appreciated my helping Paul with his workouts, though she knew he couldn’t get my build. Now, my butt was one of my prime assets. You don’t think of a man’s butt as being attractive to women. Wrong!! I had constant compliments on my butt from women. I had girls honk at me and yell “nice ass”! Really!!It took a lot of squats and deadlifts. Anyway, as Paul grilled steaks and potatoes, she couldn’t keep her hands off my butt. She kept rubbing and squeezing and I was very embarrassed and hoped that Paul wouldn’t get mad. I was so embarrassed that it wasn’t exciting for me. Finally it was time to eat and everything was fantastic!

After dinner and fresh drinks Paul put on some slow music. It was just getting dark and the evening was great, I had a full tummy and a buzz from good bourbon and my friends were making me feel comfortable. Paul suggested that I dance with Barb. Paul was smoking a cigar and sitting back watching as I took Barb in my arms and we began a nice slow dance to the music pouring from the built in speakers. I felt her hands on my ass, squeezing and massaging. With her body against me I was hard, I knew she could feel it as she began rubbing and grinding against my hardness. I glanced at Paul and he was smiling, smoking his cigar and sipping knob creek. Paul finally gave me a break when he said, “Hey, let’s get in the hot tub!”. Barb was ready and ran off for her swimsuit. Paul led me inside and lent me a “speedo” style suit while he donned the same. I felt like I was in underwear but Paul told me I looked hot and sexy. Any other time I would have thought this strange but I was drunk and caught up in the fun. Paul and I went out and slipped into the Jacuzzi. It was just right, relaxing but not too hot. Then Barb came out. OMG!!

Barb was wearing the smallest bikini that I’d ever seen. It barely covered her nipples and the small V at her crotch let a few stray curly hairs show out the top. This was before the thong craze but I could see that this was a thong. She brought a tray with drinks for all including large ice filled glasses with bourbon and coke for us guys and a large wine glass for her. She announced, “Special drinks for all!” as she served us and then slid into the bubbly water.

I had positioned myself a little distance from Paul when I got in. Barb slid in between us and asked that we both move closer to her. I wasted no time in doing so. She lifted her glass and said “drink up to us and having fun”. I swallowed the good bourbon and leaned back enjoying the Jacuzzi and the great company. I felt Barb move against me and I also felt a strange sensation. I began to feel a little light-headed. I also began to become very aroused, I was hard as hell. I felt a little high, like high on dope. I was still in control but I was very aroused and felt high.

Before I could say anything Paul asked how I felt. I told him high and he reassured me telling me that he and Barb enjoyed “swinging”, inviting others into their bedroom. He said that the drinks were special, nothing serious, just enjoy the feelings. Well “the feelings” were that I was hard and horny as hell and in a hot tub with a hot lady and her husband! Then I felt her hand on my hard on and I nearly jumped out of my skin. “Oh my honey. He has a nice one”, I heard her say as she began stroking me. I was super turned on, embarrassed and fearful of his reaction all at once. He put my fears to rest when he said, “have fun Honey, anything you want”, and then to me, “just relax and enjoy man, have fun!”

I was still feeling very strange, VERY aroused and sexual as well as kind of high and different. I began to relax and enjoy it and Barb had my hard on out of my trunks and was stroking it nicely! She pulled her top off and I immediately began sucking on those great tits. I was a little surprised when I bumped heads with Paul taking a tit into his mouth also. We devoured her tits and kissed her neck and ears as well. Barb said, “Here Baby, sit up here on the edge.”

I moved up to the edge and she pulled the speedo down below my balls. My cock was standing straight up and she wasted no time taking my length into her hot mouth. I moaned loudly and I heard Paul whisper, “Oh fuck yeah Baby! Suck that young stud cock!.” And suck she did. I always had a lot of staying power, sometimes going so long that the girl would get sore. But Barb wasn’t the average girl.. After about 10 minutes of sucking me and licking my balls she had me edging closer. Some of it was whatever they had put in the drink and I was excited with Paul watching and urging her on. I warned her of my upcoming explosion but she only sucked harder and faster. Then it hit me and I came harder and longer than I ever had. My orgasm left me shaking slightly as she swallowed all of my thick cum.

We moved into the bedroom after this and Barb and I sprawled on the bed making out and feeling each other up. I had never lost my hard on. Paul entered with more drinks as well as some bottled water. He cautioned to drink plenty of water and just sip this drink to keep the buzz going. I swallowed some water and took a small swig of the drink then moved down Barbs luscious body, kissing my way down to her lovely thighs. I slid her bikini bottom off and drooled while I admired her beautiful pussy.

She had a small thatch of brown hair above her pubes which were shaved completely smooth. She had a nice puffy pussy which turns me on and her juices were glistening on her full lips. I buried my face in her sweetness and licked her deeply. She moaned and spread her legs wider. I glanced up to see Paul sliding his cock into her mouth. I was somewhat surprised to see that he was shaved totally bare. Remember, this was before this was really popular, especially for guys. I had gotten my last girlfriend to shave her pussy and then she got embarrassed when she had to see the Dr., the same one her Mom worked for! Anyway, I was strangely excited seeing his shaven cock and balls. It made things a little more “dirty” and sexy. I lapped at her pussy, sucking up her juices, until she pulled me upward.

She immediately shoved her tongue into my mouth and it wasn’t lost on me that Paul’s cock had been there seconds before. We kissed deeply, tongues tangling, hands roaming, squeezing, feeling, deep in lust. At her urging we both took deep swallows from our drinks and within minutes I felt that deep sexual buzz return from earlier. She spread her legs wide and I entered her, a hot lava tunnel of slick wetness, open at first then it seemed to grab my cock and suck me in deeper. I was vaguely aware of Paul, propped on his elbow, watching us mate. She came first. She was the first woman I was with that squirted when she came. It was hot, juices squirting on me and running everywhere. This was a slick fluid, not urine, and it didn’t smell bad. It smelled a little like coffee maybe, and she didn’t even drink coffee. The smell was very mild and I found it sexy.

I was still at peak excitement as I hadn’t gotten close to cumming yet and I continued to pump into her pussy when I felt a strange sensation. It stopped me for a second as I felt a tongue on my balls. I quickly realized it was Paul and I wasn’t sure what to do. It felt very good and I was VERY horny and I just kept fucking her as his tongue wandered over me. He licked my balls and where I joined Barbs pussy, slurping her juices as best he could. Then he moved to my ass. His tongue slithered over my hole and made me shiver. I had girls put fingers in my butt and even a dildo a few times. This was a new, wonderful sensation! Shivers were sent through my body as he tongued my ass, even pushing inside me with his tongue. I couldn’t last long with her wet tunnel sucking at my cock and his tongue delving into my tender ass. I exploded, yelling and groaning loudly, my sperm pumping into Barb’s overheated pussy.

I fell upon her, gasping for breath and realized that she had cum again also, though not quite so dramatically as the first time. Our mouths met and we kissed as lovers, long and deep. I gently rolled off her and after taking a deep breath I felt a hot, wet mouth take my still sensitive cock in. I jerked and moaned and realized Paul was there, taking my cum covered cock into his hot mouth. I could only moan as he licked and sucked the combined juices of my sex with Barb from my cock. Then I watched as he moved to her spread thighs and sucked and licked all that sexy cum and wetness from her, giving her another orgasm.

I finished off the several swallows of my drink left in the glass. Barb began kissing me as I lay back and then I felt Paul’s mouth on my cock. I was still extremely horny and hard. He sucked me as well as any woman ever had, if not better. After cumming a couple times I knew that I would stay hard for hours, unable to cum. Barb continued making out with me and began pinching and pulling my nipples. I responded instantly, moaning loudly, as Paul continued sucking me like an expert. Then, suddenly, the coup de grace, Paul slid a wet, slick finger into my butt. Just a few wiggles and a hard suck and I exploded into his hot mouth. I was pretty out of it then and I know Paul had me drink a full bottle of water and then they both put me to bed.

This was only the beginning of my adventures with Paul and Barb and many others. More to cum!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32