My First Black Boyfriend

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Hi my name is Dave and this is the story of my first black boyfriend.

So at some point, I decided to be gay. I had terrible luck trying to meet women and was struggling with depression and general downess. The idea of me being gay was always there, so I figured maybe I need to be adventurous to find myself.

It didn’t take long for me to meet someone who caught my eye. He was a black guy, openly gay and very attractive. We met through some friends and we got close over texts and phone calls. We met a couple times but never ended up doing stuff besides hugs and kisses. Deep down both of us wanted more.

So eventually we decided that we were dating and he invited me over to come and hang over at his house. It would just him, a couple of his friends and me. I figured why not. So on the day I walked over to his home. I put on a big hoodie, a pair of jeans and sneakers and went over. He greeted me and introduced me to his friends. They had weed , snacks and FIFA. They were well aware that we were dating and seemed cool with it.

So I spent most of the time next to my boyfriend, while his friends played FIFA. He told me to make myself at home and be comfortable. He removed his jacket and changed into shorts , saying he was too hot. I figured I would do the same. I went into the bathroom and removed my jeans. I had a pair of tight shorts underneath but my hoodie was big enough to cover my body.

Eventually we started smoking weed and we got really high. The stuff that they had were pretty good. Me and my boyfriend ending up getting all touchy and feely. His friends were just engrossed in their games. So we assumed they wouldn’t mind if we disappeared for a while. My boyfriend grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to his room.

Once there I laid down on the bed and he jumped on top of me. Our bodies rubbed together like never before. We started making out. For a while. Eventually his one friend just entered and killed our vibe. He wanted to ask if we wanted food because he was ordering pizza. I use the opportunity to remove my hoodie and strip just down to my underwear. I heard escort bayan gaziantep his friend ask him when will he get a turn but he was probably joking. After he left my boyfriend turned back to me and decided to continue where he left off. He jumped back into bed and led us under the sheets where he yanked my underwear off. He wasted no time. He rubbed my dick vigorously , trying to make me cum , as he kissed me and his bare chest rubbed against mine. But he didn’t want that. He raised my legs up , spreaded my butt cheeks and gently guided his dick into my ass.

At first it was pain but then pleasure as he thrusted back and forth. Back and forth. It was rough but he seemed to enjoy it. He continued to thrust. At times it felt like my asshole was gonna tear but it gave a strange feeling which I enjoyed. We continued for about 5 minutes and expected him to come but he didn’t. And eventually he pulled out. Exhausted but with a smile on his face. After he cleaned up, He rested back down and I cuddled with him for a while.

Eventually his friend walked back in on us in bed and told us the food was here. We were still cuddling and then my boyfriend got up and went to give him some cash. Out of the blue I hear his friend say “ayy bruh when is it my turn”

They both looked to me and stared back. I had the blanket held next to me as a cover. I scanned his friend from head to toe. He wasn’t gay. He just wanted a fuck. Pure and simple. Oh well. I was already naked.

I told it’s his turn for a ride.

He slid past my boyfriend and grabbed my two feet and pulled me off the bed. I landed on the floor as he wasted no time pulling out his dick. I wasted no time too, I grabbed it and licked it with my tongue. I place the tip in my mouth and sucked. But he was like nah I gotta put the whole thing in. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled it towards him , guiding his dick down my throat. I starting to gag and tried to pull out but his firm grip kept me in place. I could breath properly. After a few seconds he let me loose and his entire dick just slide out. He picked me up and placed on the bed flat down. He quickly took off his pants and grabbed my back. He placed his dick in line with my ass and rammed it in. That sensation was back


As he thrusted into me, I was shaking and tossing. I had to grab the sheets on the bed but even the bed was rocking. My boyfriend comes up to me and placed his dick in my mouth. Great. Now I was being double teamed. My boyfriend’s dick in my mouth and his friends dick in my ass. To be honest with you, this time being rammed wasn’t painful at all. Maybe because his dick was wet , maybe because my asshole was now loose or maybe both. The sensation went away after a while. When my boyfriend finally pulled out his dick from my mouth, I asked them if that’s all they have.

They both looked to each other.

The friend pulled out quickly and left the room. I could hear him calling someone. My boyfriend stayed with me and let me give him another blowjob. Eventually his friend comes back and I can hear someone else with him. I turn around and the other dude is here, already taking his clothes off.

The first friend rammed his dick back into my ass. My boyfriend placed his hands on my back as to hold me down. I asked them what were they doing but no one answered. In the back I could feel the other trying to climb on top of me, with his dick still in my ass. I tried to look back. And I saw the other friend rubbing his dick behind me. He crept forward out of my line of sight. Next thing to know I could feel something being pushed into me . It felt like it could fit. He was trying to penetrate me as well. When it didn’t work he just shoved it in. The shock and pain hit me hard. It was like someone knocking you I. The back with their car. I let out a gasp of horror followed by desperate pleas to God. Oh my god . Oh my god. Tears down my eyes. My boyfriend grips my cheeks and tells me “oh no boo we can’t have you disturbing the neighbors. As I pleaded and cried, he forced his dick right down my throat. My crying and pleas became gargles. Behind me his two friends, mounted on top of me, continued to thrust back and forth. The whole bed rocked as I felt I was being torn apart.

After a while , I feel silent.

Exhaustion kicked in. My boyfriend got up and let me loose. I just laid on the bed. I had no strength to cry. No strength to do anything. He went behind me. I could feel the other two moving around. Tears began to flow. I wanted to tell them no. I knew what they were planning to do. I couldn’t. I felt a third dick enter me. The pain reached a whole new level. My head tilted up, my eyes rolled back. A firm hand came down on me and pushed back onto the blanket. There was no stopping it.

It went right in.

And they started thrusting. They each took turns pushing deeper and pulling out. Triple penetration. I cried. I screamed. But only for a while. That sensation, that feeling. It came back. And it was greater than ever. It got better as I felt something fill me up. One by one, each of them came inside me. 3 dicks unloaded into me.

At that point I snapped. I don’t know what exactly happened but I felt like my mind shatter. All the stress , the pain and emotion left me. I could literally feel something dripping away from my body. It was just joy. Total surrender to the pleasure. I didn’t fight it anymore. Smile on my face and gasping for air. I closed my eyes.

I finally came to. There I was. On the bed with 3 black dudes, all huddled around me. I mustered up enough strength to get out of bed. I couldn’t walk properly, my throat hurt and my insides felt like they were gutted. I picked my strewn clothes on the floor and went downstairs. I wanted to go home. I quickly put my clothes on. I passed they pizza they ordered but I didn’t feel like eating. I just wanted to go home. As I reached the main door two hands reached around my waist and pulled me back. My boyfriend brushed up behind me and place his head on my shoulders. I let out a faint smile as glanced at him.

“Oh baby where are you going. We ain’t done yet”

His two friends pull up from behind him and head to the door. They close it. And lock it. They turn to me, emotionless and stare at me. The faint smile I had slowly disappeared as I realised.

They weren’t done with me.

They were just getting started…

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