My First Bar Encounter

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Anal Fucking

*Everyone is over 18*


I locked the door behind me.

The bathroom led light occasionally flickered, but that was the least of my concern. Right in front of me was a swaying white girl who clearly had one too many drinks giving me a sly look. That look where they sorta look away and try not to act too flirty, but when you lock eyes you know what she really wants.

She busts out laughing as she tips forward and loses her balance. Luckily I extend my arm fast enough to catch her. My feet slightly stumble, her weight challenged my own level of soberness yet I remain tall like a statue. She’s clearly amped up from all the shots we took earlier, but that doesn’t mean I’m not feeling a good buzz either.

I look at the sink behind her, it was surprisingly shorter than the height of your average sink, and I had the wise idea to place her on it. With little regard as to how comfortable it would be for her, I picked up my soon-to-be-prize by her legs. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around me waist as I lifted her up, and all ready I can feel my body rising in temperature.

“Mmmmmuahhh!” she lands a forceful smooch on my upper cheek, partially getting my eye. I knew she meant to go for the lips but the shots seem to be hitting her pretty good.

And hey I ain’t complaining. She was an enough of a distraction for me to ignore the sketchyness of the bathroom we took refuge in. A nice rack with a wide yet firm booty in tight jeans and some thicc legs to go along with it. Her tight t-shirt often pulled up past her belly button which was hot and cute at the same time. Her belly clearly had some chub but right here right now I don’t give a damn. I went through the trouble to get some ass and I’ll be damned if I get picky this late at night. Her friends are out of the way, Gaziantep Gecelik Escort the boys are doing whatever they’re doing, but me and her? We’re in our own world right now. She’s mine.

I place her fat booty on the edge of the sink, she didn’t seem to really mind. Actually I don’t think she even knew what she was sitting on.

Whatever, it works for me.

The lights flicker and I get a look of the restroom we’re in. Surprisingly it’s not that dirty. Yeah the mirror had some smudges on it but that’s all I really saw. At least it didn’t smell bad like you’d expect. The employee bathrooms are always cleaner than the customer ones, and I know for a fact Jim and Bill, the two guys working tonight won’t be coming up here for a good while. They got their hands full dealing with the crowd downstairs, meanwhile I got my hands full of some prime meat.

I lift her shirt up over her head. She tries to hold her arms up to cooperate but somewhat struggled, but it got the job done. Looking to really put her in the mood so I can get what I want down the line, I go for some hot smooches all over her neck. Holding her with an arm wrapped around her back and one hand holding her waist, I send her into a frenzy of wanting more as I continue to target her soft neck with my lips.

I then grab a handful of hair, and pull lightly. I hear a gasp escape her lips.

I follow up with light biting on her neck. A feminine exhale with a few hot moans breathed down my neck. My breathing was also getting heavier.

Escalating more and more, she pressed her pelvis against mine. I inhaled deeply and didn’t hesitate to continue. I put her down from the sink and frantically unbuttoned and pulled her pants down. It took some work, as her tight jeans resisted against my efforts. I finally got her jeans out under her ankles, and had to deal with a black thong. Knowing she might put up some defence I decided it would be best to further seduce her to lower any defences she may have. I doubt it at this point but it’s good to play it safe.

I push her against the wall, trapping her and she squirmed with delight. Yes! I’m totally in now. My finger loops around the edge of the thong and begins to pull it down.

Unexpectedly, her hand lands on mine and I stop.


Her defence is still up.

Without wasting a moment my hand grabs her hair and pulls lightly, as I loom my head above her’s to give some dirty talk.

I remember her friends hinting earlier that she was into this, didn’t think I’d actually find myself resorting to it.

In between twisting and pulling her hair as I breathe hot and heavy air down her neck, my naughty talk was getting more of a reaction out of her than before.


I then take an extra step and rub two of my fingers against her lady spot. I got a loud moan that time!

I continue to tease her through the thin material of her thong. She’s going mad at this point and practically begs me to fuck her.

“…fuck me…” she said quietly in between her heavy gasps for air. Fuck yea let’s go.

Again I loop my finger around the side of her thong and pull it down. Her arms are loosely hanging around my neck. No resistance. Awesome.

It comes off and quickly undo my pants to maintain my momentum. They slide down to my knees.

After I make sure she’s all worked up, I pick her up by the bum and press her against the wall again. My arms keeping her up off the ground, I slowly make my way inside her. I watch her face as she looks up panting heavily, her lips partially puckered, we both breathe heavily in anticipation.

Now holding her by the back of her knees while firmly pressing her against the wall, I’ve sealed the deal in making this girl my white bitch. I push myself into her more and more, getting deeper and deeper. Oh my god, she feels so warm and moist. Every thrust I push myself in I pull her legs into me more and more.

I close my eyes.

It feels so good.

Quickly I feel it coming around the corner. I’m not going to last much longer. But I don’t want to stop now.

I increase my rhythm, and thrust aggressively.

Oh Lord. Here it comes. I have seconds to change my mind. I should have put on a cond-

My eye lids tighten as I make a powerful final thrust. My body violently pulsates as I pump this random white chick full of my man juice. I let out involuntary grunts and groans. Feeling my energy dry up rapidly, I almost collapse to the floor while she slides down the wall. I slide my pants on and sit there on the floor for a moment. Catching my breath.

The alcohol must started to wear off for her. She stood up on her feet to collect her belongings. I help clean her up with the paper towels available to us.

We both come back down stairs where the party is still poppin’. She kisses me goodbye and disappears into the crowd. I forge my own path into the heart of the club.

I eventually meet up with my boys whom are cracking up and having a good time at the bar. Seeing my lazy attempt to button my shirt correctly with a tired yet triumphant look on my face, the boys took one good at me and knew what was up.

“Yo did you get her?!” one asked. I simply gave him a confident smirk, too tired to give an answer. The squad roared with excitement, congratulating me with my first successful bar hunt.

I cracked open a cold one and forgot what happened next. I never saw her again, hell I never learned her name. But that was fucking awesome.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32