My Favorite Doll

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This is sort of one of the weirder things I’ve done, but I figured with all of the other stories I’ve told, I might as well tell this one, too. During my sophomore year I lived in our sorority house. It wasn’t a huge house like you see in the movies, but there were about 20 girls living in 8 bedrooms. Since freshman weren’t allowed to live in the house, sophomores were the low girl on the totem pole, and we often had to do the crap work.

Anyway, one weekend night there was a Frat-Sor party with a fraternity — this was a party where just guys from that fraternity and girls from our sorority were invited. Their frat house was decorated with a bunch of our sorority stuff including our greek letters which were spray painted on one of the walls — pretty cool. They also had about a dozen blow up dolls laying around the front room that were wearing t-shirts or sweatshirts with our greek letters on them. It was pretty funny, seeing these blow up dolls with our stuff on them. Some of the girls complained that it was chauvinistic and disrespectful, but I thought it was hilarious as most of my sisters did as well. Later on in the night, we were all drunk and dancing with the girls in the middle of the room.

Well, as it turns out, one of my sorority sisters snuck one of the blow up dolls home. She let out the air later that night near the end of the party and then stuffed it into her purse. When we got back to our house, we couldn’t stop laughing. We were laughing so hard that it was tough to blow her up, so we all had to take turns. Keep in mind that we were still pretty buzzed from the party, so as she started to take shape, of course we started doing lewd things to her like squeezing her boobs and fingering her, etc. After she was completely blown up, we started playing truth or dare and making each other do things to the doll. Now I can admit that this was getting me hot. I don’t know why, as it was just a doll, but thinking about sticking my tongue in her blow up pussy or, better yet, watching one of my sisters doing that, was going to be a pretty damn big turn on.

Just when things got to get a bit crazy, one of the girls said that this was stupid and that she was going to bed. It was about 3:00 in the morning, so pretty soon everyone agreed and the party was over — just before anything “good” really happened. I went to bed drunk, horny and dissatisfied (as if that hasn’t ever happened).

The next day was Saturday, and I couldn’t stop thinking about that stupid blow up doll. For some reason, I really wanted to see what it would feel like to stick my fingers in her and lick her little hard nipples. güvenilir bahis Maybe it was the thought that some fraternity guy had stuck his cock in her and maybe came all over her that was the reason I couldn’t get it out of my mind. There was a rumor going on during the party that the fraternity guys made each of their pledges fuck the dolls before we came over (and, yes, while wearing our greek t-shirts and sweatshirts). I was trying to picture the freshman boys naked and abusing these dolls, and then me being alone with the doll afterward to smell their sweat and cum on her lifeless body. Like I said, I couldn’t get it out of my mind, and it was making me even more horny thinking about it.

Two days later we were back in class, and I started daydreaming during a poly-sci lecture. Sure enough, I ended up thinking once again about that stupid blow up doll and could feel myself starting to get wet. My mind raced about, and then I realized I just had to do something about it.

I cut my other classes and ran back to the house. It was mostly empty as most of the girls were on campus either in class, studying, or flirting with boys. I dropped my backpack in my room (which I share with two other girls), and then wandered around. I went to Stacy’s room as Stacy was the one who had the guts to steal the doll in the first place, so I thought she might have been the one to take it back after truth or dare the other night. Sure enough, it was stuffed back in the back of their closet, still blown up, but in need of a bit of air.

I took a look down the hallway to make sure nobody was walking around, then grabbed the doll and took her down to my room and locked the door. My blood was pumping, and I was shaking I was so excited while I blew some life into her. Why? I couldn’t answer it, but I didn’t need to. Here I was…getting ready for my first bi-curious escapade.

I laid the doll down on my bed and took a good look at her. This was the first time I was truly able to look at her in detail. The mouth was obnoxious like she was perpetually giving a BJ…but I guess that is the point. I rolled her over and looked at her butt. There was a pleasure hole there as well, but even though it was a blow up doll and, technically, the same as the mouth, it still grossed me out. I turned her back over and looked at her pussy. Not too much different than the other holes, but for some reason, opposite of the butt reaction, it made me feel naughty and a bit excited.

I began to feel her boobs and was a little let down. It wasn’t as exciting as I had imagined. The more I thought about it, the more I thought türkçe bahis it was sort of a stupid idea. However, my body was still at work and had generated a bit of wetness in my panties, so I decided to work off of that. I slipped my hand under my waistband of my jeans and panties and got my finger pretty wet. I then pulled it out, looked at it, which turned me on (as always), and then decided to rub it on the doll’s nipple. It made it feel pretty sensual now that it was slick with warm girl syrup. I couldn’t resist and then leaned down and took the nipple into my mouth and licked and sucked on the nipple until the juices were gone.

Wow. Better than I expected. I reached down again into my panties and pulled out another wet finger that I applied to the doll’s other nipple and repeated. This was definitely getting me hot, so I decided to just go for it. I stripped out of my clothes and laid down on my bed next to the doll. Without any panties, I had the opportunity to do some serious action to my own pussy and rubbed my clit for a couple of minutes. I then continued to rub myself while sucking on the dolls boobs. This was doing the trick. I started to leak girl juices something fierce. I slid two fingers into myself and then pulled them out covered in wetness. I then moved over to the doll and slid my fingers in and around her pussy. It became so slippery and warm. I began to finger her and it was driving me crazy. Is this what a boy feels when he is fingering me? I pretended to finger her clit and then slide two fingers deep into her hole. I began to breathe heavy and pretended it was her that was making the sounds. I was getting so turned on that I slid my left fingers down to give myself some attention and began to finger fuck both of us at the same time. Oh, I could feel my orgasm begin to form deep within me, but didn’t want this forbidden tryst to end. I did everything I could to pull my fingers away from my aching pussy.

I sat up in the bed and looked down at my lover. She lay there fully exposed and ready. I looked down at her pussy and saw it glistening with juices. I instinctively lowered myself down to her. I brought my face just inches from her opening. I could smell the wetness from her pleasure. I wanted to taste the juices just like I had sucked the juices from her nipples, but I thought of the fraternity pledges that had probably cum all over and inside her just days before. The thought made me pause and wonder if I should wash her first, but my inner desires took over, and I quickly stuffed my face into the opening between her legs. Within seconds I was probing her hole with my tongue, güvenilir bahis siteleri as deep as it would go. I wiggled my face and nose in the wetness that was all over the top of the opening. My entire face was getting wet and making sloshing sucking sounds that speak so deliberately of sex. I was feeling so much pleasure from this, but wanted for her to cum. I wanted her to cum with my face between her legs. I wanted her to cum with my mouth on her. I wanted to feel her wriggle and scream while her whole body convulsed with pleasure.

Just the thought of this was making my own orgasm build. I knew I had to take care of myself, and do it now. I rolled over onto my back and pulled my girlfriend up so that she was sitting on my face. I continued to probe her with my tongue and make smacking sounds between her sex and my mouth. At the same time, I dropped my left hand down to my own aching pussy and smeared what felt like a gallon of juice all over my lips, clit and hole. It was so damn erotic. My fingers inside myself while my tongue was inside her. My orgasm was building, and as much as I didn’t want it to end, I knew I couldn’t hold off any longer. But before I drove my fingers in for those last few thrusts, I instead grabbed my doll friend and turned her around. I again dove my face between her legs, but at the same time smashed her face down on my starving clit sixty-nine style. “Yes,” I screamed out loud, and rode her face against me. “Yes, make me cum and I will make you cum.” I rubbed her face even harder into myself and with my other hand smashed her pussy into my face with my tongue deep into her hole. “Do it,” I demanded, my voice muffled by the fact that my mouth was on another girl’s pussy. “Make me cum!” And with that, my body convulsed violently on the bed, and I cried one long, very long, cry of ecstasy.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, and then I turned her around and brought her up next to me on the bed. I looked at her face which was drenched and covered in my juices. I kissed her and could taste myself. I loved the warm, sweet taste. I kissed her again, and then began to lick off every drop.

I was still tingling a bit, and knew I could probably get another quick “O” in before anyone else got home, but I was too tired and, instead, decided to let myself fall into a post-orgasm nap. When I woke a bit later, I rushed to get dressed and put my friend back into her closet. I was going to take her to the bathroom to clean her up, but all of the erotic wetness had dried. I wondered if anyone else in the house might try to do the same thing with her, and what a surprise if it was my dried juices on her that they would be licking or mixing with their own? The thought made me tingle again, and I decided to put her away just the way she was.

Weird, I know. But something I can remember in vivid detail even today.

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