My Fantasy

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So today in the locker room I saw another girl fresh out of the shower and buck ass naked. She didn’t even try to hide herself as I walked by, just made eye contact. Dirty thoughts began before I even made it back to my locker.

First idea was me as I was, in front of my locker. I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and panties. I looked up to see her coming down the aisle towards me, completely naked. Her hair was wet and combed around her shoulders. Without a word, she kissed me. My hands went to her waist, just above her perky rear.

Her hands went to my neck, sliding back up and over my shoulders as the kiss deepened. I kissed her hungrily now, my tongue searching for hers while my fingers dug into her smooth skin, holding her against me. Almost frantically, she pulled off my shirt and gripped my breasts over my bra. In a moment, that was gone too, and her hands kneaded the flesh and rolled my nipples in her fingers.

Her chest was smaller, a full A, but had a nice perk to them. They were warm and still damp as I pulled her back against me. This girl was much thinner than I, maybe 120 at most. I lifted her easily and lay her on the wooden bench that ran between the rows of lockers. I’m pretty sure my panties ripped when she pulled them down.

I straddled over her then, one leg escort bayan merter on either side of the bench, but didn’t lower myself quite yet. Reaching down I grasped her nipples in each hand, and her hands came up to do the same. I pulled and she pulled, and we moaned. I stood up a little straighter to increase the stretch. The same sound came from both our mouths until I pressed my wet pussy against her face. I bent over, her clean shaved mound smelling of vanilla and arousal, almost like cinnamon. I wasted no time.

I vaguely heard her cry out and I buried my face in her damp folds, my tongue easily finding her clit before pushing into her, getting a true taste. Her arms went around my waist send she gripped the globes of my ass, tounging my own hole. I did the same, my arms reaching under the bench, securing myself there.

I sucked on her labia. First one, then both. I sucked her clit as her back arched beneath me, almost fighting to escape. But I wasn’t going anywhere, not with the shockwaves her own mouth caused as she nibbled my pussy lips and sucked on them, and flicked my clit so fast for a period of time I was worried I wasn’t going to last.

My arms came up from beneath the bench and I gently pressed a finger into her pussy, my tongue giving attention escort bayan şişli to her stiff little clit. By the time I pushed a second finger into her I could feel her own fingers diving into me. Her hand was small, but I got plenty of pleasure from her thrusts into me.

Now that my fingers were wet, I got my arms under her legs and bent her legs back, her knees hooked under my arms and over my shoulders. I licked her anus gently before pressing a finger into her, her pussy juices betraying her resistance as my finger slid all the way in. She groaned against my wet flesh and I slowly started pumping into her, licking and sucking her pussy all the while. I was able to get a second finger deep in her ass, and watched her hole gape for me as I withdrew fully with each stroke.

Suddenly her fingers felt bigger within me as she added a third, and I wondered if I was gaping as well. I pressed my fingers in over and over again, feeling her ring tighten around them before her pussy contracted around my tongue and she came, shaking, her sweet cum dripping out over her open anus.

Grinning I got up for a moment before she pressed me onto my back onto the bench, sitting between my legs. Her three fingers thrust back into me and I moaned openly, not caring who else escort bayan şişli heard. Her other hand found my breast and gripped it hard, the other bouncing in time with her strokes. She paused and I felt another finger enter me. My eyebrows knotted as my pussy stretched around her knuckles. She continued to push into me and I gasped. My back arched. I gripped the arm groping my breast and cried out. Her fingers curled within me almost painfully and the rest of her hand entered me. The stretch was nearly unbearable as she began to fist my pussy.

My labia stretched wide around her fist. A few more thrusts and she pulled all the way out. My pussy gaped wide, my lips glistening with my juices.

Her fist easily slid back into me, her forearm entering my pussy before fist reached my cervix. She pulled back out, rotating her hand so her fist caught on my pelvis. She rubbed her knuckles against my g-spot before pulling out of me. She began to thrust all the way in, and pull all the way out, stretching and restretching my hole every time. It became too much.

My hands gripped the bench below me, my thighs tightening around her legs as she sat between them. My pussy contracted around her hand, trapping it inside of me. A fire erupted within me, complete with pomp and circumstance as I came hard. My pussy erupted as well, squiring my cum all up the girl’s arm.

Gasping for breath I came down from my high. My arms fell down to the floor, a glisten of sweat on my chest. Looking down between my legs I watched as she licked her fingers. My head fell back against the bench.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32