My Fantasy

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We’re sitting at a bar in some trendy restaurant down town, waiting for our table. I sip daintily at my Cosmopolitan looking at the muted reflection of us in the mirror behind the rows of matching bottles.

I glance over at you, thinking again how lucky I am. Your generous lips curve into a seductive smile as you notice my gaze. You turn slightly raising one eyebrow in silent question and I smile in return, leaning forward to capture your lips in a kiss.

“I love you.” I murmur appreciatively against your cheek as I inhale the masculine scent of you.

“I love you too baby.” You whisper back.

The words make me smile as I return to my drink.

A man takes the seat next to me and I glance up, mildly curious as he orders himself a beer. I cock my head to the side, something about him capturing my attention momentarily. He’s good looking in his own way. He carries himself with a confidence I always find attractive in a man. His hair is neatly cut, and his suit is flattering on his build. His warm smile and friendly words to the bartender as he accepts his drink is also something I admire in a man.

He takes a long sip of his beer and glances my way. Our eyes meet and where as I usually turn away quickly so as not to give the wrong impression, this time I hold the gaze. He raises an eyebrow questioningly, much as you did earlier. I smile calmly sipping my own drink, but saying nothing. He grins and looks over my shoulder. I don’t know what you’re doing but I’m itching to find out. I glance quickly into the mirror behind the bartender and see you smiling down at your drink seemingly unaware of my flirtation.

My eyes return to the stranger beside me. He takes another sip of his beer before leaning forward.

“Hi…” he says. Hardly original but I’m thrilled by the deep voice, the vibrating baritone exciting some part of me. It thrills me that you’re sitting right next to me. You are a comforting presence that perhaps gives me the confidence to continue.

“Hello.” I reply, using my most alluring tone.

He grins seeing that he hasn’t been rebuffed. He turns to face me properly pushing his beer forward so as our glasses almost touch. An unspoken way of connecting with someone.

“You waiting for someone?” He asks me.

“No.” It’s an honest answer. My “someone” is sitting right beside me, so I am not actually waiting for him.

“Are you?” I ask him.

“Kind of,” he replies without seeming to want to dwell on the question.

“May I say, you don’t seem to be the kind of woman who should be sitting here all alone.” He says with a charming smile.

“I could say the same about you.” I reply easily, not mentioning your presence or acknowledging it for the moment.

“Can I get you another drink?” He asks.

“Sure…” I smile, downing the last of my drink and instantly feeling the heat of the alcohol warm my cheeks. You always did find it amusing how easily affected I was.

He holds up his hand to the bartender who quickly makes up my drink for me again and places it before me. My hand curls around the delicate stem, fingers swipe gently at the condensation beading on the outside of the glass. He lifts his own drink to mine and we ‘clink’ glasses. I sip again at my new cold drink.

My eyes look Uşak Escort into the mirror behind the counter and I catch your expression. You’re smiling. Something dark in your eyes telling me you’re enjoying the show. You sip at your own drink quietly as I return my attention to the stranger beside me.

I take another deeper swallow of my drink. Feeling decidedly heady now and confident. I lean forward and touch the stranger’s chest. He seems a little surprised but not unhappily so. He leans closer to me.

I whisper softly… “May I ask you something rather… bold?” I ask.

There is a pause as he considers my words.

“Sure!” Said in the easy manner of a man wanting to see what will happen.

“I have a fantasy…” I say, “and I want you to come with me to the men’s room so I can fulfill it.”

I look up into his eyes. A small thump as my heart lurches. He’s so close I could kiss him right now.

He looks deep into my eyes as if trying to decide whether I’m serious or not.

“Are you… really?” He asks, his hand reaching and touching my thigh.

I look him straight in the eye, my cheeks flushed.

“Yes… really.” I slip off my chair and I’m a little unsteady. He immediately stands himself and his arm is around my shoulders steadying me.

What a gentleman, I think to myself.

I lead the way, feeling his hand on the small of my back as he follows me.

The men’s room is small.

Two small cubicles, standing side by side. I ignore the urinal. It doesn’t inspire me and right now I need inspiration.

I move straight for the cubicle furthest from the door we’ve just entered. I open the cubicle door and beckon him in with a playful curling on my finger.

He comes willingly and the door closes behind him. Enclosing us in a small intimate place.

I feel, naughty.

My hand reaches back and pushes down the toilet seat cover so I can sit down easily.

My fingers reach forward and I quickly work on his belt and pants. The zipper moves easily and the pants fall to the ground. He doesn’t seem to mind as they bunch up around his calves. I reach into the front of his boxers and pull out his already semi-hard penis. At my touch it seems to come alive. Hardening. I’m too eager to just finger him… my lips desperate to taste him. He groans softly. Clearly trying to control his verbal appreciation as my mouth closes over the tip of his cock. His hands thump against the sides of the cubicle as he holds himself steady. My tongue swirls, tasting him. He is musky, tangy, the slight taste of his sweat evident. I suck gently on his head, enjoying the smooth silky feel of it between my lips. I feel his shudder. My lips are sensitive to his every movement. I lick gently and continue to suck with a rhythm that he starts to match with a gentle insistent rocking of his hips. My licking meets the pearly drops of his pre-cum. The taste quickly obscured by my saliva, which speaks of my mounting desire to take more of him into me.

The sound of the door to the room opening makes me pause. We are frozen, afraid to make a sound. The cubicle door is jostled, and I almost laugh as I imagine how we look. Frozen like this, my mouth still clinging to the head of his cock. He doesn’t go soft thankfully. Uşak Escort Bayan My eyes glance down to the floor and I hear someone sitting in the cubicle next door. I also see the shoe peeking from underneath the wall separating us, your shoe. I remember going shopping with you to pick them out.

I shudder with desire. My hands reach for his ass and I slowly lower my mouth past his head taking in his shaft. He shudders, his quick intake of breath, the only sound he makes. This will not do. I start to suck on him urgently taking him deeper than I thought I could. My pussy is damp. I feel my panties absorbing my wetness. I can even smell my musky odour as I continue to suck and slurp on him. The sound is unbearably loud in the small space. He can’t help himself. Overcome by my administrations. He thrusts himself into me, forcing his cock deeper. I try and relax, try and open myself to him. He is grunting now. I wonder if you can hear it. I moan around his cock feeling the soft fat head of him pressing urgently into the back of my throat. I suck and try to swallow. Unbelievably I feel him slide deeper. I struggle with it. My throat is constricting around him making him grimace with pleasure.

His hands are strong and firm around my head as he holds me in place. I groan around the thickness of him. I love to be held like this. He thrusts into me with increasing vigour and I let him take me. My cheeks hollowing out to try and pleasure him even more. He is panting loudly as he fucks my face. His hands warm and large around my head he is pulling me closer. I whimper around his tool as he suddenly plunges deeply. He is sliding himself into me. Bottoming out. His cock deep, so deep, choking me. His sweaty balls slap against my chin. I’m full of this cock, tasting him. His boxers pressed against my nose, his stomach hard against my forehead. He is coming. I whimper again, possibly adding to his ecstasy as his pumps his load straight down my throat.

His ass clenches beneath my hands where I hold myself steady. He pulls out of my throat and I cough on the slimy cum that even now spurts from the tip. I feel a hot splash against my tongue and happily another. I suck on the tip that he leaves still in my mouth. He shudders and lets out a deep moan as I suck out the last of his spendings. I lean back, my hair disheveled. I must seem blissfully happy to him because he grins cockily at me as he awkwardly reaches for his pants. So easily he is presentable again.

“Thanks darlin’…” he grins as he leaves the cubicle.

I hear the door to the room open and close. Soon after I hear the cubicle next to me vacated and the door before me opens. You look down at me.

Taking in my dishevelled appearance.

I smile and open my mouth to show you my prize. Your eyes are dark with lust as you take this in. Quickly you take his place in the cubicle shutting and locking the door behind you. You make short work of your own pants and I am again presented with a half naked man. Your cock is throbbing and hard as it strains out before you.

You bend to take up my legs. Holding them just behind my knees bringing them up roughly. I feel your hard cock jabbing at my thin cotton panties. You are rough and my eyes widen with surprise intermingled with desire. Escort Uşak With a soft growl you use your knees to push me up higher. My back presses painfully against the tank behind me. One hand reaches down and you jerk the material to the side so that your throbbing cock can gain access to me.

My hot wet cunt gladly engulfs you as you plunge into me. I cry out once only to have your mouth cover mine. Your tongue thrusts into my mouth, tasting another man’s cum. I hear your muffled moan of lust as you thrust your hips against mine. Thrusting so hard, so forcefully. My liquid heat evidence of my own lust. The sound of slickness and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. The intense scent of our sexual musky odour all this fills me. The sound of our coupling seems appallingly loud in the confined space.

Your mouth is on mine lapping and devouring. Sucking on my tongue as if you want to taste more of him. I reach down with my hand and pinch my clit… feeling the incredible wetness there. I rub desperately on myself even as I feel your cock rub against me, filling me deliciously. I cry out as I cum. It’s incredible. Heat flushes my cheeks as I feel your arms around me, crushing my frame to your body as you muffle my inevitable throaty cries. Finally you feel me shudder as my body is released from such exquisite tension. With a sigh I feel you still hard and deep inside me.

Gently you lower me back to the seat. I feel your hard member slip out of me and instantly I can smell myself on your cock. Throbbing and glistening before me. I lap and suck and devour you. Cleaning you up with the same mouth that has just pleasured another. Finally you push me away.

“Later sweetness… our table is ready…” you grin at my pout of outrage. Painfully you put yourself away and I get some small satisfaction from knowing you are not exactly comfortable yourself. I hear the door open again and I’m suddenly mortified. Funny, isn’t it after all I’ve just done. We are silent. Looking at each other. You’re grinning at my look of shock. Someone is relieving them selves. It’s taking a long time. I’m mortified. Finally he seems to finish and flushes. Then there is the sound of water running. I stand up. Pulling my skirt down and feeling my wet panties so cool and damp against my skin. I hope no one else can smell me. Finally the door closes and you unlock our cubicle. I rush towards the door and notice you’re taking your time. Enjoying my embarrassment. Just as I think I’m home free the door opens and a man looks at me in surprise.

“Hi!” I laugh. He looks confused and checks the door.

“No… no… my mistake!” I giggle and quickly walk past him and into the ladies room next door. I groan as I make my way to the thankfully unused mirror and basin area. I’m surprised by my reflection. Not half as mussed up as I’d imagined. I quickly smooth my hair and rinse my face and wash my hands feeling MUCH better.

I walk out and see you wave to me from our table. I sit down blushing deep red as you watch me with that look of yours.

“You’re incredible…” you whisper to me.

“Shut UP!” I laugh, grabbing a menu and burying my face in it as I try and make sense of the words before me. Your finger reaches up to pull down the menu and you look deep into my eyes.

“Really… you are… and I’m going to show you exactly how much I appreciate it later tonight.” You promise. Your eyes are dark. My heart skips a beat and I smile back at you.

“I’m looking forward to it… I might even skip dessert tonight…” I grin happily.

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