My Family with Money Problems

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Greetings to all, this story revolves around my family and is being built little by little.

I introduce myself, I am Antonio, I am 29 years old, I work as an analyst with a multinational, the pay is good and for this reason I create a company that markets various types of products, this due to the pandemic and has generated a large amount of profits for me and for this reason I am thinking of quitting my job.

On the weekend I went to visit my mother and father, when I got home, my mother opens the door for me – hello son, I haven’t seen you in a while, go to the room where your grandparents are- when I entered I saw my father and grandparents talking, I sat down and greeted them, listened to the conversation:

My father Diego: I don’t know what we’re going to do, we don’t have money to pay the mortgage loan that George requested and also my house is at risk of losing it due to non-payment of installments, which George is doing.

To which my grandfather George says: Diego, I am also paying for a mortgage loan that Andrea is requesting to be able to compare her house.

Andrea is my older sister whose grandfather mortgaged the house in order to obtain a home loan for her.

Grandpa says: I can’t pay more since what I earn is enough for us to support ourselves.

While they are talking, mom, whose name is clearly hers, arrives with some cookies, but it is at this moment that something changes in me and I no longer see her in the same way.

She enters and leaves the cookies on a small table that is in the middle of the room and when she bends down my face is in front of her buttocks and when she leans over as she is wearing white leggings these become clear and it is as if they were not She won’t be wearing anything, she only sees a white lace thong, but she has it tucked into her buttocks, when her buttocks are bent the size doubles, it’s something that leaves me scratchy, I can see those white, milky and solid buttocks, enough to spank him and see how the waves move in that panties. This was just a moment, see that image, but for me it was like an hour because this unlocked my brain for my mother’s body as a woman.

By the time she returned to the kitchen, I looked at her from behind and I could see that big wide bottom, some legs with hams, goodness, how delicious, fortunately I had thick jeans that hid my erection from those present and I was dizzy from the epiphany I had just had with my own mother I couldn’t believe it when she came back to give us the drinks she had them in her hand and she gave me mine, I saw her from the front it’s as if I saw her for the first time in my life, with blonde hair, a beautiful smile and a pair of giant tits, no I could believe that, my mother was a woman, although she was a little overweight, the weight was where it should be, I didn’t even pay attention to what my father told me.

-Antonio, are you listening to me- I answered my father- yes sir, what’s up we have problems with the bank- he answers me- they are going to take the house away from your mother and me- to which I told them – how much is the value of the debt.

– son, it’s more than 100 thousand dollars plus the installments in arrears.

I tell dad -That was a lot of money that I don’t have- my father lowers his head and continues talking with grandfather, after listening to all the conversations to try to find a solution and not having the answer, I decide to say goodbye and return to my apartment, when I say goodbye to my mother, she hugs me and that’s when I feel her big tits on my chest with her cleavage, you can see that they are completely white, by the way, my mother is super white and her tits are even more so, that sensation of her breasts felt very good. against me.

Back home I just had something in my head I wanted to see porn, when I entered I went to my PC where I went to look for mother and son porn and I realized the large number of incest videos there were, of fathers and daughters brothers, with grandparents, there were also stories about everything which really attracted me, I spent the whole night jerking off and seeing hundreds and hundreds of stories, it was a new world for me, but I fell asleep.

The next day was Sunday and I was still addicted to the same thing but that’s when I saw a porn video with an actress who looked like my mother, that was Sara Jay, her face was very similar, her tail, her legs, her breasts, everything, obviously not she was my mother but she was very similar, I couldn’t believe that my father had such a delicious Girne Escort and juicy woman for him, this is when I started my plan which I have no idea how I’m going to do which is to fuck my mother, he Which, thinking about it, is something very difficult because she is a very good woman, she goes to church, she gives community help with the neighbors.

For the plan I had to do something and it was to get closer to her, but since I do it without it looking strange, then I remembered the mortgage problem, at that moment I called my father:

-Hello dad, I already have an idea to help with the credit installments- to which he answers- Hello son, tell me I’m all ears- I took a deep breath to seem normal -if I move with you and pay my rent to pay part of the fee you say- my father remains thoughtful to which he tells me- son you can, it’s a good idea but the fee is a little higher than what you pay for rent but it doesn’t matter that will help us when you move- my happy face doesn’t No one beats it to which I say – Dad, next weekend I’m going to move. See you bye.

My heart was crazy, I was going to live under the same roof with my mother, who now I see her not as a son but as a woman.

I continued working normally until the weekend arrived, I organized things and my father arrived to load the things in an old van that we had, when we got home my mother was waiting for us with my grandmother, mom had simple clothes to organize the house, but the grandmother was super elegant with a pencil skirt and a blouse that accentuated her big tits, she has big hips much more than her daughter, that is, my mother, and when we were entering she stood in front of me and I couldn’t believe the panties she had As delicious as mom’s but bigger it was an incredible sight, I could only think all that ass for grandpa, I must have a little of that for myself and whoever hires her will want to eat that premium ham ass.

Upon entering the grandmother told us that she was going to an interview as a company secretary, she also said-I’m going to look for a job to help pay this debt that the men in this family indebted us all for their brilliant ideas- she said this in a sarcastic way for my father and grandfather for losing money in pyramidal businesses, also the grandmother says -you are a good son to sacrifice your spaces to help your family- to which I reply – it is a pleasure to help the family and I wink at her- to which she hugs me and tells me that I am very sweet and feeling those delicious breasts.

Grandma went to her interview and I stayed with my parents organizing my room, when we finished we were sweaty and tired, my dad went downstairs to take a bath and on the second floor there is only one bathroom and so I say I’m going to take a bath to which mom says -I’ll take a bath first because I’m very sweaty and sticky all over my body- to which I give her the turn.

When she comes out she tells me that she is free, when I go into the bathroom I change and when I go to open the shower I see my mother’s panties and I say that this is what she left them for me, when I hear a TOC TOC TOC and I say who I am your mother is that I left my underwear in the bathroom- to which I take them and see them and they look like granny’s, I go out and tell her -here are your granny’s thongs- in a mocking way and she turns super red and the pick up and go When I bathe I realize that if it’s not too much I took a small step to have my mother.

After being ready and changed I’m in the living room watching some television, dad had left and mom was in her room.

When I hear the doorbell and open it, it’s the grandmother who was crying, when I entered she went to the furniture to cry, I immediately hugged her both sitting and I ask her what happened to her and she answers me – I passed the tests in the interview, but I They said she was too old for the job.

I must say that my mother is 44 years old and my grandmother is 59 years old, but they take great care of themselves, they have very pretty and smooth faces.

I kept hugging her and mom came, asking what was going on and grandma tells her the same thing, to which mom says- I’m going to make you some herb water so you’ll be better.

When mom returns, she sits with us and grandma continues crying, to which an idea comes to me and I tell them – look, grandma, don’t cry anymore, the other week I will receive some merchandise that I bought in China and I can sell it at a good price here, so with my job I can’t do everything myself, Magosa Escort so I’m offering you one of the first positions I’m going to need, you want to work with me.

She looks amazed, both my grandmother and mother, -I tell them that there are more than 30 thousand dollars in merchandise and who better than my grandmother to help sell and take care of my company-.

And I start talking to them about how the company works and the grandmother is calmer and is not crying, my mother goes to get the herb water when she returns, my grandmother gives me a hug and I look towards the kitchen where my mother comes and she stops for a moment and stares at her grandmother’s back, when I look, the blouse she is wearing went up as she hugged me, leaving her lower back free where you can see the black thong that grandmother is wearing, in my mind I say that great ass, that thong gets into those buttocks she has, coming back to reality I look at my mother and she turns a little red and continues to deliver the herbal water.

We talk about running the business late, then grandma calls her husband to come pick her up, but he answers and says he’s drinking with friends and can’t look for her, to which mom offers him my mom’s room. older sister to sleep, she accepts and goes to her room.

I help mom wash the dishes and at that moment I tell her -apparently grandma has better thongs than you- I laugh a little.

She also laughs and tells me -that thong that you stared at like a fool is mine, I know my grandmother lent it to me when she arrived today, so what kind of underwear do I have young man-

I gape as she goes to her room to sleep.

The next day, my grandmother ran into her at the breakfast table and she told me -I accept your proposal, I’m going to work with you- with a happy face for now having a giant ass in my company and huge tits, but without being able to grope or suddenly I could, so I tell my grandmother that she starts her work on Monday

That Sunday I spoke with my dad to be able to organize the shed that we have behind the house, which is quite large and where I will put the warehouse and the office of my company, I also tell him that I will also pay that rent, although my dad says no but the same headquarters, tells me that this money will go to my younger sister who is in college.

When we finish organizing I know that a large window is broken, which is the one that overlooks the house and the patio where the pool is, which we don’t use because of its high cost, I tell dad that I’m going to call a contractor for him to change the window and he agrees.

When I entered the house I searched the internet for a contractor, I called him and he told me that there are new windows of better quality and that they are like a mirror that can be seen from the inside out but not from the outside in, he accepted immediately and I ask him for shelves and to cover some holes.

The following week I tell the grandmother that a contractor will come to bring the things to help him, on the same Monday he does all the chores to which the warehouse is extremely dirty I tell the grandmother to please clean the place that is her first homework while I’m in my office.

The whole week goes by until Friday when the chia merchandise arrives, my grandmother calls me and tells me that there are 20 large boxes, I ask her to receive them and place the merchandise on the shelf so that I can inventory the products.

At the end of the afternoon, she called her grandmother and asked her how she was organizing -hi, son, it took me all afternoon organizing the inventory, there was a lot of merchandise, but everything was organized, I asked your mother and your older sister for help- to which I tell her Thank you for helping us and I hang up. But an idea occurred to me without any kind of morbidity in which it ended and it was to send a WhatsApp message to my mother, grandmother and sister that they should keep a garment, but they had to send me a photo to be able to download the product from the inventory. A normal message, true, but the result was crazy.

The first message I received back was from the grandmother, but it was not what I expected, it was a photo of her in a blouse, but it is clearly visible the great breasts of the grandmother and she did not have a bra, because although you could not see her nipples you could see the outline of these abundant breasts so delicious, I don’t know why he sent a photo like that, where you can see those adult and plump Kıbrıs Escort tits and those nipples pointing out to me what a delight, to which I told him that he looked very good and elegant to which tells me that he wants to premiere it at a family reunion to which I tell him that it would be magnificent.

Later that night my sister texts me that she took a pair of thongs that she liked, but this time she just sends me a picture of the thongs without her in it, to which I tell her they are very sexy thongs to see how I feel. she responds, she says she wants them to see what her husband’s reaction is that night, to which I tell her to stop me and pay attention to his reaction.

I tell you what my older sister is like, physically she is very similar to mom, a big ass, good tits, a good waist, she is a curvaceous rich female, very different from my 25-year-old younger sister Kely, who is thin with a pert ass and medium-sized tits, very different from mom.

Continuing it seemed strange to me that my mother did not write me anything to which I went to sleep.

The next day dad would go fishing with his friends and would arrive at night, and I receive a message from mom saying that if she comes to grandma to work today and I answer no, to which she tells me that she is going to wear her garment that I take as a gift, to which I am thoughtful of what it will be to which I bathe and go out to have breakfast.

I can’t believe what I’m looking at, my mother’s back is in the kitchen and I see that she’s not wearing anything from the waist down, that solid ass is visible and her legs, but when I get closer I realize that it’s a totally transparent black leggings and at that moment she turned around and said to me – now you see I’m not a flabby, with sexy clothes like you think I am or is it that I look very bad, it’s because I have this fat ass that nobody likes- She starts to say that it was a mistake to choose that garment that she is going to change and at that moment I stop her and tell her – no, mom, keep quiet, it’s because you’re too hot, any man would be delighted to see all that-

She calms down and tells me that she wants to show dad those leggings without any clothes underneath so they can improve their relationship, with something different. To which I tell her -my dad is going to stand up to his hair to see you with that and without clothes that he envy with the old man- she calls me so silly you think I’m pretty for being your mother.

After this, she goes to her room and puts on other leggings under the see-through, saying that she is going out with the neighbors to do community work at her foundation.

While she was having breakfast she couldn’t believe what she had seen, at that moment, I received a message from my sister saying that her husband even determined her. and she asked her how she had expected it and she tells me that with a bra and thong. So I tell her that it’s really weird because that thong was very sexy, she tells me not to show anyone this and then she sends me two photos, one of her butt where you can see how she eats the thong and another from the front where They look at her puffy lips and she tells me what it looks like. My answers -I’m going to be honest, sister, you have a nice ass, but I don’t know if your husband likes the bush you have very much, some men may like them, but you already have a lot of hair, motilate that pussy and come back and show it to me You asked me for my opinion, there it is.

She without telling me anything, I don’t know if I happened to tell her that besides what she does sending photos of her vagina to her brother.

After an hour without saying anything, she tells me, look now, give me your opinion, she sends me a photo of her vagina without a thong, without anything, naked and totally bald, juicy lips to give a French kiss, I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, the vagina of my pink sister

-Sister, what beautiful lips you have, I’m sure your husband will eat them all-

She tells me -you only tell me that about them, I expected something more from a perverted jerk like you-

Now I answer the most ordinary thing – sister, you have a huge pussy to burst and it makes it drip all night, leaving it red from so much work and putting you on all fours and hitting you so hard that if you’re here at home our parents realize how it is that I treat my sister and they listen to the plaf plaf plaf plaf, that even my mother tells me to please use a condom or not to come inside you.- then she tells me -oh no little brother I think this got out of control bye and Don’t say anything about this or I’ll kill you for real, postscript I liked what you told me – I answer don’t worry.

I couldn’t believe everything that happened for only giving away three clothes, what else could happen to the women in my family.

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