My Exploration No. 01

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It had started a few weeks before when he came to work in the hospital. I saw him briefly in the corridor and I just knew he was the one I needed. It had been so long. I’d had the flings, the short term relationships, the lingering holiday romances. Now I just wanted sex, animalistic, naughty, dangerous sex. And I could see in him that he was going to be able to give me what I wanted.

That first day I could feel it deep inside me, gnawing away at me. Longing. I made a detour so I could see him working on his ward before I went home, to fix his face and body in my mind. And I got in my car and started the drive home. It was hot, and the drive takes me down a country lane and through a park. I deliberately work a long way from home, so that my sexual proclivities never impact on work. A doctor needs to be above reproach – and if my patients knew what I was really like…

I had to pull over. The lake was glinting in the evening sun, and I couldn’t get him out of my head. I pulled up and started to take my usual route around the lake. I often did this to ease away the tensions of the day and see that life was not just a hospital ward and sick patients. As I wandered I noticed a pick up truck parked on the other side. I moved into the darker shadows and drew closer.

I heard them first, that catching in the throat breathing and guttural moans. Something sounded good. It had been a dreadfully busy day at work and this kind of “light relief” was just what I needed. I moved closer until I could see a tartan rug on the grass beside the car. There were three of them. A woman, about 24, great tits and a generous ass. She was lying on the ground eyes closed, as they were working on her. Two men, both dark and tanned, fully clothed, hands moving over her body intently concentrating on her.

They were dipping and sucking her nipples together while she writhed gently against them, lifting her pelvis towards them as they ignored her moans and lightly caressed her face, her lips, her neck, türbanlı escort her breasts. God but they were good at sucking her nipples. Gently flicking their tongues against them, occasionally she moaned louder as one of them grazed her nipple with his teeth. My nipples were hard as hell. My hands drawn to them, a hand inside my blouse gently stroking through the lace of my bra.

My mouth was dry. Heart racing. One of the men sat back kneeling up and staring intently at the other. It seemed to be a sign that they were moving on to other things. He undid his fly and pulled down his jeans, his erect cock was straining against his boxer shorts. She sat up then and stroked his crotch reverentially. Gradually she lifted off his t-shirt and started to suck his nipples as the other man quickly removed all of his clothes revealing a cock that was so impressive in girth that I gasped. He turned in my direction and I stood paralysed in fear that he’d see me. I couldn’t believe it – it was him, the man I’d seen at the hospital, the man I wanted.

I could feel myself getting moist as I watched him turn his attention back to the naked girl in front of him. She was on all fours, taking his friends long hard cock in her mouth, slowly deliberately licking the shaft from root to tip and circling the glans with just the tip of her tongue allowing her saliva to glisten in the evening light. One hand was gently stroking his balls, and he had his hand cupping around her head drawing her onto him.

My “hospital man” was watching this intently, and as she started to take his friend deeper into her throat and move more vigorously he moved to put his hands on her ass. Gently squeezing the globes at first as she was pleasuring his friend, then moving his hand slowly down to her pussy. I saw him stroke it, pull his hand back, looking at it in the half light, seeing it wet and then licking his fingers deliberately.

I had to touch myself. I pulled my kickers tüyap escort to one side and stroked as he had done, pulling out my wet fingers and tasting how horny I was. God it was good, I love to taste myself, and I imagined my fingers were his fingers. He now was bending forwards, head near her ass, as she was getting more and more into sucking off his friend, deeper and more rhythmic movements.

His mouth was close to her and as he got near she must have felt his breath on her wet pussy, because she squirmed backwards so he was against her. I saw his tongue slowly lick the length of her from her clit to her asshole. God I wanted him to do that to me. Gently he parted her pussy lips with his tongue and I saw him use a finger to probe just lightly inside. She forced herself back on his hand and tongue, needing him inside her, but he wasn’t being dictated to. She had a job to do on his friend and he was just going to take his time.

Another finger went in and he started to frig her, gradually speeding up his rhythm, while his tongue moved languidly around her asshole. Now, I’m an adventurous girl, and I love anal sex, but I’ve never been licked there. I moved my hand so one of my fingers was stroking my puckered entrance while another was inside myself, hooked forwards to rub on that extra sensitive part I have. God he was good with his tongue, and after teasing her for a while I saw it penetrate her ass. I think I moaned. His friend’s eyes opened and looked in my direction but his attention was focused on the historic blow job he was getting. I could see he was getting close. He didn’t see me.

He let out a long moan and pulled out of her mouth. He lay on the rug, cock throbbing hard and erect, and she slowly lowered herself onto it, moving her hips gently and first then grinding down harder. Both of them were breathing faster now. The object of my lust moved over her, now probing her ass with his finger as she rode his friend. I knew what tuzla escort was going to happen. I’ve longed for this to happen to me. And I knew that now I’d met him, even from a distance, it WAS going to happen.

Slowly he bent her forwards over his friend, him still inside her, and after stroking himself a couple of times he placed his glans against her ass. They stopped moving. She moaned again, in desperation to be full. My thumb was moving faster against my clit, two fingers inside me and one just stroking my puckered ass. Gradually he entered her ass from behind, his friend still inside her pussy. He moved slowly at first, until he was half in, and then she started to move against the two of them, moaning more. God it looked fantastic, two men, two holes, both full, and both men aware of feeling each other while they fucked her. She started to move faster and her moaning got louder.

I slipped a finger in my ass and started to grind in time with them against my hand I needed to be filled like she was. He was pumping hard into her ass now, his beautiful body moving against hers while she moved on top of his friend. It wasn’t going to take long, and I was on the brink, my breath catching in my throat as I started to shudder with my first orgasm. My fingers still moving fast and hard.

Suddenly he pulled out and started wanking hard, that beautiful cock, in his fabulous hand, I wanted so much to be holding it. I had to keep my eyes open, I wanted to see him cum. But I was having the most amazing orgasm and desperately wanted to let myself go, I dropped to my knees so I didn’t have to rely on my legs holding me up, my hand still moving against me, slick and wet and horny and swollen. His pelvis jack-knifed and I saw it, wonderful white cum spurting from him onto her back, she started grinding harder and I knew she was cumming too, as was the man deep in her pussy. It was spectacular. I had to pull my hand away, it felt too good.

I needed to get away. I couldn’t possibly be caught. I hurried to my car and drove home.

When I got there I poured a glass of wine and started to run a bath – that was one way to relieve a stressful day! Just as I was naked and getting in the bath my beeper went. A message on it merely said, “You enjoyed it then?”

I knew good things were going to happen.

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