My Ex, My Pet

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My Ex, My Pet

I’m reading a book on bondage, when my mom suddenly enters the room with a cup of coffee and some biscuits. I’m almost caught unawares. how could I have been so stupid? I hastily slam the book down in the space between my tummy and the blanket, and cover it with my hands. my mom doesn’t notice it as she asks me how my law exam preparations are going. I give an incoherent reply and she thinks me busy, preoccupied maybe. she walks off, her saree disapparing behind the closing door. I check for her, she’s nowhere near. a sigh of relief erupts from my throbbing chest. that was close.

I recover the book, now stained and sticky from the cum from my exposed cock. This shouldn’t have happened. I feel pissed. really pissed. my new (and costly) book is attached to my cock by a thread of white cum. Someone’s gotta pay.

In my anger, I throw caution to the winds and reach out inside the blanket. I get what I wanted, and a second later I’m slapping my girlfriend’s cheeks red. she looks better that way, her eyes red and puffy from crying, her cheeks red and puffy from slapping and her lips, well those cock sucking lips are always that way.

as my hands increasingly become wet from the tears, I grab a handful of her long hair and push her down on my cock, her cheeks expanding as it disappears down her gullet. she resumes what she’d been doing before mother dear barged in. I cover her with the comic and check if the myriad articles spread over the bed to hide her prostrate form are in their proper places.

as she sucks me, I gently stroke her soft head, feeling the luscicous hair that framed her sweet face, now buried in my cock hair with a sticky bondage book for a hat. but it’d not always been like this, I wasn’t born with a mouth on my cock. infact, the same face had once been the object of my love. the one I’d fallen in love with at first sight. yes,first sight. it was true love, pure and limitless. Sigh! Problem was,the face was a facade, one that hid a bitch.

To prove her bitchiness I’ll get directly to our breakup, the day life seemed to go all wrong for me. it was a rainy day, the type of day when you feel like either sipping coffee and reading a book or playing a muddy version of soccer. I could do neither, I’d a furious girlfriend and was heading to the local mall to meet and placate her.

I had taken the twin fateful decisions of not carrying an umbrella and not taking a gift for her. she is (was rather) one of those girls who have been pampered from the cradle and need every sort of pleasure and amenity available. so trying to placate her without a gift was near impossible.

well, so I reached the designated shop in time and waited. I’m punctual and I prefer others to be so too. ofcourse my girlfriend preferred to think she deserved special treatment. she arrived half an hour late, by which time my temper was rising.

result was, I didn’t sound at all apologetic when I apologized or at all concerned when I asked if she’d been drenched. she must have noticed my “rudeness”. she became cold and consumed the food I got her like it was lizard shit.

Things thereafter went from bad to worse. she refused to see a movie with me, and sometime later we were having a heated argument over whether I was caring enough or not. I’m not one for diplomacy or cool headed discussion, I said things I knew she’d not like. at the end of half an hour, she said she was breaking up, our relationship was history.

I was stunned, but I realized that it was to a large extent my fault. I had been busy of late. hadn’t been able to apologize properly and had shouted at her. needless to say, I was dejected and disgusted with my self, and spent the next week sulking.

however, two things happened during that week. first, I met a girl called Namrata (she’s quite the opposite as the reader would learn), who had broken up recently as well. we got along well enough, and discussed how our lives had screwed up of late. I was surprised to learn that her breakup had happened only 24 hours before mine. back then that didn’t seem strange, after all breakups keep happening as often as babies are born right?

now for the second development. this was at the park behind my old school, from where Ahana (that’s the bitchs name) and me had recently paased out. I had gone there for fresh air, feeling claustrophobic in my room. I found a rather rowdy game of cricket in progress there, and had to settle for a small corner sheltered by a big grass roller, with a grass cutter to my other side.

I don’t know how long I stayed there, protected from super sixes and hidden for all purposes in that grassy patch. I was nearing the end of my cigarette pack when I heard two voices nearby. they were getting closer.

I recognized one of them to be Ahana, the other I didn’t know. they settled down on a nearby bench, their backs at an angle to me, the flying balls having disappeared for the day.

I soon realized that my ex was most likely being wooed by the guy. this hurt me somehow, I’d expected her to atleast give me a second chance. even less, spent a few days thinking of what she’d done. here she was enjoying life with another man. I felt like doing something drastic, and was about to rise. but then I saw her place a hand on the Guy’s shoulder and speak authoritatively. my curiosity rising, I inched closer to hear what she was saying.

the guy was asking “are you sure? we can go back even now”

she replied. “damn sure. there’s no point returning to those losers. our plan worked perfectly, and now we’re free to do what we like”


“forget her. I know you loved her. but haven’t I shown you enough times what a bitch she is? how can you still think of a girl like her when you have me by your side? “

What was going on? what the f*** was my girlfriend saying? she’d planned to ditch me?

I was beginning to feel pissed, really pissed. so it wasn’t my fault at all. I decided to record the conversation, to confront her later. she went on

“it was easy for me, I know. he’s so hot headed that a little provocation got me the perfect excuse for ditching him. he must be crying himself to sleep nowadays. yours is harder, you had to give up the girl you thought you loved. but then again, you made the right choice. she never loved you, and would have dumped you for Ricky (again no idea who that was) the moment he made his move. and look at me, I gave up my relationship to be with you, to love you!”

I could hardly believe my ears. I felt like rolling the grass roller over her and that asshole. I couldn’t hear anymore without erupting, so I quietly left the spot, the two conspirators still deep in conversation.

for two days I planned to confront her with the evidence. to throw plenty of verbal shit at her. for two days neither did she pick up nor did namrata. my plans began to change.

I decided to find out who the guy was. from what I found out, he was a neighbor of ahana. as it happened, a week after the episode, I was visiting an old friend whose mother wanted me to tutor her 18 year old twice failed Class XI daughter. I was just leaving the house when I saw ahana s new love moving towards the gate as well. I followed.

about half a kilometer out of the complex I caught up with him. he didn’t recognise me and for a minute we held an awkward silence. then I said the words “you’re ahana s boyfriend aren’t you?”

he looked momentarily nonplussed, not having told the good news to anyone as yet I guess. I pretended to be a close friend of hers, whom she’d told this in passing. he bought it, and soon we were talking of how good and sweet ahana is. we eventually headed to a small cafe by the road.

as we talked, I asked him about his relationship, how it had begun etc. I got a plethora of ahana-made lies, told like a parrot. it convinced me that I was speaking to a simpleton who’d been taken for a ride by the cunt. it made me even more determined to get my revenge upon her.

the guy, whose name was Mahesh, eventually headed for the loo, and I was left alone at the table. I called up namrata. thankfully she picked up. I cut her talk of being bored short and told her in brief what I’d learnt. she told me I must be wrong. I played the recording for her. she was quiet for a while. I saw mahesh returning. asking her to think it over, I cut the call.

now it was mahesh s turn. while he began to wax eloquent on the means of surviving Indian toilets, I innocuously began to play the clip. mahesh thought it to be a song till h heard ahana speak his name. his expression changed from shock to terror as he looked back at me. my ploy was working well.

I now told him that I was a good friend of namrata (he almost fainted at the name) and had found that she had been double timed by the loser in front of me and then dumped for a whore called ahana. was I right?

he began to stammer and plead, making for it easy for me to set my conditions. they were simple, he’d call up namrata and tell her everything. then as a punishment he’d do everything she told him to, me being the guarantor. a little muscle flexing helped.

I made him call namrata up. without bothering to hear her out, he began to stammer his story , me smoking a fag and watching the drama unfold. it lasted around five minutes, during which I could only guess the expressions on Namrata’s face as she heard her ex speak about ahana and the plan that I was progressively destroying.

he concluded by telling her that I’d asked him to say so and he’d do anything for her now. I finished the cigarette and crushed it. Namrata was now speaking and she made him turn the speaker on. She seemed unusualy calm for someone who’d just learnt such explosive truths, and I soon found out why.

as I’ve said, Namratas name belies her true nature, which came on display now. Coolly, she told us of the plan which she’d use to teach the bitch a lesson. it involved getting gaziantep swinger Mahesh to take Ahana to a secluded place and then Namrata would deal with her. As for him, he was to meet her immediately in front of her house. I could only guess the trials and tribulations this hapless lover had in store as we parted ways soon after she hung up.

I’d expected Namrata to carry out her sinister sounding plan in a day or so, but a, whole week passed before we spoke again. She seemed to have got things planned well, and just gave me a location to turn up at. she also asked for some rope duct tape and scissors, which I assumed would be used on Ahana.

The said articles obtained, I headed off to the place, which was basically a warehouse belonging to Namratas father. it was empty due to some repair works and would be a perfect place for humbling the bitch. the time given was 2 in the afternoon. I reached dot on time as is my habit.

the warehouse was deserted, its huge doors opening into a vast space with tins of paint, cans of oil and other implements lying about. nobody was around, which got on my nerves. I began to pace around and presently found a box which appeared somehow out of place. Curious, I opened it to find an array of bondage implements lying carefully arranged in it. They included cat o nine tails, large knotted whips, paddles, nipple clamps, small weights, dildos and some stuff I didn’t recognise. As the surprise wore off, I realized these were what Namrata planned to use upon Ahana. But would she really? she hadn’t come across as someone who was into BDSM. But it was too much of a coincidence.

Just then, I heard footsteps approaching the hall. Not sure if it was Namrata or Mahesh, I hid myself behind a large crate of steel frames. Two shadows approached, and transformed into a boy and a girl.

the boy seemed uneasy, looking around furtively the girl was plainly furious, throwing her hands about. Clearly, Ahana wasn’t happy about coming to this ghostly place, and was making herself clear to Mahesh
I silently hoped that Namrata would get here soon. Time was running out.

Just then, I saw Ahana slap Mahesh across his face, shouting that she was sick of this, where was the surprise he’d promised. was it going to come by courier ? For a moment time stood still, Mahesh staring in shock at the girl who thought he was her boyfriend. and then he slapped back.

this took me by surprise as much as it shocked the bitch. Her eyes flared, and she swung her hand to slap back. it never got to his face, Mahesh easily blocking it and twisting her arm. Ahana now tried some underhanded tricks, kicking him in the crotch to loosen his grip. she appeared to be succeeding Mahesh doubled over, and Ahana made for the door.

I realized that our plan was about to fall to pieces. I rushed after her. by this time she was out of the hall and sprinting towards the gate. I picked up speed and caught up with her just as she reached the gate. we landed in a heap just behind it, my ex clawing towards it in vain.

“Let me go Mahesh. You don’t want to hurt me do you? “

I almost laughed. “It’s not Mahesh” I replied, my serious voice cracking with glee. She realized who I was, and asked “what’re you doing here? “

I laughed again. I wanted to say a million things I’d wanted to say that day at the park. all the words which I should have said that rainy day at the mall. In the event, words were made unnecessary by the arrival of a scooty with Namrata on it.

Namrata got down on seeing the scene. In a flash, she was kneeling in front of us, sticking tape on Ahana s pouty lips as I held down her hands. she then asked me to secure her hands and pull her up. it wasn’t easy, but the bitch was finally up on her long legs. Namrata sized her up, smiled, and KO-ed her in the tummy.

I felt Ahana jerk against me as she recoiled from the attack. a couple more followed, making ahana collapse onto me, her face contorted in pain. Somehow, this only made me want to hurt her more, and I kicked her legs, making her collapse on the dirt. Namrata gave me an approving glance, and I proceeded to kick her again,this time on her ass. Ahana got into a kneeling position to avoid futher kicks. this only made Namrata kick her more, and so she was forced to crawl into the warehouse.

Once inside, I explained to her what had transpired and why Mahesh was,sitting on his ass massaging his groin. She gave her boyfriend a dirty look and went out to park her scooty properly. this left me in charge, and I carried on with the kicks, taking Ahana past her co conspirator to the center of the room, and then to where the bdsm box was. she seemed to have lost all will to resist, her ass now well decorated with shoe prints and presumably, aching like hell.

Now I’d seen Ahana bent over plenty of times, for example when she’d tried to fish out the keys from under the cupboard, and I’d never failed to admire her ass. not too big, not the sagging type, just the about perfect type seen more in amateur videos. This was one reason I’d enjoyed kicking it so much, but now I stopped to admire it.

while I was so engrossed, Namrata turned up and stopped beside me. She must have realized what I was doing. “Let’s begin, you’ll enjoy it even more then”. Saying so, she went upto where Ahana was kneeling, pressed one leg firmly on her butt and kicked her to the ground.

Ahana clearly had not seen it coming, she collapsed like before, only this time she made no attempt to get up. This annoyed our heroine who grabbed a handful of the bitch’s hair and dragged her to the bdsm trunk. Ahana could only howl as her body was pulled by her well maintained mane, her eyes tearing up and her hands desperately clawing the ground for traction against the relentless pull.

Mahesh had meanwhile fixed his member and returned with a large bag. I assumed it contained more material for Ahana s degradation but this time I was wrong. out came packets of chips, biscuits, pakodas (fried snacks) and bottles of beverages, usually seen at picnics. these were followed by a casserole and cans. Namrata told him to leave the rest inside as it was not for us. Thus unemployed, we joined the two girls, one of whom was now handcuffed and watching proccedings with considerable trepidation.

The reasons were obvious enough. Namrata had put up a contraption which appeared ideal for suspending heavy objects at variable heights from the ground. Only this time, the object was Ahana. Namrata needed help putting the ropes in place, and it took up considerable effort to get the thing assembled. When it was done, it looked like a sort of pulley with one end of the rope held down by a heavy block of stone. The length of rope could be adjusted to decide the height of the object from the ground. The rope went through a ring, and was tied to another ring at the other end. From this ring hung two sets of ropes, thinner than the main one but meant to hold the captive immobile.

We now advanced on Ahana. She squirmed away, kicking out at us. This only gave us her legs and we soon had her standing inches from the contraption. Mahesh and I took a rope each while he went to work om her torso, I concentrated on her legs. it was difficult work, the numerous ties making it long drawn. all the while my ex kept begging to be let off. I noticed how she’d changed from the time she’d slapped Mahesh. Then she’d been confident and bitchy, now you could almost feel sorry for her. only, none of us did.

Once she was lying secure in a Namrata supervised hogtie, we lowered the main rope somewhat to string her up. Mahesh and I lifted her ,she being a heavy piece of meat, while Namrata secured the ends to the ring. once done, we lifted her to about chest height, give or take a few inches.

I’d suggested giving some padding for where the ropes bit into her meat, but strangely, it was Mahesh who objected, refusing to give her any comfort. so Ahana rose like a concrete block, screaming herself hoarse, for she still hadn’t figured out what the contraption was meant for. I sipped a coke as she was finally fixed in position, her tits hanging obscenely as the ropes bit in just above and below. Unable to move her hands or legs, she squirmed in her bonds, all the while keeping up her pitiful whimpering.

This again irked Namrata, who’d been busy choosing the implements for the next phase. To our astonishment (though we shouldn’t have been) Namrata coolly walkes upto the captive and flipped over her knee length skirt. Ahana s pleas imcreased as the other woman picked a pair of shears (garden scissors) and ran the blades lightly over her plump ass and thighs. She poked her again and again in the crotch, the last time so hard that Ahana yelped between her pleas. Namrata laughed : in one quick motion she snipped the waistband of the cotton panty and pulled it off. She then walked to the front, dumping the scissors on her ass.Grabbing a fistful of hair, she pulled hard, causing Ahana to yelp. Namrata stuffed the crumpled cloth in her mouth. I handed her the tape, and Ahana was back to being gagged, this time with her own pussy cloth in her mouth.

“It shouldn’t cause any probs.”said Namrata ” I just moved it from one hole to another”. We had a nice laugh as we took a break and Ahana hung there, her body swinging slightly every time she moved. the shears on her ass made her scared and she eventually hung motionless, her head and tits pointing to the ground.

Although we all were somewhat tired by the exertions of tying up a bitch, the enticing sight of her sobbing silently behind the black veil of her hair made me head back to her again. So far, I’d let Namrata handle her , but now I wanted to try out some of my own ideas, fantasies I’d had since school, but never imagined would get to try them out. As a confirmation, I asked Namrata what exactly we were going to do with her once we had punished her. She just smiled and said “That’s upto you. I suggest you make her your private fuck toy.” I’d hoped for such a scenario since Namrata had flicked off Ahana’s panties but it was still strange to hear the words from the salwar kameez wearing girl. Ah well, looks can be deceptive.

I reached Ahana and pulled up her head by her hair. She had red eyes and was obviously exhausted and in pain from the hogtie. She pleaded with her eyes to let her go. Once upon a time not very long ago, I’d have risked my life to see happiness in those eyes, now they were red and pained, and I just wanted to add to the pain.

For starters, I pulled down the precariously placed shears and brought them to her face again. I ran them gently and purposefully along her nose, over her cheeks and across her lips, her eyes following the blades in wide eyed terror. I now went down, or to put it correctly, further back along her suspended body. The tits which had brought me back to her helpless body hung like large sacks of mangoes from her chest. The ropes framed the jugs perfectly, making them stick out to the natural force of gravity. This only made my task easier as I aimed between those tits. Placing the shears at right angles to her chest, I pushed it in gently, just enough for her to feel the tip of the blades on her chest. I guess Ahana was already terrified by the way things were going, and concluded that her end was near. She began to writhe violently in the contraption, which only made the shears push sideways and deeper than I had intended. This in turn made her whimper more. I thoroughly enjoyed her terror, especially as she knew me to be a nice guy, and was probably wondering why I of all people wanted to kill her like this. However, fortunately for her, I’m not a murderer. I shifted the shears slightly and dropped them slightly so as not to graze her chest. Then I closed the bades on her thin top, watching as the cloth came apart under the sharp blades. The benefit of this method was that her bra was cut of f simultaneously and I was soon staring at her fair chest.

I cut sideways along the ropes, the tight bonds making for clear cutting lines. Soon, the chest portion of the clothing was no more and her melons were hanging like fruits from a tree. Unable to resist myself, I knelt down and took one of them into my mouth, its pointed end receiving special attention from my hungry tongue. Soon I was sucking her tits in a perverted enaction of a baby’s suckling. Ahana was actually relieved at this, and calmed down somewhat, making it easier for me to enjoy her tits. I ran my tongue along the areola, and bit down upon the nipple with my incisors. Then I pulled the gland down by my teeth, the soft bit of flesh firmly clasped between my teeth : Ahana beagan squirming again, in pain yet unable to express herself in anyway.

Meanwhile, Namrata and Mahesh had rejoined the party, lowering the girl a little to bring her to waist level, the three of us roughly of the same height. Namrata went back to Ahana’s pussy, now bare and defenceless, while Mahesh stepped up in front of the captive and began undoing her gag. From my vantage point underneath her, I saw Namrata take out a cat-o-nine tails whip and run it up and down Ahana’s helpless ass. Ahana had no way of knowing what this new weapon of pain was, and I sensed her heartbeat quicken as I sucked at her boobs. Mahesh had now removed the gag and unzipped his fly. Out came a 7” cock of medium girth, the same organ our bitch had made the mistake of kicking a little while ago.
Mahesh appeared to remember this well. He held it in front of her eyes, while he held her head steady by the hair. Ahana had no option but to look at it, and as I moved from underneath her, I saw a haunted look in her eyes, as if she’d just realized what this apparition meant. Our hero now added insult to injury. Pulling her hair such that she looked alternatively at his cock and his face, he asked
“ Remember what you did in the morning, Ahana ?”
Ahana would have remembered very well, but she merely looked away. This made Mahesh poke face with his dick as he pulled her hair almost off her head. Ahana couldn’t bear the pain any longer, and replied “Yes…”
“Do you know what happens to bitches who kick dicks ?”
Ahana’s eyes teared up in response.
“You don’t. OK. Let’s teach you”
With that he gave a vicious pull on her well tortured hair, and like Namrata before him, got an open mouth in reward. In went the cock, entering the lipstick framed orifice, just as the first lash landed on Ahana’s ass : Namrata had begun whipping her in earnest.

I watched as the twin assaults added up to create a delightful scene. Namrata stood beside Ahana’s legs, whipping the shit out of the poor cunt as Mahesh sawed in and out of the cunt. The result was that every time a blow landed on her ass, Ahana involuntarily jerked forward, which helped Mahesh pull her into his groin. I didn’t like being a passive bystander to this historic moment when my bitch ex was being broken by her victim and co-conspirator turned enemy. Going to the bdsm box, I took out the nipple clamps and some weights. Going back to underneath her writhing torso, I noticed that her nipples were erect like pencil erasers. Taking one clamp , I placed it firmly upon the nipple. I felt Ahana rock from the sensation of having her tits punished along with her ass and mouth, and this encouraged me to place the second on the other nipple. The clamps were such that they could hold weights from rings built into them. The weights themselves were in shape of small iron balls, and I hung three from each tit using chains. The tits changed shape as the weight increased, becoming elongated as the pull increased at their tips.

By the time I emerged from underneath her a second time, both Namrata and Mahesh were well along the road to their respective goals, though I wasn’t sure what Namrata’s goal exactly was. Mahesh’s was cumming and I could see from his face that he was rapidly building up. Suddenly, controlling himself, he pulled out and held his excited dick for an exhausted Ahana to behold.
“Tell me slut, what is this ?”
“Yeah, penis. The same one you kicked earlier. Guess what , roles have reversed bitch. It OWNS you now. Your head is nothing but a receptacle to pleasure this organ, of any man who wishes to avail himself of it. Now repeat what I said”
I guess whatever self respect was left in the girl kicked in, and she defiantly shook her head. This made Namrata laugh. Pulling the whip high above her head, she aimed right at Ahana’s cunt. WHAP! The blow landed on target, making the girl scream her loudest yet. But still she kept quiet, sobbing instead of saying those degrading words. WhACK< WHACK, WHAP. Namrata kept up the brutal assault on Ahana’s private parts as her willpower steadily drained from the combined effect of exhaustion, tit torture and the humiliation of being used like a sex toy. WHAAACK. THUD. Namrata landed one last lash on the most abused part of her ass and followed it up with a kick to her pussy. The kick had multiple effects. It made the nipple clamps swing wildly, increasing the pain on her tits; it made the ropes bite in brutally as she swung; it gave her, presumably, a terrible pain in her pussy; it also sent her head-on (literally) into Mahesh’s crotch. Mahesh took this opportunity to make Ahana lick his balls and shaft even as her willpower finally drained. Another pull of her hair brought out the words in a teary monologue. “Your cock owns me. I’m a slave to it and will do anything that you want me to do with you or any man, I am a sex slave” “Not exactly what I said but close enough. Only one thing, I said that cock OWNS you. What do you call your owner ?”
Ahana was either incredibly stupid or needed another kick to bring her senses back. She just stared back at him blankly.THUD
Another kick, this time on her ass proper. “SIR, you bitch, you call him SIR or MASTER” Namrata screamed from behind the
tortured cunt.
“Sorry SIR. This useless bitch will obey you completely sir”

This was what Mahesh had wanted to hear from the start – Ahana was now completely broken. He grabbed Ahana’s well abused hair and used it to bring himself to climax, cumming over her face,hair and lips. He ordered her to lick up the mess, and she obediently did so, her eyes lowered to the ground.

It was now my turn again. I’d been the worst sufferer of Ahana’s infidelity, it was only fair that I got to deflower her. Namrata nodded. She made some alterations to the bonds, such that her pussy could now be easily accessed. We hoisted her up again. As Namrata and Mahesh took a break, I picked up the whip and positioned myself behind the broken woman. She expected another round of whipping I guess and began pleading in a hoarse voice as I rubbed her ass and pussy with the dick and the whip.

However, when I began to push into her virgin snatch, she began to scream again. I was surprised by the fact that she was a virgin, but even more so that she should care so much for it once she’d been so brutally abused. What did she think, she’d be allowed to go free and carry on her bitchy behaviour after this ? Maybe she did . Maybe she thought she’d settle for a loving man rich enough yet gullible enough not to see her cheating behind his back. As they say, once a bitch always a bitch.

Such rosy hopes were not to be however. I’d suffered too much for me to turn back now. And what was the point ? if not me, then Mahesh would rape her and she’d be just another used cunt that no one would like to marry. She deserved that, honestly she did. But she kept screaming and I was just thinking of using the whip when Namrata stepped up, a cream cracker in her hand and lifted her foot to Ahana’s cum covered face. The foot went in and poor Ahana I guess was soon tasting the delicacies of a sweaty female foot (Namrata wore canvas shoes) as Namrata had her biscuits and then some cold drinks.

For me, Ahana’s silence was the signal to push in. To tell the truth, I was a virgin too, and savoured the experience. I hit against her hymen, the seal of purity of the female genital, and ripped it apart in one brutal push. The foot prevented her from screaming and I felt her pussy clench as the invader steadily violated her most private parts. I couldn’t see her face but I presumed that it would have a devastated look upon it now, changing into a passive shock as the rape progressed. Namrata removed the foot and instead stuffed her shoe into Ahana’s mouth telling her to hold it there. So silenced, the cunt endured a steady pumping of her pussy as I enjoyed the extreme tightness of her hitherto unused organ.

I gradually picked up speed, grabbing Ahana’s long hair as as a handle. It felt like riding a horse of some sort, especially as Ahana’s position reminded of a horse with its legs in the wrong direction. This excited me more, my hormones working overtime as my mind replayed all the bitter memories of me and her, and my cock translated them into brutal thrusts into her helpless vagina. I gradually approached orgasm, the tightness squeezing my cock over the edge just as I gave the most violent of pulls on her hair and actually came off with some. Ahana hung her head again as I pumped my jizz into her unprotected womb, she obviously more worried now about pregnancy than her ruined virginity. But her vagina took in every drop of cum, milking me dry as I throbbed inside her. Two out of Ahana’s three holes had been claimed.

I used her ripped off hair to clean my cock and then stuffed it in her mouth in place of the shoe. It made for a poorer gag, but atleast she’d taste my cum. Meanwhile, Mahesh had received an urgent call from his home, and being the ever obedient (even after what he’d just done) boy, he hurried off. We saw him off, checked if anyone was coming, closed the door of the warehouse again and took a break.

This too was a short one,as it was getting late and people would start wondering where Ahana had gone. So we returned to our captive. I was hard again by this time, and at Namrata’s request, positioned myself to bust her ass. Before that however, Namrata swung her a couple of times, enjoying the way she spun as the ropes knotted and unknotted every time she moved. It also helped that her tits burnt with every swing and moved lower and lower on her nipples every time she swung. This only increased the pull on the reduced area held by the clamp and proportionately increased the pain. Eventually one of them pulled off and went flying. Namrata now removed the clamps, got a box of pins and sat down on a box beside her Ahana’s tits.

Namrata had given me some Vaseline and I applied it liberally on her ass and my cock. However, when I began pushing I found it was impossible to move in, her ass simply refusing to take me in. I then pushed a finger slowly into her asshole, until it was buried till the third joint. Then I tried with two, and eventually three . Namrata told me it was enough, and I began to push into Ahana’s last virgin orifice with my cock. The going was still incredibly tough, but the ass rape finally got under way when I managed to push my cockhead through her stubborn sphincter. Ahana responded with more screams and pleas, which by now seemed little more than background music. I pushed in deeper, watching as Namrata pushed the first pin into Ahana’s tortured tits and fixed it into position with a firm push of her nail. The pin almost completely disappeared into her millk gland and elicited some more screams. As Namrata kept up the attempt to turn the tittie into a pincushion, I managed to get my dick completely into her shithole.

I now began to pump in and out of her shitter, as the pins multiplied on her right tit and moved to her left. Ahana’s already tortured ass was now taking my cock in in increasingly rapid strokes, while I stuffed a Coca Cola small bottle up her pussy and felt the glass brush against my dick through the thin membrane separating her two holes. We laughed, Ahana’s once protected pristine pussy was now a receptacle for used bottles- what a fall! This thought only heightened my pleasure and soon I was cumming in her bowels, her body taking in my cum through a second hole in as many hours. Ahana was now completely used.

The second orgasm tired me out and soon me and Namrata were sitting beside the hung up meat enjoying her snacks. She’d prepared some of the stuff herself and I credited her for the delicious food as another good cook, Ahana, hung helplessly before us, exuding blood from her tits, and blood and cum from her vagina and ass. After all, I wasn’t going to let any opportunity to degrade Ahana go by, was I ?

Namrata suddenly remembered that she’d brought some food for Ahana as well. After all, the BITCH must be feeling hungry. I watched as she emptied the bag Mahesh had brought, bringing a bowl and a packet with her. We finally allowed Ahana to come down, cutting the rope and making her crash to the ground. This made the pins in her tits bury deep into her tortured flesh even as Ahana tried to get some sensation back into her limbs. I couldn’t help it, I clicked a few pics of her so arrayed, the last one with the bowl placed in front of her. We undid her hands and legs, she too tired by now to try to run.

Namrata now took the packet and held it before Ahana’s eyes. “What is it Ahana ?” she asked in a mock teacher tone. “Dog food” replied the cunt. “You need to improve your noun gender Ahana. It’s BITCH food. Go on, lap it up, it’s nutritious you know. “ With that she poured the packet into the bowl and pushed Ahana’s head down into it. Then she went down on her haunches and removed her lower clothing. Aiming straight at the bowl now covered with Ahana’s long tresses, she let loose a stream of piss into it, laughing as it drenched her hair and filled the bowl. Ahana tried to move away, and raised her face in the process. Namrata only shifted focus and pissed straight into the bitch’s face. I watched in awe as the golden stream washed away the dried cum (or liquefied it at any rate) and the blood from her tits, stinging her along the way. Namrata now walked upto her vanquished opponent and made her eat the piss covered stuff with her foot placed on Ahana’s head. I clicked a pic of them like this. Ahana had become a complete bitch.

Time was running out, it already being late in the evening., We threw some newspapers to Ahana to clean up and then dismantled the apparatus and cleaned out the place as we best could. A large part of the latter was done by Ahana on all fours with mops tied to her knees and palms of her hands. Then we dressed up, Namrata providing a very short dress for the bitch and gave me a collar to put on her later. She made Ahana keep the pins in her tits and put some cotton in the bra she was given to hide any blood. It was agreed that I’d keep her from now on and share her whenever she and Mahesh were bored out. I agreed, I’d wanted a pet for a long time after all.

Namrata locked the premises and we went our separate ways. Ahana hardly said a word as we drove on my bike to my place – I wanted one last sex session before we parted ways for the day. My parents responded cordially but Dad seemed a little put off by her short dress. I took her to my room and closed the door. Once alone, I turned to my new pet.

“Liked the day bitch ?”

She looked at me with tearful eyes and said “How could you do this ? We were lovers!”
The cliché almost made me laugh. Instead, I asked her to show me her tits. The pins were still there, and I made her count them. A full 25 of them it was, which made me laugh again. I made her strip and pulled her onto me. Taking off her dress, I pushed into her for a second time, into her still tight pussy. As she began to fuck, I made her pull out a pin for every two strokes, such that it was a full 50 strokes before her tits were pin free. I came soon after and made her clean up in the toilet. Just as she was urinating in the bowl, I moved into the toilet and made her kneel beside the bowl. Now I pissed into the bowl,such that it was full of yellow liquid by the time I was done. I now dragged her by her hair to the edge of the bowl and pushed her head in just enough. And I flushed.

Ahana obediently kept her head in, getting drenched by piss a second time in the day, this time including her own. Once done, she collapsed onto the floor, crying through the piss matted hair. I only laughed, telling her this was all she deserved as a bitch.

Thereafter I made her clean up and leave, she having her first real food only when my mother offered some sweets. In the coming weeks, she aborted the child secretly,but I still had the pictures to terrorize her. I made her come to my place whenever I felt bored, and soon she was spending all her time at my place, telling lies about going to this friend’s house or that. She had become my full time pet.

It’s been almost a year now. She’s improved her sucking and sexual skills in general, but has been steadily degraded. Dog food was not healthy for humans I learnt, so she now has whatever is leftover from earlier days and is meant for the crows and cats in the backyard : her status is now reduced to that of a road dog, as I keep reminding her. She’s not made another protest all this time and I plan to soon make her do more stuff. What stuff, you ask ? Well, that’s another story

Written by Pandorius999
([email protected])
[Do tell me how you liked the story, either by commenting or by mailing me at the above address. If it gets an enthusiastic response, the story may get a sequel. Also, all constructive criticism is welcome. Some inconsistencies may exist, please inform me I’ll fix the same.a]

[ The author does not condone sexual violence or any form of degradation, physical, sexual or mental. This story is purely a fantasy and should stay the same. No association with any real characters, places or institutions, present or past exists. Any such relation is pure coincidence and totally unintentional.]

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