My Evolving Transition Ch. 02

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My Evolving Transition – 2. The Party


My girlfriend suggested we experiment with a strap-on, so we did. It didn’t take long before I was hooked on strap-on sex. I was still living in a loft behind my Mother’s subdivided house.

(Originally posted as known as Teasin’ Pleasin 02 under my old Profile)

The Story:

Six months had now passed since Tiffany introduced me to her strap-on. By now I had become addicted to her giving my ass a real pounding and by the Christmas holidays, I had gotten so used to her fucking me with it, that I craved it.

I also started getting these migraines, so, Tiffany gave me some pills called flutamide and repeat scripts. They did a better job of control my headaches than, 8 Panadols or common headache tablets could.

She was always coming up with these inventive ideas, so now I had to empty my balls into her before she would fuck me. No problem. Our sex life was back on track, after it was on the verge of collapse, a few months back. I fuck her, then she fucks me.

The next hiccup in our lives was coming up.

Tiffany and her friends throw a big New Year’s Eve extravaganza. She started badgering me to go with her, since Halloween. I wasn’t that big on large gatherings and apparently, there was going to be a large turn-out, as there usually was, so she says. It was held at some old mansion by the bay, that a friend of hers owned.

So, it was the night of the party, and my heart still wasn’t into going, but she insisted. Tiffany doesn’t see her friends much and this was her chance to meet up with them again, but I’ve heard stories about these wild New Year’s and Memorial Day parties before.

Like usual I gave in to her badgering and agreed to go. Only because she bribed me by giving my eager ass a pounding, with her strap-on.

Sometime after, it was dress-up time. She made me wear make-up and other crap. I wouldn’t have allowed myself to be subjected to this degradation of my character but felt a bit compliant after my pounding.

So, black eyeliner, dark purple eyeshadow, and dark blue lipstick were all I pretty much what was applied. She planned to add more but she stopped herself before going overboard. I felt like a clown, wearing all this makeup.

So, we booked a taxi and drove 30 minutes to the bayside region, until we arrived at the complex’s long driveway. I was gobsmacked at the enormous layout of the estate and then the mansion house itself.

There seemed to be people mingling everywhere, inside the house, outside of it, by the pool, or by the edge of the beachhead, with clothes on, without clothes on, or somewhere in between. I was awestruck looking around as the taxi slowed to a halt by the front doors.

Inside everyone seemed to be either chatting, flirting, or drinking, but outside they seemed to be doing whatever they wanted. We started drinking once we entered the house. The music was pounding, it was so loud that it shook the windows of the house and made my heart pace.

I didn’t feel comfortable inside but hide it from Tiffany.

Tiff found her friends and started talking to them, it was all girl talk, so I drifted away and explored the complex. Everyone was ignoring me, so I wandered around the huge estate.

It didn’t take long before I became bored, and I started thinking that it was a mistake coming. It wasn’t my crowd, nor my taste in music, and not my scene full-stop. I was so bored that I started having thoughts of calling a taxi or uber and going home.

An hour had passed and after yet another bubbly drink, I went inside the house and try to locate the restroom and take a piss.

I looked everywhere for what would resemble a toilet. I was even thinking of using a tree, but as I did, someone walked near me, so I put my cock back in my pants.

Eventually, I went back inside and found it. It was well hidden, no wonder I couldn’t find it. There were 5 steps downwards and towards, two doors. One door led to the garage, while the other one looked like a closet, which was the restroom, bathroom, toilets, etc.

It’s when I went to go inside, I stood there staring. It was huge, too huge for regular people. All wanted was a piss, and suddenly I thought I was at a nightclub, or a venue, or someplace big.

Why do rich people need everything so big? Like there were two urinals, three toilets, a shower, plus enough room to swing a cat. It was nothing like any toilet I knew of, except at school.

Once I’d finished and was washing my hands at the basin, there was a sudden noise, as the door quickly opened and slammed shut. It startled me and made me turn around in an instant.

There stood a tall dude who looked a bit intoxicated and ripped his cock out and took a pee. I couldn’t help but notice from the reflection in the mirror, that this dude was packing a big damn cock. This would have to be the first time I looked at another man’s cock or cock watched since Tiffany introduced me to another life.

Was it the fact I was tipsy from the wine üvey kız kardeş porno or had my inhibitions set free, thanks to Tiffany’s bedroom games?

Another dude had wandered in and spotted me looking at the big dude, thru the reflection in the mirror. I then quickly finished up and was about to leave, but the new dude grabbed my arm. We glared at each other, then I broke eye contact and briefly looked at the big guy, who by now was standing there with his dangling cock, looking confused.

“What’s going on here,” the big guy said while packing his cock away. We both stared at the big guy.

“This freak was perving at you in the mirror,” the guy with a grip on my arm said. I had no comeback, so I just stood there.

“Shoosh,” the big guy said and put a finger to his lips, to shut me up. He then leaned that same hand on the door hard, as it shut and then he latched the lock.

“Let me get this right, you like looking at cocks,” he said with bass in his voice. I glared at him. “…Only the nice ones,” I scrambled to answer. “Ok, ok, I’m cool with that,” he said, and the standoff seem over. The big guy went to the basin and cleaned himself up.

I was then motioning to go to the door, but the other guy stood in my way like a bouncer.

He grabbed me and pulled me into him and started kissing me. I just stood there in shock. Then he started to kiss me with more passion and grope my ass, I started to feel lightheaded.

Then I tried to put up a weak defence, before pushing him away, but he was too strong.

“Sorry, I don’t swing that way,” I stuttered a nervous answer. He just smiled and kissed me again. I think he sensed my curiosity. Again, I pushed him away. “Look, I..,” I tried to answer. “Look honey, I saw you looking at Roman’s cock there, there isn’t no way you don’t dream about it,” He smugly said.

Then he gripped my ass and pulled me into him, in a hug-like embrace, and without warning, started biting my neck. This time his hands went inside my pants and cradled my asscheeks. He was trying to finger my asshole, and when a finger went inside my asshole, that’s when I lost myself and started to respond to him and kissed him back. Our mouths were soon open, and we swapped tongues. He had me against the door as we made out, and fingering my ass.

After a while, he was biting my neck like a vampire and bringing a tiny moan out of me. It was like I was in a vampiric trance. I felt like I should try to break free, but I was in rapture and didn’t. by now, I was losing my dignity and male machoism once the big guy started joining us.

Then we moved towards the rear of the room and near the urinals and away from the locked entrance. I had a moment to consider my options but couldn’t with one guy biting my neck and the other playing tonsil hockey with my tongue.

Roman break away and left me with the other guy, I still hadn’t learned his name. While our lips were locked, he seduced my body. I let out a small moan as his tongue worked its magic on my neck, before biting me again. He briefly stopped to see what Roman was doing.

Roman had worked his way behind me and began loosening my pants, as he caressed my thighs, ass, and love handles. I didn’t resist.

First, my pants and boxers were loosened, then they were yanked down below my knees. The vampire guy helped loosened my shirt, which now fell to the ground. If I wasn’t in a trance-like state, I’d swear they were a team.

In no time I was stripped naked and in the hands of two strange men. My heart began to pace.

Roman lifted my legs to wrestle me free from my shoes, pants, and boxers, at the same time the other guy was ravaging my neck. Roman started caressing my balls while fingering my compliant asshole.

My cock was already growing to attention, even before Roman started molesting me.

“Someone’s a horny boy,” Roman announced, as he had one hand fondling my balls and then squeezing my growing cock. I let out an uneasy smile, but I loved their seduction.

Roman started to stroke my cock and knead my asshole, while the other guy was making hickey marks over my neck. I felt so dirty and horny, but I didn’t care, we were locked out from the outside world, in our own little sanctuary.

“Ohhh, fuckkk, yeahhh,” I moaned out. I wasn’t thinking about anything or worrying about anything, as a guy was touching my cock and another feeding on me.

Then they brought me down to my knees, I was compliant. They stood above me grinning. I couldn’t make out what was going on. My cock was now free, but fully erect and seeping precum. I clicked once their pants hit the ground and they removed their clothes.

Roman then started to guide his cock, toward my head.

“Suck it,” he said, as he waved his cock about. “I’ve never sucked cock before,” I stuttered xnxx porno my reply. “Go on, I can see it in your eyes, that you want to,” he snapped. “Open up and suck it, set yourself free,” he asked, again.

I wanted to but was nervous, then I submissively lowered my head toward it and licked my lips, before allowing his cock to slip right into my mouth. It quickly made me gag as it went further inside. I quickly adjust my head to avoid gagging.

From out of nowhere I began to moan around the cock in my mouth, as I fought to keep suctioned between my lips. In my head I kept thinking, I have a freaking cock in my mouth, and there was another waiting.

I began to suck slowly, up and down the shaft. The more I sucked, the hornier I became. In no time I grasp enough knowledge to understand how a hard cock felt like, sliding deeper down my throat. While I was moaning and purring around Roman’s cock, I heard a moan come from Roman’s lips. That brought a smile to my cocksucking lips.

All the while, the other guy (the vampire), was out of my view, then I spotted him. He was just watching with his arms crossed.

Then Roman grabbed my ears and started to face-fuck me for half a minute. Then he pulled out of my mouth and left my mouth with a pop, I was left with my mouth open and released my ears. He slapped my bare ass and left.

“Your turn, Fudge-boy,” Roman said to the other guy.

Roman walked to the basin and washed his hands, while Fudge-boy aka the vampire, moved into position.

Fudge-boys cock was much fatter than Roman’s, as it stretched my mouth wide as it entered. Roman wiped his wet hands on my bare butt cheeks, while I was doing the deed on Fudge-boy’s cock.

I began to wiggle my ass while Roman caressed my ass cheeks apart and rubbed my asshole with handwash before inserting a finger or two.

What surprised me was how easily I succumbed to their charms. If this had been six months ago, we would have been throwing fists, but Tiffany opened Pandora’s box and my mind.

Roman gave my ass an almighty spank, which made me whimper a bit. I wriggled my butt and it felt strange. The cock in my mouth, made me focus on it and not on what was going on behind me.

It’s then I realized what and why my ass felt strange, when Roman slapped me, he also timed it well and jammed his fist inside my asshole. He was now slowly fisting my ass while slobbering spit down my asscrack. He’d fisted my hole for 30 seconds then tried to stick his tongue inside and slobber my hole for a while. He knew what he was doing as he was getting me moaning.

Roman was eating out my asshole and then fingering it before eating it out again, it got to the stage I was loving it so much, I wanted his cock inside me. I was moaning and was eventually starting to push my ass into his face, meaning I wanted to be fucked.

While I was sucking Fudge-boy’s cock, Roman was bringing me all sorts of joy by licking out and fingering my ass. My cock was dribbling pre-cum, and I was lost in my own private heaven.

I was sucking on the cock in my mouth, while Roman licked my asshole until it went to sleep, my own cock was semi-hard and dribbling pre-cum, it was beginning to be all too much, as I had thoughts that they’d make me cum.

Then after spitting on my ass cheek, I felt Roman rub his cock up and down my ass crack.

“Are you into poppers or want some?” Roman queried. Roman gave me a small bottle to sniff, which gave me a buzz, and relaxed me. Not long after, he was sticking his cock into my ass. A younger me would have protested, today wasn’t that day.

I could feel Roman’s cock flexing as it slid inside my asshole, which felt like it was growing. Whatever that shit I snorted was, put me in a relaxed mode, and I didn’t feel any discomfort. I also felt what I felt like after, I had drunk a shot of bourbon or two. My inhibitions were non-existent, and after I had another snort from that tiny bottle, I was horny as hell.

Then the fucking began. His cock was much thicker than Tiffany’s strap-on, and as it slid inside and out, it felt like heaven.

I had a cock stuffed in my mouth and down my throat, while Roman started to grind his cock deeper and deeper inside my ass, without mercy. It hurt a little, but I was buzzing too much to complain.

I was now getting a pounding in the ass and for the next few minutes, in my mouth.

“Oh, fuck, yes. This feels so fucking good. Oh, fuck!” I moaned.

“Yeah, seems like you like having cock inside you,” Fudge-boy said. I said nothing but moaned into his cock inside my mouth.

My ass felt fuller than I had ever been. I was amazed at how horny I was, as I moved my hips to the rhythm of Roman’s thrusts. That stuff I sniffed, had my mind in a spin. My ass was triggering something in my mind that I couldn’t control. Each deep thrust inside my ass, made me turn into a sexed maniac, and the cock in my mouth got the treatment.

The zenci porno more I snort from that little bottle the more adventurous I sucked Fudge’s cock. I would jack off his cock, and lick and slobber over it, before swallowing it again in my mouth, then repeat the method a minute later.

“You like that, you like me owning your cock,” I pulled out his cock, and teased him while glancing into his eyes. He didn’t have to answer, the look on his face answered me.

I looked around. before going back to sucking his cock, it was then I noticed that Roman was taking photos on his cell phone. He was taking shots of me and Fudge’s cock. Before I couldn’t do or say anything, I was gifted with another snort of poppers.

“Do you like being fucked like a bitch?” Roman then asked as he passed the phone to Fudge. My response was that I flicked my tongue on the tip of Fudge’s slippery cock, licked down his shaft, and sucked on his balls. Then I slobbered my tongue back up his shaft before, opening my mouth and taking it back inside again. Fudge took photos of me the whole time.

Fudge then took photos of Roman, inside my ass. My humiliation was complete, as Fudge took photos of Roman’s cock deep inside my ass. There will be no denying it, with photos as proof I had cock in my ass and mouth.

Roman was fucking me with long slow methodical smooth strokes, while they both took personal snapshots on his phone.

By now I was in the groove like a machine, I was the engine, and they were my pistons. Roman had begun to grip my hips as he went for glory and started pumping into me harder once again. I was beyond resistance I was in heaven.

He knew exactly how to fuck me to flick my switch. Within a minute I was moaning out loudly, as they continued to fuck me. The more they groaned and grunted the more turned on I became.

“God, oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” Roman soon grunting out. I felt his cock spasm inside my ass and then explode a load inside it. While he slowly ground out his orgasm inside my ass, Fudge pulled out of my mouth and slapped my head with his slimy cock.

They then took a short break. As people were starting to pound on the door. They both opened the door and told them to fuck off.

Fudge picked me up and hugged me into his body while picking me up off the ground and trying to insert his cock into my loose ass, as he tried, he began sucking my neck. Roman helped guide Fudge’s cock into my ass. So, for the next few minutes, Fudge had me suspended up against a wall, and grinding his cock in and out of my already-bred ass.

A short time later Roman re-joined us and kissed the other side of my neck.

I couldn’t help it and began to cum and made a mess all over my stomach and Fudges. That didn’t distract him, he kept grinding into my ass. They continually mauled my neck, for at least another five minutes.

I was gone for money and in 7th heaven.

Once Fudge had cum in my ass, he turned us around and now he lay against the wall with his cock still inside me. I was left hugging Fudge while Roman squeezed his cock inside my ass as well. It was uncomfortable but sexy at the same time. Fudge just stood still while Roman ground his cock in my full ass.

After two minutes of this, I drifted off in Fudge’s arms, with two cocks in my ass.

Soon as Roman had cum inside me again, Fudge got a second wind and started to grind inside me. Then when they both had unloaded inside me, they simply let go of me, and I collapse in a heap on the bathroom floor.

They gave me a final stare before offering their cocks to me to clean them up with my mouth, I crawled to my knees and obliged.

So, I went from never having touched a cock, to having two grinding in my ass at once, and four loads inside me and enjoying it.

Once I finished my business with the boys, I rose to a squat position against the wall and watched them getting dressed.

My back ached a little and my ass felt numb and tender, cum started to slowly trickle out from my ass.

I noticed that Roman and Fudge had both dressed, and after at least an hour of fucking me, they unlocked the door and left. It didn’t dawn on me until it was too late when people started entering.

People entered to take a piss, and what they saw was me naked and squatting down against the wall, with plenty of evidence, that I had been fucked.

They stared at me at first not knowing what to say, and then they poked fun at me and smirked while taking snapshots from their phones. I felt embarrassed but was in too much shock to react, as I soon slid down the wall and slumped onto its bathroom floor.

Someone took advantage of me and fed me his cock, which I took, without thinking twice. I swallowed what I could, but I was drowning in self-pity, and hot, sticky, cum still flowed from my mouth and down my chin.

Once all the humiliation was over and I was alone again in the restroom, I cleaned myself up and gingerly went back to the party.

Tiffany saw me and giggled. She asked where I had been, then burst out laughing, seems I was the butt of everyone’s joke. I knew then that she’d set me up, to be fucked by Roman and Fudge. She turned her back on me and went back to her friends and knew that for six months she had groomed me patiently for this day.

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