My Dirty Little Secret

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My impending 35th birthday was coming up in a few weeks and for people in my profession, it marks a time when you’re too old to be hired for some positions in the fire service. And whereas I wasn’t feeling really old, but I finally understood what a friend of mine in the same career path felt eighteen months before, when he turned 35.

I decided to do something to mark the occasion. I was going through what some would call a midlife crisis and others a metamorphosis. I had the convertible sports car. A cute little black Mustang that got me dirty looks from all the moms in minivans as I dropped my son off to school in the morning. I lost a lot of weight and started going to the gym all the time. I just needed to loose 300 more pounds, meaning the estranged husband who really needed to get out of my life and let me move on.

I wanted to get a tattoo but I couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted, nor could I find someone who could do it for me. A friend of mine was a piercer and he always joked escort bayan that he’d love to pierce me because no one would think that I’d do something as wild as that. Despite my career choice, I’m a very maternal person. A Donna Reed for the older generation, Cindy Walsh for the 90210 generation.

The more I thought about it, the more it sounded like something I could do. I talked about it with my “friend with benefits” and he had suggested I get my tongue pierced. I didn’t think that would go over well at work so I decided to go with something only me, my doctors and he would see. I figured I’d pierce my nipples and it would be my dirty little secret. I figured since I was a medical professional, I could do this myself without a problem, so I go my hands on a piercing set up and set at it.

The fun part was getting my nipples hard. I thought of him and all the delicious things he did to my body when we were together. I thought of him sucking on my nipples as he escort istanbul played with my clit. I was getting moist just thinking about him. I discovered I liked the clamps on my nipples a lot more than I thought I would. Deep under the mom disguise is a porn star waiting to jump out.

This is not something I recommend for everyone. Like I said, I’m a medical professional with access to sterile material, lidocaine and hospital grade antiseptics. As the old adage goes, “don’t try this at home kids”.

I’m not one for pain and I get sick at the sight of my own blood. Something I totally forgot about until half way through the first nipple with the large needle and blood started dripping everywhere. I get most of the way through and the endorphins kicked in. Pain turned into pleasure and pleasure turned into delightful orgasmic release. Nothing compared to the ones that my “friend with benefits” gives me but pleasant none the least.

I quickly finished that bayan escort one while the endorphins and afterglow of my orgasm were still shooting chemicals into my brain and set to work on my other one. The second one went a lot faster and didn’t even hurt or bleed much. Yet again, I experienced a small yet delightful orgasm as the needle went through.

Now that the healing process has started, I get a warm tingling feeling in my pussy every time the metal ring moves around. I have a hard time keeping myself from playing with them all the time. I have to wear either a padded bra or a sports bra to hide the constant high beams but it’s my dirty little secret and I love it.

I now understand what people mean when they say tattoos are addicting. I’m now thinking of what else can I get pierced. I think I may tell the “friend with benefits” that I’ll consider my tongue if he does something for me, especially since he wants me to get it done for his benefit. I can just imagine sucking him off with the little ball adding to the friction against his cock as I bob up and down on him. His little moans and gasps encouraging me to suck him harder. Massaging his balls until they tighten and explode in my mouth. Yeah, someone’s getting some tonight when he gets home from work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32