My Dirty Little Secret (9)

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As always, thanks for the feedback, guys. I did notice that you all noticed the horrible errors I made in the last chapter and that’s because of my terrible editing and the fact that I’d written the chapter over the course of a few weeks and had forgotten the name I was using for ‘Mitch’, who is actually ‘Mike’.

And ‘Quin’ is actually ‘Dave’ — I didn’t forget that name, obviously, but I’ve got this weird quirk of writing each chapter with different names, just experimenting with the flow of names so that I can use them for some other writing I do (unfortunately that isn’t erotica). Then I just replace the names with the names I’ve been using for the series.

Anyway, I’m sorry for that mistake and hopefully it won’t happen again.

You probably have noticed from the scroll bar to the right that this is a gigantic chapter. It is hugely just plot though, so sorry about that 🙁 There are two sex scenes so I suggest you type ctrl+F and search phrases like ‘cock’ or ‘penis’ or ‘sucking’ if you just want to read those XD


The problem with drugs and alcohol is that if you’ve had sex while under their influence, you might not remember it. This leads to a great deal of confusion the morning after.

When Mike arrived, we’d managed to put our clothes on before he could see us. In our little discussion before having sex, I remembered that Dave didn’t exactly want to tell anyone about his bisexuality. He wasn’t ready. I didn’t know that douk and booze would put the secrecy of his sexuality under such risk.

When we went downstairs, we found Mike making himself comfortable on the sofa, already smoking through the pipe-thingy whose proper name/terminology I have not discovered at all. When he saw us, he pulled us both into a hug and we stood there awkwardly for a minute because he wasn’t letting us go.

“You’re already a bit… high, aren’t you?” I asked as he released us. He was wearing his usual black wifebeaters and white shorts under them. Mike was fit. As in, if he was gay, I would fuck him in public fit. His physique was more like mine – toned rather than simply huge like Dave. His pecs were well defined and his nipples (aka the best part of his body) were big, pink and round. He had blonde hair, blue eyes and a cute cleft in the chin that somehow made his strong jawline fitter.

He was also a bit of a druggie, smoking douk just about everyday. “Yeah,” he confirmed, “Not that much, though. Good thing you left your door open, Dave. You two took forever to get down.”

Dave smiled. “Nah, we two were just having a little quickie, you know. We’d just finished when we heard your voice. Put our clothes on and came downstairs.”

Mike laughed. “Well, hopefully you’ll be in the mood to do it again soon. Didn’t just come here to get pissed.”

Obviously, I was a bit surprised by this. Did Mike know that we were actually in a relationship? Hadn’t Dave just said he hadn’t come out to him? Then I realised they were just joking, as they usually did.

Not wanting to delay anything, I sat down and downed some shots of Tequila. We got tipsy pretty soon and put on loud music and disco lights to emulate a party. But really we were just playing FIFA while intoxicated. In the middle of the rabble, Mike asked me, “You don’t smoke, do you?”

Dave replied, “Nope, he doesn’t.”

“I want to, though, just to see what douk is like,” I said. Mike put an arm around me and put the pipe-thingy into my mouth and I gently sucked, coughing hard afterwards. Dave and Mike laughed but I soon got used to it and felt a faint buzz in my head. I guessed the alcohol was sort of dampening the whole thing.

It was amazing how quickly we were getting drunk. We were not definitely on the point of being absolutely pissed yet, but we were definitely on the way. I felt my inhibitions stripping away – Dave and Mike started looking much better than they actually were. I put a foot on Mike’s crotch. Mike just looked down and it and smiled. I was disappointed not to get a response from his cock, however. I guess he wasn’t that drunk.

It wasn’t long before Dave took his shirt off. I mirrored him and advised Mike to pull his wifebeater off as well, even though he’d look hot both ways. Mike took it off and I remember a voice in my head telling me to wait until he had had a couple more shots before launching into the attack. I was feeling very, very horny.

I remember kissing Dave… but somehow that turned into Mike. I definitely remember sucking Mike’s nipples, though. Mike was just laughing at the whole thing. My memory sort of blanked out from there.

And the next thing I remember is waking up with a horrible headache, feeling cold and saying, “Close the curtains, someone!” It was getting light in the east. I also realised that I only had my boxer-briefs on. However, I discovered that I was pressing my cock against some someone’s hip, so that didn’t bother me much. I lazily felt the guy’s abs and pushed my hands under his own briefs, feeling his limp cock, thinking it was David. But then I remembered Dave’s abs weren’t so pronounced and his cock was bigger.

I opened my eyes and saw that Dave’s face was a foot away from mine. We were both resting on the same pillow… which was fleshy and warm and peach-coloured. The pillow was Mike’s test. When I realised this fact, the first thing my dim painridden mind could think of doing was kissing him. You don’t get to dry hump and kiss straight guys everyday.

So I moved up slightly and found out that his mouth was conveniently open. He was snoring loudly. I could feel my cock steadily getting harder as it came to the comprehension that there were two other naked cocks in its direct vicinity. I pushed my tongue into Mike’s mouth, but there was no response at all. Giving up, I just kept my head down and slept again.

It felt like I’d been woken up a second later when in actual fact I’d had another half hour of sleep. When I woke up this time, I realised Mike wasn’t there anymore. I was instead entwined in Dave’s arms and we were both sort of… in a heap. He was staring at me and I could smell how bad his breath was. “You know what?” he said.


“We’re outside.”

That explained the cold air, the wet grass and the general unpleasantness of the situation. “How the fuck could I sleep here?!” I whispered, agitated, as my dull mind tried to process the information.

“I don’t know,” Dave replied, looking around. We were in his backyard. The problem with this was that his backyard connected to the backyards of other houses… which meant we were out in open sight. “Do you think anyone saw us?”

I shook my head, trying to calm myself down before I jumped to conclusions. I tried to take comfort from the warmth of his naked skin, but it wasn’t warm enough.

“Where’s Mike?” Dave asked, grunting in what seemed to be pain. “Shit!” He pulled a dildo out of his ass. “I’m feeling horrible and horny at the same time.”

“Well, let’s go inside first of all, before anyone sees us.” With a groan, I pushed myself up and grasped David’s hand, pulling him up beside me. Thankfully, the sliding door that led to the backyard was not locked. I sighed in relief as we entered – the air was blissfully warm inside. The TV was on, there was some alcohol spilled on the table and Mike was sitting on the couch. He had boxer-briefs on his head like a hat, with two gaping holes that revealed his blonde hair. He also had a brief where you were supposed to wear them… except it wasn’t his. It was mine.

As we came into his vision, he nodded. I noticed he was having some tea. There was a penis drawn on his abs by a marker. Hopefully, it wasn’t permanent.

“When did you wake up?” Dave dared to ask. The situation was, admittedly, grim.

“Twenty minutes ago.”

“Why didn’t you wake us both up?”

“You two looked so happy together, didn’t want to end it.” There was a certain amount of sarcasm in his tone. “You’ve got a condom on, if you didn’t notice.”

Dave looked down. It was a used condom, with dry white spots all over it. I sincerely hoped that was his cum. This entire incident was looking surreal. In the sober universe, we would never dare be naked in front of Mike, but now it was like we were a nudist household.

“And you,” Mike said, turning to me, “Have my underwear on.”

“Well… it looks nice,” I said, lamely trying to put humour in the situation. It probably looked very humorous to an outsider but, for us, it seemed like the atmosphere was a bit suffocating. What had we done? What did Mike know? Who could have seen us as we slept there, naked in the grass?

“Have you looked inside it?”

I shook my head solemnly.

“It’s got stains on it.”

“How do you know?” I asked.

Mike sighed, sipping some more of the tea. “When I woke up, one of the many things I thought and felt was that there is something sticky on my dick. I looked down to see that we had somehow exchanged briefs and I inspected the one I was wearing… which is yours. It’s got stains on it. Then I checked yours. It’s got stains on it as well. I tried not to think about the possibility that the white stains could be your cum but as I made tea, I realised that even if it was your cum, there was nothing I could do about it.”

I groaned, sitting down on a stool next to the centre table, putting my head in my hands. Dave walked over to Mike and put a hand on his shoulder, using his other hand to take his own boxer-briefs off of Mike’s head. Mike grunted, “I didn’t know those were there.”

“They’re stained as well,” Dave said in a resigned voice, putting them on.


Dave sat down beside him and beckoned me to sit next to Mike as well. When I did, Dave asked, “Are your headaches as horrible as mine?”

We both nodded. Mike handed me the teacup and I sipped some, trying to make the hot liquid banish my pain. It didn’t, but I felt slightly better. “Mike,” I said slowly, “What did you feel like?”


“When you woke up?”

“Like shit. My brain feels like it’s being squeezed from the insides.”

“Yeah, but, like, I didn’t mean that.” I took another sip and a deep breath, handing the cup to Dave. He drank the last dregs of the drink. “What did you feel like, waking up next to a guy wearing only underwear and a guy wearing nothing but a condom.”

Mike snorted. “First I was like I need to get away from this shit. But then I felt the way you two were clinging on to me and I felt… loved.”

“Aww,” Dave said, daring to rest his head on Mike’s shoulder. I put an arm around him, still trying to see the way he would react.

“I don’t really remember what happened last night,” Mike confessed. He hadn’t flinched at all when we displayed our affection for him. “But something tells me it was really gay. I am glad that my asshole doesn’t hurt, though. At least I wasn’t ass-raped.”

“Why are you so cool about this?” Dave said suddenly.

“Because I’ll have to accept it. And no one knows about what happened, so it never happened—“

“What do you know about us Mike?” I interrupted, regretting it the next instant.

Mike stopped, took a deep breath and looked at me. His features made a light grimace. I couldn’t tell if it was from the hangover or… “I know everything.”

Dave’s face hardened. “Like?”

“I had a hunch,” the blonde confessed, “When you two came down 5 minutes after I’d entered, I thought you were just being lazy. But then I saw this on your neck.” Mike softly brushed against a point on my neck, which was much more sensitive than it ought to be. “A hickey,” he explained, “It was a fresh bruise and I knew that no one else was up there. I also knew that Dave has a tendency to act gay sometimes. I wanted to confirm it, so I pretended I was getting pissed with you both. After some time, when you both were drunk enough, I asked you and you told me everything.”

“And…?” Dave asked. The silence that followed bore the weight of the Earth.

“And… nothing really. I didn’t want to leave, so I just decided to get drunk with you both. Don’t remember much from after that…”

Dave sat up straight and looked at the TV. I followed his gaze and looked at our reflections in the black screen. The light of the early sun put a shine on our faces. “So…” Dave said slowly, “You’re okay with me being bi?”

“Dave, I’m your best mate. I don’t care if you’re bi or gay or whatever.”

Dave instantly hugged him, pressing his lips against his cheek. Mike thumped his shoulder bashfully. I didn’t know what to do.

“But I don’t want something like last night to happen again,” Mike said gravely.

“Of course,” Dave replied.

“You must be really secure,” I observed. Mike turned to me, giving an inquiring gaze. Sunlight shone in his hair and I felt much more attracted to him than I’d ever felt before. Fortunately, I had a horrible headache to keep me in check. Kumburgaz Escort “I mean, you’re wearing my underwear. Which is covered in semen stains. You’re sitting beside me and Dave, almost naked. I’m gay, Dave’s bi and you’re straight. Most straight guys would be freaking out in this situation.”

“Well,” Mike sighed, “When your friends with someone like Dave, you really don’t seem to care about any of that stuff. You both do know that we have school today, right?”

“I was waiting for someone to say that.” Dave said glumly. “Why don’t we just ditch school today? We don’t have to go.”

“I think Ali and my parents will wonder where we are when we don’t show up at the end of the school day.”

I nodded, not happy at all with the prospect of going to school after all that had transpired, with the burden of a hangover.

“Idiots,” Dave snorted, “I could just send you both in a taxi before the end of the schoolday. Then you could just take a ride home.”

“Yeah, but—“

“Oh, stop being such a party pooper, Mike.”

“There is no party to poop,” Mike chuckled.

“Just stay here. It’s not like anything bad is going to happen.”

“Something bad has already happened.” The sudden change in Mike’s tone of voice made me flinch. Dave gave a start. “I mean, I feel like… I don’t know.” Mike sighed, burying his head in his hands, relaxing. “I feel like I’m intruding. I almost feel like I’ve been taken advantage of, but I was the one who was pretending to drink. Either way, once we got drunk, we probably did crazy shit. And staying here will make me have to accept it.”

“There’s nothing wrong with accepting it.” Dave put a hand on Mike’s shoulder, planting it more firmly when Mike flinched. “Guys do crazy stuff when drunk all the time.”

“I know,” Mike’s voice broke, “But you don’t understand, living with parents like mine. Being brought up the way I was. I’ve been trained to think of this as wrong. But just accepting it – accepting you for who you are – makes me feel rebellious. And that’s wrong, right?”

“No,” I said, trying to comprehend what he was saying, “That’s right. Mike, I don’t get it. You’re not even bi or gay, why are you getting so worked up about what your parents think about people like me and Dave?”

“Because… well, Dave is my best mate. My parents would be horrified to hear that he’s bi.”

“They don’t know… they don’t need to know. He’s not their son.”

“No, but…” He looked at me and those striking blue eyes almost absorbed me. I looked into them, seeing despair and conflict. But on the exterior was just a hot guy who I would love to fuck. “Your parents are exactly like mine, aren’t they?”

“More or less,” I answered.

“And you’re actually gay… I wish I was as cool with it as you. I’m just confused. You see, back before I had any chicks… I was with this guy…”

“He already knows about this,” Dave interjected, “And we weren’t ‘with’ each other. You were just experimenting.”

“But I liked it, didn’t I?” Mike had turned to look at David, but then he looked to me again, “He would always suck me off whenever I got horny. We would always watch porn together and jack off to it, and I always waited for the part when he began giving me a blowjob. You know why? It’s not because I was gay – I wasn’t. I wasn’t attracted to him and I couldn’t picture myself with him, but it always felt so good. Just doing this rebellious thing that Mum and Dad expressly forbade me to. Then I grew out of it, but I’ve been confused ever since.”

“About whether you’re gay or not?” I asked.

“No, about whether what I did was right or wrong. Good or bad. I tried to accept others, hoping to find acceptance for what I did. It never came, because I chose to get a blowjob from a guy, when I was attracted to girls. I discovered that gay guys don’t choose to be that way, and that’s why bullying them was wrong. So was I the one everyone should be bullying?”

“No!” Dave and I said in unison.

“You know, sexuality is something that can take a lifetime to explore. There’s no wrong or right sexuality,” I added.

“And there is nothing wrong with getting a blowjob from a guy,” Dave replied.

“I know…” Mike sighed, “Oh well… I guess it’s really just the hangover talking. I’ll stay, don’t worry. Just don’t pull a surprise butt sex on me, okay. Do you have some Panadol?”

“You’ve come to this house a billion times, Mike, you know where to find the medicine.”

When Mike was gone, Dave and I decided to make out. We were really getting into it when he came back – Dave had me pinned down against the sofa and we were making loud noises that would sound gross out of context.

“Oh, come on,” Mike groaned, “That’s hardly acceptable when you’re drunk, let alone sober.”

“Hey,” Dave was quick to argue, “Just because it’s two guys—“

“No, don’t you dare pull that argument on me – it’s not acceptable even if it is a guy and a girl. Besides, do you have any idea where our clothes are?”

“Not really,” I answered, “But I quite like it this way. Wouldn’t want to hide those nice nipples behind a layer of cloth.”

Mike laughed. “No really, it’s actually pretty cold even inside and we don’t have a heater in this hall.”

The clothes were outside and we quickly wore them after hauling them all in through the kitchen door (which was fortunately covered by a wall so none of the neighbours could spot three teenagers in their underwear walking around in the garden). Once we wore them, we went about cleaning up the house. Dave and I went upstairs to take out any petals that remained in the Jacuzzi, putting the candles back in their normal place.

Mike, who had sneakily snuck in to the bathroom, asked, “Should I know why this place smells like a sauna and has petals and candles all over it.”

Dave, who was now holding the iPod dock from which we’d played the romantic music on his shoulder, replied in a particularly straightforward fashion, “I lost my virginity to him last night. Wanted to make it romantic.”

“I thought you’d lost your virginity to Britt…”

“No, my other virginity.” To make himself clear, Dave pointed at his own ass.

Mike stared dully, trying to seem unfazed. “How was that?”

“Oh, amazing, if you don’t mind all the pain. Ali gives a good fuck. You should really try it out sometime. It’s not like it’s forbidden for straight boys.”

“At this point, I don’t know the difference between you flirting with me and you joking with me, brah.”

Dave looked at me and I smiled. “Whenever we say anything like that, just assume we’re joking.”

Lastly, we’d cleaned the centre table of the living room, disposing of all the unfinished shots of tequila and vodka, stowing the bottles away. When we were done, there was nothing to suggest that three teenage boys had gotten hammered there a few hours ago.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. In fact, the rest of the week was pretty uneventful. I wore a scarf so no one would notice my hickey, but it was pretty obvious I was trying to hide something because I didn’t usually wear scarfs. Fortunately, my teachers didn’t notice but my gal pals did. They always asked, “Who is he?” and I always replied, “Doesn’t matter. He’s in the closet.”

Dave and I had made a point to try and fuck everyday to get our assholes used to the feeling of having each other’s cocks in them. This meant that when we both had frees, we usually found ourselves in empty classrooms, bathrooms or changing rooms. We didn’t risk going bareback again, though, and we always had lube with us. The pain slowly subsided and the pleasure slowly became greater as we became used to each other.

Mike would roll his eyes every time he saw us disappearing together. On the last day of the week, we didn’t have any frees, so we’d decided to hang out with a couple of friends at a nearby Burger King and use that as a cover-up to go and have sex in the Community Centre’s bathroom. As we waited for the order, Dave nudged me in the ribs before announcing, “Think I’ll go to the loo.”

I waited a minute after he disappeared not to make it seem suspicious before getting up myself and repeating the statement, just using different slang.

Mike, however, looked into my eyes and said, “Seriously?”

“Seriously what?” I said, trying to sound innocently oblivious. Inside, I was all like, What the fuck are you doing, Mike?!

“You both are doing it too much.”

I tried to pass it off as a joke because we usually joked around like that. “Can’t help myself, he’s too fit.” I added a cheeky wink, hoping no one would get suspicious. Everyone just laughed and I headed off to the bathrooms. Dave was waiting there for me, and we picked the least disgusting cubicle and locked it behind us.

We got straight into it. My tongue entered his mouth and his entered mine and we held each other’s waists, just making out. Dave started unbuttoning my cardigan and shirt, kissing my neck, then my chest, then my mid-torso each time he opened a new button. I tried not to moan, but it was so hard. I already felt like an idiot choosing this time to have sex in this bathroom – this was when the crowd was biggest, right after school. But still, you gotta finish what you start.

He finally licked my treasure trail before I helped him undo my belt and my trousers. I was wearing normal boxers today so my dick was making a tall tent shape once my trousers fell to the floor. He put his large hand into my fly and pulled my juicy cock out, kissing my head and licking it a few. I bit my hand, trying not to moan.

He was such a good cocksucker. He started by licking my shaft up and down and then swallowing it whole like a hungry beast. His lips worked around my meat, licking, sucking and squeezing. Each time he reached the bottom of my cock, he would go back up by twisting his mouth this way and that, and that was such a weird, nice feeling.

With a pop, he pulled his mouth away from my cock, lifting it up so it pointed at my bellybutton. Then he started licking my balls and I couldn’t help not moaning anymore. “Aww, Dave,” I breathed softly, “Yess!” Licking the balls was a surprisingly good way to get someone hot and horny. He put my balls in his mouth and sort of went up and down like he was giving them a blowjob. To be perfectly honest, this didn’t do it for me, but when his tongue resumed licking them, I resumed moaning.

He gathered some saliva in his mouth and spat it on my cock. The sight of his saliva on my cock always spent shivers on my spine – because I loved the idea of a part of him becoming a part of me. He spread the saliva around my cock, making me groan, “Yeah! Yes!” as he touched the more sensitive areas of my cock. His pouty lips once again surrounded my sex, bathing me in his saliva and massaging me with his tongue. My moans were slowly becoming louder… I was slowly stopping to care about whoever could listen to us, and Dave didn’t raise any objections to my sounds.

This time, Dave went all the way. His throat welcomed my cock by squeezing around it, much like his rectum which I would soon by having. The wet saliva covered half my cock, and I was forced to clutch his hair and say his name out loud. That somehow gave him more vigour and he bit me playfully. I really liked it when he did that, although it was supposed to be an unpleasant experience.

With a gross sucking sound, he released his throat of my cock, licking the shaft and kissing the head. As he pulled my cock away from his mouth, a bridge of precum joined them. It fell on his trousers, but we didn’t care. I bent down and kissed him, unbuttoning his own shirt and trousers as he did mine. Meanwhile, he pulled a condom out of his pocket, unwrapped it and put it on my cock. Then I felt him putting something else on – all the way to the base of my cock. With a plunging sound, I pulled my mouth away from his. The thing he’d put on me looked like I plastic cockring with a tube that had an on-off switch on it.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered into my ear, “It’s just a vibrator. I want to try it out.”

I made a thumbs-up, pulling another condom out of his pocket, unwrapping it and putting it on his cock. We’d discussed this earlier and came to the conclusion that even the bottom needed to wear a condom if we were having sex outdoors so that we didn’t get cum all over our clothes.

I started sucking his nipples and his moaning turned me on so much, I could actually feel the extra pre cum leaking into my condom. I bit him sporadically, making him gasp each time, and started sucking again, licking those nice round bits of flesh that I always fantasised about. I loved the fact that his treasure trail descended from his sufficiently hairy chest down to his pubes, while everything else on his body was completely hairless (except for his nether regions, of course).

He leaned back against the Escort Kumburgaz commode, his trousers falling down to his ankles with a soft clink from the metal of his belt. I knelt, so that my cock was on level with his asshole. I clutched handfuls of the sides of his meaty ass, lowering myself to let his musky aroma enter my nostrils. It was the best thing I’d ever smelt, and I buried my face in that area, licking, biting and kissing his thighs and balls. His gasping reacting always made my dick throb a little harder, and whenever he said my name, I felt like I was releasing an ounce of pre-cum.

I brought my cock nearer to his hole and he guided it in. After a week of practice, his ass had become better at letting my cock in it. It smoothly stretched around me, applying just the right pressure to make me moan. Dave’s voice became noticeably deeper and throatier as he slowly let out an, “Ooohh yess!” It was hard for a voice to turn me on so much, but it did the trick.

I slowly pushed my cock into his flesh, feeling greater pleasure with each inch that went in. Dave’s feet were pressing against the sides of the cubicle, his thighs open wide. Being a bottom had brought a previously unknown flexibility into him. It was good for me too, because I couldn’t help but lick his thighs, suck them and bite them, feeling the warm flesh and hair in my mouth. If there were two things I fetishized on the male body figure (which were not predominantly sexual), it was nipples and hairy thighs.

He turned the vibrator on and if we had not been kissing at that point, we would have drawn loads of attention to our cubicle. We probably already had but no one had dared to knock. We had also discussed this before – no matter how awkward it was, if we were having sex in the bathroom, we had to keep kissing so that we didn’t moan out loud. It was very awkward because we both had to stretch/bend our bodies in ways we normally wouldn’t, but the mild pain from stretching just added to my pleasure. I held his head in my hands as I kissed him, fucking him and running my hands through his hair. The vibrator was making pre cum ooze out of my cock like a waterfall and it was single-handedly one of the best things to happen to me in my sexual life. The feeling of my cock vibrating in his ass was heavenly. To be perfectly honest, even if I was wanking off with a vibrator, it would have given an amazing orgasm.

I could feel the drool from our wild kisses rub over the sides of our mouth. I could feel the warmth of his body, losing myself in the moment. I felt him up and down, clutching handfuls of juicy ass, then pinching nipples. “FUCK!” I would have shouted, had my mouth not been preoccupied. I was thrusting into his ass quickly, but not so fast as to hear the satisfying slap of flesh on flesh. It was the single best feeling ever.

And then I pinched his nipples.

His ass started pulsing around my already vibrating cock and, in the last few thrusts, it felt like I’d blown pints of my load into the condom. Dave bit my lip hard, but it didn’t hurt me at all. We continued to kiss passionately as we jizzed, feeling the ecstasy of orgasm. I wanked his cock off so he squirted more of his juice, but after about half a minute of that, we’d both been spent.

With the sound of a plunger, we pulled our mouths away from each other, simply looking into each other’s eyes. To an outsider, it would be quite a comical sight, with Dave’s legs outstretched and my limp cock inside him. We had developed this habit to just stay like that for a few minutes after sex, almost like weird cuddle in which the top’s flaccid penis stayed inside the bottom. I guess it was because we never really wanted to let go.

Dave got up and helped me get up. We buttoned up our shirts and trousers and I pulled on my cardigan. We flushed the condoms away after washing our dicks with a spray that washed the excess bits of cum that our dicks were coated with (every bathroom in this country had a spray for some reason).

Dave was the first to go. No one was there to see that there was another guy in the cubicle. I came out a minute later, washed my hands and went off to Burger King. I sat beside Dave, noticing a particular lack of Mike on the table.

“Where’s Mike?” I asked.

“Oh, he went to the bathroom a minute after you did,” Celia replied, “We all thought you were having a threesome, but that’s a bit quick for a threesome isn’t it?” The table erupted in laughter.

“Well, we didn’t wanted to prolong it,” I chuckled, “Threesomes in public bathrooms aren’t exactly… comfortable.”

Mike appeared beside me and squashed himself into the seat. I messaged him from my phone, not wanting to whisper to him in open sight.

“Could you hear anything?” I asked.

And he replied, “Yes 😉 But no one wanted to see what was happening, apparently.”

Shit, I thought to myself. I looked at David, who was happily announcing he was going back to South Africa for Christmas. I tried not to look worried. I was very good at that.

I’d spent the rest of the day at Dave’s. I helped him pack because he was leaving early next morning. It was surprising how we didn’t have sex then, even though we totally could get into the mood. We just spent our free time cuddling and contemplating life. “I feel better about this whole thing now,” Dave said.

I looked up at him. “What whole thing?”

“The whole being-in-a-relationship-with-a-boy thing. I think I can come out now.”

I smiled. “My advice is don’t come out to everyone at once. Mike already knows, just tell a few other people before making the big step. If you want to make that at all, that is.” He looked at me inquiringly. “I mean you don’t need to come out to everyone. You could just tell your close friends if that makes you happy.”

“Okay then.”

I asked, “Do you want me to tell someone?”

“Celia. Tell her. She’s like a close mutual friend of us both, right?”


I kissed him goodbye at 8 o’ clock, wishing him happy holidays and Merry Christmas, even though that was 6 days away. As my driver drove me home, I texted Celia.

Me: Do you want to know who it is?

Celia: Who who is?

Me: You’ve been dying to know all week 😛

Celia: YES 😀 Tell me, who is your bf?

Me: Dave.

Celia: Hahaha, very funny 😛 Seriously, who is it, though?

Me: I’m serious. It’s David Denman

She didn’t reply for a few minutes. Then…

Celia: Howw? He’s straight!

Me: He’s actually bi. He came out to me. He’s okay with me telling you.

Celia: Skype me later and tell me the full story, ‘kay babe?

And so I did tell her the full story, and she was still finding it hard to believe. She said she wouldn’t absolutely believe it until she had proof, and I told her she’ll have to wait until the end of the holidays for that, because David didn’t come back until then. Or, I told her, she could just skype him and ask him about it.

It was about half past ten, an hour after I’d finished the call, when I got the message.

Unknown: Hey, I got a new SIM. Save my number.

Me: Who is this?

Unknown: Dave. Something happened to my SIM so I had to change it. Wanted to get it over and done with before I left for South Africa.

Me: Alright.

Dave: By the way, I have a surprise for you 😉

Me: What? Aha

Dave: I’m waiting in your compounds swimming pool changing rooms, utterly naked, stroking my lubed up cock.

Me: Haha, is this a prank? You know how paranoid I am. How did you get past the lifeguard.

Dave: I came at 10, just when he was closing it down. Bribed him to give me the key to the changing rooms, so he gave it to me, telling me he needed it back tomorrow. It’s a spare, but I haven’t lost it.

Me: Okay, I’m gonna go check, because I somehow still don’t believe you.

My cock was already semi-hard, so I wanted it to be true. I told my parents I’m going around the community on my bike, and I rode to the swimming pool. I jumped over the fence, noticing that the door and lights of the changing rooms were open. I walked into them, expecting to find my huge boyfriend stroking his heavenly sex, but someone immediately put some black woollen thing over my head.

My initial reaction would have been to scream, but I realised that maybe we were just roleplaying today, like we’d done on Wednesday. Roleplaying rape. “Aww shit,” I said in a horribly unconvincing tone, “Help me, I’m getting raped by this man.”

Dave chuckled, kicking me down to make me kneel in a slightly rougher way than normal. He grasped my hands and put them behind me, tying me up. However, I felt like something was up… something fishy. Yet the feeling of a nice juicy cock pressing against my jeans made me ignore my hunch.

He literally ripped my shirt open. My dick was already drooling our precum, wetting my lower abs and boxers slightly. I could feel the warmth of his skin against mine, both naked and pure. The feeling of his abs and my abs pressing against each other just made me want to fuck him raw, but I knew that I was the one getting fucked tonight.

He then unbuttoned my jeans, pulling it and my boxers down in one move. My cock stood erect, willing as ever. He hugged me, pressing our cocks together to form one union. He sucked on my neck, fortunately opposite of the place where my hickey lay.

But through this all, I realised what was troubling me. Though I couldn’t see him, I could sense that all his actions were wrong… not the way they usually were. Plus, his body seemed different. It was more my height, and so was his cock similar to my length. Both his height and his cock’s length were bigger than mine.

Whoever this was, though, was now sucking my cock. He was a bit too toothy, showing how he was unpractised, but the spontaneity of the whole thing made me want to get fucked by him.

“Suck my cock, bitch!” the guy said and, I couldn’t believe how willingly I did this, I bent down as he pulled my mask up slightly so that my mouth was open to the air. He guided his cock to my lips, thrusting in as I licked his shaft up and down, squeezing my lips around his girth. His deep, “Yes,” turned me on so much, I was worried that this encounter would be shorter than I’d want it to be.

But I controlled myself. He pushed his cock down my throat, and I had to clutch my thumbs to not gag. I tried to regain some control by firmly closing my lips around his cock to readjust myself. He rubbed my woollen masks head, laughing. “SUCK MY COCK LIKE THE SLUT YOU ARE!” he shouted. I obeyed, vigorously working up and down his shaft. The new different smell and taste was a welcome change, although his precum wasn’t exactly nice. Still, I let him thrust into me, making me work like the slave I was to this stranger. I was glad to be giving him a blowjob. Even though I hadn’t seen him, he was so hot.

“I’m gonna fuck you tonight,” he announced, “Do you wanna be fucked, slut?! Do you want my horny cock up in your ass, giving you a nice load of my cum?!”

He pulled his cock out so I could nod. I did nod, and so he hoisted me up by grasping my shoulders and pushed me against the wall so hard, my cock was forced to lather it in precum as it got squished between the tiles and my abs. “Do you have a condom?” I asked lamely, regretting it the next second.

“Yeah, as a matter of fact,” the stranger said, “I know you’ve never been fucked without one before.”

“How?” I asked, surprised. I tried to recognise his voice, but it was nothing like anything I’d ever heard. It sounded a bit like Christian Bale’s Batman, to be perfectly honest. This was definitely not David.

“Fuck how I know, stroke my cock, bitch. Spread the lube all over it.” He guided my hands to where his cock was and I felt the condom and the lube, stroking it. “Fuck yes,” the man grunted, “You’re gonna be a good fuck.”

“So what are you waiting for, fuckhead?! Put your cock in my ass.”

The stranger laughed and I thought I remembered that from somewhere. “Let me admire it first, slut. Not everyday you can see a nice round butt like yours.” I felt him bending down and then his breath on my cheeks. He held each cheek in a hand, sending tingles of pleasure bursting up my spine. He then kissed my hole, rimming it, making me moan like a bitch in heat. He pushed his tongue into my hole, and I loved it.

Then he got up and I guided his cock into my ass. He went in slowly, moving his hands from my buttcheeks to my armpits. He gripped my left armpit with his left hand and held my neck back with his right, pulling my face back as he put himself inside me.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I heard myself moan, beside myself in pleasure. He was biting my neck, which added to the ecstasy. Then he started sucking, which I guess was a better choice because that way I wouldn’t lose a chunk of my flesh. My ass swallowed his Kumburgaz Escort Bayan penis, and I contracted my hole to squeeze myself around him and make him grunt in pleasure.

The feeling of his sex inside me was amazing. It seemed like he himself was savouring the moment, moaning as he felt my ass. “Fuuuuck,” he said. His voice was uncharacteristically higher than normal, but it still made blood rush to my cock. “Feels amazing…”

He pulled himself out of me, going downwards and rimming me again. I groaned, feeling pleasure course through my veins. He licked me wet, and he got better with time, knowing where I liked it more.

Then he was standing up again. He pushed himself inside me, slightly rougher this time. It made me gasp as I felt a slight bite of pain, but it faded away. I felt his wet saliva on the back of my neck, his lips forcefully pressing against my skin. He was sucking me again, making me moan. This time, he didn’t bring his dick out all the way. When he pulled out, my ass sort of relaxed for a bit until he pushed it in again. Each time, I grunted in pleasure, loving the feel of his throbbing cock in my rectum.

Then I felt him hold my torso with his hands, sort of dragging me backwards. Then he turned me around and pushed my back forcefully so as to make me bend over. “Lie on the bench,” he commanded, softer in tone. I did, my dick pressing against the hardwood. This time, the change in position made me moan harder as he entered me. He lay on me and I could feel his face next to mine. He mounted me, sucking, biting my neck, clutching handfuls of my skin as he pushed himself inside me again and again.

“How do you like this slut?!” he panted, back to his normal tone.

“Tsk,” I said nonchalantly, “Fuck me harder.”

He laughed again and this time, when he thrust inside me, I heard the ‘slap’ of his hips on my buttcheeks. He was getting faster, and the slaps became a normal thing. I grimaced as he thrust into me, three times each second. I felt aliva, my precum wetting my abdomen and the bend underneath me. My ass became all but stationary as he went in and out as he pleased.

“FUCK ME!” I begged, and he went faster. His breaths became faster, and the feeling of his dick was beyond divine. He was sucking my neck as he thrust inside me. Slap-slap-slap-slap. The sound was amazing. I could feel my prostate make my dick harder… so hard it hurt.

I blew my load, and he was soon to follow. Fortunately, he was unlike David, who didn’t immediately lose his horniness after ejaculation. The stranger immediately pulled himself out. His voice was hoarse, almost as if he was sad about something. “The key is on the wash basin. I’ll untie you now, but don’t you dare look at me as I leave. Or I’ll cut your eyes out. Switch the lights off and lock the place when you leave. Keep the key under the doormat.”

He untied me as promised and I didn’t remove my woollen headgear as promised. Only when I heard him close the door behind him, I pulled it off. And I instantly regretted the whole incident. A voice in my head said, “How irresponsible of you.” It strangely resembled David’s voice. I didn’t even know who the guy was, whether he had any STIs or anything… and I’d just let myself get fucked by him.

“Well, I couldn’t defend myself,” I argued against the reprimanding voice, “I was tied up and couldn’t see anything.”

“Yes, you surely sounded helpless when you screamed, ‘Fuck me!’ like a lunatic.”

I looked down at the woollen mask thing. It looked like those things thugs in TV shows put on their heads. Had I just cheated on Dave? I asked myself. Well, if I was ashamed to tell him about this, it meant I had cheated on him. As I quietly put my clothes on, I resolved that he didn’t need to know. It was surprising how easily I’d fallen into this hole of lies and secrets when I had been against it my whole life. That was partly why I’d broken up with Saahil. What would Dave do if he heard about this?

It wasn’t until the next evening that I got to talk to Dave, but it wasn’t until a few days later, at Christmas Eve, that something remotely related to the topic was brought up.

“Ali,” Dave said slowly. I looked at his video feed and realised he seemed a bit confused and fearful.


“Well, I’ve been thinking and… our cybersex sessions aren’t just doing it for me.”

I snorted. “Me neither. I wish I was with you.”

“But we both know you can’t simply hitch a plane to South Africa.” He took a deep breath and I could see his abdomen rise and fall in the camera. “Why don’t we just switch to an open relationship? I was against the idea before but, well, I kind of like it now.”

I smiled. “Who is it?”

“Uuuurm, it’s a girl,” Dave said, stroking his hair shyly. It was creepy how I was quick to notice any muscle contractions on his body, like his biceps at the moment. It was almost like I was some overly attached stalker.

“The fact that you’re shy tells me that you like her,” I chuckled.

“Of course I like her.” Dave straightened up and looked directly at the camera for a minute before looking back to the screen. “I mean, if I didn’t like her, I wouldn’t… get with her, right?”

I raised my eyebrows. “So you’ve already gotten with her.”

Dave sensed some sort of danger. He held up his hands in confession. “Yes, we were drunk and everyone was in a festive mood. I knew that you’ve been in an open relationship before and I thought you wouldn’t mind.”

I smiled again, sighing. “Of course I don’t, Dave. It’s just that if you end up actually like-liking her… I will mind.”

Dave didn’t bother to act confused. “I don’t. I really only like her… body. It’s a fling, Ali, chill.”

“I would be in a chilling, Dave. But I have something to tell you as well.”

Dave rested his chin on his hands and I could see parts of his neck stretching. “Have you already gotten with someone as well? Then we’re even, right?”

“Well, you could say that… but it’s not exactly a traditional… ‘getting with someone’.” I traced quotation marks with my fingers in the air with the last three words. I was, for some weird reason, feeling very calm as I told him this. I’d been fretting about it for days.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you see, the night before you left, at like 11, I got this message from someone pretending to be you. He said that he was naked and waiting for me in the swimming pool changing rooms.”

Dave’s brows were furrowed in concentration. “Didn’t you check their number? It probably was different from mine because I had my phone with me.”

“Well, it was quite cleverly done, actually.” I leaned back in my chair, scratching my balls. We were both naked, having just had a camsex sesh twenty minutes before. “He told me that your SIM had suddenly stopped working and you needed to change it urgently. So off I went. He immediately put a mask on me as I entered so I couldn’t see him, tied my hands.”

“You should have called out for help!”

“No one was there though. It was too late in the night. And I thought it was you and we were just roleplaying, like we’d done on Wednesday. Remember the teacher-student thing we’d done in the empty history room?”

Dave nodded seriously.

“Well, I thought we were doing rape now or something like that. He ripped my shirt, so after all this was done, I had to come to my house from the back, after being almost frozen because the weather is acting weird these days, and I had to put on a wet shirt from the washing machine. Anyway, getting back to the point, I soon realised that it wasn’t you but…”


“Well, I liked it. He wasn’t really raping me… sort of. It’s not rape if you like it right? I mean, he did put on a condom and lube himself up. Rapists don’t bother with that sh—“

“—Ali,” Dave cut in, “Ali! What are you on about? You’re not making sense!”

“Okay, let me get to the point,” I sighed, “This stranger fucked me in the men’s changing rooms of the swimming pool after tying my hands up and putting a thug’s mask on my head, so I couldn’t see him.”

Dave raised his hands up. “Thanks, thanks, I understand now. Wow. That’s… that’s… you don’t seem traumatised at all.”

I shrugged. “He was good. I liked it.”

Dave snorted… “Okay, then, so you were tied up and fucked by someone you don’t know… and you liked it.”

I nodded.

“You weren’t exactly raped,” Dave continued, “Because, you say, he was using protection and he was good at… what he did.”


Dave narrowed his eyes. And then he burst. “Do you realise how friggin’ stupid this whole thing sounds?! How could you just think that that guy was me?! The phone number was fucking different!”

I had sort of been expecting this, but I’d wanted him to react differently… like, ‘Ahh, great. Tell me what his number is, maybe we can have threesomes.’ But he was being the mature adult now, instead of the irresponsible horny teenager. “No one’s been harmed, Dave,” I said calmly, “Least of all me. No need to worry.”

“But what if it had actually been a rapist?! What if he had beaten you up and left you for dead? You can be very dumb sometimes, you know?”

“How would you have reacted if some stranger pretended to be me texted you saying that I had to get a different phone number?”

“I would have called you first!”

I sighed. “Well, I’m not as cautious, okay? I thought that this person must know I’m gay, has my phone number and knows that I’m in a relationship with David Denman. There are only four people in the world who know that: you, me, Celia and Mike. It couldn’t be Celia because she’s a girl and it couldn’t be Mike because he’s straight. So I thought it was you!”

Dave had calmed down drastically during the whole speech. His muscles weren’t as tense and his chest wasn’t rising and falling so rapidly. “Okay… What did his voice sound like?”

“That’s the part that I’ve been trying to make sense of this whole time. It sounded really deep and hoarse. I thought his cock seemed like it was my size. He had abs… I think. I think he was really hot. Have you told anyone else about us?”

“No. Unless someone’s stalking us, no one else knows.”

There was a long silence in which I put my clothes on again.

“I’m not sure what to think of this,” Dave confessed, “Part of me wants to beat this guy up and part of me just doesn’t think there is any problem at all.”

“There is no problem,” I stressed, “Seriously, if there was a problem, I would be crying right now.”

“You know what?” Dave said darkly.


“I think it’s Mike.”

“I had that hunch as well,” I said casually, as if discussing the weather when I was actually discussing the identity of the stranger who had semi-raped me that night. “It probably is him.”

“How can you be so cool with that?!” Dave inquired in a bewildered fashion, “If I were you, I’d be at Mike’s house now, beating him up to death.”

“I thought he was your best friend?”

“Yes, but I’m not the one he raped.”

“He didn’t rape me. Just get that idea out of your head.”

“Fine. He tied you up and put a mask on your head. Doesn’t sound like a good thing to me.”

“It was good role play. It turned me on so much… and he’s an amazing top. I’d love to do it again, exactly the same way. And it wasn’t like he tied my entire body up. I could have run away if I could.”

Dave’s serious face didn’t go away, but what he said next wasn’t exactly that… dramatic. “Is he a better top than me?”

“Meh…” I said initially, weighing both my hands. “Apples and oranges, you know? You’ve both got so different styles.”

Dave snorted. “I actually am jealous of you. Like, very jealous. You got fucked by a straight boy.”

“Well, he’s not exactly straight is he?”

“No. But I’ve always wanted to get in his pants and here he is… forcing himself upon you.”

“Dave, you’ve given him head dozens of times. It’s not like you missed out on anything.”

“I gave him head when it was acceptable for boys to give each other head. They could later just pass it off as experimentation. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to have his cock right up my ass, but he was just busy being the cool straight guy he was.”

“So what? I’m sure he’ll be more than willing to fuck you once you get back. You should have heard him, sounded like he was in Paradise when he slid his cock in my ass.”

My boyfriend chuckled. “Oh well, can’t wait to get back again, then.”

“You have that girl of yours to keep you occupied till then.”

“I guess so, yeah.”

“So what should I do if he sends me a mysterious text message again?”

“Just meet him up wherever he is and tell him you know who he is. Tell him I want to get in on the action too.”

We laughed, and I instantly generated a new fantasy in my head. That of having a rape roleplay with Mike and Dave in which Mike fucked us both raw in turns. This was turning out to be much better than I had imagined. In truth, the reason I was so calm throughout the whole talk was because I was relieved. Relieved that Dave hadn’t broken up with me for having sex with Mike.

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