My Dilemma

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The following story is largely based upon facts related to me by a very good long-time friend of mine. He shared his story with me one night when we met and had dinner and drinks together. What follows actually happened to him; although I have used some artistic license in describing the details. He read an earlier draft that I had prepared and provided some comments that I believe greatly improve this final rendition.


I have a dilemma on my hands. First, I need to provide a little background. I am a forty-five year old man, living with my forty-six year old girlfriend in a nice neighborhood in a suburban section of the San Fernando Valley, near Los Angeles, California. We have been together, as a couple, for about ten years. Each of us was married for about ten years as well. She has a son and daughter from her previous marriage, while my ex-wife and I had no children.

Her son had lived with us most of the time we’ve been together until he’d enlisted in the Coast Guard. Prior to his discharge he had spent the last 13 months on a cutter in the Persian Gulf and was glad to be back in the States. After his discharge, his mother helped him get settled and find a nice apartment in a complex just a couple of miles away from our house.

I travel quite frequently, probably a two or three days a week on average. Normally, I take off early on Tuesday morning and don’t return until late-Thursday night or mid-day on Friday. I enjoy my travel and my job, as I get to meet interesting people and see places around the country that I’ve not visited before.

My girlfriend is a self-employed realtor, who specializes in selling and buying various commercial properties in the southern California region. She makes very good money through her commissions, and takes only those jobs that are worth her investment of time. Consequently, she has a fair amount of free time on her hands and enjoys interior decorating, photography, and cooking. Sometimes she will travel with me when I am going to a neat place that we’ve never been before.

I think that our sex life is excellent. We make love to one another two or three times a week and enjoy the intimacy of being together in bed at night and in the mornings on weekends. We both are touchy-feely kind of people and love to spend quality time together, cuddling on the couch, or working around our house and yard.

My girlfriend, Joanne, or just ‘Jo,’ is five feet five inches in height, probably about 140 pounds, kind of curvy, nice-sized boobs. She is very exotic looking, with medium-length jet-black hair framing her pixie-ish face. She and her children all reflect their eastern-European heritage. I think her side of the family is originally from Romania, or there about. She has fine dark hair on her arms, and needs to shave her legs virtually every day otherwise the hair would standout clearly. She has a very hairy vagina – I love her bush – she has absolutely the hairiest pussy I have ever seen. It is so sexy to see her nude, and run my fingers through her bush.

I am tall, over six feet three inches, well built, at about 210 pounds. I too, am dark-haired, salt and pepper on my head, chest and mustache. I have a nice-sized cock, seven inches when erect and nice and thick. The women that I have been privileged to have slept with have all liked my ‘pussy-pleaser.’

Anyway, with this introduction and background out of the way, back to my dilemma.

A few weeks ago, in early November, I had been on travel and was able to finish up with the client a couple of days early and decided to catch a flight home late the afternoon of the first day. I arrived back at LAX about 8:00 p.m., collected my car and started my drive up the 405 Freeway and over Sepulveda Pass toward home.

When I turned onto our cul-de-sac about an hour and a half later, I could see that my girlfriend’s son’s pickup truck was in the driveway, so I parked on the street and unloaded my bags. The front door was locked so I let myself in and set my bags down and slipped off my loafers. We live in a split level, and I was on the ground floor. The house seemed quiet; I assumed that my girlfriend and her son had gone out to dinner or a movie together.

I went into the kitchen, glanced at the day’s mail and opened a bottle of beer. I decided to go upstairs and take a shower and then relax in front of the boob-tube. I headed up the stairs toward the master bedroom and bath.

As I was walking down the hall, I noticed that our bedroom lights were on and some soft music was playing, but the door was half shut. At that same instant, I heard a low moan coming from my bedroom. Instantly I knew in my heart that it was an ‘erotic moan.’ I could just tell that it was made by someone in the midst of having sex, either by themselves or with another person.

I quietly moved up to the door, and squatting down to my knees I slowly peeked around the door and looked into the room. What I saw completely flabbergasted bursa evi olan escort me, I mean really shocked me to my core. I think I expected to see my girlfriend either masturbating herself; I mean I knew she liked to do that fairly frequently. The other option was that I’d find her with another man, like one of her male clients. What I saw was the last, the very last, sight I ever expected to see.

My wife was partially nude, topless; with her large pendulous breasts swinging as she knelt on the bed over the partially nude, bottomless, body of her twenty-four year-old son, Eric. Eric’s hairy legs were spread wide on my bed. His mother was cupping and caressing his hairy balls as she stroked his long, thick, and very erect cock with her other hand. He was lying back on the bed, with his head on the pillows and moaning and groaning.

I heard him say, “Oh, God, Mother, that feels so good…God, how I love the way you touch my cock…”

She replied in a low, sultry voice, “Baby, I love your cock! It is so big and sexy!”

I watched as she lowered her head down and took the head of her son’s cock into her mouth and began to vigorously suck him off. She was moaning even as more and more of his thick shaft slid deeper into her mouth and throat. Eric arched his back on the bed and reached forward and gently clasped his mother’s shoulders as she fellated him.

For several minutes I watched my girlfriend as she was orally fucked by her son. I think it was during this time that it really dawned on me that I was watching a mother and son commit incest, having sex with one another. God, it was, without a doubt, the hottest thing I’d ever seen in my life.

As Jo sucked his cock up and down, in and out her mouth she fondled and squeezed his big balls in her free hand, while stroking his shaft as she licked and sucked his crown and glans. I could see her tonguing and licking his shaft, and then take one of his balls into mouth and suck and lick it too. From experience, I can tell you that Jo can suck a dick! The woman has real talent in the ‘giving head’ department.

Eric pulled his t-shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor next to the bed as he caressed and fondled his mother’s large breasts and swollen dark nipples. I watched as he pinched and pulled on her nipples as she continued to give him head. She moaned around her mouthful of cock, and ran her hand up her son’s ribbed hairy belly and up into the forest of his black, curly chest hair. I could see her fingers searching for his nipples and pinching them with her fingers as he groaned in delight.

He was groaning more loudly as he rubbed her back and played with her boobs, “Mmmm, Mom, oh, Mother, god that feels so good…Suck my dick, Mmmmm, suck my dick, Mom…Mmmm, I love you, Mom! God, it is so good to be back home again with you, I missed you so much…”

She raised her head up and looked at her son, her eyes flashing brightly, her face flushed, her mouth and lips slick with her saliva and probably his precum, “Honey, I love you too, and you can never know how much I missed you and your big hard dick, Baby. I want you to fuck me now, Eric.”

“Oh, God yes, Mother, I want to fuck you so bad. It seems like forever since I last fucked you – felt my cock slide into your tight pussy, Mom…” he groaned as she again swallowed most his erect cock into her throat.

I realized at this point in time nothing was going to stop them from going forward with this. I think even if I’d decided to walk into the bedroom and confront them, that they were far too gone in their lust for one another. I also knew at this point, that this was certainly not their first time in having sex together. They were very clearly very intimately acquainted with one another’s bodies and how to touch each other.

As shocked as I was, I must admit that I was extremely turned on at the same time. In a depraved and kinky way I wanted to see Jo and her son make love. No, I didn’t really want to see them make love – I wanted to watch them fuck!

Jo got off the bed and reached behind and unzipped the short skirt she still had on and let it fall to the ground. She stood next to the bed looking down at her nude son with his rampant wet erection. She still had her nude pantyhose and I could see the dark muff of her hairy pubic patch through the hose. She looked so erotic standing there, nude, with her large breasts with their dark nipples hanging down on her chest, and still in her pantyhose. As I took in the scene in front of me I realized that my dick was as hard as concrete. As cliché as it sounds, my dick was so hard that I could have pounded nails with it.

She started to take off her pantyhose when Eric said, “No, Mother, please leave them on…I love your legs and cunt in your pantyhose.”

Jo chuckled, “Oh, Eric, how many pairs of my hose are you going to ruin when we have sex?”

“Mom, they’re cheap, and you know how much it turns altıparmak escort me on to see you in them.”

She climbed back up onto the bed with him and leaned in and kissed him, “Yes, Baby, I know, that’s what started all of this, if you’ll recall.”

He moaned as she kissed him passionately on the mouth, and then replied, “Mmmm, yes, Mom, how could I forget the day you caught me jacking off into your nylons.”

“You were certainly a horny young man back then – but then, you’re still a horny young man – and Baby, that’s what I love about you the most – you’re always horny for Mama; aren’t you, Baby?”

He answered her by rolling her onto her back and began kissing and licking her large full breasts. I watched as Eric sucked each of her large swollen nipples into his mouth and pulled and nipped on them with his lips and teeth. Jo just writhed on the bed, clutching his head to her chest as he sucked on her tits. I had always loved doing this to Jo too, as I knew that her breasts and nipples were very sensitive and gave her great sexual pleasure.

He kissed his way down her chest and belly, even as he continued to roll and squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples with his fingers and hands. Jo was lying back on the bedspread; her legs akimbo, her eyes closed as her only child, her son, pleasured and stroked her body.

When Eric reached her hose-clad waist he kissed, licked and nipped at her thighs and belly as she moaned and clutched his head in her hands, running her fingers through his dark hair, her fingers caressing his face and neck.

“She kept repeating, “Oh my darling, I love you, I love your touch, I love you, Baby, I love you, Baby, I love your touch, Touch Mama, Baby, I love you so much.”

I could see that he was now licking and sucking her hose-covered cunt lips and clit. I should point out that Jo has the biggest clitoris I’ve ever seen on a woman. It really is a little cock, and erects and fully emerges from its hood of skin when she’s wet and aroused. Jo loves to have her clit licked and sucked and rubbed while she’s being fucked. I could tell from watching that Eric knew all of these intimate details about his mother’s sex organ too. His head was buried between her thighs and he was licking and sucking her cunt with his lips, tongue and mouth. Jo had lifted her feet and placed them on her son’s broad back as he gave her head.

As Jo began arching her back and clutched the comforter in her hands, I could tell that she was close to orgasm. Sure enough, she began to pant and moan loudly, “Oh God, Baby, Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m cumming, Baby! I’m cumming! Eat me, eat me…Ohhhh, God, don’t stop, I’m cumming, Honey! Oh my God!”

She shuddered and writhed on the bed, her fingers tangled in her son’s sweaty hair, pressing his face and mouth into her spasming cunt as she came. It was so unbelievably kinky to watch two people whom I cared for so deeply reach this pinnacle of eroticism together, and then realize that they were mother and son.

Jo rolled and thrashed on the bed as her son gently continued to lick and suck her pussy through the pantyhose as the last vestiges of her orgasm washed through her body. I was totally enthralled as I watched her, thinking that I’d probably never made her cum this completely before.

Eric rose up on his knees on the bed; his large formidable erection bobbing from his hairy groin and moved up between his mother’s spread legs.

“Mother, I am going to fuck you now! I need to put my dick in your wet cunt! I want to feel your wet pussy on my dick, Mom…”

“God, yes, Baby, fuck me! Fuck me now, Baby!” she moaned.

He then did the most erotic thing I’d ever seen or imagined. He reached down to his mother’s crotch and took hold of her pantyhose in each hand and ripped them apart at the gusset and seam, baring his mother’s hairy sex to his view.

Eric then scooted up between her splayed thighs and slowly hunched forward guiding the tip of his rock-hard cock between his mother’s wet cunt lips. They both moaned in unison as their sexes joined. Slowly, so slowly, he sank his rigid, thick cock inside his mother’s body. Her legs came up and wrapped themselves around his buttocks as he buried himself completely in her, his hairy balls resting against the lips of her stretched cunt.

As they lay still for a minute, I could tell that they were reveling in the feel of being joined together like this – sex organ to sex organ – mother and son together again. Her hands and arms came up and hugged his torso to hers, mashing her breasts into his sweaty chest hair. She kissed him on the lips feverishly. I could see their tongues probing and searching each other’s mouths.

I watched as he slowly withdrew his long cock and then slowly pushed it back into her again. She moaned and rubbed her hose-clad feet and calves against her son’s buttocks and thighs as he fucked his cock in and out of her wet sex. I could see his large hairy nuts gemlik escort swinging back and forth, slapping against his mother’s pussy lips and ass cheeks as he pistoned in and out of her.

He lay on top of his mother’s nude body as he fucked her, kissing her, sucking her neck, and fondling her large breasts, as they whispered erotically to one another.

She was groaning, “Oh, baby, yes, oh, God, Eric, I love your big dick fucking me. You have the biggest cock and balls that I’ve ever felt. Mmmmm, yes, baby! God, I missed your big dick, baby. Fuck me, fuck me, honey!”

He pulled his cock halfway out of her pussy and then kind of rotated his hips and then sank back down into her depths again. She groaned with obvious pleasure. He repeated this movement several more times. I realized that he was stroking and caressing her G-spot with the tip of his dick. This kid sure as hell knew how to fuck. I wondered if Jo had been responsible for teaching him how to make love.

After several more minutes, Jo huskily whispered, “Honey, let me get on top of you now, I want to ride your beautiful dick, baby.”

I watched as he slowly withdrew his rigid cock from his mom’s wet pussy and rolled heavily onto the bed next to her, his body covered in a fine sheen of sweat, and his big cock glistening wetly with his mother’s juices as it bobbed and flopped onto his belly.

Jo reached over and gave her son’s dick a couple of rapid strokes and said, “God, I am so glad that you don’t have to wear a rubber any more. I always hated feeling that latex separating your skin from mine.”

He grunted, “Me too, Mom, Mmmm…”

It dawned on me that he had been fucking his mother bare. Obviously, she believed that she couldn’t get pregnant any longer. Birth control had never been an issue for us, as I’d had a vasectomy a few years after we got together when it was clear that we weren’t going to have children together.

Jo moved over her son’s waist and straddled his nude body, her nylon-clad legs on either side of his hairy thighs. He reached up and began pulling and pinching his mother’s hardened nipples as she grasped and held up the stalk of his cock and lowered her hairy cunt down onto his erect dick. Again, they both groaned as their bodies were joined together.

She spent several minutes slowly raising up and down on his dick, reaching back and fondling his hairy balls with one hand while she steadied herself with her other hand on his broad chest.

Eric’s hands roamed up and down his mother’s nude torso and thighs, sliding down to periodically squeeze her plump ass cheeks as she moved up and down on him.

After a few minutes she slumped forward on his chest and they began kissing as he began to shuttle his cock in and out of her cunt. I could hear the wet ‘squishy’ noises as his dick moved in and out of her pussy. He was really fucking her at a frenetic pace, his dick almost a blur as it moved in and out of the dark wetness of her crotch.

God, it was so incredibly erotic to watch them, part of me wanted to tear off my clothes and join them, although I knew that it would never work, not ever. These two were connected in only that very special and intimate way that a mother and son could ever connect. I realized then that I could never, ever let on that I knew about this side of their relationship; at least not if I wanted to remain with Joanne.

All of the sudden I could tell by their noises and movements that they were both close to orgasm.

Eric grunted, “Mom, oh, Mom, I’m gonna cum now…Oh, God, Mother, I love you! I’m gonna cum, Mom…”

“Yes, baby, cum for me…Me too…Oh, baby, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! God, I’m cumming too, Mmmmm, yes, yes, yes, yes…Ohhhhh, God, yes, Baby!”

Eric jammed his cock deeply into his mother’s belly, raising his hips off of the bedspread and stiffened, lifting his mother’s body up at the same time. I could tell that he was ejaculating his sperm and semen deep into his mother’s womb at that very moment. She was thrashing in his arms as her orgasm overcame her too. Their lips were mashed together as they kissed, muffling their groans of lust and sexual satiation.

Slowly, slowly, as though time itself were slowing, their frenetic movements abated and they came to rest; a sweat-covered mother’s body draped over the equally sweat-covered body of her son; both trembling with passion and love for one another.

I realized that it was time for me to beat a quiet, but hasty, retreat. I knew that I needed to get myself and my stuff collected and out of the house in the next couple of minutes if I wanted to ensure that they wouldn’t catch me.

I drove to a hotel off of the freeway in Northridge and spent a restless night. All I could see with my waking and sleeping eyes were my girlfriend and her son coupled together in the sweaty throes of sex on my bed.

So, my dilemma is this – What do I do? Do I stay? I love her very much, but this is a lot to deal with. Do I tell her that I know? I think that if I do, then I will lose her; as she will be appalled that I know this about her. What happens to my relationship with Eric, as he is now my prime sexual competitor for her love and sexual attention; and I know that deep-down she’ll always choose him over me.

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