My Daughter’s Cuckold Ch. 02

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She was gone for several minutes, leaving me with the glaze slowly drying on my face. I could hear her moving around the house but had no idea what she was doing. I tried getting out of the restraints, but Tracey had tied me up pretty tightly. There was no way to get out of the wrist restraints, and without my hands free I wasn’t going to get my ankles untied either. I was completely helpless and had no idea what was going to happen to me. All I knew for sure was that I could still taste my daughter’s pussy and her boyfriend’s cum, and it was turning me on even though I was still terrified.

After what seemed like forever Tracey came back into the bedroom, still nude. I almost died when i saw that she was holding a digital camera and a small zipper case. She set them both on the table beside the bed, then unzipped the case… I now recognized it as her makeup bag. She sorted through it a bit and laid out some lipstick, mascara and other items.

“Now, Daddy, I want you to keep perfectly still so I only have to do this one time. Don’t fuck this up or I’ll have to let people know about your little hobby.” I nodded, speechless, and she started applying makeup. Not a lot, but I got blush, mascara, eye liner and some bright red, shiny lipstick. I’m sure I looked ridiculous, especially with my crew cut hair, but she seemed pleased with the result.

Next she picked up the camera and ignored my pleading with her to not take pictures. For the next ten minutes she shot picture after picture of me, from every angle. She got my face and my body stretched out on the bed. She took closeup pictures of my soaking wet panties, then pulled my cock out and took pictures of it as well. She must have taken at least two or three dozen pictures from every angle, most of which would surely show me with my eyes closed and tears of shame and humiliation rolling down my face.

“There we go. Now I have some guarantee that you’ll behave and do what I want, Daddy. You’re my bitch now, and I’m going to take full advantage of it! Now, as long as you do what I tell you nobody will know a thing. Well, almost nobody anyway, orhangazi escort I haven’t decided yet. But I won’t fuck up this arrangement if you don’t. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head, still with tears in my eyes.

“Speak up, sissy. I said, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?” And to emphasize what she meant, I could feel the sharp sting of her palm against my cheek with each word. I finally was able to speak, but my voice sounded like a scared child’s.


“Yes, WHAT?” Another slap.

“Yes, Tracey.”

Another slap. “No, bitch! When we’re alone, you WILL call me Mistress! You can act like we’re still Daddy and daughter when there are people around, I don’t want everyone thinking I’m some sort of perv. But when it’s just you and me, I am the BOSS, and you will treat me accordingly! Understand?”

“Y-yes, Mistress.” That earned me a pat on the crotch and a “Good boy.”

She left the room with the camera and makeup bag and was gone for a few more minutes. When she returned I could see that her nipples were once again hard and erect. She climbed up on the bed, straddling me, and looked into my eyes.

“All of that got me going again. You’re going to make me cum again, understand?”

“Yes, Mistress.” And with that she moved up and put her pussy in front of my face again, grabbing the headboard. “Lick me, you little whore!”

I obeyed. She settled down onto my face and rode my tongue as I did my best to get her off, licking the folds of her wet vagina and flicking my tongue over her clit. After a few minutes she reached down and spread her pussy lips, exposing the full length of her delicate clit, and stuffed it against my lips. “Suck it”, she commanded. I did. She was thrusting her hips, roughly fucking my mouth with her clit, and I could tell she was close. Finally she threw her head back and let out a loud, prolonged moan as she shuddered through what must have been a massive orgasm. I kept on hungrily sucking at her clit for as long as I could reach it, listening to her moan and feeling her shudder through a long series of nilüfer escort multiple orgasms before she finally collapsed onto the bed.

By now my cock was again rock hard, throbbing, soaking my panties with precum and aching for relief. After she had recovered for a few minutes she noticed my condition and playfully grabbed my hard shaft.

“Daddy needs to get off, doesn’t he?”

“Ohhhhh… yes, Tra- I mean, Mistress, Daddy needs to cum very badly!”

“Well, how do you ask nicely?”, she said, as she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock.

“Please, Mistress, please please let me cum!” I was begging for all I was worth, and at that point I couldn’t ahev cared less who knew it. I just needed to relieve the unbearable pressure! Right then I would have done anything to haev cum.

“Hmmm. Maybe I will let you, maybe not. What would you do to get me to let you cum, bitch?”

“Anything! Anything, Mistress, I swear!”

“You should be careful what you say. ‘Anything’ is a pretty powerfuyl word. I could take you seriously and you could be in for a lot, so you’d better think before you speak.”

I was beyond caring. I was on the edge, and I needed to cum. Every fiber of my being was focused on cumming. I could only think of one thing… “Anything Mistress, I’ll do anything, PLEASE let me cum!! Please, please!” I was broken. I was hers completely, begging like a child, like someone who has nothing left.

She nodded slowly and started gently stroking my cock with one hand. With the other she released the nipple clamps, and the flash of pain as the blood returned to my abused nipples was excruciating. I gasped loudly and it delayed my orgasm for a minute or two as the pain subsided somewhat. She was still stroking my shaft and now my balls, whcih were still wrapped in teh fabric of the panties. I could tell I was about to cum and arched my back as the first wave hit me.

I had never experienced an orgasm like this in my life. Wave after wave of extasy washed over me as I shot my load. I could feel her hand over the head of my cock, türbanlı escort catching most of the cum that gushed from the tip. I finally fell back on the bed, spent and exhausted, completely satiated and now once again feeling more than a little embarrassed and humiliated.

But she wasn’t through with my degradation. She gently rapped my cheep and told me to open my eyes. I could see that she was holding her cupped hand up, obviously the one she had used to catch my cum. “Now, Daddy, it’s time to clean up. Open your mouth.”

I was mortified. In the post-orgasmic letdown I was feeling self conscious and very vulnerable, and had no interest whatsoever in any further sex play. Tracey, however, wasn’t playing. She made that clear when she roughly pinched my left nipple, hard, and brought her hand to my lips. “Open you mouth NOW, bitch. You’re going to swallow every fucking drop of this cum or you’re going to stay right here until Mom finds you. Is that what you want?”

I had no choice. The sex play may have been over, but the dominance was definitely not. I was starting to sob as I slowly opened my mouth, and she immediately dumped the warm, sticky glob of cum from her hand into my mouth. I choked and stated to gag, but she warned me again and I swallowed. Three more times she deposited more of my cum into my mouth, scooping it up from my stomach, balls, chest and face. Finally I had swallowed every trace of my own cum and she sat back, satisfied.

“Now you know who’s in charge, bitch. You’ll do what I tell you whether you think you want to or not. This isn’t about you having fun, this is about you doing WHATEVER the fuck I want you to do. Understand?”

“Yes, I understand.”

SLAP! “What did you just say?”

“I’m so sorry, Mistress! I meant, yes, I understand, Misteess!”

“Good. Now go get yourself cleaned up before Mom gets home. We wouldn’t want her finding out her husband is a sissy cum slurping little whore. A divorce wouldn’t make any of us happy, and you’re going to make me very happy from now on, right?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She untied the restraints from my ankles and wrists and gave me a slap on the ass as I retreated to the bathroom. It took me half an hour to scrub off the makeup and get myself showered. When I came out of the bathroom I was alone in the house again. Tracey was gone, and so was the memory card from the digital camera.

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