My Daughter, My Slave Ch. 01

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I waited for you to come home.

You went directly to your room and closed the door. I busied myself for a few minutes in silence so you would think you were alone in the house.

I crept up to your door and listened. I heard you talking on the phone to a friend. I couldn’t understand what was said, but I heard you laugh a few times.

Since you turned eighteen, you thought you didn’t have to live by my rules and that pissed me off. I decided to confront you today to straighten you out or send you packing.

Soon, you hung up and turned the TV on. I knew you would be sitting at your desk chatting or surfing the internet.

I carefully turned the doorknob and opened it. You were busy and didn’t notice as I slipped into the room. I stood still behind you as you typed into a chat box.

I looked over your shoulder and saw some man telling you what a slut you are and how much he wanted to fuck your cunt and spank you.

I was shocked but very excited.

I stood still; careful not to make a sound that would let you know I was there.

You leaned back and pulled your blouse up and I realized that you had a webcam positioned on the monitor and were showing a stranger your tits.

My cock was suddenly hard as I watched you teasing him. You leaned back and hiked your pleated skirt up showing your knickers tight on your pussy.

You spread your legs and rubbed your hand down between your legs and I heard you moan as you rubbed again and again.

I watched for a few minutes and then you stood and when you turned slightly, you saw me there. You were shocked to see me and screamed and pulled your blouse and your skirt down and grabbed for the webcam to divert the view.

I pushed it off the monitor to the floor so no one could see me. I went to the computer and shut it off.

You stood sobbing as I turned back to face you. I looked at your face and saw fear in your eyes. I slapped your face and grabbed you by the shoulders and shook you.

“What the fuck were you doing? Were you showing your tits and cunt to a stranger? What kind of a slut are you anyway? I thought you were a sweet young woman and now I see you are just a whore and a cunt. What do you say for yourself, you fucking slut?”

“I was bored and I found out how much fun it is to tease old men. Don’t worry. They don’t know who I am or where I am from and I never let them see my face.”

“And that makes it ok? Are you serious? Don’t you realize how sick that is for a young woman to show her tits and private parts to anyone? Does it give you pleasure to do that?”

“No, it doesn’t. It is just a joke.”

“I don’t believe you.”

I grabbed your arms and drug you to your bed and threw you down on it. You kicked and struggled but I was so much stronger and I was able to force you down.

I crawled on top of you to restrain you. I reached back and slid my hand under your skirt to your knickers. I could feel the moistness through the fabric.

My cock gave me away as it stiffened Polonezköy Escort against your belly. I sat straddled over you and pushed my hand roughly under the waistband of your knickers and felt your slick pussy.

I easily slid a couple of fingers into your sopping wet hole. Your eyes opened wide as I jammed my fingers into you deeper and harder.

I crawled off of you and pulled your skirt up to your waist and jerked your knickers down.

“Raise up, whore.”

You raised your ass up in the air and I jerked your knickers the rest of the way down to your ankles. I pulled them off and threw them on your face.

I pushed your legs apart and slapped the flat of my hand across your pussy lips. Slap, Slap, Slap. You moaned with each blow.

I rubbed my fingers between your lips and began to finger you. Your legs spread even further apart and you heaved your pelvis up at my hands as I thrust my fingers into you harder and deeper.

I fucked you with my fingers until I was tired. You screamed and groaned as you cum and cum under my harsh probing thrusts.

I removed my wet hands from your pussy and pushed them between your lips. You resisted and held your mouth closed tightly.

“Open your mouth, whore and taste your cum.”

You looked at me and smiled as you opened your mouth and sucked my fingers, lapping your tongue across them as you taunted me with a devious smirk on your face.

I stood up and unzipped my jeans. My cock was pressing against the denim and you could see the outline of my cock head down my right leg. I rubbed it a couple of times before I grabbed your hand and pressed it against my cock.

“Take my cock out baby.”

You reached in and felt for my cock. It was so hard you had difficulty getting it to bend enough to maneuver the head out of the fly, but you finally pulled it out and held it in your hand.

You stared at me as it throbbed in your palm. You squeezed in response and that excited me even more.

“Stroke it.”

You slowly and tentatively began to stroke my stiffening meat from the tip to my balls. As you stroked, you stared at my cock. I was sure you had never had this experience before and I wanted it to burn into your brain.

I put my hands on your shoulders and pushed you onto a kneeling position on the floor as I stood above you.

I held your head in my hands and guided your lips to my cock head. You looked up at me when your lips met my cock.

“Suck my cock, whore. Suck it like the $5 hookers do in the alleys downtown. You want to pretend to be a whore, now you are going to be one for real.”

I roughly forced your face down against my cock, but you refused to open your mouth. I jerked your head back and I leaned down, my face directly at yours.

“Dammit, open your fucking mouth. I am going to fuck it for you. It is mine now, just as your pussy and asshole and all of you are. Now that I know what you are and crave, I am going to give it to you, BUT you Escort Polonezköy are mine to use, as I want from now on. Do you understand?”

Your eyes burnt into mine in defiance, and then you turned away. I slapped your face. You spat at me. I slapped you again and again and again. I grabbed your head with both hands and made you look at me.

“All that does is make me want to hurt you. It could have been easier, but if you want it rough, so be it.”

I slapped your face with my cock and you tried to stand up. I pushed you back to your knees and grabbed your face again with both hands.

I pushed a finger against your lips and you continued to hold your mouth tightly closed.

I slapped you over and over. Your cheeks were red and tears streamed down your face.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because you force me to, whore. Just do what I want and I will stop.”

You looked at me and opened your mouth. Your eyes were full of tears as I pushed my cock between your lips. I held your head as I started to stroke my cock in and out of your lips.

I could feel the back of your throat and the roof of your mouth and your tongue. Taking your mouth for my pleasure excited me beyond belief and I thrilled at the possession I then felt of you.

“Now, suck my cock as I fuck your worthless mouth.”

You tightened your lips around my cock and I felt you pull my cock deeper inside your hot, wet mouth as you sucked and squeezed it with your lips.

I grabbed your head again and started to pull and push you onto and off of my cock. I stood still and didn’t fuck you as much as fucked my cock with your face.

I loved that control and the look in your eyes. I could see the sadness and disgust that you felt as I took you so harshly, but that only excited me more.

I pushed my cock as far back against your throat as I could until you gagged and struggled to move back.

I held you tight as you choked and tried to cough, but the fullness of my cock in your mouth prevented any such movement.

Your eyes were wide as you stretched your mouth wider in vain attempts for a gasp of air. I tormented you like this for a few seconds more, before pulling my cock out and allowing you to breathe.

“You need to learn to breathe through your nose, so I don’t have to stop fucking you, whore. It is inconvenient for me to have to stop fucking you so you can breathe.”

You coughed and overcame the gagging, then opened your mouth for my cock again.

“Get up on the bed on your belly.”

You climbed up onto the bed as I ordered. I pushed your blouse up to your shoulders. I looked around the room, then searched through your dresser and found four bras.

I took your left hand and wrapped the bra around the wrist and then tied it to the bed frame at the corner. I secured your other arm in the same manner, and then I tied your ankles as well.

I moved to the end of the bed and placed my cock back against your mouth. You Polonezköy Escort Bayan looked up at me, resigned to your fate and opened your mouth for my thick hard meat. I rammed it back against your throat and fucked your face for a few minutes.

My cock was erect and firm when I pulled it out of your then-greedy mouth. You moaned as I took it from you and I knew then that you were born to suck my cock. You loved sucking it as much as I loved making you suck it.

I removed my clothing and climbed on the bed between your spread legs. I rubbed my swollen cock between your legs against the lips of your pussy and I felt the wetness that flowed out from it.

I leaned forward and slipped my cock into your hot puss with no resistance. I pushed hard until I felt my balls against your legs and then I pushed a little more to be sure I had my cock all the way in your tight little hole.

“Your pussy feels good babygirl. I am going to enjoy fucking it.”

I pulled back and then rammed my cock back inside you, then pulled back and slammed it into you again. I began to savagely fuck your sweet little vagina as hard and as deep as I could.

The fury of my need was uncontrollable as I drove my hard meat into your little pussy with a vengeance and need, as if I was trying to rip it open.

You screamed and begged me to stop. You felt like my cock were going to tear your pussy apart and I laughed as I continued to abuse you. My cock was harder than I had ever known and I was not about to cease this perverted pleasure I felt.

I fucked you harder and more violently and in the heat of the moment, I reached up and grabbed your hair and pulled it hard as I slammed my cock into you.

You yelled and cried and begged. All your pleading did was make me more determined to hurt you more. I released your hair and put my hands on your back and pushed you down into the bed and held you down firmly as I fucked down into you.

You struggled to move and then I lay down on top of you, my body weight almost crushing you as I continued humping your helpless pussy. I reached under your chest and I began to pinch your nipples and roll them roughly between my fingers and thumbs.

You were frantic as I pinched harder and harder, flattening your nipples between my strong fingers.

The weight of my body made it hard for you to breathe. You gasped from lack of air as well as in pain from the punishment I was giving your pussy with my insistent cock and my pinching fingers on your nipples.

I used and abused you in this manner for 15 minutes or more. Too soon for me, I felt my balls tighten and my need to cum became undeniable. I pulled my cock out and walked to the end of the bed and stood with my cock near your face.

I stroked my cock as you watched helpless to avoid the inevitable bathing you were about to get.

“Open your mouth for my cum, whore.”

You opened your mouth and I pumped my cock harder a few more times and shot my thick hot cum into your waiting mouth. The cum spurted out in long arcs and hit your lips and tongue and your chin.

When I was finished, I wiped my cock all over your cheeks and then squeezed the last drops off on your long hair.

I left you in that same shameful position with my cum caking and drying on your flushed face, while I went to get a drink.

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