My Darling Kay

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Kay stood by the side of the bed and undressed. She stood naked, looking down at her son lying on the bed. Ryan stared at his mother, his heart pounding. He saw the wonder of her body, taking in the pale flesh, those full and heavy breasts, slopping down, her brownish nipples, puffy and standing out. As she climbed onto the bed, her breasts moved enticingly as they hung down. His hands reached out to palm the softness as he knead her bare flesh tenderly. He felt her nipples hardened to his touch.

“Oh Mom,” he cried out softly, as she felt his trembling hands on her sensitive nipples.

Kay cradled her son’s head as his mouth captured her right nipple. The contact of his lips sent a shot of unimaginable erotic feeling and Kay could only moan in response. Ryan sucked on his mother’s nipples, alternating between the twin cones.

Kay pushed down her son’s pajama bottom and Ryan’s thick and hardened penis was exposed. She held his turgid shaft and she saw that his precum was already seeping out. When her tongue rasped on the soft velvety head, Ryan’s buttocks tightened. He gasped, unable to control himself. His semen dripped out in gobs of thick mucus secretions. Nature took over and Ryan released all he had in spurts as Kay’s lips clasped onto his penis head and took the tangy male cum in her mouth. She held onto his thighs as his body shook during his eruption. Gradually, Ryan stopped shaking as Kay sucked out her son’s sperm. She caressed his scrotum. In the lustful throes of their incestuous sin, she did not realize that Ryan had his fingers in her vagina which was already wet with her own release. Ryan was caressing her matted pubic hair. Her mouth was filled with her son’s semen.

She slowly pulled out of his thickness. Ryan had removed his hand from her crotch. She turned and saw that his eyes were closed. She got up and almost ran into the bathroom.

She bent over the sink and opened her mouth for the thick whitish liquid to flow out. She shivered and felt like vomiting. It was the first time she ever took a man’s secretion in her mouth and it tasted unpalatable, now that the act was over. She washed her mouth with water and Listerine. She stepped bursa yabancı escort into the bath and washed herself.

Kay toweled down and sat on the commode shutting her eyes. Her world was falling apart and she could not come to terms of what had just occurred. She felt like a whore. That was her son in the room and she had just committed the ultimate horror. If Ryan had shown even a hint of wanting to possess her it would make things somehow tangible. But he had never done so. She had walked into his room and taken him. Being a man, he could not resist after she had stripped and stood stark naked for his pleasure.

Ryan’s father had divorced her a year earlier after falling for a young girl of 22. Kay had stayed alone and not been with any man. Even at 45, she was still a desirable woman and there were no shortage of suitors who tried to attract her. She was not a prude and many had passed the remark that she had an uncanny resemblance to the porn star Kay Parker. Even her name was Kay. It was never said to her face but she had heard it from close friends. A year without a man had made her look to her own son for solace. The moment just happened, not planned. And Ryan, being a young and manly male had submitted to her. The enormity of her callousness was simply unforgivable.

She did not hear the knock on the bathroom door. Kay looked up, almost in shock as the door slowly opened. She quickly pulled her towel and wrapped it around her body.

“Mom,” Ryan said, as he looked at her. “I thought you hurt yourself, you were in here for quite a while.”

“Ryan, please don’t say anything, please,” she stammered and began to cry.

Tears began to wet her cheeks as she clutched her hands around herself.

“I know you are disgusted with me, what sort of insane human being I am” she almost wailed.

Ryan stepped into the bathroom and knelt on the floor in front of her. He took her hands and held them firmly, as she tried to pull away from him.

“I love you mom, I love you so much, and after what happened, I cannot love anyone more that I love you,” he said.

“No, that is not possible, you are bursa sınırsız escort only saying that because I am your mother,” she said through her sobs that was wracking her body.

“I am worse than a whore,” she cried out in desperation.

Ryan pulled her up and held her in his embrace, hugging her tightly against his body.

“If you love me, just as much as I love you, don’t ever say such things again,” he said, as he caressed her hair tenderly.

He held her in his arms and led her out. He took her to the bed and made her lie down. Ryan pulled the blanket to cover them as he got in beside her and held her protectively.

She cried herself to sleep with her son’s arms around her.

It was already dark when Kay awoke. She must have slept a few hours. The soft light of the moon shone through the glass panels and she thought she was dreaming. The cobwebs in her head slowly lifted as memories of earlier in the day came to mind.

She felt the growing tingling when she realized that her nipples were being tweaked gently. There was the floating sensation somewhere in her loins. The realization came as she felt the throbbing in her vagina and the hardened shaft of Ryan’s penis moving in and out of her slowly.

“Oh Ryan, oh God, you are fucking me,” she gasped.

The words Kay uttered only heightened Ryan’s wanting of his mother more than ever.

“I love you so much,” he whispered as he kissed her neck.

Kay pushed her body against her son as he fucked her more urgently. Soon, the soft flapping sound of Ryan buffeting against his mother’s buttocks became more audible. He grasped her breasts in the palms of his hands as he turned her to lie on her stomach. The blanket covering them was pushed aside as he mounted her from behind. She could envision the image of her son taking her from the back. His legs had pushed hers closed together so that it made her more tight for his penetration.

Ryan pulled her to her knees and she supported herself with her arms on the bed. Ryan was deep inside her, taking her like a bitch in heat. Having satisfied himself as he grew bolder, Ryan pulled her up görükle escort further until her back was against his. On their knees, Ryan turned her face to the side and his mouth was on hers. They kissed passionately as he fucked her in that position which forced her to lift herself up occasionally when his upward stroke was more pronounced where he held her, not moving momentarily, pressing deep against her buttocks.

Kay felt the deep sensations of fulfillment cascading through her body as her orgasm began to flow through her loins.

Her knees felt weak and ungainly as spasm of ecstasy made her shiver.

Ryan felt his mother’s vaginal muscles clamping onto his turgid shaft as Kay went into orgasm.

Kay pulled her mouth from his and she cried out softly, her head resting against his cheek.

“Please put on a condom. Don’t cum inside me, don’t make me pregnant,” she moaned.

Ryan’s heart missed a beat on hearing his mother’s caution. But the very thought of impregnating Kay almost made him cum inside her. But even at the moment of his impending fulfillment, he knew the disastrous consequences if his mother was to bear his child.

He pulled out, gasping in sheer agony.

Kay knew his disappointment and turned to face him. She saw the shattered look in his eyes. She knelt down before him and took him in her mouth for the second time that day. Ryan held his mother’s head and fucked her mouth. This time his cum was potent and it splattered, filling the warm cavity of her mouth until drips began to seep down the side of her jaw. There was so much ejaculating that Kay coughed and began to unconsciously swallow as he unintentionally forced his thickness against her gullet. Mother and son held on to each other as he watched her gulp down his semen.

The love and need for her had never been as intense as that moment. He had to show her what she meant to him. He pulled her off and made her lie flat on the bed. He lifted up her legs and placed them astride his shoulder. His mouth was against her vagina and he sucked, his tongue pushed into the swollen lips. He drank from her opening. Kay’s legs clamped tight against his head as a new turn of orgasm burst through her. When her trembling stopped, Ryan licked her clean, his face slick with her secretion.

Their eyes held in total surrender of their desire for one another. Their lips touched and their kiss shared the cum from their satied bodies.

Life would never be the same but they found each other.

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