My Dark Angel Ch. 03

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I’ve never been happy, my life was just like me: shitty. I am one of those smart people who against the odd end up being losers with shitty job. Or in my case: dangerous job. Everybody thought I was going to be a successful businessman, a lawyer or a doctor. I could have been. But fate decided against it, so now here I was: a professional killer, whose job was to kill Ethan Cullen, a hot redheaded guy who I just ordered to be my boyfriend.

How did I end up making that unoriginal and so unlike me demand? I don’t know. This morning I planned to take a look at his routine and planned how to kill him swiftly without anyone remarking. (Lol, as if anyone would suspect a wealthy millionaire of the death of a lowly P.A.) Damn it, the plan was perfect! It was freaking PERFECT; Ethan Cullen would have been dead by tomorrow. But no, Ethan Cullen happened to be, ironically, my mate. Have you ever felt your heart scream “mine” when you stumbled upon an object or a person? Have you ever felt the urge to just jump someone, hold them, and take them hard no matter how many people are watching? Have you felt your heart beat faster and faster when you hear someone voice? If no, then you haven’t met an Ethan Cullen yet. That guy was a walking wet dream. From the moment, he entered the conference room to the moment he left; I knew I had to have him. He smelt like heaven and my wolf wanted to jump him and take him hard…I urge to mark him, to sink my teeth in his neck while fucking him so hard he wouldn’t even remember his name. Fuck! How was I going to tell the council that the lonely human who they feel threatened by would be one of them, sooner or later? And what was so threatening about Ethan? He was just a lonely but sexy human. Why would the council want his death?



I looked at Mr. Hottie with wide eyes. He was crazy, did I mention that? Crazy. Crazier than me. And I thought I would never find someone who will be as crazy, if not crazier, than Ethan Cullen, aka “me”. I didn’t even know his first name and his last name wasn’t something I could remember right now. He asked-no ordered me- to be his boyfriend. How crazy was that? And the way he was staring at me was even creepier. Not that I minded that hungry look! Ethan escort bayan gaziantep focus! He can be a rapist as far as you know. Lol a rapist! Baby, you can rape me anytime. Oh fuck! Shut up, kinky Ethan! I’m trying to think.

I knew what to do. A sane person would have said something, felt outraged, got up and left. But I wasn’t a sane person. I was as crazy as Mr. Hottie was. He was staring at me as if he was afraid I was going to jump him or something. My eyes fell to his lips, those sensual lips, and I felt my cock throb in my pants. He sniffed the air and smiled at me. Lust written all over his face. Fuck, he was either a werewolf or a vampire. That wasn’t good.

“Someone’s aroused. Do you want some help with that? Don’t worry. I’m going to take you hard, so hard that I doubt you’ll be able to walk again.” He said while walking towards me. Licking his lips. Those lips.

That snapped me back to reality.

“First of all” I began. “We are in a working environment, please use proper language. And I don’t date dogs or vampires. So Mister “I’ll order around anyone I want, no matter who or what they are”, your dream will never come true.”

Yes, tell him Ethan! You are your own boss.

“What if I’m both?”He said.

What? He was a hybrid?

Oh Fuck! I knew that day would come sooner or later. But I wasn’t prepared for it to come so soon… I lied. I’ve always been lying. To myself. To my boss. To my exes. To everybody. The truth is I’m not human. I was a Deity. The symbol of the human race. And if I die, every human will die with me. The legend said that there will be a time when death and life will have to fight, and no matter whom wins, a whole species would die and that a Deity couldn’t be killed by anything but a hybrid. And today was the day where life and death meet. Focus Ethan! Act pitiful! Do anything! Beg if you have too. You have to make sure he doesn’t kill you before you kill him. All those people depend on you, Ethan. Be strong. Be brave. Be fierce. And forget about your hardon.



I sat down on the edge of the desk and looked at Ethan sheepishly. His red hair was calling to my attention; there was something unnatural about it. Maybe it was the color: as red as blood. I wanted to touch it, to know if it was as soft as it appeared to be. He turned his face towards the window, and I remarked the brown, blue and green locks running down his neck. How odd? I didn’t remember seeing them there. I could feel his heart beat faster and smell his arousal. I smiled. It seemed that little Ethan really liked me.

“First of all” I imitated. “I wasn’t asking you on a date. And you look sexy when you blush.”


“The name’s Alex. I can’t wait to hear you scream my name later while you’re coming.”I said letting my hand fall on his thigh caressing it slowly, inching my way towards his cock.

He jumped up just as I expected and ran for the door.

“The door is locked from outside, Ethan. Did you think you could escape me that easily?”

“Who… Who are you? What do you want from me? Did my dad send you? How much did he pay you? I can give you more if you promise to leave me alone and alive? I’ll even let you have a taste of me. I’ll do anything. Please just don’t kill me.”

He was afraid, really afraid, but not of his death and that was weird. He was afraid of failing. But Failing to do what? I felt him blocking his thoughts. He was immunizing himself against me. And that made me reconsider my approach. No one has ever been able to immunize themselves against me. No one but a vampire. Ethan Cullen was definitely not human. But how was that possible? I smelt nothing from him but that heavenly smell I recognized as my mate scent. He wasn’t a werewolf or a vampire. So what was he? I looked at him:


“Yes anything. Please don’t kill me. I’ll even suck your friends’ cocks.”

I looked at him. Angry. And slapped him. How dared he? No mate of mine will ever be a whore. I knew I was exaggerating. But still. He should stand up against me. Not offer to suck my friends. That boy really needed to get a grip on himself real soon or I will kill him. The look on his face made me take a step back. And my cock really needed release and soon. Fuck! Why was I still aroused? The guy was a real threat.



Wait! Wait a second! Did he just slap me? Oh no! He didn’t. Fuck the legend! Fuck my acting! He messed with the wrong deity. And it was time for me to teach him a lesson. I looked at him, murder written all over my face. I felt my hair getting longer and my claws started to come out. The ground started to shake, and things were flying everywhere. I was ready to kill him. I was ready to make him suffer. Alex would be dead. I looked at him and caught him grinning.

“Ah!” he said. “You are the deity, the light. Are you really going to put all those people in danger? You are supposed to be their protector. Calm down Ethan. Don’t worry, you’ll get another chance to kill me, but not here.”

I looked at him and shock and my anger subsided when I heard people screaming, and things started to get back to normal. Fuck! All those people. I forgot we were still at work. I could have put all those people in danger. What was I thinking? I am supposed to protect them just like he said, not kill them.

I felt all the fear embedded in me since the last 16 years resurged to the surface. I could hear all those people from my childhood telling me how pathetic and pitiful I was. But one voice in particular made me start to cry. My dad’s. I could still hear him telling me how weak I was, how incapable and disappointed he was in me. I could still remember the words he told me the last time I saw him. I was 10. “You are nothing but a disappointment. A huge disappointment. You do nothing right. I don’t even think you share an ounce of my blood. A sissy. That’s what you are. You killed Ellen. She died because of you. And many people will die because of you in the future. And I’ll be sitting in hell laughing my ass off when that happens. A deity. Humph. You are nothing but an abomination. You’ll kill those people anyway. If not by your death, they will die because of your stupidity.” He was right. I turned out to be a sissy. And I almost killed all those people.

I didn’t remember being held. I didn’t remember getting in the back of a car. I only remembered crying. Crying for being stupid. Crying for leaving Ellen to her death. Crying for having to be brave. Crying for faking my way through life. Crying for not standing up for myself when I was a teenager. Crying for being pathetic. Crying for crying. But I was also crying for that mate I’ll never meet. For the children I’ll never have. For the happy marriage I’ve always dreamed of. For the love I was never going to experiment. For a happily ever after.

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