My Cuckold Story Pt. 04

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Big Tits

Regular disclaimer: This is my 4th shared experience here and I thank all those that have provided feedback. To be clear for everyone, these stories are based on real life experiences I have had with my wife. Because they are about actual experiences and not our entire sex life, I am not writing novels.


I am her sub, but also her willing sub. I trust her completely to make herself as happy as she can possibly be (as should be all husband’s top wish) and that she will include me and keep me involved and therefore happy in my role. I have learned to love being sub to her and the mind fucks she puts me through. I am sharing some of the most intense and memorable experiences we have experienced because I believe they are ultimately some of the best experiences in my life. If a sub cuck who submits completely to his wonderful fem-domme wife is not for you, then please move on to another story.

Quick recap from the first 3 stories:

Story 1 – My wife surprised me and started to fem, Domme, and cuck me as her Christmas gift this year and I met her new boyfriend.

Story 2 – The story of how l lost my cherry.

Story 3 – My wife tricked me into pleasing 3 people I knew, but could not know who they were.

Story 4 – and now, part 4…

As you may recall from Christmas
, my wife gave me as a gift to 3 people, but I was blindfolded and didn’t know who they were. All I knew was that there was 1 lady with a strapon and 2 guys. Looking back their cocks were smaller than her boyfriends, but I was so worked up at the time I never noticed it. They have all used me several times over the last year in a similar state so I couldn’t figure out who they were. It has been sheer torture not knowing who knows and who doesn’t. Does that smile they give me mean they are being nice or because they know my secret? On top of that, 2 of my wife’s best friends know about my role and humiliate me when around and her pair of boyfriends do as well. Besides that group, we have kept my cucking pretty private.

On this Christmas morning, my fourth as her sub cuck, my wife shared with me that she yet again had another surprise for me. This time it was that one of her gfs (one that knew my role) had decided to cuck her hubby as well, and we were to help today. I caught the laugh in my throat and asked her how that was to happen. She told me “all in good time”, but for starters, you will help him get cleaned up and ready. I wasn’t sure how she thought that would happen, but I agreed, as is my role.

After a light lunch, 1 O’clock rolled around and I had on panties (as always) and regular male clothes (a rarity for me at home, expect that we had guests coming over) when the doorbell rang. I dutifully opened the door and let my wife’s best friend and her hubby in. They were in good spirits, though he looked a little antsy. We sat around for about 30 min, had a drink (which I took care of serving for everyone), chatted, and then, after a look between the girls, my wife’s girlfriend raised her voice a little and said, “John, come here.”

He stood up and went over to her. She then said “You remember what you said?”

John said “Yes”.

She said “good. Now remember, what we agreed to, you would do anything I say if I let you out of your cage and cum.” John suddenly looked sheepish knowing my wife and I heard this too, but he said he “agreed”. “Then pull down your pants and take them off.” John hesitated, but did as he was told and stood there in just a shirt, socks, and a cock cage. His cock looked like it filled the cage and was trying hard to grow. I chocked a little bit, never expecting to see him in a cage. He had always seemed a little arrogant and full of himself to me.

My wife looked at me and said “what the hell are you laughing at cuck? You keep that up and I will put you in your cage!”

With that, Jen (wife’s girlfriend) said to John “you are to go with cucky. He will help get you cleaned up and ready for the next step.”

This part my wife had prepped me for shortly before they showed up. After Jen removed John’s cage, his hardon sprung to full life, which told all of us that our wives just might pull this off in the end. I had him come with me up to the master bath. I had him strip naked, shave off his pubes and then we both did an emena.

When that was done, I laid out the cloths for the 2 of us for the day. He looked at me and said “no way, that is your fucking role!”

I reminded him of his promise to Tipobet his wife and the threat she made that he wouldn’t be able to cum again. He was a little pissed, and it took a little bit more to convince him, but eventually he relented. Our wives bought us matching outfits to put on. White stockings, pink garter belt, matching lace bra, and a short loose black skirt. I was to wear my 3″ heels while John had a new 2″ tall pair of heels for his first time. As much as he said no, he was hard while we dressed and within 30 min we were back downstairs, dressed for our wives who had obviously been enjoying the wine while we were away. At this point, I was back to being in the dark about their plans.

They cat called and told us to come on over and show off a little. We went in front of them and slowly twirled around for them. My wife said “very good, now go and fetch our bench”. I did as I was told and returned with our low bench we will use a lot for sex on the floor. I was told to lay on my back on the bench, then John was told to get in 69 position on me. He looked at his wife and she just smiled and said “you promised” with a shit eating grin on her face.

Slowly he got on top and our wives quickly tied us down in this position to the bench. Our arms and legs were free, but that was about all we could move and certainly couldn’t get to the knots. We were both hard, cocks in each other’s faces, but neither doing anything about it.

The wives sat back down and laughed at the position we were in. Jen pulled out a strapon from her bag and asked us if we recognized it. John sighed and said “yes”. I said “no”. Jen said, that’s right, you have never put eyes on it, you only know it by feel. I guess the same is true for that cock you see in front of you now.” It took a second for me, but the realization hit, John and Jen were 2 of the people that had been using me for the last year. In some ways I felt relieved to know it was the 2 of them, but also confused with how we got to where we were now. I kind of got the sense that John was too.

Jen went on, “John, you know, watching what we have over the last year, I came to realize how great they have it. Bigger cocks, more variety, I just couldn’t pass it up. I’ve started to train you over the last 2 months, as you might have guessed by now. Why do you think I have been caging you off and on? Starting to fuck you with the strapon before you could fuck me? As I promised you, I will let you cum today and I will even give you one more chance to save yourself, for what good it would do.

We are going to have a race now. You will suck each other off. Whoever can last the longest wins, and if that is you, I will still cuck you, but won’t put you where I want you to be. The loser will be used to test out my new bf.” John was shaking, but also dripping precum at this point. I knew exactly where he was coming from. The mix of emotions, not knowing if you are willing to accept the role you now have, but knowing you don’t have much of a choice.

My wife said “ready, get set, go!” I knew I had to please my wife and knew she expected me and my practiced mouth to win, so I got on his cock and sucked and licked for all I could in the position I was in. John started a couple of seconds after me and was more tentative, obviously he hadn’t really done it before. I found out later that Jen had caged him for 5 straight days (never more than a day at a time before that) so he was jacked up and ready to go at this point. I believe it really only took me about 3 minutes to make him cum and he did it hard and I swallowed the entire load. Jen tis-tis’ed him and said now you see why I am trying out a new cock. Now don’t leave him wanting more, you need to finish him off still.” It took John another 10 minutes of sucking and stroking me till I came. As required, he did swallow most of it, but you could tell his heart wasn’t in it, even though I was still teasing his cock and getting his last few drips out.

My wife then pulled out a butt plug and came over, saying I guess you won, or lost, depending how you want to look at it, so you get the plug. Now don’t let it out. We need to go get ready for our dates, you two stay put!” They both laughed again and then Jen carried her bag with her and they went off to the master bed room for probably 30 minutes. During that time, John and I talked a little. I told him welcome to the club and he kept asking how did he find himself in that position. I told him to just go with it or Tipobet Giriş he would be in for a rough time. He asked what was going to happen next and the only thing I could think of was that Jen’s new bf was going to be coming over. My wife hadn’t shared any of the plans beyond me helping him get dressed.

Anyway, to move it along, the doorbell rang and my wife went to get the door in a short satin robe. Her 2 bfs came in and said hi and kissed both ladies. They talked for about 5 minutes about how the start had gone, who had won the race, etc., then the doorbell rang again. This time my wife answered the door again and a black guy I had never met came in. Good shape, mid 30’s, muscular build, sounded pretty educated. He asked if he was on time and my wife said “your timing is perfect”. Jen said “you remember the deal right? You need to show you are a good fuck with good stamina before you get my pure white pussy and I give you a black cherry?”

He agreed and said, “I assume John lost as you figured?” She said “yes, and I think I should owe you at least getting you undressed”. My wife and Jen both stood up and slid off their robes, revealing matching lingerie outfits. They then started to tease and strip for her new bf. He had an impressive cock. It was a good 7″ semi erect. Jen handed him some lube and came over. He allowed me to suck him for a little bit and get him hard and ready for John.

When he was good and hard, he put on some lube and started the process of popping John’s tight cherry. The strapon he had been trained with was a good size, but couldn’t match the thick 9+” cock. As he started to press in, I started to suck on his tasty nuts. Jen’s new boyfriend lasted a good 20 minutes once he had let John adjust to his size, including some good pounding near the end, his nuts slapping on my face. John was rock hard and I had to suck him off or have him unload on my face. He didn’t last long this time either and came within minutes, even though it was his second load.

John was spent by the time Jen’s boyfriend was done with him, but Jen told John to reward me by getting him off and suck me again. John did, but without much gusto. One of my wife’s boyfriends was stripped down at this point and said, “well, I guess it is my turn now” and he lined up for a quick suck by me before taking on Johns now gapping and dripping ass (thank God for that enema!). John wasn’t able to make me cum again until my wife’s second boyfriend was fucking him. I unloaded him for the third time at that point along with the black and white seed that was dripping all over my face.

Jen then told her new bf he had past the test and she was all his. She got on her knees and sucked him hard. Enjoying the feel and the need for 2 hands. She did an impressive job getting so much of his cock in her mouth and didn’t forget to please his still heavy balls as well. Once he had had enough, Steve said he wanted a taste before he used her and she readily agreed.

Jen laid back on the couch and spread her legs wide and inviting. She had the hottest little landing strip over a very engorged and obviously wet slit. He started to lap her soaking wet pussy while my wife’s first boyfriend got up and offered his cock to her mouth and it disappeared inside. It was an amazing site to see and John’s hard cock told me he was amazed by the show as well. Jen didn’t last long before exploding in a big orgasm after watching the show up until that time and needing relief. With that, Steve said he wanted to see her ride his cock to start. It was both an incredible view for all and let Jen adjust to the biggest cock she had ever taken in her pussy. She was so wet, he just slid right in as she moans loudly. This was quickly followed by Jen saying “mmmmm, holy shit you are fucking huge! It feels like twice the size of John! I think you are breaking through my cervix tonight, mmmmmmmm”.

It wasn’t long before she started to ride him long and slow, feeling his full length as John and I were too mesmerized to do anything but watch for the first time a dark black cock glistening wet and sliding into his pale white wife. John started to drip precum down on my face again as she picked up speed and started to bounce on the cock. I could only hope to see my wife do the same at some point.

Once Jen’s legs got tired, she got off and took Steve doggy style, then on her side and finally missionary. Being his second load, Steve lasted probably 30 minutes this time and I counted no less Tipobet Güncel Giriş than a dozen more orgasms for Jen before he finished. His first shot went deep inside, but he pulled part way out, unloading the rest of his seed into pussy. She was completely spent and Steve was sweeting pretty good. It seemed like the perfect first time for them.

Meanwhile, while this was going on, my wife was slow stroking her boyfriends while they watched and obviously enjoyed the show. I tore my eyes away from the show and sucked John off again. I kind of figured he could use the relief and it meant less precum and cum wasted on my face and not in my belly.

We were untied after that and John was made to crawl over to Jen and Steve. He was told to thank Steve for giving his wife the best sex of her life and ask to clean his magnificent cock. John, fully whipped at this point did as he was told and cleaned the semi hard black cock before having to lay on his back and take his first cream pie. Though he got hard again at the humiliation and the task, no one bothered helping his little clitty this time. Jen enjoyed one last orgasm and closed her legs.

My pussy was begging for use after being part of all this fun, but alas it was not to be for me at this point.

Jen provided John his new matching panties and he was left in his new lingerie for the ride home with Jen, who actually did get dressed. Steve left at about the same time, but not before telling my wife and I that he really looked forward to fucking both of us soon.

My wife then retired to our bedroom with her 2 boyfriends and told me to take care of cleaning everything up as she handed me my own new pair of panties and drawing me in with her hand to the back of my neck. She thanked me for my help today, gave me a hard kiss, and left the room.

After putting my panties on, I cleaned up and downed a couple of glasses of water. It was another 2 hours before my wife called out to me to cum in the room. I went to our bedroom and saw the 3 of them, sweating, cocks covered in frothy juices and my wife’s gaping pussy looking well used.

I stopped, asked “yes Ma’am?” and she said they were done for now, so I could clean up in here now as well. I again said “yes Ma’am” and curtsied before climbing on the bed and starting with the cocks and balls. They were tasty as always and I regretted again not getting to enjoy them more. Once they were clean, I moved on to my wife and went gentle on her obviously well used pussy. I worked her slow, cleaning, sucking all that I could out of her, and bringing back up for another climax.

My wife then surprisingly asked me if I had gotten everything I wanted for Christmas, and I knew I should say “yes, whatever you get me is exactly what I need and deserved”, but I didn’t this time. I lowered my eyes and looked sheepish and stammered “y, y, yes Ma’am, well almost so”. She asked me what she had failed to provide, to which I responded “my pussy is begging for a cock to use it Ma’am. You have let me cum today and for that I am extremely grateful and would do anything for you, but to cum like the sissy I am once today Ma’am, that would make the day perfect”.

I got a smile out of my wife that I caught with the corner of my eye, 1 of her boyfriends laughed outload, and the other said “my god, we really have turned him into a full on gay sissy whore, haven’t we? We should keep that in mind for next year!”

My wife, being the one feeling more generous at the moment asked the 2 of them if either wanted to go one more round for her whore. One agreed and told me to get back over to him and fluff him good this time. He had already cum 3 times that day, so I knew it would both be work and pleasure for my mouth, and likely a nice long ride on his cock, giving me a real chance to cum like a proper slut… deep penetration.

He started me sitting on the cock, just like Jen had started and I got to ride and bounce with vigor, my clitty and balls slapping his on each down thrust. Eventually we moved to doggy style where I finally found my release while he slammed into me as hard as he ever had, trying to unload for the fourth time in less than 3 hours. With my full release, I tightened my pussy as much as I could, to give him every chance and he managed to cum a couple minutes after I did.

I thanked him and my wife for my final gift as I shifted down and lapped up my little squirt

I didn’t get to enjoy Steve that day, but I did get one of my wife’s bfs to use me and it was another huge shift in our sex life. All in all, it was a fun time for all and our wives have had a lot of fun now having 2 sissies that can be together and all the new things that they can do with 2 of us vs. just 1, but that is for another time.

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