My Creamy Caribbean Vacation

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I felt the first hot spray of Anthony’s scorching jet of cum splash my face, coating it, trickling down in great, goopy rivers to my neck and saggy old tits, which, along with the sight and sound of my tired old husband laboring to free his face from the prison of my hairy pussy and powerful old thighs, triggered the biggest orgasm of my life.

Not your usual vacation to say the least.

My name is Tina, short for Martina, and I’m 63-years-old, which may sound old to those much younger, but trust me, I look, act and feel anything but old. I’m in great shape, with a long, willowy body, exceptional legs, I must say, and though having the usual saggy parts and wrinkles of a mature woman, it is a body that turns the head of most men, whatever their age.

And especially, I’m happy to report, those much, much younger. Such as 20-year-old Anthony, whose gorgeous black cock has just given me the tasty gift of his youthful seed.

My husband, Bill, and I were vacationing on a small island in the Caribbean, at a five-star resort where they wait on you hand and food. We are used to such treatment: Bill is the CEO of a huge company, and as such can afford such luxury. One thing he cannot afford, or rather his 70-year-old, fat, white, exercise-impaired body cannot afford, is to provide me the sexual luxury I seek. So I turn elsewhere, to the young men who fancy me. Bill is used to it by now, begrudgingly so, never bothering me about my sexual dalliances. But until now, neither had he been part of any.

We’d eaten at the resort restaurant, and drank as well. We were both feeling rather tipsy when we left, walking the moon-lit beach where I supposed Bill would try, in vain, to sexually satisfy me. I’ll give him credit, he did try from time to time, the resulting efforts anything but satisfactory.

This night, I wore a short, flowery shift, rising high on my nut-brown thighs, cut low on the neck, revealing a sexy patchwork of wrinkled cleavage and neck that puckered down to my rather large, fairly firm tits. Bill, who hates the sun, was as white as the moon above. I sat in a lounge chair, letting the warm breeze blow over my thighs and chest, embracing the sensation and wanting so much more.

It wouldn’t come from Bill, who knelt by me, graciously kissing me, fondling my tits, running a hand up my tanned, freckled old legs to play with my hairy pussy through the tiny white thong I wore. I sighed as I reciprocated by handling his package, where sadly, nothing was happening.

“Dammit,” Bill groaned. “I took a Viagra, too…maybe we just need time….”

“I haven’t got time, Bill, I want it now,” I growled, fed up with his feeble attempts to occasionally please me and always failing, especially in recent years when my sexual appetite ramped up as his waned. “You know what you can do, so do it.”

He blinked at me in the moon light, then looked around the vacant beach.

“Right here? Right here on the beach in front of..well, whoever could walk by?”

“Who the fuck is going to walk by, Bill,” I responded impatiently, pushing his head down between my spread thighs and pulling off my thong, my silver-tinged pussy hairy and wet. “And that adds to the allure of it all. Just do it, for Chrissakes!”

Moments later, despite his protestations, he was lapping away, somewhat fruitfully, at my hairy pussy, focusing on my engorged clit, and my thighs closed in a meaty clap around his ears. I have very strong legs for a gal my age, though the tanned skin is wrinkled and saggy, particularly the inner thighs, and Bill well knows the force they can exert when he oralizes me, which perhaps owes to his reluctance to do so. But now, laying on a beach, taking part in something so naughty and forbidden, hastened and heightened my pending orgasm and as usual, I pulled Bill’s moaning face deeper inside my cunt with my hands as I locked my feet behind him, scissoring him tightly, my saggy thighs gone tight and strong in their embrace.

“Almost gaziantep bayan escort numaraları there…almost there…” I grunted, humping into his face, pulling down my top to let my tits flop free, the milky white skin of them offset by deep tan above, bathed whiter still in the moon’s creamy glow.

“Tina…please…” he said in a muffled moan, hands pawing the thighs bowed painfully around his head, holding him tight, rendering him practically breathless as his nose and mouth were imprisoned in my hot, wet pussy.

“Shut up, dammit!” I snapped, pulsating my thighs harder, squeezing, making him moan louder.

It was then, as my head lolled from side to side, I saw him standing there, wide-eyed, the front of his tight uniform slacks bulging, a snake rippling down one leg. Anthony had just gotten out of work, and was walking the beach, ever the dutiful employee, cleaning up any trash missed by day staffers. I’d taken a fancy to him the moment we arrived, a beautiful, dark-black skinned boy, muscular and smooth, a beaming smile and always-eager countenance. I looked into his eyes and smiled. His shocked look softened and he smiled back. Especially when I curled a finger at him to come closer. He did so eagerly, but slowly, looking at me and also the moaning fat husband whose head lay compressed in my clutching thighs.

“Hello Anthony,” I growled as he stood by my head that was inclined on the lounger.

“Hello Missus,” he said in that delightful Caribbean lilt, somewhat shyly as he realized his enormous cock was inches away from my face, extending halfway down his young thigh in his tight slacks.

“What the fuck?” I heard my husband growl, trying to look up as best he could and in what little room my scissoring thighs would allow.

That space got tighter. I reclamped my ankles and squeezed his face back into my pussy.

“Shut up and keep eating me, Bill,” I said plainly, reaching for Anthony’s pants and unsnapping them. “This is MY vacation, too, so just do your part while Anthony does his!”

“Are…are you sure, Missus?” the boy squeaked uncertainly as my husband’s pale white face turned blue in my crushing thighs and he tried eating me better and harder to make me ease my squeeze. “Uh…but…”

“Shhhh, shhhh,” I hushed him, smiling up, pulling his pants down, releasing the biggest, blackest cock I had ever seen. “Oh my word, Anthony! It’s soooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!”

“Thank you, Missus,” he said shyly and as I slowly stroked that enormous black dick, adding “OH MY GOD!!!”

I stroked him slowly, not wanting him to cum too fast, jerking it back and forth and tucking my face beneath to tickle his amazingly huge, smooth-as-silk balls with my tongue. A stream of pre-cum soon oozed from the plum-sized head of his dick, and I slowly licked up the shaft to capture the drizzle in my mouth, savoring the flavor, moaning and feeling my cum building as I ground against Bill’s trapped face.

I knew the boy wouldn’t last long, and supposed it wouldn’t matter, boys this young, hung and full of cum are repeaters, blessedly so, not hampered by the need to take time to recharge. It’s always been my experience that young men get and stay wonderfully hard, no matter how many times they cum. Or maybe it’s just me. I am damned good at what I do.

And now, that was stroking Anthony’s prick with both hands into my mouth, filling it with his thick meat, jerking him with opposite corkscrewing motions, taking him nearly balls deep, no easy feat given the lad’s admirable length, which had to be eight inches, and girth, about as round as my skinny little wrists. He looked down at me, my face full of his prick, my wrinkled cheeks going hollow on the outstroke and then tight as I took him inside.

“Oh, God, Missus….gonna…gonna…” he mumbled, his beautiful black ass flexing as I mouth fucked him.

I didn’t let gaziantep escort bayan reklamları up and within 30 seconds of starting my blowjob, he erupted, his balls giving up the biggest load I have ever been privileged to cause, filling my mouth with his succulent ball brew that I swallowed partially, letting the rest ooze out and down my chin, coating my wrinkly neck and heaving tits. I popped him free of my lips and jacked the rest off on my face, virtually every appreciative inch covered in his wonderfully thick sperm. Finally, he stopped cumming and I let him go. His cock, unflagging, stuck out straight, ready for more.

It was then I realized I’d cum, too, but was so caught up in Anthony’s massive load to notice. I looked down, we both did. Anthony gasped and I giggled at the sight of my oxygen-deprived hubby unconscious and slack in my gripping old thighs. I’d squeezed him to sleep lord knows how many minutes earlier!

I released him and he flopped face first to the lounger as I slapped him awake. He was groggy and his face soaked with my juices as he came around, kneeling up and seeing his wife’s old face, smiling at him and absolutely blanketed in a young black islander’s copious load of spunk.

“Dammit, Tina!” he whined, tears in his eyes, streaking through my cummy gel cooling on his face.

“Shut up and take it like a man,” I snarled, grabbing his shirt and pulling him close enough to my face for him to smell Anthony’s bleach-scented seed. “And give your wife a KISS!!!!”

Anthony watched, but not for long as I pointed to my pussy and his cock, the boy quickly getting the idea and kneeling on the lounger to stroke that dick balls deep into me in one quick, urgent push, my thighs splayed wide to let him in and then locking around his slender hips. Bill gagged as I pulled his face to mine, forcing him to kiss me and share Anthony’s creamy load, squirting what was in my mouth into his, and then grabbing his hair to painfully twist his head further south.

“You’re so fucking useless, you can at least clean me up,” I snapped, running his open mouth over my forehead, cheeks and chin, forcing him to lap up the gummy wad of cum that covered me.

He cried and moaned — and obeyed, seeming torn between the sheer humiliation and submissive ecstasy of serving his cum-coated wife. I directed his face down to my neck, where he hungrily now gobbled Anthony’s seed from the heaving wattle of my throat, and down, down to my tits, cleaning them as well as I lay back and took the boy’s huge cock as deeply into my starving cunt as I could.

I looked up over Bill’s slavishly cum-sucking head into Anthony’s wide-open eyes as he lifted my long legs up, putting my feet in his face, holding them in his young hands and lapping slowly at the wrinkled soles. This kid, for one so young, knew how to treat a lady and as he ran his long, pink tongue over my feet, and then up between my toes, I went stiff, legs straight up along his muscular torso laid bare after he stripped off his shirt, and came as hard as ever, clamping down on his plunging cock with my pussy muscles, in turn triggering his glorious orgasm, a giant jetting stream of boy cream that I swore would come out of my mouth.

I came long, hard and continuously, looking into his beautiful wide eyes, his tongue never leaving my feet, sucking and licking them, massaging them, caressing them, as did he, until I felt the last waning jet of it blast into my womb. We both panted for air, both of us having held our breath so as not to let our respiratory need interfere with focusing on the orgasms of our lives.

I sat back as Anthony pulled out of my sopping, open cunt, a flood of his sperm flowing to my asshole, the rest pooling inside the gulping chasm of my spread lips, and watched his gorgeous cock glisten in the moon light. I motioned him to me and pulled that dick to my mouth, stroking it, keeping gaziantep escort kız telefonları it hard, licking it clean and tasting our combined fluids on them.

“I clean you,” I laughed, and the pointing to my husband, “and he cleans me.”

Bill had no choice as I pushed his head between my legs again, again clamping my muscular old thighs around it, hooking one foot behind the other knee, a figure-four scissor that buried his moaning mouth into my cum-gushing pussy. He had no choice but to swallow what I force fed him, and it was a ton, a free-flowing river of black boy seed that filled his mouth, causing him to desperately gulp it down, only his eyes visible in my commanding thighs, full of fear, shame, humiliation and a hint of eagerness: His tongue snaked through the wet mulch and into my pussy, seeking out more cum.

After I cleaned Anthony’s cock, I positioned him over my face, the boy straddling the lounge chair, that gorgeous black muscular ass flexing above me. I groaned watching it ripple and slapped it hard with both hands, making him jump and a remaining gob of cum at the end of his cock fly free through their air, landing on Bill’s face trapped in my pussy.

“Mmmm, gimme that ass, son, gimme that ass,” I moaned, pulling it down where I instantly spread his cheeks and attached my mouth to his sweet pucker, drilling it with my tongue and rimming him as deeply as possible, fucking it harder and harder as I kneaded the muscled meat in my hands.

“Oh, Missus…no one…no one has ever…oh Missus!” Anthony moaned.

I let go with one hand to sneak around the front, encircling his still-stiff black dick with it and stroking him, jerking it hard and fast as I continued to feast on his clenching asshole, obscene sloshing, slurping sounds coming from my end as well as Bill’s as he continued to labor cleaning my cunt of a never-ending supply of boy jism. I worked it harder and harder, going after his asshole now like a dog on a bone, growling madly as I buried my face deeper into his smooth cheeks, twisting my head side to side to get deeper still. I kept up the frantic rimming pace with the one inflicted on his dick with my hand and I could feel and see his muscular black body, glistening with sexy sweat in the moon light, get stiff in pre-cum urgency.

“Cum again, baby, cum again…for MOMMA!” I moaned open-mouthed into his asshole, not wanting to take my face from the butt buffet I was enjoying so mightily. “CUM FOR MOMMA!!!

He groaned and did as I jerked him, a huge load, though not like the rest, that jetted out, lacing great white striped down my tits and belly and bush and Bill’s face, my husband screaming in response, making me clamp my thigh scissor on him the tightest yet to quell his screams and to power out my own thunderous orgasm. I jerked Anthony’s spluttering cock for all it was worth until his body quivered and I let it go, where it drooped down between his legs. I finally stopped sucking the boy’s gorgeous, tasty ass and guided him off my face, where he stood, that wet, wonderful dick slack now, slapping at one of his thighs.

I unlocked my own from Bill’s face and he slumped back into the sand, unconscious again from my thighs and pussy abusing him. Anthony and I both laughed now as Bill snorted in the sand, fighting to come back to consciousness, my new stud and I standing hand in hand, hip to hip, just as Bill came around fully and saw us.

“What…what about me?” he squeaked weakly, head in hands, crying as Anthony and I kissed each other romantically.

“What about you?” I laughed, Anthony and I dressing in the moon light. “I’ve got something better for the duration of our stay, baby, that’s just the way it is.”

Bill flopped on the lounge, dejected. In his pants, below his big fat gut, stuck up the tiniest of hardons.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t love all this, you filthy cum slut, you dirty little cuckold!” I laughed. “You can sleep here, grab some towels for a blanket. I’m taking Anthony back to our suite — the one YOU’RE paying for — and we’ll see you in the morning. After I’ve had his cum for breakfast that if you’re very lucky, you’ll get to have, too!”

We walked like lovers in the moon light to our suite, Bill sobbing behind us.

“Do tell your other worker friends about me, darling,” I laughed, cupping Anthony’s tight ass in his pants as we made our way home. “The more the merrier….”

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