My Crazy Girlfriend Pt. 00 – Valentine’s Day

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(February 14, 2018; at Texas A everyone’s going to be waiting.”

“I’m sorry Liv; when we came to college together, I thought it would be fun but honestly the relationship has just felt like work. I don’t know how to have fun with you anymore.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I almost screamed, “Don’t know how to have fun with me? I’ve been nothing but available to you since we got here! All you do is drink and hangout with your stupid fucking frat buddies!” Now I was screaming. I poked him in the chest. “My grades dropped because of it.”

“It’s not working for me anymore, Liv.” He said sheepishly

“Yeah, dicks usually don’t when you’re that fucking drunk.” I snapped, tears falling freely off my face.

“I’m sorry.” He said again.

“Get fucked!” I screamed and slammed the door on him. I couldn’t see what happened, but I like to think it almost hit him.

I spent the next two hours sobbing until my eyes were puffy and I had blown my nose red. The dress I had gone to all that trouble to get on was practically ruined by tears and snot, at least for the night. The party wasn’t happening, the hair appointment wasn’t either. I never changed out of the dress, I just waited to stop crying and walked in an expensive cocktail dress and Chucks to the liquor store just off campus. I picked up a bottle of Jack Daniels and walked back to the sorority house, sitting out on the curb (yes in my new dress), taking swigs straight from the bottle.

It was pushing seven in the evening by then. People were ignoring me walking from place to place. Girls and guys together for dates, dances, or parties. I hated all of them. The whiskey was dampening my heartache and it wasn’t as difficult to keep from sobbing in public. I was almost ready to go up to my room and dispose of all of his crap- probably by setting it on fire- when I heard someone talking.

“Damn, are you as bad off as you look?”

I looked up. It was a boy. Well ok, a young man. He was about my age, and maybe it was the whiskey, but I thought he was kind of cute. The fact that he was cute did not help. “Fuck you dude, I look like a million bucks.”

He was holding a pizza box which he raised in agreement. “No contest on that one. The green dress really sets off your hair. But I meant the fact that you’re clearly in some kind of emotional crisis.” He smirked at me and pointed, “It’s the bloodshot eyes and whiskey bottle that gives it away.”

I glared at him and took a big swig. Too big, I coughed uncontrollably for several seconds. “Look here, either hand over a slice or keep moving. I’m trying to wallow.”

“How dedicated are you to wallowing on the curb?”

“What’s that mean?”

“It means I’ll split it with you if you fill in for my roommate. We were supposed to have retro game night and he bailed to get laid… or he seems to think he is anyway. My mom just sent up Goldeneye and everything.”

I stared at him for several long moments doing mental calculus through the fog of liquor. The curb hurt my butt, and the pizza actually smelled amazing. On top of that, he was cute, and being alone in a dorm seemed perfect for me to rope him into a rebound. You know if he sucked at Goldeneye.

“No Oddjob?” I asked.

“Who asks for that when they first meet?” He asked with a quizzical look.

“What?” I said confused, “What are you talking about?”

“You said no blow jobs. But who would even ask for that when they met someone?”

I rolled my eyes and stood up at great effort dusting off my britches. “I said NO ODDJOB.” I put emphasis on the syllables, “He’s shorter than other characters which is unfair in versus mode.” I handed him my whiskey bottle and he took it. I snatched the pizza box from him and opened it.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“I’m Liv.” I answered, “Lead the way.”

He looked me over nervously and gestured toward the dorms and started walking. “I’m in Dunn.”

“We’ll see how I feel about the blowjob after Goldeneye.” I pulled a stringing slice out of the box and took an unceremonious bite out of it. He stared at me as I started walking and I smiled at him with a mouth full.

His dorm was like any other college boy’s dorm. A nightmare. Nothing had been cleaned. Old food sat on a shelf, upon which sat a toaster oven and microwave, neither bed had been made- or washed, in ages, there was trash adult hikayeler strung across desks and piled up in the trash can and two piles of clothes. One at the foot of the bed, and one on the ground next to it.

I traded him back for my bottle hoping to drink the mess away. But ultimately none of it mattered to me anyway. The large TV had two chairs in front of it. One was a folding chair from a lawn furniture set, the other clearly a family hand-me-down deep cushioned swiveling chair. Graciously I was offered the swivel chair.

This kid got spanked. We polished off the pizza and by the end he was stealing sips from my whiskey too. I had grown up on Goldeneye, even though it was pretty old by the time I was old enough.

I tossed my controller into his lap and laughed at him. “Suck it, eight out of ten wins man, you’re done.”

“I don’t get it!” He yelled, “I used to kill at this game.”

“Ha-ha!” I laughed, pointing at him.

He crossed his arms and sulked, “Man, you’re really good at this. I’ve never blown at a game this badly.”

“Oh, good idea.” I said pulling my thick red hair from my face before leaning over and kissing him, my hands on his cheeks.

He was surprised and it took him a few seconds to kiss me back but when he did it was very fun. His tongue played with mine excitedly and I started to breathe heavily. Without realizing it I reached down and felt his jeans. He was rock hard and the heat from it was radiating into my hand. He seemed nervous as I rubbed him.

I pulled out of the kiss, “Is this ok?”

“It feels great, I just don’t usually do it when I first meet someone.” He said, sounding even more nervous than he seemed.

“I don’t either, it’s just nice to feel a guy this hard for me.”

He gave me a puzzled look, “You’re a fit redhead who wouldn’t be this hard for you?”

I rolled my eyes and let my fingers try and grab his shaft through the tight fabric. “Ask me another time, I’m having fun.” I leaned in and kissed him again. He kissed me back enthusiastically. His hand slid down my exposed shoulder and his thumb played at my collarbone. I knew what he wanted to do but he was trying to be a nice guy. What a sweetheart. What a chicken.

I smiled into our kiss and put my hand over his pulling it inward across my chest. His hand came to rest over my breast, which wasn’t as pronounced as I’d like, but it fit snugly in his palm. “It’s ok, I love having them played with.” I whispered before kissing him again.

His hand closed around it and he gave it several gentle squeezes moving his palm across and letting his thumb find my nipple. The feeling of being groped set my body on fire. I was starting to ache between my legs and could feel myself getting wet. Each pass of his thumb sent edges across my body and I felt my breath catch. I whimpered into the kiss and dragged my nails across his stubble.

“How about that blowjob?” I asked leaning out of the kiss and smirking.

“We just met, are you sure?” He asked, his voice unsteady.

I nodded, “I’ve never been more sure.” I slid my hand off his jeans and pulled my hair back smiling at him. “I wore my sluttiest underwear today because I was planning on giving it to someone else and um- those plans fell through.”

“So you’re going to give me- a guy you just met- one.”

“You’re not just some guy I just met. You’re the guy who made me laugh on one of the worst days I can remember.” I stood up and patted the cushioned chair I’d been sitting in. “Come on.”

“You’re really, totally, completely sure?” He insisted.

I laughed at him, “Will you get over here! Yes.” He stood up and sat in the chair I’d been sitting in. I pulled his knees apart and knelt between them shaking my head to be sure all of my messy, unkempt, unbrushed hair fell behind my shoulders before pushing on his stomach so he was reclined and running my whole hand over his shaft.

I unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned the jeans sliding the zipper down. I tugged on the pants but got nowhere. He lifted his hips and I tugged the pants down to his ankles where he kicked them off. He had started to pull down his boxers but I wagged a finger. “I want to do the unwrapping.” I said playfully, sticking my fingers into the elastic and pulling it back.

His cock slapped him as I pulled the elastic back and he lifted up so I could pull the shorts down the rest of the way. It reached up his torso and I took it in my hand feeling how firm and hot it was, stroking slowly. I watched his face as I leaned over and dragged my tongue along the underside feeling it flex against me.

I wrapped my lips around it, lowering my mouth so that the soft tip grazed the roof and started to suck, using my mouth to tug up and down while my tongue stroked the soft underside. I bobbed steadily, pleasuring his cock and listening to him make noises of enjoyment.

He put his hand on my head, his fingers in my hair as I worked his shaft and tip, loving how it felt it my mouth. The pulsing cock against my tongue was making me ache and I could feel my underwear saturating.

I pulled my mouth off and dragged my tongue across him again before stroking with my hand. “Mm, giving head always makes me so wet.”

“You’re really good.” He said in a foggy voice.

I kissed under his tip for several seconds before licking across the top. A faint, salty flavor spread across my tongue and I smiled, putting him back in my mouth and sucking again until I tasted it again, pulling my mouth away and letting fluid string off. I ran my finger over the tip and played in the precum before tasting it.

“You’re something else.”

“Head just gets me all excited.” I said dutifully lapping at his shaft. “You could cum in my mouth… if you want, or on my face…” I said in a panting voice, “Or…” I hesitated, “You could lie down in whichever pile of clothes in clean and I could ride the rest out of you.”

He blushed and looked at me, “I want to be a gentleman and wait but…”

I let a strap of my dress fall off my shoulder and bit my lip. “I don’t want you to be a gentleman, I want you to fuck me in this gritty, wasted dress.”

He sat up, “I’m not going to argue with that. But I kind of want to see these.” He said pulling on the other strap.

I giggled and stood up pulling one strap over my arm and then the other and tugging the dress down so the top hung below my breasts. Underneath was my lace bra that pushed up my b-cups. I always try and it never helps. I went to unhook the bra and looked at him.

“I’m going to take this off but you can’t laugh.” I said firmly. He gave me a puzzled look.

“I may do a lot of things, but laughing won’t be one of them.” I said seriously.

I watched him with a side eye as I unhooked the bra and slowly pulled it off. I stared at him for several minutes before finally removing it and setting it on the floor. He stared at them for several seconds and got up.

He came over to me and crouched down putting his lip around one of my nipples and gently playing with it, sucking, and licking. I couldn’t keep from moaning, my mouth hung open and each pass of his tongue caused hot pulsing between my legs. I struggled to stay standing holding his shoulders.

I patted his head and he stood up straight. I panted for breath and lifted my dress to pull my panties off. He put his finger under my chin before I could, looking at me.

“You have awesome tits. These,” He said pointing, “Are the most fun I’ve had on campus yet.”

It was my turn to blush. “Lay down, Romeo.” I said through a weak laugh.

“Why not on the bed though?” He asked hooking his thumb.

“Because I want to fuck on something clean.” I said flatly.

“Oh,” He said awkwardly. “That’s fair.” He kicked the pile of clothes along side the bed and sat down on the flat spread until he was laid on his back. I lifted my dress and hooked my fingers into the thong and slid it down letting it fall to my ankles and stepping out. A clear string of fluid snapped off the inside and stuck to my leg. I’d hoped he hadn’t seen but he did.

“Are you really that wet?” He asked sitting up.

“Yeah, I get wet like I’ve sprung a leak. I can wipe it up.” I said not making eye contact.

“No way, show me what it feels like!” He insisted.

I felt my ears get hot. “Well, if you insist.” I climbed over him, and knelt down straddling his hips. My lips touched his warm shaft, and I made a small noise. The noises quickly became difficult to control as I slid back and forth stroking his cock with my messy pussy lips. “Fuck…” I whimpered. The feeling of his shaft grazing my clit made my insides feel tight, the aching in my pussy was unbearable. His shaft coated with me quickly as my pussy continued to drain thick, hot, fluid and I couldn’t wait anymore.

I lifted up and flared my hips, reaching back to put his tip at my opening and rocked onto it. I felt him sink into me, my pussy being pushed open as he slid in. I lowered as slowly as I could stand, feeling him protrude into me filling me with cock. I was crying and moaning at the sensation and as soon as my ass hit his legs I started to fuck.

I stroked his cock, bucking my hips back and forth, moaning loudly. My eyes were closed and I held his shoulders as my slick clit brushed his pelvis and the thick meat inside me slid against my walls.

“Oh fuck…” I moaned. My hair was tenting around my face and I could feel my whole body tensing. His face was red with focus like he was lost in the feeling of my body and trying to hold onto the sight of me. I felt his hand pull the hem of my dress up so he could feel my bare ass. I gritted my teeth through groans and gasps as he gripped it.

“Fuck that’s so good.” He said frantically.

“Fuck… your cock is so hard…” I was losing control, gripping his shirt in my fists as I fucked him wildly. “Fuck I’m so close already.” I panted through gritted teeth. I was starting to sweat and the burning tension sent jolts of pleasure across my torso.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming!” I screamed into his face. My stomach seized and my hips shook as my whole body shuddered with the violent climax that burst across it. I moaned loudly pulling on his shirt until it started to fade.

The neck of his shirt was stretched, and I could feel how much slicker he was under me now. I leaned over and kissed him eagerly. He held my face behind the ears and kissed me back. I whimpered and moaned; his cock still buried in me.

“You came pretty hard,” He said.

“I did, thank you.” I said kissing his neck and rocking my hips again. “You can cum in me if you want. I like it, and I’m risk free.” I panted into his ear, working my hips to stroke his cock. I hoped the clenching and throbbing of my pussy would help him along. I could have fucked him all day but what he had just put me through I wanted him to have as much fun as possible.

“Are- are you-” He started to ask. I put a finger to his mouth and giggled.

“I’m not sure, I’m begging for it. It’s ok, let me empty you into me.” I stroked him rhythmically, moaning from how sensitive I still was. I rode him, watching his lost face slowly twist into desperation, feeling his cock start to swell in me and his grip on my ass tighten.

“I’m really close,” He gasped one hand on my hip, “If you want me to pull out do it… please.”

I shook my head, “No way, I want it too bad. Fill me…” I panted.

He grabbed my neck suddenly and his nails dug into my ass. He groaned loudly and started to buck and squirm under me. I felt his cock burst and a hot sensation filled my abdomen into my pussy. I continued stroking his cock waiting for it to soften and the heat to fade but it pulsed for several more seconds and I felt cum start to leak out of me.

I started to laugh weakly as I sat up letting his spent cock fall out. My pussy drained cum onto his pelvis, legs, stomach, and clothes in a thick, white, stream that slowed to a dribble. I laughed again at the sight and feeling, running my fingers through it.

“Wow, you really came in me.” I said, relishing the heat that I felt from it all.

He sat quickly, “Was I not supposed to!” He asked in a panic.

I laughed at him again, “Oh no, you definitely were. Mmm there’s so much.”

“Please tell me this is fine.” He asked again.

I pushed him back down and laid on top of him, the fabric of the dress feeling wet as it dropped into one of the streams of cum that was falling out of me. “Would you shut up? Yes, it’s fine- Mr. Post-nut clarity. Now stop ruining the afterglow.”

I laid on him for several minutes and worried he’d fallen asleep. His chest was warm against my cheek. Suddenly we both jumped as the dorm door opened and a guy stepped in. He stared at us, blinked twice, and then left.

“My roommate.”

“I figured.”

“This was fun.” I said tapping his chest, “We should do it again.”

“There’s nothing I’d like to do more.” He said happily.

“How about, more Goldeneye, then you fuck me this time.” I asked looking up at him.

“Deal, but if I win, I get to nut on your face.” He said touching my nose.

“You’re on!” I paused, “what was your name again?”

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