My Cousin Wes

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My name is Melody. I’m 5′ 6″, with dark brown hair and green eyes, a great figure, and an overactive libido. I want to tell you about the most erotic experience I’ve ever had.

The day began like any other. Little did I know that I was soon to have my deepest, most secret sexual fantasy come true.

I got up that morning and took a shower, sleepily washing myself, eyes barely open. After drying off, I padded into the kitchen nude to get that all important first cup of coffee. Standing in the kitchen in front of the window I drank my coffee and gave my usual morning “show” to my voyeuristic next door neighbor.

Every weekday morning at the same time I would stand naked at the floor to ceiling window in the kitchen, which directly looked into his kitchen window. He would wander by about 2 minutes later and glance out the window. As soon as I saw him out of the corner of my eye, I’d do a lithe morning stretch, arching my back and thrusting my naked breasts toward the sky. Then I’d turn as if to leave the room, bend at the waist and touch my toes, undulating my ass in the air a little and making sure he had a good shot of my hairless pussy.

This morning was no different, and with the little ritual completed, I strolled back to my bedroom to dress for work. Choosing my attire with an eye toward sex appeal had become second nature to me, and I selected a thin silk camisole and sheer gauzy button-up over shirt, paired with a short skirt made of a silky material. The silk camisole and skirt felt wonderfully sexy against my bare skin. I slipped 2-inch strappy heels on my bare feet and turned to face myself in the full-length mirror to gauge the result.

I’d worked hard for my voluptuous figure over the past year, and the result was full C-cup breasts (not enhanced, thank you), small waist and taut tummy leading to firm hips and ass, and long toned slender legs. The slide of the silk camisole had roughened my nipples into sharp points which were clearly visible beneath the thin material, and my pussy was already tingling.

Approving of my appearance, I grabbed my purse and briefcase from the hall table and left for my job in the nearby city. It was hot and muggy, even so early in the day, and I had the air conditioning going full blast in my car on the commute to work, reveling in the feeling of the cool air blowing over my nipples and lifting the edges of my skirt to lightly kiss my pussy lips.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I am a perpetually horny person. If I’m not actively engaging in sex, I’m thinking about it, arranging for it, or just finishing with it. I’ve not always been this way; it’s just been in the last year or so since I turned 31 that my libido has made a big appearance.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always enjoyed sex, but not to the level I have in the last year. My sister says I’ve just reached my sexual prime. Part of me wishes I’d hit it sooner, because maybe I wouldn’t be divorced. Sex was a big issue with my ex-husband; he had a very high sex drive, and I didn’t, so we ended up fighting about it most of the time, until he finally gave up and went somewhere else to get what he wanted. Well, that was the end of the marriage. If he’d just waited a couple of years…

Well, water under the bridge and all that. He’s remarried now and by all appearances enjoying a great sex life.

So am I, now!

I’ve more than made up for my lack of sex drive in the past year. There never seems to be a shortage of willing partners, though I am selective. Lately, though, I’d been having a recurring fantasy about a particular man, one I knew a long time ago and hadn’t seen in years.

My sexual horizons had broadened considerably in the last year, but even so this recurring fantasy was a bit of a shock to me. After all, the man was my cousin, Wes. I hadn’t seen him since we were in our mid teens. For all I knew, he was fat and bald now with 7 kids, but my psyche didn’t care. At any unguarded moment, my conscious would spring up with an image of me sucking his 9-inch cock (my fantasy, remember) into my mouth, or of him slurping the juices from my overflowing pussy. God! I could feel myself getting wet, just thinking about it.

I don’t know where the fantasy had come from. I’ve never been into incest, and like I mentioned, I hadn’t seen him in years. But come it did, and had me furiously rubbing my clit and finger-fucking my pussy on numerous occasions.

I made a conscious effort to turn my thoughts to other things, like work or grocery shopping or something mundane like that, as my nipples were beaded tightly and I could feel my lower lips sliding together erotically.

I walked in to work very aware of myself, and apparently emitting waves of pheromones, as every male in the vicinity, regardless of age, was eying me. The sexual interest the those hot male gazes did not help my situation any, and I got on the elevator with a burning in my cunt, and slippery wetness on my thighs. God, I needed relief.

Unfortunately, just as I gave in and started to reach under my skirt bursa escort bayan to ease the sexual tension, the elevator doors opened again, and a group of people got on. Under some circumstances that might not have bothered me, but I had to work with some of those people, and it just didn’t seem like the thing to do.

The day continued like that, with my lust at fever pitch and the fates conspiring against me, keeping me from easing it even a small amount.

Then in the afternoon, I got a phone call that put me into a tailspin of sexual heat. I was sitting at my desk, squirming a little to douse the fire in my clit (which had been swollen and hard all day), when the phone rang. I answered it distractedly, my mind yet again lost in a fantasy of me with my cousin.

“Melody Richards,” I said absently.

“Melody, hey! Do you know who this is?” The deep, velvety male voice on the other end of the phone startled me out of my fantasy.

I focused on the voice…something familiar…I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Oh my God!

“Wes?” I queried softly, my entire body frozen in shock.

“Got it in one! How ya doin’, sweetie?”

Oh shit, oh hell, oh fuck! It was my cousin, the object of every sexual fantasy I’d had lately! I gulped repeatedly before I could force any words past my atrophied vocal cords.

“I-I-I’m fine,” I stammered. “How are you?”

“I’m great. You’ll never guess where I am,” he said, and I could hear the grin in his voice.

“You’re in Houston?”

“Closer,” he crooned, almost purring.

“Closer?” I repeated, and swallowed hastily. God, his voice…it sounded like…I didn’t know what, but I was closer to cumming with no stimulation than I’d ever been in my life.

“Right downstairs, babe,” he said, and I nearly melted into my chair.

“Can I come up?” he asked.

“Of course!” I said, regaining control of my voice.

We hung up and I raced to the adjoining bathroom. I had maybe 10 minutes to compose myself before he walked into my office. I took one look at myself in the mirror over the sink and new it was hopeless. Short of finding someone to fuck right then and there, nothing was going to make my nipples relax. I felt a drop of cunt juice trickle down my thigh and nearly whimpered.

I heard the knock on my office door and froze for a moment in indecision. I couldn’t let him in with me in this state. It was very apparent that I was aroused, and any man with a working brain cell would be able to see it, and smell it too.

The knock came again, and the door knob turned, taking the decision out of my hands.


A tingle went down my spine at the sound of his voice, and I took a deep breath and walked out of the bathroom.

Oh shit! I thought. Not fat and bald. No, to the contrary, he was tall and lean as ever, with a runner’s build, a full head of sun-streaked blond hair, sea-green eyes, and a sculpted mouth made for kissing. He was dressed in a polo shirt that accentuated the breadth of his shoulders and pecs, and jeans that fit like a second skin. Everything went loose and fluttery in my belly at the sight of him, and my nipples beaded even tighter if possible.

While I was absorbing the sight of him after so many years, he was also taking the time to look me over, and I felt the touch of his eyes over my entire body like a burning caress, lingering on my swollen breasts and diamond-hard nipples.

“Wow,” he said and swallowed visibly. “You look…amazing!”

I still hadn’t found my voice, and stood mutely as he walked toward me for a hug.

He slid his hands along my waist and pulled me toward him, my hands sliding up his arms to his shoulders. I don’t know how I expected him to greet me, but I did not expect him to pull me into himself for a full-body hug. My nipples ground into his pecs, and my hips were aligned perfectly with his groin, thanks to my heels. I could feel the outline of his cock in his jeans, and I nearly poured out in a puddle at his feet.

He pulled back slightly and rested his hands on my hips, his fingers just barely at the beginning swell of my ass, thumbs on the sharpest points of my hip bones. I let my hands slide down to his chest and marveled at the feel of him.

“So,” I said, having convinced my vocal cords to work. “What are you doing here?”

He cleared his throat and lifted his eyes from my nipples. He took a step back and turned slightly away from me, sliding his hands in his front pockets. Against my will my gaze traveled down to the slightly larger bulge under his zipper. He wandered away to the window, and I forced myself not to look at his tight ass. I had to get control of myself.

“I just thought I’d come visit,” he replied to my earlier question. “I haven’t seen you in years, and I was going to be in the area on business and thought I’d look you up.”

“Well, I’m glad you did.”

He turned back to me, apparently having gained some control over his body’s reaction to mine. görükle escort I wish I could have said the same.

“So, have you got plans tonight? I realize it’s Friday and you might have a date, but I was hoping maybe we could have dinner, go to a club or something.” He smiled as he said this, meeting my gaze.

“That sounds great,” I said. “You’re in luck, I didn’t have any plans.” Other than with my vibrator, I thought.

“What time do you get off?” he asked.

Any time now, I thought, and a little smile quirked my lips.

“Now, if you want,” I said.

“Great, let’s go.”

I gathered up my briefcase and purse, shut down my computer and walked out with him, stopping to speak to my secretary to let her know I was leaving.

We chatted as we rode down the elevator, my hormones for once under a bit of control. My nipples had even calmed down, though as soon as I realized that, they beaded up again. Dammit.

We decided to leave my car in the company parking lot and take his rental SUV. I gave him directions to my house, and we passed the time on the ride there catching up on family news. He updated me on his parents and siblings, and I caught him up on my sister and her family. He commiserated with me over my divorce, having been there himself a few years back.

I was proud of myself for how I managed to maintain my composure, carrying on a conversation with him like my pussy wasn’t on fire still.

He drove up in my driveway and I invited him in for a drink before we went to dinner.

He wandered around my living room as I fixed a G&T for him and a vodka and cranberry juice for myself. We talked while we finished our drinks, then I said something about needing to change clothes.

“You don’t need to change,” he said. “You look hot…great, I mean.” He took refuge in his glass after that slip, and I smiled to myself, appreciating the sentiment.

“Do you mind if I change, though?” he asked. “I have my suitcase in the rental.”

“Be my guest. Although, I only have the one bathroom that’s off my bedroom.”

“I don’t mind if you don’t,” he said. He went out to get his suitcase and I wandered back to the bedroom, rubbing my hands over my aching nipples as I walked.

I waited in the bedroom to show him where the towels and other items were should he need them. As I stood there, my hand wandered down my flat stomach to the juncture of my thighs, caressing myself through and then under the thin silk of my skirt. I closed my eyes, my fertile imagination supplying me with a vivid image of his hand where mine currently was, fingers just slipping between my unfurling lips to lightly brush my straining clit. My other hand tugged on my erect nipple, cupping my breast.

I heard a small sound and jerked out of the fantasy, turning to find him standing in the doorway, a flush on his high cheekbones and his glazed eyes glued to the hand between my thighs.

I reluctantly removed my hand from my tingling pussy and turned to face him fully, far beyond the idea of hiding my arousal. He raised his gaze to meet mine. He dropped his suitcase to the floor and walked purposefully toward me.

Upon reaching me he clasped my hips in his large hands and pulled me toward him, his burning gaze never leaving mine. He moved against me until the huge bulge under his zipper came to rest directly against my hard clit. I gasped, my head falling back as sensation coursed through me.

He raised one hand to the back of my head and brought me closer to him, his lips hovering just above mine, his breath washing over me. His other hand slid down to fully possess my ass just as his mouth met mine. The dual assault had me moaning wantonly.

His tongue slipped into my mouth to tangle with mine in the deepest, wettest, most sensual kiss I’d ever experienced. All I could think that this was my fantasy come to life.

As our mouths were dancing, his hand slid down so that his fingers were in the crack of my ass, sliding ever lower, till he was just barely touching the rim of my rosebud.

My pussy contracted violently and I nearly passed out from the force of the orgasm that coursed through me. I gasped, and my head fell back again. He took that opportunity to set his teeth to the cord of my neck and slid his other hand to my ass, pulling my cheeks apart slightly.

He walked me backward until my thighs hit the edge of the bed, then raised his head from my neck and started unbuttoning my shirt. My breath was coming in short, gasping pants that continuously brushed my erect nipples against his knuckles. He finally got the shirt unbuttoned and pulled it off me, tossing it over his shoulder. He grasped the hem of my camisole and jerked it up and off, feasting his eyes on my swollen breasts and turgid nipples. He groaned almost inaudibly, but the small sound sent shock waves through me.

He bent his head and captured one nipple in his mouth, while cupping my other breast in his large hand. I moaned again, a sensation of electric shock bursa escort bayan shooting straight to my groin. He suckled me, tugging and rolling my nipple in his mouth.

He finally lifted his head and admired the results of his work. He stood up straight and I reached for his shirt. He took over and whipped it off, while my hands roamed his lightly furred chest. I danced my fingers over his flat, taut stomach to the waistband of his jeans. He sucked his stomach in as I slipped my fingers under to feel the head of his cock. I unbuttoned and unzipped him, freeing his magnificent erection.

I sat down on the bed, so that his cock was now eye level. I marveled at his size, at least 9-1/2 inches long and so thick I could barely wrap my fingers around it. He shuddered as I stroked up the length of him, squeezing out a drop of pearly precum. I groaned at the sight and reached out to lick that small drop from the tip of his cock. He shuddered again at the feel of my mouth on his cock, and gripped my hair in his hands tightly.

I hesitated, teasing, letting him feel my hot breath on his cock but not touching him. He arched toward me, tightening his hands on my head. I skimmed my tongue over the sensitive rim of his bulbous head.

“God!” he groaned, arching toward me again. “Put your mouth on me.”

I slid the length my mouth over the head and down, until my nose was buried against his belly. He groaned again, and jerked, his cock growing in my mouth, stretching and filling me. I moaned at the thought of that cock filling my aching pussy.

He began fucking my face, holding my head still while he slid in and out of my mouth, my saliva making his cock slick and shiny. I stroked him with one hand while cupping his balls with my other. I could feel them churning, and heard his breathing quicken.

“Oh, God, I’m cumming,” he groaned and slammed his cock down my throat. I felt the first spurt of his hot, sticky cum hit the back of my throat, and swallowed convulsively, just in time for the second spurt. He filled my mouth with his sweet cum, so much that it was running down my chin.

He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth, then leaned down and scooped up some of his cum that had fallen on my tit. He brought his finger to my mouth, and I eagerly lapped up his love juice, licking his finger clean.

He smiled at me, then gently pushed me backward until I was lying across the bed. He slid my skirt up my thighs until he could just barely see my shaved pussy.

“Beautiful,” he said. “I always knew you’d be beautiful.”

I closed my eyes, lost in the sensation of his fingers trailing up my thighs, ever closer to where I wanted them to be. He pulled my knees up and out, fully exposing me to his ardent gaze. I knew I was wetter than I’d ever been in my life. I could feel the juices running down the crack of my ass to pool on the bed. He spread my lips apart, inhaling the aroma of my arousal. I felt his tongue start at the rim of my hole and lap upwards to my clit, slurping my juices as he went. I convulsed involuntarily when he flicked his tongue over my hardened little nub.

He started flicking my clit faster and faster, then stopped, leaving me on the brink of cumming. I groaned, begging him to continue. He started again from the bottom and worked his way up, lingering in my hole to suck up my copious juices, finally landing on my clit again, flicking faster and faster. I was almost there…almost there…and he stopped again.

“Dammit!” I shouted. “Make me cum, you cunt loving bastard!” He grinned and started over again at the bottom, this time a little lower than before, almost on my rosebud. My pussy contracted almost painfully at the sensation. He traveled upward slightly, fucking my hole with his tongue, then on up, replacing his tongue with his finger in my slippery hole while his tongue landed again on my clit. I nearly screamed at the sensation of his finger in me. I wanted more. I had to have more.

He added another finger, all the while nibbling on my clit. Another finger, now I had three of his long bony fingers in me. I was going wild from the electric sensations of his tongue and fingers when I felt the pressure of his thumb sliding down from the rim of my cunt hole. He hovered over my asshole, teasing me, fucking me with his fingers and still sucking on my clit. He took my clit between his teeth and rammed his fingers in me at the same time that he slid his thumb into my ass, and I flew apart. I screamed as the orgasm ripped through me, bucking and writhing wildly under his mouth and hand.

He rode me through the final stages of my orgasm until I was limp and exhausted. He let me rest briefly while he pushed his jeans the rest of the way off, then climbed on the bed.

He picked me up and turned me on my stomach, my knees up and ass waving in the air. I felt my cum running down my legs as he positioned himself behind me. Then I felt the heat of his hard cock at my entrance, sliding up and down my slit, wetting himself. Then he slid in slowly, just the head at first. I heard him swear softly and turned my head to look back at him. He was watching his cock go into my sopping pussy, his face flushed, the skin taut with arousal. He slid in to the hilt and stopped, holding there. I felt his balls brush against my clit, and I reached up under me to fondle him.

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