My Competitive Twin Sisters Pt. 02

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A week had passed since our parents had traveled abroad for a holiday. Leaving me behind with my mischievous twin sisters. Now both aged eighteen and both of them horny 24/7.

Being unemployed, bored, and without a steady girlfriend, I had been coerced into having sex with my own younger sisters to settle their bet. I had to admit to feeling little guilt, nor misgivings, as they had matured so fast during my two years in the Army. I regarded them as available, rather than my own true blood siblings, although as I had fucked them both in the same bed, I did feel a little peculiar looking into eyes that were just like mine.

Of course I loved them both, but was not actually IN love with them. I suppose all younger girls have crushes on their older brothers, and I fondly recalled innocuous affection when they were just a couple of cute kids, A teasing squeeze here, a quick kiss on the lips sometimes, nothing too racy.

Anyway, as I returned home to the family home, I remembered the girls mentioning something about one of their friends dropping by for a visit. As I entered the house I left them alone, made a pot of tea and watched the horse racing on the box. I fancied a shower and I climbed the stairs to the next level.

I padded barefoot down the landing and saw three pairs of shoes lined neatly outside of the girl’s bedroom. Ever so quietly, I inched my way to the door which had been left ajar and I could feel my excitement grow as I heard soft chatter coming from inside. My ears pricked up as I heard loud conversation emanating from inside.

“You know, you really are the best kisser I ever met.” Said an unknown voice.

“Oh, so that makes me second best?” Answered one of my sisters.

“No. I mean, you’re BOTH good kissers.”

“Yeah, but who is the BEST!”

I then heard the sound of smacking lips and girly moans and my cock grew in my pants. I peeked inside the door which had been left ajar, and saw Mindy and Cindy smooching with a dark skinned young filly. All three were on one of the beds, and all three were starkers!

“I couldn’t possibly choose. You’re both so alike.”

“Suki. You HAVE to pick. Which…one.”

I cupped my bulge and twisted my wrist as I craned my neck for a better look. Suki caught my eye and I gasped at being found out eavesdropping.

“Keith? Are you back? Come in here.” Barked one of the twins.

Sheepishly, I went in, trying to walk sideways to hide my embarrassment.

“Hi, ya. I forgot you had company.”

“Right. You never met Suki. Suki? This is Keith.”

“Hi,” she said with no qualms about her nakedness. “Please to meet you.”

Suki, who looked about eighteen, had the most luscious chocolate brown skin. She had a cute button nose, almond shaped brown eyes, and the most kissable lips I ever saw. Her tits were perky and firm with two rock hard nipples that jutted out from small areolas. From what I could see, she also had a trim waist and a tight bum.

“Er, likewise. I’ll leave you to, er, whatever you were. That is keep doing what you were…oh, fuck!”

“I know,” chirped Cindy clapping her hands. “Keith can be our judge. He can choose which one of us is the best kisser.”

“I don’t know about that.”

“Oh, go on, you big baby. Just sit there and watch.”

I shook my head and sat down on the only chair in the room. It was a typical feminine boudoir with pink walls and frilly curtains. A big poster of the Japanese Kawai metal band, Babymetal, was hung over the biggest wall. All three were perched on their knees, with the twins flanking the black girl.

Immediately, Suki leaned in to kiss Mindy hard on the mouth, locking lips for a full thirty seconds. Then, she turned to her right to repeat the same with Cindy. As they exchanged tongues, they all caressed each other and fingered each others pussies. I thought it one of the most erotic things I had ever witnessed in all of my years.

Suki did this twice more and then they all turned to me. I looked on with big eyes. I had crossed and recrossed my legs half a dozen Denizli Escort times, nursing my boner the best I could.

“Well? Who is best?” Asked Cindy, wiping spit from her ruby red lips.

“I…could not possibly choose. You all look good.”

“Very diplomatic. Well then. You can help decide who eats pussy the best.”

“Say what? You’re gonna lick each other out?”

Despite the recent realisation that my twin siblings liked to make out as a team, I didn’t really understand that they were also bisexual.

They were both attractive blondes with sparkling blue eyes and an alluring physical symmetry. I had learned recently that both had excelled at sport in school and this was reflected in their toned bodies. They had told me that they had started dating boys at a young age, and often sneaked out of the house when our parents were in bed. As a result, they had learned quite a lot about the birds and bees, and they had instantly embraced a sinful lifestyle.

The sexual tension grew in my loins as I contemplated their intentions.

Although I had been toughened up in the Army, my slim sisters left me powerless to resist the weakest of my urges.

I tried to convince myself what they were doing was okay. That this type of sexual play was nothing out of the ordinary. But inevitably, I had no say in the matter. The twins acted like it was a perfectly innocent thing to do with each other, and in front of their big brother.

In fact, my desire to see the girls naked again scared me, but a wanton thrill shot through me as they got down to it.

Wait. You’re going to make out In front of your brother?” Suki wondered aloud.

“No problem. It’s not like he’s seeing anything he hasn’t seen before.”

“What do you mean?”

“We’re all family, Sooks. I mean, we’ve done it with him once or twice.”

“Or three.” Said Mindy in a fit of giggles.

“So, me first,” said Cindy as she sat on the edge of the bed with her pink painted toenails pointing down into the carpet.

Suki got onto her knees and placed her arms under her legs and kissed and licked her lower belly. I felt my brow prickle with perspiration as the black girl traced a line along her inner thighs with her flattened tongue, making sure not to make the slightest contact with my sister’s bald muff. Cindy stroked the top of Suki’s tight Afro cut as her sensitive thighs were bathed with saliva. She rocked her pelvis up against Suki’s face, encouraging the girl to move in to her aching snatch.

“Fucking hell!” I thought Cindy raised her knees up to Suki’s ears, making her bottom clear the bed, and thereby exposing her nether holes.

Suki inserted her middle digit inside her inner folds up to the first knuckle and began to probe her moistness. I remembered plundering that very same pussy not too long ago, and my dick expanded in my pants at the memory of that divine snugness. Suki had now applied two fingers to Cindy, sliding and twisting around inside her, Her head dipped and presumably began to lick my sister’s clit, but all I could see was Suki’s bobbing backside with the tantalising view of her pussy protruding between her closed thighs.

After five minutes of this, Suki withdrew her fingers stood. Cindy lowered her legs and sat up, fluffing her fair hair and exhaling deeply.

“Pretty good. Now you, babes.”

The other twin, who had waited patiently for her turn to impress me, had Suki get on the bed on her hands and knees. She then knelt behind her and spread the legs of the naked girl apart. She used both hands to open her buttocks wide to expose her pretty pink twat. Mindy pursed her lips and peppered Suki’s nates with light kisses, caressing her rounded cheeks as she did so. Suki wagged her bottom accordingly, squealing in delight and giggling loudly. Likewise my high-spirited sibling swung her cute derriere back and forth in such a manner that it took all my willpower not to get up and ram my throbbing dick right up her.

“Do it.”

Suki buried her face in a pillow and Denizli Escort Bayan I could clearly make out her thigh muscles tense up as Mindy licked her pussy slit and her anus simultaneously. I noted my sister’s eyes were wide open as she started to use her pointed tongue to burrow further inside Suki’s quim. I had to unzip my fly and release my rampant erection, lest I cream in my jeans. Cindy shot me a sly look and licked her lips as I fisted my boner.

Mindy impressed me no end as she now used her white teeth nibble on Suki’s dusky rump, leaving tell-tale red marks on either cheek.

“Enough, already.”

Cindy brushed her identical twin aside and made Suki lie on her back against the headboard. She drew her feet up to her ears and dived between her legs. In a blink of an eye, Cindy licked and slathered over Suki’s up turned nether region, painting her with spit and snot as she hungrily lapped at the moaning black girl. It was truly amazing to witness, My teenage sister sucked, drooled, and dragged her mouth all over Suki’s cunt and asshole as if her life depended on it. Suki’s legs danced in the air as she was thoroughly eaten out.

“Oh, that is soooo good.”

As Cindy buried her nose and tongue in Suki’s muff, the grateful girl tightened her thighs around my sister’s head. She screamed out as she climaxed, and I strummed my pulsating dick as I too became totally absorbed in the erotic scene.

“Ahh, poor baby. Here.”

Mindy saw my predicament and sidled over to where I was sitting.

She knelt close to my feet and sat on her heels as she held up my dick and pulled this way and that, as of examining a ripe banana in a store.

I cradled her head in my hands as she pursed her lips and gave the knob a sweet kiss. Her eyes looked into mine as she opened her mouth to suck in the top half of my throbbing cock. Her tiny fist held me by the root as her head rose up and down. She hollowed her cheeks to create a kind of vacuum around my shaft, and I gripped the arms of the chair and pushed up out of instinct, sending my helmet into the inside of her left cheek making it balloon in an obscene manner.

Audible slurping and slobbering made my cock develop numerous bubbles along the length of pulsating flesh. My sister showed no guilt as she pleasured her older brother, feverishly polishing me off in a surprisingly experienced way.

“Let the dog see the rabbit, sis.”

Cindy butted in and grabbed my hose sharply toward her. The identical twin stroked her hair over her shoulder and took me into her mouth.

Her hot little hand stroked me up and down his erect shaft, and her thumb and index finger just stopped where my glans flared out at the head. Her hand twisted

in a clockwise rotation as she started to pump my shaft in earnest. My hips bucked up, thrusting through her slippery fist. A second hand grabbed me around the base and Mindy joined in.

The pair of them jerked me off and their wet lips met at the top of my upstanding pole in a smacking kiss. Seeing my siblings kiss each other with my cock head separating their ruby lips almost sent me into orbit.

“Don’t forget me, guys.”

“Ah. Poor Suki. Let’s see.”

The black girl was on the bed on all fours with her bum raised up high behind her. I stared hard at the perfection of her perfect buttocks which were like two halves of a purple peach. Both wonderfully shaped and with her juicy muff protruding between her tightly closed thighs. She turned her head to look at me as I stroked my pulsating dick. I stepped up and came behind her and placed my erection in the sublime crevice between those rounded cheeks. I dry humped her as I held her trim waist, driving the entirety of my length in and out of her bum cleavage.

“Oh, will you just put it in.”

“Like this?” I quipped as I hove inside her to the hilt.

I had fucked numerous olive skinned babes in Cyprus, but this was my first time with a dark skinned girl. I looked down as my lily white dick drive in-between her dusky nates.

Her Escort Denizli face met a pillow as I picked up the pace and hammered home. l was up her to the balls, stretching her out and pulling her inner folds back with me as I withdrew. She had a surprising wetness that made my penetration smooth and deep. I trapped her under my weight and flattened her to the mattress. I went at her hard, driving the entirety of my length in and out, letting her feel my full size.

“Come on, sis,” said Cindy with a big grin.

My twin sisters flanked Suki as I pulled out and ran a hand through my hair. They resembled a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich, with the pale blondes either side of the darker Suki.

The twins kicked their legs up and offered up their pussies for attention.

“You two!”

“Oh, dear. Keith has a bone to pick with us!”

“I can see,” gushed Mindy.


I spat into the palm of my hand and brought it smack down on Mindy’s shaven mound.


“Bad! Bad girl!”

I pussy slapped her a few times until her mons was bright red. Then, I skipped Suki to spank Cindy square on her bald snatch hard.

“Bad! Bad, bad Cindy.”

As she gasped aloud at my sudden admonishment, I planted my feet in the carpet and dragged the squealing Cindy to the foot of the bed. I let my dick enter her wet cunt and my sweet sibling shuddered as I sank in balls deep. The ever pliant blonde filly wrapped her legs around my neck as I buried myself in her desirable quim. I could see Mindy watching me fuck her twin over the excited Suki with big eyes. Cindy had her bum lifted up off the bed as I drove in and out at a fair rate. Her pert tits jiggled very time I slammed into her, and I bent at the waist to give her left nipple a quick swipe with my tongue, leaving a visible smear of spit on her succulent flesh.

The muscles in my biceps and calves tightened as I maintained a balance.

I noticed her slender legs start to tremble and the next thing I knew was her dissolving into a welcome climax. Her body arched up to meet one more hard thrust from me and I left her to shiver in delight.

“Me next. Me next.”

I ignored my little sister Mindy and moved slightly to my right to mount Suki missionary style.

The black girl grabbed onto the sheets with both hands as I pushed in and up, raising her with me. I lifted her legs onto my forearms and smashed her pussy to mush with rapid power strokes. Her juices coated my length which helped me impale her on my throbbing prick.

“He’s a good fuck, isn’t he?” Said Cindy as she propped herself up on her left elbow and kissed Suki on the mouth.

“One of best fucks I’ve ever had.” Agreed Suki which obviously made me feel good.

“Me next. Me next!” Implored Mindy who made bicycle pumps with her legs impatiently.

I looked over at my pouting younger sister and moved two paces to my right.

“Fuck me puppy! Fuck me!”

I nearly lost it when she referred to me by the pet name both had for me when they were little. I was into the rock band ‘Darkness’ at that time and had grown my hair to shoulder length.

“You got it.”

I gripped her ankles and widened her pins almost horizontally. She looked down her body and used her hand to feed my cock into her muff. We engaged in a frenzied rut for a good three minutes before I felt my balls tighten and my cock head expand.

“Here we go.”

I pulled out and frantically jerked off as the three of them put their heads together cheek to cheek. I exploded with a grunt and splattered their faces and tits with several big gushes of cum. They made yummy sounds and once I was spent, they kissed and exchanged goo with girly giggles and bouncing boobs.

“That was out of this world.”

I managed to blurt out as I wiped my sticky hand on my chest.

“I need a shower.”

As I made to leave, they followed in my wake.

“We’ll join you. Save on that heating bill.”

“How very grown up of you,” I declared. My observation taking on more than one meaning.

“Oh, we’re VERY grown up, brother. VERY!”

We all entered the shower and I had the unique experience of six eager hands soaping me up all over under the hot spray. As my dick and balls were all in a lather, I was soon standing to attention once more.

“Bloody Hell!”


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