My College Visit

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My older sister was just a few months from graduating from the University of Michigan and I had been looking forward to spending a weekend with her for a long time. She always made these visits interesting and many of my first experiences with forbidden pleasures had occurred on my trips to visit her. I had just turned 19 and was about to graduate from High School. I had been held back a year so and I was a little older than most of the kids. It really didn’t matter to me, or to most of the other kids. Being a little older did have its advantages though. I was the first to turn 16 so I was driving my Freshman year and all my friends realized that they could double date with me without their parents driving so I was very much in demand by the guys and the gals.

Friday afternoon found me at the door of my sister’s apartment and she answered the door with a hug and kiss. We had been pretty close through our later teen years, since she left the house. Absence does make the heart grow fonder especially when it comes to older sisters.

We left to go to a pizza parlor that was very popular in those days. They had sawdust on the floor, or at least peanut hulls, and always had music going. My sister got in line and pushed me in front of her so she could talk to some guys she knew who were in line behind us. In front of me were three women in their late twenties or early thirties that were having a great time laughing among themselves. They had obviously spent some time at a local bar before coming here and were ready for some fun and a little food. One of the girls, a Brunette, turned around and looked me in the eyes and smiled a pretty smile, then turned back to her friends. I was still a little shy and barely smiled back. She had my attention, even if I didn’t really know how to handle it. After all, she must have been 30 years old. Her face was not beautiful but she was very attractive with a nice slender figure and legs that held promise under her jeans. At 5”7” she was tall and wore heels that were very unusual for the ‘Hippie’ days. She stood erect with her head held high and her chest out. Way too much woman for a kid like me.

She looked back several times and always had a little smile or wink for me. I was flattered but knew that she was just teasing me, or at least that’s what I told myself. At 6’2” and a whopping 180 pounds I did look pretty good for a kid. Skinny as a rail, just like every other teenager of my generation, I was at least young and tall. This probably made me attractive to lots of older women, or so I thought.

It was almost time for the three ladies to be seated and the brunette tuned to me and put her arms around my waist.

She looked me in the eyes, smiled, and said. “ I sure would like to take you home with me.”

I was speechless, my head was processing all kinds of information that had to do mostly with the area between my thighs and allowed no intelligent thought to work it’s way to my lips. I just stared at her and a weak comment of “sounds good to me” blubbered from my mouth. She let out a little laugh but didn’t really make fun of me and blew me a kiss. She then joined her friends. We were seated at a table 20 or 30 feet from the ladies and I made sure I sat where I could see them. I still didn’t know how to handle the situation but I instinctively knew that I should show her I was interested. The only way I knew to do this was to keep looking her way. She was sitting so that she had to look to her left to look at me and I sat waiting for her glances. Glancing was not her style. Every few minutes she would look my way, catch my eye and wink or just giggle a little, but she always stared.

The meals came and I was thinking about everything except food. It was a very frustrating experience not really knowing how to handle the situation the way a man of the world would. I should have just walked up to her and told her how much I was attracted to her and wanted to spend time with her, but I was young and stupid. Fortunately, she knew I was a kid and, I suppose that was part of the attraction for her.

I was about to finish my meal when I noticed her waving to me. She was motioning for me to come over and talk to her. I stood up and walked to her table. My legs were like jelly, I was so nervous and scared. She took my hand and asked me to sit down next to her. Her friends left for the ladies room so we could talk.

“I really would like to take you home with me, is that your girlfriend with you?”

“No, it’s my sister.” Tuzla Escort I stammered.

“I thought it was something like that, she didn’t seem to spend much time talking to you.”

My brunette had her hand on my knee and was lightly running her hand up and down my leg. She told me she lived close by and would love to take me home. She didn’t have to be persuasive, I was hooked from the start and could hardly wait to leave with her.

“I would love to go with you.” I surprised myself with a complete sentence that came from my gut.

“Tell your sister you’ll call her later so she won’t worry.”

I stood up and walked over to my sister and told her I had been invited to spend some time with the lady at the other table and I would call her later. My sister was impressed when she looked over to my brunette and saw her nod to us.

“Be careful and enjoy yourself.” She grinned at me, not believing my luck. My sister was pretty cool when she had to be.

I walked over to my brunette, she took my hand and we left the restaurant. Her apartment was just a couple of blocks away and it gave us a chance to talk and learn a little about each other. Her name was Brenda, a name that still holds magic for me to this day. She worked at the University and had graduated 7 years earlier, but decided to stay in Ann Arbor. We talked and flirted and laughed like two kids on their first date. I guess that’s just what we were, at least to me.

I was at ease. Her easy grace and soft flirtatious manner had me relaxed and I was ready to get to her apartment, even though I really had no idea what to expect when we got there. She could have asked me to rearrange furniture for all I knew. I just wanted to be with her.

Her apartment was on the second floor of a typical college apartment complex. The apartment was a little larger than most, however, and she just had one roommate. Her roommate was gone for weekend so we had the place to ourselves. She offered me a beer after laughing that I was too young and she was corrupting me. I gladly took the beer and started to settle in.

I sat down on the couch and she snuggled up next to me. We made small talk but pretty soon she turned the subject to sex. She wanted to know how much experience I had and if I had gone all the way. I told her the truth, that all I had ever done was heavy petting, with an occasional hand job. One girl I dated loved to take off all her clothes but all I did was feel her up and never really had the nerve to go much further.

“Would you like me to teach you how to please a woman and receive pleasure yourself?”

Oh yes, I was sooooo ready.

She took my hand, gave me the sweetest smile and led me to the bedroom. Next to the bed she put her arms around me and pulled me to her. At least I had learned how to kiss and I gave her my best french kiss with all the tongue action I could muster.

“Well, you can sure kiss.” She said. “Just don’t be in such a hurry.”

She put my hands to my side and started to unbutton my shirt. I started to unbutton her blouse but she told me to wait and let her take the lead. In a moment she had my shirt off and was running her hands through my chest hair. Yes, I really did have some and she loved it. I was so nervous by this time my hands were shaking and I couldn’t talk. Brenda knew I was nervous and took her time. She took off her blouse and threw it on a chair. She took my hands and asked me to take off her bra turning around so I could unsnap it. I unhooked it and slipped it off. She turned around and showed off her beautiful, perky breasts. They weren’t huge but just right for her build and sloped up at just the right angle. I was in heaven and put my hands on them and rubbed her nipples very softly.

“Squeeze them just a little harder, Baby.” She cooed.

“Sit on the bed and take off your shoes and socks.” I did as I was told.

“Now stand up.”

She put her arms around my neck again and we kissed some more. Brenda knelt before me and unbuckled my pants, sliding them down along with my underwear. She stood up immediately not making contact with my rock solid prick. She looked down and smiled.

“You sure have a nice one.” I was elated.

She complimented me on my dick. A woman of the world who must have had lots of experience with a man’s equipment, was impressed with mine.

I was ready to explode and knew that all it would take was a touch or squeeze and I would be gone. Brenda knew that too Gebze Escort and hurriedly removed her clothes, then pushed me onto the bed.

“I know you won’t last long, Honey, so just lie back and let me make you cum.”

She wasted no time and took me in her mouth. Working it quickly up and down she sucked and used her tongue with a great slurping sound. I had all I could take and came immediately in her mouth. I came and came. She just looked at me and swallowed everything. It wasn’t much of an orgasm for me, I was just too excited for it to be memorable.

Brenda licked me clean and said. “Don’t worry, lover, you’ll last longer as you gain experience, and I intend to give you all the experience you can handle.”

Brenda stretched out on her back and told me to kneel next to her. She took my hands and had me explore her body. She opened her legs and told me to run my hand through her pubic hair. I moved down to her labia and began to slowly rub it up and down very gently, looking at her for approval. She moaned and told me to keep rubbing.

“I want you to know every inch of my body, Baby, that’s what a real lover does. You have to be an explorer.”

With my other hand I massaged her tits and tickled her nipples.

“Have you ever tasted a woman’s pussy?” She asked.

Brenda gave me a look that I would later recognize as pure lust. She had me get between her legs and opened her pussy to show me what a woman looked like up close. She gave me detailed instructions on how to use my tongue and where her clit was and how to stimulate it. Instruction time was over and it was time for the lab work to begin. I nestled in between her thighs and worked my tongue into her lips. I moved slowly savoring every moment. Being inexperienced at this I was surprised at how good it tasted, after a minute, and how much I enjoyed the sensation. Every movement of my tongue was met with a soft moan and swaying motion from her hips. Brenda was loving it and told me to be a little more aggressive and spend more time on her clit. I would soon learn exactly what gave her the most enjoyment but now I was having a great time experimenting. Her moans increased and she grabbed my head and pushed me into her pussy, grinding herself into my face.

“Baby, I’m going to cum soon, so just keep going and don’t stop.” Her voice was almost pleading.

“God yes, lover, eat me. Work my clit with that great tongue of yours. God it feels great. YES, eat me Baby.”

Brenda started bucking wildly and almost smothered me pulling my head into her. Her movement subsided and she had me lie next to her while she held me tight. I tried to play with her breasts but she wouldn’t let me touch her. Too much stimulation, too soon. We held each other tight for several minutes without speaking. Finally she sighed and looked at me with a glow of satisfaction on her face.

“For a rookie you did pretty damn well.” She whispered.

“OK, lover, lay on your back, it’s your turn.”

She settled in between my legs like I had done for her and began teaching again.

“You won’t last long the second time either, so I’m going to give you another blow job and when you’ve recovered I’ll teach you how to make love to a woman. But for now just lay back and enjoy. This time I’m going to give you head like it should be given.”

I weakly protested that I could last long enough but she just smiled and said not to worry, it would get better every time. She took my cock in her hand and slowly worked it up and down while looking into my eyes to watch my expressions. I was hard instantly, she had been right. When it came to sex, the only advantage to being 19 was the ability to get hard quickly and often. She teased my cock with her tongue and licked me from the tip to my balls. Her tongue worked its way around my pole and then settled in to the sensitive spot right under the head. All the while she was looking into my eyes, loving what she was doing to me. With one quick motion she sucked the head into her mouth. Her tongue kept up its little dance and she slowly worked her mouth up and down on my manhood. I was so hard it almost hurt. She moved up and down and twisted my cock in her mouth, all the while sucking and nibbling every inch of me. I was already about to cum. She had been exactly right. I told her I was about to cum but she could feel my balls drawing up and knew I was ready. I stiffened and my balls started shooting my load into Brenda’s mouth. She took every drop just Aydınlı Escort like before and kept up the sucking and tongue action until I was begging her to stop.

“God, I can’t believe how good you are at that.” I told her.

She gave a little laugh and told me she loved doing it and had even gotten to like the taste.

“I even practiced with my husband before the ass hole left me. We used to spend hours polishing our skills. He would eat me until he knew just how to get me off and I would work on my oral technique with him to maximize his pleasure. The son of a bitch left with another woman but at least I gained some skills that I can use on a man I care for.”

We talked for a long time about her ex-husband and her sexual adventures since her divorce. I was amazed. For a young guy I had heard few stories like the ones she told me. She had tried swinging and group sex. On numerous occasions taking two and sometimes three guys home with her. There was a club at the University that got together every two weeks for orgies and she was an enthusiastic participant. She told me all this so I would know there was more to sex than just rolling around in the back seat of a car.

“Once you learn to give a woman what she wants, you’ll never have to worry about her leaving. As long as you let her know you love her and want her, of course.”

I was soaking it all in but was starting to get a little anxious for my next lesson. My hand went between her legs and started to tickle and rub her slit very softly. Brenda looked at me and smiled that little peaceful smile of hers and whispered.

“Ready to play again Baby?”

She reached down and started to play with my cock.

“I want to get you hard and when I think your ready I want you inside me.”

It didn’t take me long before Brenda was pulling me on top of her and spreading her long, pretty legs. She was still stroking me and guided me into her vagina. As I moved to get inside her she smiled at me and told me to work into her gently. Her slit soon opened enough to take me and I slowly pushed in. A low moan escaped from her lips and she started telling me how to move in and out slowly until we built up a rhythm. She was giving me instructions but I could barely hear. My heart was racing and was so turned on I was afraid I would cum instantly again. She must have sensed it because she opened her eyes looked at me and put her arms around me.

“Just relax, Baby, and fuck me nice and slow.”

She rubbed my back and then reached down and grabbed my ass with both her hands. We started moving a little faster. I had settled down and was enjoying the incredible sensations coming from my loins. It was wonderful, we were lost in our own little world, just Brenda and I. I picked up the pace a little at her urgings. She was pulling on my ass as hard as she could and I was trying my best to bury myself in her. My cock was hitting bottom and she would give a little squeal every time I did.

“I’m going to cum, Baby, you feel great.” She said.

I was not ready so I concentrated on making her cum just like she had told me. Brenda tensed and I could feel her cunt clamp down on me and the juices started to flow from her. I was really getting turned on by her orgasm and started to feel myself getting ready to burst.

“I’m going to cum now too, honey.”

“Yeah, Baby, give it to me, I want to feel you fill me with your cum.”

I was moving as fast as I could and I finally let go with an incredible orgasm. I really didn’t have much to give her, it was my third time in two hours. But we both had incredible orgasms.

Brenda kept holding me and I stayed inside for a long time. We finally rolled onto our sides and kissed softly. Exhaustion took over and I needed to rest for awhile. After an hour or so I called my sister, told her I was gone at least for the night, and settled back into Brenda’s arms.

“Let’s go to sleep and pick this up again in the morning.” She said. In minutes she was asleep and I was close behind her.

Saturday morning I awoke with Brenda kissing me all over. We played for most of the day until Brenda told me she had a date she couldn’t break and I had to leave. I got dressed and we said our good-byes. It was incredibly hard for me to walk away from her door.

Brenda had made me promise to call her the next time I was in Anne Arbor and I made plans to come back as soon as possible. But it was the last time that I would ever see her. My plans never worked out and finally after five years I received an invitation to her wedding. I sent a present with a nice note but I couldn’t bring myself to see her get married.

Please let me know what you think of my story. E-Mails will be answered if I have your address.

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