My College Education Pt. 01

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I had dated Abby during senior year in high school and when we went away to college luck had it that our schools were only a couple of hours apart. Abby was studying nursing, while I was majoring in engineering. With Abby living in the dorm for her first two years the private time we had together was extremely limited. Nevertheless we both lost our virginity in the front seat of my Volkswagen Beetle on a warm October afternoon. It was a challenge and we had to leave both doors open, but we managed just the same.

Our lives changed dramatically during junior year when Abby took an off-campus apartment with two other girls, Barb and Carla. Carla was also a nursing student, petite with brunette hair and a great set of boobs. Barb on the other hand was a biology major, tall and slender and a strawberry blond. It seemed like in no time I was more or less adopted as their brother even if I was sleeping with Abby most Friday and Saturday nights. Inhibitions dropped and it wasn’t unusual for me to see them wandering about in just their underwear. With only one bathroom, in addition to the usual feminine needs, the variety of hair care items was mindboggling.

As time progressed, none of the girls hesitated talking about nearly anything in front of me and on one occasion I had just gotten out of the shower when there came a knock at the door.

“Wes, can I come in? I just got my period and need to ram a tam.”

I replied, “Just a minute.”

Carla said, “No, that’s OK. I won’t be a minute so just turn your back.”

I now replied, “Sure. Come on in.”

Carla came in wearing just a short nightshirt, retrieved a tampon from under the sink, turned her back to me, tore open the wrapper, put one foot up on the toilet and inserted the tampon.

“Thanks, you’re a doll,” she said as she exited the bathroom.

Finding bras, panties, and nighties strewn about was not an unusual occurrence either and it wasn’t hard to figure out whose were whose. Carla was always the least conservative of the group and preferred thongs and push-up bras whereas Barb usually wore bikinis and sports bras. There were those fleeting moments when one or another would be totally in the buff running down the hall between a bedroom and the bathroom, but nobody thought another thing about those occasions.

As time went on, there were those occasions when we would go shopping together. It was an efficient way to keep the apartment stocked, but our tastes were generally easygoing and mutually accommodating. Where etlik escort shopping became an issue was when personal items were involved. I was never bothered walking down the feminine hygiene aisle when one of the three needed tampons or panty liners. It did get a bit more embarrassing when we ventured down the family planning aisle so that Carla could buy a box of condoms. Moreover, she had to study in some detail the various kinds and even ask my opinion when it came to ribbed versus no ribs, or lubricated or not. In retrospect it was sort of comical and later we all had a good laugh, Carla included.

Another time when things got interesting was when Barb was to attend a formal event. She spent hours getting ready and I do recall coming out of Abby’s room and finding her standing there in just bra, panties, and a garter belt. She looked absolutely stunning and it was amazing what a sexy bra can do to improve someone who normally wore sports bras. When she came downstairs, my jaw just about dropped to the floor. Barb was drop dead gorgeous and my manhood twitched at the sight of her. All I could think about was how lucky her date was to have Barb on his arm that night.

A short time after that Abby and I were in the apartment alone. Carla was off at the library and Barb had a biology lab so we thought that we had some time together. Now Abby loves to receive oral. She likes giving it, too, but given a choice it was clearly receiving. Being that she planned to head to the gym later she was only wearing bikinis, gym shorts, a sports bra, and a tee shirt. We were down in the TV area and one thing led to another. Her shorts and panties came off, her legs spread, and I knelt on the floor with my face in her shaved crotch. She was enjoying the whole experience and I was licking the natural lubricating juices off of her pussy. When I got to her clit, she moaned with pleasure as I suckled it. My manhood was raging in my pants and just as I was entertaining the idea of fucking her the door to the apartment opened and in walked Barb.

She took a look at the scene on the sofa, just said “Hello, oh sorry” and headed upstairs.

It was sure a mood killer as Abby had her bikinis and shorts back on in an instant.

Then all of a sudden a douche syringe showed up in the bathroom. While Abby had one, I knew it wasn’t hers. With only Barb and Carla as the other two people living there, it had to belong to one of them, but who? Carla seemed like the probable owner being that she was the ankara eve gelen escort more outgoing, still the mystery remained until one weekend Carla had to go home yet on Sunday morning that otherwise unclaimed syringe appeared once more in the bathroom. It had to be Barb, which I found was a huge surprise. Who knew?

About a week later Carla and Abby were off to a nursing colloquium that was put on by the local hospital. They were to be gone all day. It was noon on Friday when I got to the apartment and let myself in. I found a piece of cold leftover pizza in the fridge and had no sooner downed it and a coke when Barb came in dressed in only her usual running shorts and tee shirt.

“Hi, Wes!” she greeted me.

“Hi Barb. What’s happening?”

She sat down on the sofa next to me and said, “I’m sorry for walking in on you and Abby the other week.”

“It’s OK. You live here, too, and we should have been more discrete.”

“Wes, I do have a question though and I hope it’s not too personal, but do you like going down on Abby? She really seems to enjoy it.”

“I do. And, yes, she does. Why?”

“Well, I’ve never had a guy do that to me. What’s it feel like?”

“For Abby? My guess is that it’s like you using your finger to find your clit, but think of that finger as warm and moist like my tongue.” Just that explanation was getting me aroused and I knew I shouldn’t be. After all, Barb was my girlfriend’s roommate.

But then Barb put her hand down the front of her shorts and felt herself.

“I guess it isn’t the same because my fingers aren’t warm and wet,” she observed. “I know that you’re Abby’s boyfriend, but could you just show me.” Then she blushed as she added, “Besides Abby says that you are really good.”

“Show you? What do you mean by show you? Are you suggesting that you want me to go down on you?” I asked in amazement.

“Well, I guess that is what I do mean. Would you?” Barb was a decent looking lady and certainly would cause most guys to take a second look if seeing her walking across campus.

“OK, but maybe we better do that upstairs. Just in case.”

Barb needed no second invitation, she stood up, took my hand, and led me to the stairs. Once in her room, she peeled off her shorts and bikinis and revealed her beautiful well-trimmed strawberry blond bush. It was breathtaking and she needed no invitation to lie down on the bed and spread her legs. Even through the lovely thatch I could see faint gaziosmanpaşa escort glistening.

I knelt on the floor and buried my face in her bush. While there was the usual delightful feminine odor, there was also a hint of mint—Barb apparently had this planned and had even douched beforehand! I used my tongue on her clit and then licked the juices from her moist pussy.

All the while Barb not only moaned but held my head in place saying “Whatever you do, don’t stop!” She orgasmed three different times and now had a pussy wetter than any that I had ever encountered.

In the meantime my manhood had a raging erection. I really wanted to fuck her, but then I knew that the feeling was mutual when Barb said, “Fuck me now. . . please, fuck me.”

I removed my jeans and briefs. Fortunately, even though Abby was now on the pill, I still had an old rubber in my wallet, which I opened, and rolled down over the shaft of my penis.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Being certain to not knock you up,” I replied.

“I can’t wait any longer. The anticipation is driving me crazy.”

So I entered Barb. She was very tight and I think, but am not sure, that she was still a virgin although I could not be certain because she certainly did not grimace at all. I teased her with short stokes but as I could feel my own orgasm coming on soon began slow long strokes which resulted in a huge orgasm. The ejaculate filled the rubber and Barb could sense the throbbing of my manhood as it did so.

“Oh, my God! That was wonderful!” she exclaimed.

“Which? The oral or the fucking?” I asked.

“Both. Your tongue is like magic, but your penis is wonderful.”

“So what do you like better? The oral or the fucking?”

“Do I have to choose? I had never done oral before, but when I walked in on you and Abby that day I knew that I had to try it. But not just anybody. I could tell from the look on Abby’s face that I wanted oral from you.”

I withdrew my penis from Barb, but since her legs were still nicely spread I resumed going down on her. Her pussy was incredibly wet and she tasted simply wonderful. I licked her pussy and then got to her clit. For toppers I thrust my tongue in and out of her vagina and when I did so she came one more time. It was clear that she was spent and we both napped for a few minutes before heading to the bathroom and cleaning up. That’s when Barb confessed to me that she wasn’t a virgin, but only had had sex two or three times.

“I know that you girls don’t have many secrets between you, but whatever you do please don’t tell Abby what we did today.”

“I won’t. Besides maybe there could be an opportunity when we do this again. Maybe I should buy a box of rubbers just in case.”

“What have I started?” I thought to myself. “What have I indeed started?”

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