My Cellulite Mistress Ch. 02

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Nine months after our first night together Tonya and I got married! I am her total pussy boy servant and I dote on her. I can tell that other men look at Tonya in disgust and then look at me with pity and questions of how? This only excites me more as I burn with shame! Since we have been married Tonya has taken my degradations to even higher levels.

At first, she started going out to bars to try and hook up with other men. I agreed and waited at home in shame not believing that she would actually do such a thing. Boy, did she prove me wrong. One night after she had done this a few times unsuccessfully, she came home later than usual. She sat down on the edge of our bed with her big thighs hanging off. She had me sit on the floor in front of her, between those delicious dimply fat thighs. She told me that he had hooked up with a man at the bar and that he fucked her in a motel room. My cheeks must have been red from shame and jealousy at hearing this. I know that I had a deep burning sense of shame in my stomach. To have Tonya my fat black old wife, tell me that she had just slept with another man burned me with endless shame. She then had me sniff her crotch. I could smell the deep odors of sex and reveled in them. Her panties were wet, and I went to lick them.

“Stop!” She commanded, “Take them off.”

I took off her panties when she momentarily lifted her girth off the bed. I held them, and she told me to suck her lover’s juices out. I put the gusset into my mouth and sucked for all I was worth. I could taste some cum and her squirt juices. I loved it in my shame. I sucked on them for a few minutes until I could not taste anything, any more. Tonya now told me to clean her up. I started licking her fat dimpled inner thighs. They were sticky with her squirt juices and I savored them. Then I moved into her bush. I lovingly licked all the secretions out of her thickly matted bush, trying not to miss a single pubic hair. When I was done with her bush I zeroed in on her big gash and sucked all the juices out. I could taste the bitter taste of male cum.

Tonya told me that she had fucked Rick. I knew him well. He was a regular at the Blue Collar. He was about Tonya’s age and was a burly painter. Rick had been divorced for ages and spent all his evenings at the Blue Collar. I couldn’t believe that she had fucked someone that I knew! The shame of what I was doing burned even deeper as I thought about the fact that I was eating Ricks cum out of my wife’s pussy. I burned with so much humiliation that I came in my panties while swallowing down the last of Ricks slimy load. A few minutes later Tonya clamped her plump thighs tightly around my head as she came hard.

“I am going to continue seeing Rick.” Tonya calmly stated, as I gently licked her in her post orgasmic bliss. “He is divorced and has no one. Besides, his cock is much bigger than yours.”

“Now get up here and fuck me with that little thing of yours!” She commanded.

I gladly jumped up on the bed, and she had me lay on my back so that she could ride me. I love feelings Tonya’s huge girth on me. My cock was already hard even though I had just cum in my panties, which she quickly removed and put on the dresser beside the bed. Tonya then plopped down on my cock and lovingly fucked me and made out with me at the same time. I was totally smothered under her pendulous tits and rolls of fat and couldn’t be happier. My hands grabbed her huge cellulite ridden ass globes and pulled her in even tighter. How I loved holding her large dimpled glutes in my hands! In only a few minutes I felt the wetness of her quirt all over my pelvis. I just needed to thrust a few more times to cum myself into the added ankara yeni escort wetness.

Tonya, quickly lifted her mass off me, turned around and lowered her twice fucked gash onto my face. I know that it is disgusting eating your own ejaculate after you have already cum. It is one of the most humiliating and submissive things a guy can do, and I loved the degradation of being made to clean Tonya’s cunt of our combined mess! She rubbed it all over my face and I slurped and licked everything out! She then had me also suck out my earlier load from my panties before I threw them into the hamper.

Over the next few weeks Tonya continued fucking Rick a few times each week. She would always bring her well used cunt home for me to clean out orally. Since she was getting fucked by Rick so much our couplings decreased significantly. I always had to clean his mess out of her but usually she did not fuck me anymore afterwards. One night when she returned from Rick she caught me jerking off.

“Since you can pleasure yourself I don’t think that you need to fuck me anymore.” She stated coldly. “Now get over here and clean my cunny up!”

I was so humiliated but dutifully licked up the mess from her steamy gash. I had not cum yet, so I was rock hard. I lovingly sucked everything out and licked all her stickiness from the insides of her thighs and all of the accumulated mess in her bush. When I finished my service, I expected to fuck her, but this time she refused.

“Since you would rather play with yourself, go on and enjoy.” She commanded, “Tomorrow I will solve this issue of you pleasuring yourself.”

I jerked off for a while just looking at her wishing I could mesh into her rolls of cellulite. When I started picking up the speed Tonya pushed me over onto my back and then lifted my legs over my head.

“Continue!” She commanded, “and you better not waste a drop!”

In this position my cock was right above my face. I stroked it for another minute until I erupted. I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out. I caught most of it in my mouth and on my tongue, but one gob landed on my cheek. I scooped it up immediately with my finger and sucked it down.

When I clamed down Tonya laid on top of me and kissed me tenderly all over my lips and face.

I enjoyed her weight and warmth.

“I want to start humiliating you at a whole other level Sweetheart.” She said, “I know that you crave it and enjoy it. I also like taking advantage of it. Please just let me know if anything gets too severe for you.”

“I will.” I promised, as I dozed off to sleep in her chubby arms.

The next day when I got home from work Tonya was really excited.

“I got you a gift today!” She said with glee. “Let’s try it on!”

With my curiosity peaked I unwrapped the small box that she gave me and found a cock cage inside! I had seen pictures of them before but never seen one in the real.

“Since we can’t have you pleasuring yourself when I am with Rick you are going to be wearing this cage from now on!” She stated with great excitement. “I am only going to release you when I need your cock.”

I begged and pleaded with her not to cage me. I told her that having sex with her is the best part of my life. I was scared to wear that cage but something about being ordered to do so and having my freedom taken away by Tonya turned me on and I tented my pants.

I told Tonya that it was physically impossible for me to get it on.

She told me that she would let me fuck her and put it on after I came, but that she had a date with Rick, so she needed to remain clean. She then went into the kitchen and yenimahalle escort brought out some ice cubes. Within a few minutes my cock was so shriveled up it just looked like a little worm.

Tonya cleaned the catheter part as I watched in fear. She had me sit down and while she lubed up the end of the catheter, ran in a curved shape right through the middle of the cage. It was about two inches long and looked imposing as hell to me!

She then started working that catheter up my piss hole. It hurt because it stretched my urethra, but Tonya slowly worked it farther in taking it out a few times to apply more lube and then working it back in further yet. Once it was in all the way, and my cock was encased in the tubed cage, she wrapped the hinged ring around both my balls and encaged cock. Tonya then fit the tabs at the ends of the hinged ring into the slit at the top of the cage and locked it up with a miniature paddle lock! My cock burned from the stretching of the catheter almost as much as I burned from the shame of wearing this device. I would have got hard from the burning humiliation if the cage did not restrict me.

Tonya then made me step into my frilly panties. I could feel the material on just parts of my balls and cock through the cage and it felt sexy as hell!

“I am now going to let Rick tear me apart with his monster cock.” Tonya declared, “When I get back the place better be clean!”

With that she kissed me passionately on the lips with her so large, fat and juicy lips, and left.

It was difficult to concentrate on the cleaning while wearing that cage and catheter. It hurt but also the strange feeling of stainless steel and panty material in different places together at the same time was a turn on! My cock was straining so hard to expand but it was useless.

As I cleaned the pain started to fade. I guess my urethra stretched and accommodated to the large impaling catheter. Even though the cage did not let me get hard I had a steady stream of precum leaking out, By the time Tonya came back home that night the whole front of my panties were soaked!

“It looks like you pissed your panties.” Tonya snickered. “I have to piss too, so take off your maid’s uniform and wait for me in the shower.

I quickly obeyed and sat in the middle of the shower. Tonya took off her dress and followed me in wearing just her white granny panties and here huge bra. She stood in front of me and I could see that her panties were also damp. Damp with the remains of the juices of her squirt, or squirts and some of Ricks leaking cum. I was fascinated with the sight of her fat sticky pantied crotch, and the rolls of stomach fat above. Here I was an educated, good looking, 27 year old white male, on the floor with an obese blue collar, 54 year old black lady, my wife, standing above me. I could smell the mess in her panties and hungered for it!

Tonya stepped forward and grabbed the back of my head pulling it into her panty covered crotch. I could smell the mess in there and could feel her gut resting on the top of my head and reveled in my degradation. I opened my mouth and started sucking and licking that fat pussy. I tasted both her and Rick’s emissions. She pulled me in tight and my tongue pushed the synthetic material of her panties into her gash. I sucked as hard as I could and was rewarded with more of Rick’s taste. Then it hit me! The bitter taste of her golden nectar in my mouth and wetting my face! Tonya must have had a few beers with Rick because it was a big old cow piss! By the time her flow ebbed, her panties, thighs and my whole body were soaked with her piss and I was sitting in a huge puddle yozgat escort in the middle of the shower floor because my ass was blocking the drain!

I continued sucking at her gash through the material of her panties. Now all I was getting was just the taste of her urine which had saturated the material of those panties. Tonya let me suck a little while longer before removing the panties and pulling me back in by my soaked hair. My head was tilted back encased in her dimply fat thighs and pussy lips. I licked at her gash and found her large clit. I started gently nibbling and sucking on it. In no time Tonya flooded me again but this time with here squirt juices! I lapped up as much as I could and sucked on her very gently as she came down from her orgasm.

“Since you are not going to fuck me tonight I have a special treat for you!” Tonya announced excitedly as she turned around resting her pendulous tits arms and face against the tile wall arching her ass out. “You can feast on my ass!”

This is truly a revolting task for me because her asshole is so wrinkly and has some hemorrhoids. Her asshole is no college coed’s that you just must put your tongue on. Tonya has a fat old ladies’ asshole and it is not attractive. It makes me burn with the deepest humiliation when I must service her poop chute.

I spread her massive, dimpled, cellulite ridden ass cheeks apart with my hands. I inserted my face between those massive globes and placed my open mouth over her opening. I let go of her fat rippled glutes and my face was encased in her fat ass. I kept my hands on her huge cheeks just because I love to feel them. My mouth was now over her huge asshole. I could taste its earthy flavor. It was not a bad taste, but just the thought of having my mouth on it was kind of revolting.

I started slowly exploring the outer edges of her sphincter with my tongue. I could feel all the creased and swollen parts. I stuck my tongue far out and massaged her taint directly bellow her pucker. I could feel the vibrations of her moans as they traveled through her ass cheeks that were enveloping my ears. I explored every crease of her asshole with the tip of my tongue. I made circles around her opening and then I started pushing my tongue inside. Tonya started rotating her ass to meet the thrusts of my tongue. It felt so good having my face rubbed in between those huge orbs of black flesh! Soon my tongue was far inside and I could feel her clenching it strongly with her sphincter. I almost didn’t have to push it in, it was as if she was pulling it in herself!

I took my right hand off her huge ass cheek and snaked it under her between her legs. I reached up and could feel her pussy. I grabbed it and stroked her large clit with my middle finger, while I continued tonguing her ass. I felt her wetness grow and soon my head, that was trapped between her ass cheeks, was being almost crushed as she clenched all her muscles.

When Tonya calmed down we turned on the shower and rinsed off all her piss. I started kissing her fat lips and hugging her massive girth just melting into her soft feminine folds of flesh. She knew I wanted to fuck her.

“I am all tired out from all the orgasms Rick and you gave me.” She rebuffed, “Besides, now that I have you locked up in that cage, your job is to concentrate on pleasing me. Not that little pecker of yours!”

I burned with shame and rejection at her refusal to have sex with me. I lived to service her and could not get enough of her hot, cellulite ridden body! She had never rejected my advances before. Yet, here I was horny and locked up in a cock cage, with a catheter inserted up my urethra!

We toweled each other off and brushed our teeth. To make matters even worse Tonya spooned me like a rag doll. I was enveloped in her fleshy folds with her arms wrapped around me. I could feel her on my back and her firm dimply thighs on my ass! So hot! It kept me horny as hell and up a long time while she snored in a blissful sleep.

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