My Camping Trip

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Today is Wednesday, June 11, 2003. The time is 3:33 am. And I am sitting in my tent with my laptop looking at the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. Tonight was a wonderful night. I was up late from cleaning my house when my best friend Jon knocked on my front door, then walked in. “Patty are you home? Ready to go camping tonight?”

Oops shit I forgot. “Yea I’m home. Just let me get some things together. I totally forgot we were going camping tonight.” I yelled while cleaning up and changing. Five minutes later I was ready to go and the cars were loaded with everything we’d need. And off we went.

We got to the campgrounds a little after 6, paid for a week. Then went to lot 88 to pitch the tent and get everything together. After an hour of unloading the two cars and getting everything set up we were tired. But still had to start a fire in the grill. So while Jon set up the grill I went up to the shower house to change clothes and use the bathroom. By the time I had changed and got back to the site Jon had the food cooked and on the picnic table. He was just pouring me a glass of peach Schnapps when I sat down.

“Hey hun, this looks really good. Thank you for making it.” I said then waited for him to sit before I started to eat. After we ate and I drank two bottles of Schnapps I was ready to cuddle by the fire and go to sleep. So we sat down and watched the fire crackle for a while before it was time to put it out. By around 10 p.m. The fire was out and we were in our tent playing the radio. We were listening to November Rain and with the music and candle light the setting was beautiful.

Even tho’ the setting was some sleeping bags 2 book bags, a thing of lit candles, a radio, and some pillows and blankets it was magnificent. Jon and I got into a play fight because he just was not tired and absolutely refused to lie down and go to sleep, where as I was extremely tired from the Schnapps I had to drink. So sometime during our play fight I went from being cuddled next to Jon to lying on top of Jon looking at him while laughing and realized just how much he’s changed since we met. I just sat there staring at him in total confusion as to how I didn’t realize before how handsome he is. I didn’t realize how hard I was staring until I realized that I was kissing him. I jerked up and stood up quickly while apologizing to him before I realized he was laughing.

Then he stood up and grabbed hold of me in a hug. And then apologized for laughing at me. “Hun I’m sorry it’s just funny that you’d be so shocked by a kiss that you had started. By the way what made you kiss me?” Oh shit I can’t believe I did that and here he is asking me why I did it. “I…I…I rea… really d… d… don’t know why. I, I, I, I was just caught up in the moment, what with the music and, and, and the candlelight it, it was all just to perfect. And I uh well I just wanted to see how you’d taste.” I kept stuttering profusely as I tried to explain to Jon and myself also why I kissed him. Damn my nervousness.

But I couldn’t help it. Normally it’s just a peck but this time it was a full-blown kiss and oh how I enjoyed it. He tasted like cinnamon and something I just can’t place a name to. As I stood there I realized that he was still staring at me but was confused as to why. “Dear why are you still staring at me?” I asked as I cocked my head to the left side like a bird would. He just laughed a bit and continued to stare. So I Looked down to see if I had got food on my shirt or something.

So when I looked down imagine my surprise to see my shirt was completely unbuttoned. I turned red with embarrassment and quickly buttoned my shirt up right before I grabbed my pillow and moved to the other side of the tent. Gaziantep Yabancı Escort Which is a good-sized tent it can fit up to 8 people in it comfortably. So while Jon stayed on his side of the tent laughing at me I laid with my back to him on my side. So I didn’t feel Jon get up and walk over to lay with me till he had his arms wrapped around my waist, and had started kissing my neck. Now let me tell you THAT sent chills down my spine, because that is the one of the quickest ways to get me in the mood. I tried to move away cause I was still mad at him for staring and laughing at me, but he just held me tighter. I started to roll to look at him but he pulled me closer and started to suck on my neck.

Soon I felt his lips travel to the back of my neck and then down my back, as I shivered.

I knew what was happening but I didn’t know weather to enjoy it or be scared. So while I was lost in thought I didn’t realize that he now was laying me on my back and kissing my throat and chest. I looked at him started as he removed my shirt and then my bra. I was stunned for a minute, but the feel of his mouth on my nipple had my full attention. By then I was to bothered to care that I didn’t really want our first time to be this way. He started to play with the nipple on my other breast as he nipped at the right one. I yelped and bucked a little from the feel of teeth on my nipple. Before he pushed me back down and started to french kiss me.

I couldn’t contain myself anymore and went with the flow. I started to pull his shirt off while he continued to kiss me, breaking the kiss long enough to pull his shirt over his head. When I got it off him I stared amazed at how good he looked. He had a slight tan and even a bit of muscles. I never imagined him shirtless before. Because we’d go swimming at his house a lot. But there was usually alcohol or night involved so I never really noticed how he was built. But damn I’m glad I can see now.

I decided to switch the role and see how he tasted but when I tried to roll him over he placed one hand on each side of my head and told me to stay still. He sounded a little angry almost hateful when he said it. And that scared me because he never talks like that to me. So I obeyed and lay perfectly still and quiet aside from a few whimpers and shivers of pleasure. Soon my whimpers became moans as he did things no one has ever done before. Then he went to remove my boxers and underwear but I jerked up into a sitting position and told him no. ”Come on Jon Please. Don’t I, I don’t want to go that far not just yet. Please Jon. No! JON NO!” I shouted as he grabbed my boxers and pull them and my underwear off at the same instant.

I crossed my legs so he couldn’t do anything but he grew madder and backhanded me quite hard. He hit me hard enough to make me fall back and hit my head off the radio. I felt blood rolling down my face as I tried to sit up. I could see him pull of his jeans and boxers right before everything grew blurry. I couldn’t quite see but I felt him grab my ankles and drag me back to the sleeping bags and then tie my hands above my head to the tie for the tent window. Then he pulled my legs apart and separated my lips with one finger as he thumbed my clit. These were strange and new sensations to me. So I was both frightened and horny at the same time.

Soon I felt him place a candle I’m assuming at the hole to my ass, then take it away, saying he wanted to feel me first to take that away himself not with a candle. I was now extremely frightened I’m still a virgin at 19 even tho’ I’ve gave a hand job or two. And I refused to do oral to my previous boyfriend. So I’m very terrified now. I can’t help but think please God make him stop. But at the same time I wanted him to continue. Soon he was done fingering me and then he pulled my legs further apart and I felt him lay between them. I was nervous now. I’m not on the pill and I’m praying he at least is wearing a condom.

My vision isn’t blurred as bad now and I can see that he isn’t wearing one. He looks up at me and smiles before he positions his dick right at the hole of my virginity. Just as he rams it in he frenchkisses me, trying to stop me from screaming. The pain is too much and I can feel the blood on my thighs. Then he starts to pump in and out slowly at first then faster and harder with each stroke. I feel like I’m being split in two all the way up. The pain shots into my belly as I feel the obscene urge to vomit from all the pain. Soon the pain is tolerable enough to start to enjoy what I’m experiencing.

And I do enjoy it a bit. I just never thought my first time would be my best friend. But what scares me is he didn’t have any alcohol to drink. And he’s acting differently then he usually does. I feel a strange sensation and realize I’m about to have my first orgasm. Jon pounds in one more time as hard as he can, hitting my cervix and we both cum at the same time. I yell from the feeling of hot cum pouring into my womb and can’t catch my breath. When I can finally breathe Jon is looking at me smiling evilly and starts to kiss me again.

I start to cry thinking of the fact we had no protection. When I realize he’s turning me over. He pulls me up onto my knees, and then I feel his hard dick at the entrance to my ass. I shake my head and beg him not to take that virginity to but he just smacks my ass real hard and rams it in as hard as he can. He continues to rape my ass harshly till I feel as tho’ I might pass out. Before he shots a load of cum in my ass. The feel of it making me even more nauseous then I was before. He pulls out and I think he’s finally done, he’s taken all of my virginity, but I forgot I’ve never done oral.

He cleans his rod off then flips me over and grabs me by my hair, tugging it harshly. As I scream he shoves his 7 ½ in long dick in my mouth and pushes it as far as he can. Feel him hit the back of my throat and goes a way down it to. He starts to violently rape my mouth as I desperately try to breathe. He cums within minutes and I feel it shooting down my throat. Thankful that I don’t have to taste it I moan a bit. He then pulls out and lays me back he kisses me before shoving his dick in my torn cunt again and then he gabs a long candle and shoves it into my ass. I cry from the pain of something being in both holes and continue to sob silently as he rapes me with a candle and fucks my cunt.

When he’s finally done shooting his load yet again he gets up and cleans up then gets dressed and unties me. I grab my clothes throw them on and my clogs and run out the tent to the shower house to shower and try to scrub the feel of how he grabbed me off my skin. When I’m done showering I don’t feel any better. I start to head to my friends campsite but decide to just go back to mine. Why I don’t know but I did. When I got to the tent Jon had it straightened up to where you can’t even tell he just raped me. I just sit down holding my pillow over my face to hide the massive bruises he left and cry for hours. I never heard Jon walk over to me, never felt him hug me or heard him ask what was wrong.

But I did fell the anger and pain in his voice when he asked who did this to me. He didn’t even remember hitting or raping me. As I told him that he did it he looked sad and ashamed. I also informed him I’m not on the pill and he didn’t wear a condom. He sat there staring into space then apologized profusely and held me in his lap crying and rocking me until I fell asleep. I awoke some time later to feel his arms around my waist and him kissing my neck again. I rolled over and looked at him with a small smile. He kissed me and then yelped as he saw the two large bruises on my face and gash above my left eye.

“Patty what happened to you. How’d this happen?” He asked as he went to touch the gash. My slight wince stopped him. “Hun don’t you remember? You did this to me just a few minutes ago.” I asked. When he gave me a sad look I asked him what.

“Patty It’s only 10:15. You’ve been asleep for 10 minutes. And I was at the shower house I couldn’t have done that.” I looked at him then started to cry. I told him all the details yet again. And he said it must have been a dream, he’d NEVER hit me. Soon I started to feel a bit horny again and decided to just go for it. I pushed him down and frenchkissed him then removed his boxers and t-shirt.

Boy was I glad to see he only had on those two items. I then removed my clothing and threw it aside with his. Then proceeded to climb onto his hard erection. I didn’t place it in me though. I wanted to tease him for as long as I could. I then decided to do the one thing I think is nasty. I went and grabbed his rod and put the whole 7 ½ inches in my mouth. I started to suck and lick it as hard as I could until he came in my mouth, at first I gaged but then I realized it doesn’t taste as bad as I though it would.

I then started my way up his body kissing and licking the most sensitive areas. When I reached his neck I grabbed his shaft and held it in an upright position then I lowered myself down on him. I nearly jumped when I felt the familiar pain of my virginity in place. I was officially shaken by that fact. Upon hearing my yell Jon asked me if I really wanted to do this. And that was it the way he looked made me decide to do it and not look back. I quickly rammed all the rammed onto his shaft taken it all the way to the balls and cried as the pain shook my body. I started to slowly ride him then got faster as I felt an orgasm coming on.

I realized he was close to when he took hold of my hips and tensed. We both came together and that’s when I knew that he’d forever be mine and I’d be his always. I nearly passed out from the feeling of him coming in my womb. But I stayed awake to enjoy the feel of Love, warmth and safety I was receiving from him. I leaned over and kissed him. Then grinned as I realized that we had no protection. I fell sleep on top of him, with him still in me and as I slept I felt Jon’s presence and then on a higher level I felt the presence of a child. Our child.

We had created a life. And I was proud to be able to say that I was in love with the man lying with me. I am proud to say that I am the mother of his child. Eventually I started to show and was starting to get really big by the 4th month. When I went into labor on Valentines Day a full month early I was frightened. But as I gave birth and heard the healthy screams of my baby I was content. But I soon passed out after he was born. I awoke later to find out I had quadruplets a girl and three boys.

Our firstborn boy we named after Jon. Our daughter was second and we named her Aurora Layne, and our second son we named Robert V’allen after my father and our third Richard Allen after his father. We have had the best time since. We were married on Halloween and are once again out here camping. Jon has never abused me. And today is now June 11 2004 a full year after this all started. We are once again camping but this time we have our babies to. And we have never been happier in our entire lives.

A little nightmare did wonders for us. It made us realize our true feelings. And gave us four very beautiful babies. I can finally say I’ve accomplished what I was sent to Earth to do.

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