My Brother’s Bestfriend, Tyler. Ch. 05

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I appreciate all of your support and positive feedback.

I working on my proper usage of tenses, bear with me.


Tyler’s point of view.

After thinking long and hard, I decided I was going to suppress my feeling for her and just be here for her whenever she needed me. I mean what would it change? She didn’t want anything serious so I think it would only do more harm than good.

A bunch of us were all getting ready to go to their mom’s beach house for a few days. We all needed a vacation and was looking forward to a relaxing week, everyone, including Kay and a few of her girlfriends.

“Are you taking your truck or your bike?” Katie asked.

“I’m loading everything up in Brad’s car and I’m taking my Bike, you and your little friends are all carpooling, right?” I responded.

“Well yes…” she started, “But I would love to go with you on your bike!”

“Oh, would you now? I’d give you the ride of your life!” I joked.

She chuckled at my attempt to be silly, “I just don’t know how Brad would feel about me riding down there with you!”

“Kay, you’re old enough to make your own decisions now, he just needs to respect that!” I said hoping I wasn’t overstepping.

“You know what, you’re right! That’s what I’m going to do!” I could feel her confidence radiate through the phone.

The beach house was only 45mins away from where I lived so we arranged for her to meet me at my place and then we’d ride the rest of the way together. I was excited! I’d never taken her out on my bike before, I knew that it would be an experience for her and I was excited to make it a great first time.

The day came and Brad was trying to convince me up and down not to take my bike. He just didn’t want to admit that he didn’t want his little sister on the back of a motorcycle but I wasn’t going to the beach without my baby, the bike that is!

We agreed to meet up at my place before taking off. Her friends dropped her off, I loaded up a few things of mine in their car and I watched as their car disappeared. I took one look at her up and down. She was so adorable.

She responded to my staring, “What are you looking at like that?”

I laughed, “I see you’re all prepared with your sun glasses and your leather jacket but do you know what’s going to happen to those pretty little legs in those shorts if we go down?” I couldn’t help but chuckle at her outfit.

“How about you make sure that doesn’t happen!” She glared at me sarcastically, “Now are you going to take me upstairs or are we going to dick around here, pretending like your intention was to immediately leave for the beach?”

I smiled, she knew me so well! I leaned downwards to her, moved my hands to her ass and picked her up, instantly she wrapped her legs around my waist. I pressed her up against my truck that was parked next to my bike.

“What do you want, you naughty thing!” I teased.

“You know what I want!” She smiled and closed in for a kiss. Our lips met and we kissed for a while until she pulled away, “So how about upstairs?” She winked at me.

I put her down and watched as she skipped to the breezeway towards the stairs. Getting inside, she wasted no time, she pulled her jacket and shirt off before she wrapped her arms around my neck pulling me into another kiss.

We were mid kiss when my phone started ringing. I reach into my pocket, grabbing it to see no other that Brad’s name popped up. She sees his name, rolls her eyes knowing I’d have to take it, and walks over to the couch to sit.

“Hey bro, what’s up?” I answered and walked over to the couch to sit beside her. As I tried to have a conversation with her brother about the trip, she scooted closer to me and started undoing my jeans. I playfully smacked her hand away but she wasn’t taking that for an answer.

I continued talking to Brad about crap that didn’t matter at the moment and before you knew it, she reached into my briefs, pulled my cock out and it was in her mouth. No matter how much I tried to focus on the conversation over the phone, my cock grew, allowing her to suck me off.

She undid her shorts and slid them off. I was finding it hard to focus on anything else besides her half naked body between my legs. She tugged at my jeans, trying to pull them down, my mouth was trying to say no but instead my hips lifted slightly allowing her to strip my jeans and briefs off.

“Y-yes, um can we t-talk about this when we see each o-other later?” I found myself trying to keep my cool and get off the phone while she was now deep-throating me. No warm up, no teasing, she went straight to deep throating.

I lost all focus! I tried to pull her head up to finish my conversation, but I accidentally hung up on Brad. I simply couldn’t focus on multiple things at once and my body decided it wanted pleasure. My brain had no choice in the matter. Thinking with the other head maybe?

She was hungrily taking my cock in her mouth. “Hey, hey, bring those lips here!” I commanded.

She complied Urfa Escort and slid her body up mine. “What’s gotten into you?” I asked curiously as I undid her bra. She was now straddling me, her hands on the back of the couch, supporting her.

“Do you have any idea what the car ride was like coming over here?” She commented, “All I could think about was your cock in me! Do you have any idea, how horny that made me? The entire car ride just thinking of riding that cock?” She growled.

She grabbed one of my hands and guided it to her panties, she wanted me to feel how wet she was for me and oh god! She was soaked!

“What do you want?” I asked

She shot me a devilish smile, I knew she was beyond horny because no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop grinding her hips on me! Even if she was just grinding on air, I noticed she would do this when she was as bothered as hot and bothered can be!

She leaned in and bit my neck, she then whispered in my ear, “Take advantage of me, I want it rough! I mean it!”

God damn! I could have cum right in that instance from just hearing her say that! I responded by running my hand up her back and grabbing her hair in my fist and with a big tug, I pulled her head backwards.

“Is this what you want?” I asked

She bit her lips and a faint “Yes” escaped.

I let my grip loose so I could kiss her deeply before picking her up and lying her on the couch. Slowly I peel off her panties and positioned myself between her legs. She was already wet for me. My lips dove down into her wet heaven. My tongue quickly finding her clit. This make her weak!

I felt her hips buck and try to close in as my tongue flicked back and forth vigorously. I felt her hand grip my hair and her soft moans began. As I continued to work her clit, her moans grew louder and louder. My cock was painfully erect for her. Her noises made me want that pussy around me. I had a plan however and I had to stick to it.

“Please fuck me Tyler!” A panting voice softly begged. “I want your cock so badly!”

I looked up at her, her face filled with pleasure, her perfect tits sat with hardened nipples wanting to me touched.

“Tyler, if you keep this up you’ll make me cum but I want to cum on that cock!” She stated.

I ignored her pleads and continued eating her out. I could tell she was getting close, she was moving around a lot and of course her moans were growing higher in pitch. She kept push her hips backwards as to give herself a break but I wasn’t letting up.

I slid my hands under her legs then wrapped them around the front of her hips and locked them together. Tightening up my grip, she couldn’t move. Her legs were limited and her hips weren’t going anywhere. She had no choice but to take what I was giving her.

It wasn’t too long after I hear, “Tyler, I’m going to cum!”

I felt the first buck of her hips, I swiftly sat up to where my raging cock made contacted with her pussy instantly, rubbing her clit with my thumb as I drove the full length of my cock in her. She screamed as her orgasm continued, now that she had my cock in her. Her pussy convulsed around my rough hard 8inches. Her grip on my cock was so fucking tight!

I was so turned on! I began pounding my cock into her tight, wet pussy as she uncontrollably shook. Her screams hadn’t subsided since my cock had been in her and it was music, sweet music to my ears. I continue to fuck her, my pace picked up and I was quickly slamming in and out of her a hard as I could.

She begged me to slow down but it was met with, “Fuck me rough, I mean it!?” I smiled, ” Just giving you want you want baby!” I knew this was exactly what she wanted, no matter what she told me. We had a safe word in place if she ever needed it, I know she’d use it.

I leaned into her to kiss her deep and long. My hands moved up to her tits, “These need some attention, don’t they?” She nodded before kissing me again. I cupped my hands around her perfect tits, my thumb and index fingers finding her hard nipples. They start massaging them gently at first.

I knew playing with her nipples turned her on tremendously and if I wanted to push her over the edge all I’d have to do was tug hard on them but I wasn’t willing to let her cum again just yet.

I broke our kiss, to turned more attention to her nipples. One hand when to support me on the couch but one remained firmly placed on one of her breasts. I took her nipple in my mouth and forcefully flicked my tongue against it. This made her grip my arm. I continued doing this for a bit while I continued to mercilessly fuck her pussy.

She started tightening around my shaft again and I knew she was close again. I grabbed both tits pushing them together, massaging them, playing with them as I watched her in pleasure, her eyes closed, the back of her head pressed into the cushion of the couch, her nails digging into my shoulders.

I kept my gaze on her as I smirked before squeezing her both nipples hard between my thumb Urfa Escort Bayan and index finger. Her eyes opened and her jaw dropped as she scream, “I’m cuming!” Her body going into violent convulsions as she came again.

Her breathing was shallow, her chest lifted rapidly as she tried to catch her breath. I slowed my pace and released my grip on her. “You bastard!” She managed to spit out at me and I couldn’t help smirking at her. It was so hard trying to hold back from cuming after what I just witnessed.

She pushed herself off my cock and had me stand in front of her. She got on her knees and proceeded to lick her juices off my cock, “How does your juices taste off that cock baby?” I loved watching her taste herself whether it be off my fingers or my cock.

She looked up at me and smiled, “Don’t enjoy this too much because you know I’m just giving my pussy a break before I fuck the day lights out of you.”

Oh god, I was so close, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to handle that pussy again. Her warm wet mouth felt so good around my cock. I slide my cock out of her mouth, giving myself a break. I stood her in front of her for a few seconds trying to hold back.

She giggled, knowing exactly what I was doing but she let me. My hand moved to her head, i wrapped her hair in my fist and I instructed her to play with her pussy. As I saw her hands slide down between her legs to play with herself, I pulled her head to my cock. She opened her mouth and I first began pushing her head towards my shaft, sending her mouth all the way down my length then Id pull head back to slide my cock out.

I repeated his for a bit before I started thrusting my cock in and out of her mouth. My grip on her hair tightened to keep her head in place as she rubbed her clit for me. Soft moans escaped onto my cock. I thrusted my entire length down her throat and held her head down onto my cock. I watched as her eyes shut tightly as she tried to take all of me.

“Open your eyes, look at me as you take my cock!” I demanded.

She looked up at me, her eyes watered from my cock hitting the back of her throat and she held it there like a champ until she tapped the side of my thigh so I could release my grip. Fuck! She was so hot!

I gave her a few seconds before I held her head firmly again and started thrusting my hips, face fucking her. She continued to play with her clit until I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed her pussy again.

I had her kneel on the couch for me. Her perfect ass was on display. I stood behind her, took my cock in my hand and rubbed the tip over her clit. This made her body shake. I gave her ass a nice hard spank before slamming my cock back in her, making her scream.

My pace picked up again, pounding her pussy. I put one foot up on the couch next to get to give myself some leverage and balance. One hand gripped her hair again pulling her head back, her back arched perfectly. My other hand gripped her waist, my fingers pressing into her skin.

Her screams told me she was close. Her noises made me tug harder. I was thrusting harder and harder, I let go of my grip of her hair and moved my hands to her waist, pulling her into every thrust and only letting go to slap her ass.

“I’m going to cum!” She screamed

Well just hearing her say that sent me over the edge and I began to shoot my cum deep into her pulsating pussy.

“I’m cuming Tyler!” She cried out “I’m cuming!”

Her pussy was like a vice grip around my cock, squeezing every drop of cum out. Her body shook and she fell onto the couch. She was just too fucking hot!

I sat next to her, completely spent trying to recover. As she went off to shower, I checked my phone. Brad had called twice and texted four times. He was going to be so pissed.

“Holy shit!” I commented realizing we had been going at it for just under an hour. “Kay, we got to get going, Brad’s going to fucking kill me!”

“Don’t worry, I had my girls stop into a few shops between here and there, we’re not going to be that much behind them! Brad won’t know!” She replies.

“Oh, you think of everything!” I responded as I got my clothes on while she finished up in the shower then we were off.

We had only gotten there 15 minutes after her friends got there. Brad seemed a little bothered but he didn’t say a thing. Kay quickly ran off to her friends and I greeted all of mines.

Stephanie had decided she was going to spend the week with her parents so we had Brad all to ourselves and I was looking forward to just having my buddy be his self for a few days.

The house didn’t change one bit since we were kids. I went on every family vacation of theirs to this very beach house. As I walked through the house all the memories of Brad, Katie and myself came flooding back to me.

That night the guys all decided they wanted to go to the club that was located beach front just two miles down from here. To my surprise, Kay and her friends decided to join us. We all walked Escort Urfa down to the club since no one was willing to be our dedicated driver because everyone wanted to get hammered.

Kay wasted no time, her and her friends kept doing shot after shot. Us guys were just drinking beer. The girls broke off from the group and headed for the dance floor but I kept a close eye on them, making sure they didn’t get themselves into any trouble. Besides, I loved the view of Katie dancing from where I was standing.

As the night went by, I found myself overcome with jealousy, watching Kay dance with random guys that kept hitting on her. I was getting jealous and I was mad at myself for it. The other guys had now gotten on the dance floor as well. All but myself and one of our buddies Josh.

I stood with my back to the bar, leaning on the counter, looking out onto the dance floor when I saw Katie emerging from the crowded dance floor. Josh stood next to me.

“What’s your problem?” She tiptoed to my ear, talking loudly over the music.

Josh headed to the restroom as she spoke to me. “Why are you over here looking so sour?” She laughed. She was drunk at this point. She slurred her words and she couldn’t keep her balance.

“Kay, you need to slow it down with the drinks!” Was all I responded.

“And turn into a fun sucker like you!” She teased, “Come Tyler, come dance with me!”

“Are you mad? Are you forgetting Brad’s here,” I scolded.

“Come on!” Her hand now rested on my leg and she placed a kiss on my chest.

“Katie! Stop it!”

“I know what would make you feel better!” She stated before I felt a hand on my crotch.

I slid away from her in fear someone saw us. She turned her attention to the bar tender, “Two tequila shots, please!”

“Kate! You really shouldn’t have any more drinks!”

“Take this shot with me and then I’ll let you take me back to the beach house, I promise!” She batted her eyes at me.

“Ugh fine!” I said, “Bottoms up!” Throwing back the shot of tequila.

“We need to get you drunk!”

“You’d be passed out by the time I finally get drunk! … little girl!” I teased.

“Hey, bar…” She started calling the bartender over.

I pulled her away from the bar and back to her friends, “No more, remember?”

I let her friends know that I was going to walk her back to the house and I suggested they did the same, they were all hammered! I went over to Brad letting him know and he agreed to walk with us, leaving the other six guys to stay and chill a bit.

On the walk back, I kept hoping she didn’t say anything to put the thought in Brads head. Luckily, she didn’t. The girls were all staying in the biggest room in the house. There were two queen beds, two girls to a bed which was more than sufficient for them.

We walked them to their beds and Brad and I headed to the billiards room with a case of beers. Finally, I could spend some time with my best bud since his wedding. All the guys had noticed a change in him since he met Stephanie and even worst since they got married. I was happy that Stephanie chose not to come on this trip but I was also worried.

“Is everything okay at home bro?” I asked as he racked the balls on the pool table.

He sighed deeply, “I don’t know man, I don’t fucking know!”

“Talk to me, what’s going on?”

“I think Steph’s cheating!” He went on to tell me all the troubles they’ve been experiencing in their sexless marriage. I could tell he was hurting. I felt bad for my bud but I knew she was trouble. We spent the rest of the night shooting pool, talking and drinking.

That night, I didn’t make it past the couch in the billiards room. However, I still made sure to wake up in time for the sunrise. It’s something I did as a kid. Whenever we’d come down here, I’d always would wake up just before the sun rose, go down to the beach and sit and watch the sun creep up behind the water.

I was sitting on a log, looking out in the distance when I felt a presence next to me. It was Katie.

“Remember when we were kids, you’d wake me up to come out here with you?” She spoke.

“Yea, I figured you’d be too hung over for that!”

“I’m not hungover at all!”

I looked at her surprised, I didn’t wake her cause I thought she’d be sick this morning and I didn’t want to wake the others. Partly because I might have been upset about last night. Something about watching her dance with those guys just angered me. I had no right, she wasn’t my girl, I wasn’t entitled to an opinion over who she danced with but jealousy is one heck of a thing.

“So, you had fun last night!” I gently nudged her with my elbow as she sat next to me.

“Yea, I did! I even got a guy’s number!” She chuckled.

“With the way, you were dancing with those guys, trust me, they wanted to give you more than just their number!” I spat out, unaware of my tone.

“Tyler! You’re jealous!”

“No! I’m just saying…” I denied it but she was right.

“I wanted you so bad last night, did you know that?” She leaned closer, whispering to me.

I smiled, “Oh, I think I knew!” I laughed recalled the instance when she grabbed my cock at the bar. “You know we’re not going to be able to fuck while we’re, here right?”

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