“My Boyfriend’s Work Secret”

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My boyfriend works as a lab tech at a college. Until last month I’d worked in that lab too, which is how we met, but I’d quit for a more attractive job at a lab in a local company.

That’s not quite accurate. The new job was attractive, but it was more that the lab, and the whole college for that matter, had this weird vibe. Somehow I didn’t fit in. So I’d been looking for another job when Steven started working there. We were dating soon after, and I’d mentioned the weird vibe to him, but he only remarked how friendly everyone was to him.

The lab hadn’t changed its door code for the employees’ entrance, so when I wanted to stop by after work to see Steven I still had access to the building.

One Friday evening I’d just entered the lab building when I saw my boyfriend and his boss crossing the foyer from the lab to a conference room. They were a short distance away but going away from me at an angle. It all seemed normal–until the boss ran his fingers through my boyfriend’s hair.

I should say that Ian, the boss, is a gorgeous man in his 40’s. He’s a natural leader. As a woman I very much approve of his powerful brown body and stern face. There was no sexual spark between us when I worked there, which is appropriate for a workplace. But he has something of the warrior about him.

By contrast, my boyfriend has a gentleness about him. He’s a desirable man to me, though sometimes his oh-so-proper manners make him seem a touch overly civilized. I sometimes want to see him lose control, but that’s only an occasional feeling. He really is a wonderful, caring man.

So it was jarring to see Ian messing my boyfriend’s hair as they walked together. Especially since Ian was a tall man, and my boyfriend is average height. The way they were moving and interacting was unmistakably sexual. They were more than just boss and employee.

Before they entered the conference room, I saw Ian plant a big kiss on Steven’s forehead, squeeze his ass in the most possessive way, and almost shove him into the room. Steven was half-smiling and not at all resisting.

I was stunned. I had to find out more.

My thoughts swirled as I followed them. He’s cheating on me! How could my boyfriend do this to me? And with a man at that! I had no idea. And at work–how could he risk his job with his boss? It’s not like we’ve been dating a long time but it was still shocking because he seemed like a one-woman man.

Then something else clicked in my mind, about how Steven was dressed. He always dressed conservatively–not only the lab coat for work but even on casual days. When we went to the beach he wore baggy swim trunks and an oversized t-shirt. But as they’d crossed the foyer his legs had been bare under the lab coat. Like he wasn’t wearing any pants! Or were my eyes and memory playing tricks on me? And now he was in the conference room with Ian… doing what exactly?

It was Friday evening and this area of the lab was for employees only. So no one else was there. The conference room was mostly private, but there were small openings from glass windows where someone could peek inside.

I walked softly and slowly toward the windows, hoping this was all a strange misunderstanding. Maybe they were just playing some costume game. When I spied on them through the small glass, my worst fear came true. I saw Ian’s partly naked powerful body from behind as he was taking his clothes off.

My boyfriend wasn’t in sight for a moment, until he stepped before the boss–completely nude.

Confession: This was the first time I had ever seen my boyfriend entirely naked before. I know it sounds weird, but we always have sex under the covers or with the lights off.

Another confession: physically, the thing that attracted me most to Steven was his butt. It looked amazing even in professional pants and even more so on the rare occasions he wore jeans. He had what they call a “bubble” butt, with full, firm, very rounded cheeks. I loved looking at them and, when we were in bed, grabbing them with my hands. I suppose you’d say I’m an ass woman, as that’s the sexual feature I like most on a man.

But Steven’s body was overall gorgeous, standing there completely nude and exposed to the bright lights of the conference room. His body was mouth-watering–good arms and flat stomach flowing down to firm slender legs. And of course that the firm rounded swell of his ass making it all perfect. After a few moments I looked over to see his boss eye-ing him up and down.

If that wasn’t shocking enough, Ian turned and I saw that he was hugely endowed. His thing must have easily been about 8 inches and thick.

As if on cue, my boyfriend turned and laid his stomach and chest on the conference table. He spread his legs wide, with his bare feet pressed on the floor, and with his own hands reached back and pulled görükle escort bayan apart the cheeks of his bubble butt. Ian smacked his butt a couple of times, admiring the way the cheeks jiggled firmly, and then leaned over him and said a few words into my boyfriend’s ear before guiding the tip of his cock to Steven’s ass.

It took a few seconds for Ian to get the tip inside before he could begin to penetrate my boyfriend. I could see Steven gasping at each thrust. Ian gripped his waist and then really went to work.

The contrast was aesthetic, with Ian’s strong body and brown skin, compared to boyfriend’s slender and pale physique. The look on their faces also contrasted, with Ian grinning in erotic pleasure, and Steven’s face grimacing. At least, he was grimacing for the first minute or so of penetration, until his face softened into a kind of lustfulness as he received the thrusts from the larger man behind him.

I was amazed at how far that cock could be rammed so far deep inside my boyfriend’s slender body. At first I could see my boyfriend clenching his jaw from the pain and squeezing his eyes shut, causing all the lines on his face make him look older than he was. Then as the pain turned to pleasure it was like the years melted away and he was in youthful heaven.

I could barely watch. Yet at the same time I found myself becoming aroused as well. The taboo was amazing–seeing Steven in an intense sexual setting with another man.

When it was done, Ian pulled out, with his cock shiny from my boyfriend’s ass. The boss used a tissue to wipe himself and handed a few extra tissues for my boyfriend to wipe himself.

When Steven finally came to his senses, he stood up and used the tissue to wipe his behind.

I snuck away. If I’d been caught spying, things would have been even worse. I wasn’t ready for any sort of confrontation.

* *

After spending the weekend obsessed over my boyfriend’s new-to-me sexual side, I knew I had to do something. I couldn’t ask Steven about it either. I wasn’t ready for that. I couldn’t let this, whatever this was, destroy our relationship. The best thing I could think of was to ask my boyfriend’s boss directly.

Ian let me enter his office as soon as I knocked on the door. “Hey there,” he said in a friendly manner. “How are you?”

“Fine. Well, mostly fine.”

“Oh? Is something on your mind? Issues with the new job?”

“I’ll get straight to the point,” I said nervously. “It’s about… my boyfriend.”

Ian suddenly looked concerned. “Is everything okay? What’s wrong?”

I cleared my throat and took a deep breath. “Nothing’s wrong, well, it’s complicated. What I mean to say is, I saw you and Steven on Friday.”

He looked confused. “Yes, we work closely together. Your boyfriend is very important when it comes to running this lab.”

“I mean… ummm… I saw you two in the conference room. I saw you rubbing his hair, then I saw what you two did inside.”

I fully expected him to at least be ashamed or at least surprised. Instead, he maintained his straight face and composed demeanor.

“Your boyfriend and I have a special arrangement,” he said simply.

His reaction stunned me. Apparently this was all so ordinary to him.

“That’s it?” I asked. “That’s all you have to say?”

“Right. Your boyfriend has a home life at home, where it belongs. And he has a life at work, which is beneath me.” A smile crinkled his eyes as he said that.

I was even more shocked. “I can report you for this.”

“Go ahead. The people who run this college know how things work. Besides, your boyfriend and I have a very special understanding.”

“What do you mean?”

Ian smiled. “You see, I’ve worked closely with your boyfriend long enough now. I’ve figured him out. I know what he is and what he likes. It’s time for you to learn.”

“Learn what, exactly?”

“Your boyfriend is a submissive slut. And that part of him is mine.”

Hearing those words coming from Ian’s smiling face sent a smoldering sensation down my spine. It was intensely erotic to hear, even though I should have hated it.

“I don’t believe it,” I blurted out, though I did believe it.

“Believe whatever you want,” he replied. “You saw it for yourself. Could you hear his moaning and begging for more? Did you see how hard he got?”

I hadn’t actually seen that, since Steven’s body had been pressed onto the table while Ian fucked him. But I found myself transfixed by Ian’s every word. I was no longer angry, but curious and aroused. Hearing him describe Steven as turned on by being used that way sent a small shiver through my body.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked.

“Because I can. I crave it. So does your boyfriend. He loves my dominance, and his submission … well, bursa otele gelen escort it gives me what I want.”

A wave of emotions came over me from hearing this. I still couldn’t believe my boyfriend would do this. Not the Steven I knew. Though a persistent low voice in my head said: Yes, you can believe it.

“How long has this been going on?” I asked

“Since his first day on the job. I recognized what kind of man he is. And he knew what he felt in response to me. It’s been escalating slowly and steadily.”


He grinned. “Why didn’t you stop it on Friday when you had the chance?” He gave me a knowing look. “You enjoyed watching it, didn’t you? You actually liked seeing me fuck your naked boyfriend. I bet you touched yourself when you got home. Or maybe while you were watching?”

I didn’t know how to reply because part of it was true and I couldn’t deny it.

Ian continued, “So tell me, what exactly made you watch? Was it that you liked seeing how I owned your man? Or have you always had a sense for your boyfriend’s … specialness?”

“Both I guess,” I reluctantly admitted. Maybe that explained part of what made Steven unique to me.

“I appreciate your honesty,” he said. “Frankly, talking with you like this is making me hard right now. I’ve always had a soft spot for the boyfriend/girlfriend thing.”

He thought for a moment and added: “You know, having you watch us again would be a bonus, especially if this time I knew you were there.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

Ian smiled. “I’ll tell you what: You’re probably conflicted–part of you wants me to end things with your boyfriend so you can have him all to yourself. Though that is impossible, given his needs.

“But let’s try an experiment: You watch me play with him again. I bet you’ll like it. And if you don’t, maybe I’ll end things sooner with your boyfriend. Maybe.”

“What?” I gulped. “How would that work?”

“I run this lab. I’ll set something up so you can watch me owning your boyfriend. He’ll never know. It’ll be our secret. How about it? I’m getting hard just thinking about it.”

Making a deal with my boyfriend’s boss was wrong–no doubt about it. But at the same time, the wetness between my legs told me I couldn’t resist either.

Especially from all the emotions I felt over the weekend. So I agreed to his perverted proposal, which we sealed with a handshake.

* *

Early the next morning, Ian took me to a part of the laboratory building I’d never been to before. It was, surprisingly, a bedroom. He said he sometimes used it to sleep when he worked extra late, but mainly it was for him and a few special friends at the college to use for their extra-curricular activities.

That also explained the weird vibe I’d felt when I worked there. I’d heard enough innuendo and rumors about strange sexual things going on at the college. Apparently the place had enough perverts that they had a special room for their activities. And other rooms too, for all I knew.

Being alone with Ian in the secret bedroom felt like a betrayal. Soon I’d be watching Steven submit to whatever Ian had in mind for him. I rationalized allowing it on the basis that it would be best for our relationship. The sooner this strange affair (or whatever it was) ended, the better it would be for all of us.

At around 8:30 am, Ian received a text from my boyfriend, stating that he’d be there soon. My heart was pounding.

“Stay in here,” Ian said, opening up a wooden closet.

“It’s a closet.”

“It’s a special closet. Designed for observers. All sorts of people have been in this room before you: voyeurs, swingers, cuckolds. The closet has a secret peephole, so it’s made for spying. The participants usually know, but in your boyfriend’s case, he won’t.”

I poked my head into the closet, noting the location of the peephole.

He paused a moment, and then said: “Be sure you’re ready for this. You will see him for what he really is. He won’t be acting for an audience, since he won’t know he has an audience. He will respond and act completely freely as he truly desires and needs.”

“What are you going to do with him?”

“You’ll have to wait and see.”

I gulped. “Do you do this with a lot of men?”

“Over the years, yes.”

I wanted to know how many men, but not really. Part of me wanted my Steven to be special for him, and not just one of many men. More weirdness.

“Step inside,” he said, gesturing. “Enjoy it while you have the opportunity.”

I entered the closet and Ian closed the door behind me. As he’d said, there was a small peephole which gave me a view of the bed. I waited there for a few silent minutes, until finally my boyfriend arrived.

The sound of my boyfriend’s voice made things bursa escort bayan become real. Steven’s voice now had a different, softer intonation when he said `Good morning’ to his dominant boss. That sound alone was a turn-on.

I looked through the peephole to see Steven entering my field of vision, as Ian replied in a more intimidating tone, “Are you sure it’ll be a good morning?” As if Steven shouldn’t take anything for granted.

I saw that Steven was wearing his white lab coat, except that it seemed like a smaller size than usual, shorter and tighter, and his legs were bare below its hemline.

“Do you know why I chose this room this time?” Ian asked my boyfriend.

I saw Steven swallow before he said, “So we can be loud when you fuck me?” That was the very first time I had ever heard my boyfriend using a curse word. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“That’s one possibility,” his boss said. “What else?”

Another pause, and Steven swallowed again. “Because you want to see my face when I suck you–instead of me being hidden under your office desk?”

I had never heard him talk so explicitly about sexual things. Clearly they both liked the verbal interplay.

Ian changed direction. “What do you have underneath that lab coat, Steven?”

“Nothing,” my boyfriend said. “I came naked underneath like you told me too.” I could see that the front of his lab coat was tenting out. He was clearly aroused at his state and the game they were playing–if indeed it was a game and not a desperate need to do whatever this powerful man wanted.

“Good,” Ian said, “though I did tell you to come with something underneath, didn’t I?”

“Yes,” Steven said hesitantly.

“Show me,” Ian ordered.

Only a brief moment of pause, and then Steven began to unbutton the lab coat. As he undid the bottom button, Ian said, “The back thing first.”

Steven turned around and lifted the lab coat until it was entirely clear of his hips and bunched around his waist. His luscious ass came into my view–and I could see markings on his rounded buttocks. On his left cheek was a crudely drawn cartoon of a large phallus, while on the right cheek, in uneven lettering, were the words “Fuck me.”

Somehow he must have drawn those on himself in black marker, probably while looking in a mirror. He stood there as Ian approached more closely to inspect his handiwork. I saw his hand go out to caress my boyfriend’s full cheeks, one at a time.

I couldn’t believe that my boyfriend would want those marking on his body, but at the same time it was so hot to see it. My hand crept down between my legs.

Ian took a couple of steps back and said, “Turn around, and now show me the front thing.”

My boyfriend did as he was told, and as he turned his erect penis came into view. There was zero doubt that he wanted to be doing exactly these things as instructed by his boss.

He shrugged the unbuttoned lab coat off his shoulders and let it slip to the floor, revealing the rest of his naked body for Ian’s inspection–and mine, unknown to him.

My eyes almost bugged out, and I stifled a gasp at what I saw drawn on his torso. In large red letters he’d written two words: “Cock” and immediately below it “Sucker.” When I looked closer, I could see he’d also drawn a red arrow above the word “Cock” pointing up towards his face.

I knew that Ian had ordered this body writing for me, to know how far my man would go in his submission.

“Did you like writing those words on yourself, Steven?”

“Yes,” my boyfriend replied, looking like he was trying not to show embarrassment.

“Did you do that to yourself at home, or in the bathroom here in the lab building when you came to work?”

“At home,” Steven said.

I had slept over at Steven’s apartment last night. When had he done that to himself?

“Weren’t you worried your girlfriend would catch you doing that to yourself?”

Steven thought about that. “She doesn’t know about … this. But she left early today so there was no risk.”

“That’s smart,” Ian said, turning in my direction as he spoke. I’m sure for a moment he glanced directly at the closet where he knew I was hidden.

“So,” he continued, “She doesn’t know that you are a man who also likes to be with men.”

“No,” Steven said. “She doesn’t know that.”

“And not only with men, but with men like me.”

A soft “Yes” from my boyfriend.

“And what are you to me?”

Steven said nothing.

“The words you wrote on your body say a lot, but I want to hear from your mouth,” Ian’s hard-edged voice commanded.

“I am your secret … slut.” At that moment a pearl of glistening pre-cum appeared at the tip of my boyfriend’s penis.

“Yes, you are,” Ian said with anticipation, “and now let’s find out just how much of a slut you really are.”

Over the next hour and a half, I lost track of how many orgasms I had as I fingered myself frantically watching the two men do things I had never seen before. It was hard to stifle my gasps and moans–but my boyfriend and his boss were lost in their own perverse world and making enough noise to smother any sounds that came from my hiding place.

* *

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