My Boyfriend’s Girlfriends

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I had a boyfriend who didn’t mind kissing me while my mouth still tasted of his cum. We kissed in that dark alley where I had blown him, and while we kissed his fingers were under my skirt exploring the oh-so-wet folds of my pussy and rubbing against my aching clit.

The people walking past the alley, if they happened to glance our way, would have seen only a couple kissing in the shadows, the girl’s back to them. They wouldn’t have suspected that Ben was working me closer and closer to my climax. It’s unlikely that they heard me begging him not to stop, which I certainly was. I remember clinging to him for support at the end of it.

Afterwards I could feel the cold wetness of my juices all down my inner thighs. I licked Ben’s fingers clean for him, and wondered whether people would be able to see my legs glistening and know just what a horny, dirty slut I was really. And I used to be such a good girl.

“Have I been a good girl, Sir?” I asked Ben.

“No,” he said, grinning. “You’ve been very naughty tonight, Ali, and I’m going to have to punish you.”

“Now, Sir?”

“I think that would be best. Face the street,” he ordered. “Bend over and grab your ankles.”

I did as I was told. If I had been facing the other direction, my pussy would have been clearly visible to all passers by. Given that Ben had been my boyfriend officially for less than ten minutes, this was a delightful way to start the relationship. I wondered how many other fantasies we could indulge before the night was through.

The flat of his hand smacked hard and sharp against my left bum cheek, making me gasp. It made my breasts bounce beneath my dress, and almost made me lose my balance, but I steadied myself, ready for more. His hand smacked down again, this time against my right cheek.

“I think that’s enough for now,” he said. “You can stand up, Ali.”

“Thank you, Sir,” I said, standing and adjusting my dress. The pain of the spanking was turning into a delicious, tingling heat. I kissed Ben to show how happy I was with him. Of course, this semi-public spanking had only increased the flow of juices from my pussy.

One reason we were lingering in that alley, quite apart from the exhibitionist thrill of it, is that we didn’t have a private room to go back to. Ben was living with his parents, and rather too awkwardly for me his father was my academic tutor, and I really couldn’t handle the “Hi, Professor! I’m just here to fuck your son…”

I had a different problem, in that I had a room mate. Fiona and I grew up together and when we went to the same university (studying completely different things) it had just made sense to stay together. We’d made the choice to get a city centre apartment all to ourselves, preferring to share one large bedroom (with two beds) rather than having separate rooms in a house shared with several other random people. But it meant that bringing boyfriends home was complicated.

I phoned home. “Hi, Fi. We’ve made it official. … Yes. Ben. … Thanks. Anyway, I’m desperate for a fuck and I’m bringing him home. You can stay and watch, and even join in if you want, but otherwise you might want to disappear for a couple of hours. … Completely serious. … K. See you maybe.”

Ben was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. “Will she be joining us?”

“She said she’d think about it. Let’s go find sarıyer escort out.”

My flat was only ten minutes away on foot. I was happy having a boyfriend again – and, what’s more, a boyfriend as keen as I to explore the world of sex and kink. The idea of public sex was exciting me more and more. I wondered how many people had glanced into that alley earlier and seen me giving Ben a blow job in the shadows. I wondered just how outrageous I would be willing to be in the future. Were we about to have sex with an audience, Fiona watching from across the room?

Or was this to be my first threesome? I’d never shared a boyfriend with another girl. I’d never been with another girl either. I had thought about it, but had never actually done anything about it. There had been several times over the years where I had almost made a pass at Fiona, only to chicken out at the last moment. She’s not unattractive, and we’d lived together long enough that we weren’t shy to be naked around each other. When I had told Ben that I wanted to make love to another girl, it was Fiona that I had in mind. I don’t think I’m bisexual, although maybe, but I’m certainly very bi-curious.

But sharing my boyfriend with her? My heart was certainly jealous, wanting to keep him all to myself. My head was being more logical: “Hey, Ali, you wanted him to share you with other men, so it’s only fair to share him with other women.” My inner slut was meanwhile imagining Fiona on all fours with her tongue in my pussy, Ben thrusting into her from behind, and that image was doing nothing to cool the furnace between my legs.

Fiona was just letting herself out of the flat as we arrived. “It’s okay,” she said. “I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone.”

I put my hands on her arms. “Go if you really want, but we’d both really like it if you stayed. Please stay, Fi.”

She looked uncertain, so I took advantage of her indecision and just pushed her back through the door into the flat. “Okay,” she said, with a glimmer of a smile.

“Good,” I said, and grinned. I turned to Ben. “Come here and kiss the poor girl. Show her how much you want her.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he said. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her close for a long tender kiss. Fiona’s tension eased gradually and she relaxed into the kiss.

I walked round behind her and started kissing her neck. “Take your clothes off, Fi,” I whispered, then wandered through to the bedroom myself to strip. I studied the beds while I did. Single beds are crap for sex anyway, but completely useless for a threesome. “Hey!” I shouted. “Quit snogging and get your asses in here.”

I heard laughter from the hallway, but they joined me in the bedroom a few seconds later. I explained how I wanted the beds arranged – together, of course, but that meant moving tables as well as beds, and kept us busy for a few minutes, and I hoped we wouldn’t have to move everything back again afterwards. “Great,” I said afterwards, lying down on our new (almost comfortable) bed. “Now get your clothes off pronto, both of you. I need someone to warm me up.”

Ben stripped quickly. He pushed my legs apart and almost dived between them. I sighed with pleasure as his lips finally gave my pussy some attention. His tongue swept across my lips, delved briefly between them before licking gently at sefaköy escort my clit. I pushed back at him, trying to help him.

Fiona slid onto the bed next to me. “What do I do?” she asked.

“Just lie back and think of England,” I said. To the man between my legs I said, “Hey, Ben. Fiona needs some of that.”

Ben grinned up at me, and shifted over. He took his time with Fiona, kissing her thighs, slowly circling in towards her thick nest of blonde pubes. With his nose he teased her lips, and with his mouth he caressed and played. She gasped as his tongue darted into her then stroked up across her clit.

Her nipples were so hard. I took one in my mouth and sucked gently, licking at the tip. I had never suspected there was such pleasure in sucking a woman’s nipple, in the feel of a soft breast against my cheek and lips. I licked around the areola, kissing the bare, beautiful flesh, and returned to nibble gently at the sensitive tip.

There is something so beautiful about a woman moaning and writhing in pleasure beneath your lips. Making love to a woman is very different to making love to a man. I was more determined than ever to get Fiona to myself someday very soon.

Shifting onto my knees, I leaned across to suckle her other breast, so cruelly neglected so far. I felt I could do this forever. When I sensed her end was close, I used a hand to pinch and rub her nipples and bent instead to kiss her lips. She hesitated for a moment, then returned the kiss, breathing heavily through her nose as our lips locked and our tongues twined. And while we kissed, I felt her body convulsing through a long orgasm, until she was done and pushing us away.

“Was that good?” I asked.

She laughed. “Oh, yes! Can we do this every day?”

I laughed too. “What do you think?” I asked Ben who had moved up the bed to lie alongside Fiona, with me kneeling between them.

“I would like that very much,” he said.

“Then why don’t we make this official? Ben, would you like Fi to be your second girlfriend?”

“I would.”

“And Fi, how would you like to make this happy couple a happy trio?”

“This is so weird,” she said, “but I think I’d like to try.”

“I should warn you that Ben has agreed to set me up with some men to indulge my fantasies, but otherwise I will promise to be faithful to you both.”

She grinned. “What happened to you, Ali? You used to be so… normal, I guess.”

“Carpe diem,” I said. “Seize the day.” I kissed my new girlfriend tenderly, then kissed my boyfriend, then shuffled backwards until I straddled his legs and was positioned perfectly to take his semi-erect length once more into my mouth. Less than an hour had passed since I was giving him a blow job in a dark alley.

As soon as he was fully hard, I grabbed a condom from the bedside table and rolled it along his length with my lips. Ben and Fiona were kissing while I readied him, but I certainly got his attention by lowering myself slowly onto him, penetrating myself with his cock. This was the first time I had had him in me, and I loved it. He thrust upward, pushing deeper into me, and I was so wet it didn’t hurt at all.

Fiona watched quietly as I rode him and he fucked me. He grabbed my hips and drove into me faster, harder, deeper, until I could feel him bumping şerifali escort against my cervix. I grabbed my breasts and squeezed, pinched my nipples hard. Not for the first time, I wished it was possible for me to come without touching myself, but I need direct clitoral stimulation.

Reluctantly I climbed off him. “Come on,” I said to Fiona, holding my hand out to her. “Your turn.”

I didn’t need to ask twice. She moved into position quickly, as if worried I’d change my mind, and I helped position his cock so that she could push down onto it easily. “Oh, fuck,” she said, her expression blissful. “It’s so fucking big. So fucking beautiful.”

Ben fucked her with slow, shallow strokes for a while, letting her get used to him, while she rocked forwards and backwards taking more and more of him in her. Her breasts rocked with her, hanging down over his chest, and he grabbed them and squeezed them, lifting his mouth to suck at her hard nipples while continuing to thrust into her. I moved behind Fiona to watch his thick cock plunging deeper and deeper into her wet pussy.

But I needed my satisfaction too, so once they had built up a steady rhythm, I circled round them until I could straddle Ben’s head and push my pussy against his mouth. His tongue leapt to work, licking furiously at my clit, delving between my lips to lap at my juices. I curled my fingers through Fiona’s blonde curls and brought her mouth to my breasts, making her suck first one nipple, then the other.

She started panting, as if in pain, as Ben started slamming into her even harder. I grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples hard, making her gasp with real pain, but she didn’t complain. Her chest had that rosy glow that precedes orgasm. Ben moaned suddenly into my pussy, and Fiona cried out as her climax hit her. Ben’s erratic movements told me he too had come, my new boyfriend buried to the hilt in my new girlfriend’s pussy. He kept licking at me furiously, however, and a few seconds later I was coming in his mouth, covering his face with my juices, clinging to Fiona for support.

After that we raided the kitchen for drinks and snacks, and took turns in the shower. We relaxed in bed, Ben with a contented girlfriend on either side, watching TV, and fell asleep like that. (Which says a lot about the quality of British telly on Friday nights.)

On Saturday morning Ben had to leave early, but not before we fulfilled one of his porn-film fantasies. We knelt together at his feet, taking turns licking and sucking his cock, until he came all over our faces. I took great pleasure in cleaning the cum off Fiona, and vice versa.

However, after we kissed Ben goodbye, Fiona turned abruptly and went into the kitchen. She stood at the sink, looking out of the window, her back to me, radiating tension.

I put my hands on the surface either side of her. “You’re my best friend, Fi, and I love sharing my boyfriend with you,” I said quietly. “But there’s a part of me that’s insanely jealous, that thinks it’s stupid of me to let you anywhere near him, that the two of you will fall in love and abandon me.” I kissed her neck softly. “On the other hand… I love making love to you. But I’m not in love with you the way I’m in love with him. With Ben I want to hold him and never let go. With you… I don’t know. It’s fun, but you and I could never work as a couple.”

She laughed suddenly, and relaxed into my arms. “That’s exactly how I feel.” She turned to face me, and kissed me tentatively. “This feels so unnatural to me, but at the same time I’m really excited by it. Whatever happens, Ali, please let’s promise always to be friends.”

I smiled and kissed her back. “I promise.”

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