My Boss Saves My Life and I Suck

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*Based on a true story, details have been changed for privacy*

I used to work in this factory for glass, and my job was to tie down the sheets of glass to the inside of trucks. It was a hard work, but it chiseled my physique and my arms grew considerable in size over my first summer. My supervisor Carey was the really built British hunk. He was an ex soccer player and biked to work every morning. His arms were the size of my head he always smiled when he passed my work station, causing my cock to stir. You could say I was developing a crush.

One day, while I was at my station, a bad employee forgot to fasten down some glass above me and over 100lbs of material came crashing down for me, I looked up for a moment expecting to get crushed when Careys arms wrapped around me and pulled me close. The sound of glass shattering and metal clanging faded away as I looked up at my savior, who was panting with fear and looking around. His blue eyes met mine and I watched his lips form the words:

“Are you okay, Alex?”

I nodded slowly. A bunch of people rushed over and Carey pulled me away from the scene and into his office. I sat down in the chair opposite of his desk and held myself as I shook. I was in total shock and Carey noticed. He placed a firm hand on my shoulder and I looked up at him. “Thank you for saving Pendik Escort me, man,” He laughed and squeezed my shoulder. My heart flipped and I ached a little for him. He looked me up and down. “Are you hurt? Do you need any bandages or antibiotic cream?”

He didn’t let me respond before he started rummaging in the cupboards above me for medical supplies. His groin was staring me in the face and I could smell his shower gel through his jeans. My mind wandered to properly thanking him, and fulfilling my fantasy of blowing him in his office. My fingers shook as I gingerly reached up to his waist and started undoing his belt.

“Yeah, I think I do need something, keep looking.” I muttered as his belt jingled. I unlatched it slowly and I took his silence as an invitation to continue.

“It’s somewhere here…” He cooed playfully, his accent seducing me the lower his voice got.

I gripped the hips of his jeans and boxers and tugged gently. With not much effort, his pants were down around mid thigh and his thick member was staring me in the face. He was already growing slowly the more turned on he got. My cold fingers met warmth as I wrapped my hand around it. I could hear him moan from above me and with a small jerk I lowered my head onto my bosses cock.

I pulled my safety glasses Tuzla Escort off and flung them to the floor as I took more of his cock into my mouth. My tongue flickered along the bottom of his shaft, causing it to jump a little in my mouth and I giggled.

“This is working so well, Carey, thank you…” I muttered, staring at his dick now fully erect, as I pumped it with my ungloved hand. He remained silent as I spit loudly on the head and then immediately rolled my tongue around it like I was polishing off a lollypop. His hand gripped the back of my head and his long, thick fingers tightened in my hair. “Fuck…” He muttered before pushing me closer, deep throating his cock.

I slowly lowered myself to the ground at this point, his search now completely over, and pulled my work jacket off as I slowly stripped. Carey pulled at the blinds of his office window giving us some more privacy. My shirt followed quickly after my jacket and in a matter of what felt like 15 minutes I was suddenly my bosses bitch.

Carey pulled his shirt over his head to reveal a chiseled chest and hardened abs. I moaned slowly on his cock as my fingers snaked their way up to explore the curves of his abdomen. Our eyes met and a quickened my pace, completely allowing all spit in my mouth to go towards lubricating Anadolu Yakası Escort this giant monster of a member.

“You saved my life, I just wanted to.. ung ung ung… properly thank you,” My hand slid around his cock with so much ease due to how much spit was present. He sighed with pleasure and laughed, “All is forgiven but I might need to check on you everyday for awhile to make sure you’re okay…” Strings of saliva connected to my hand as I pulled away from it and I swear someone should have heard the sounds of me gagging because I wasn’t hiding it. My wet fingers wrapped around his throbbing testicles and I fondled them with ease.

“Of course! Whatever you need,” I said in a playful voice, returning to gripping his cock. “But I’m gonna need that cum in return, sir…”

Carey took his cock in his hands and jerked it with my spit as lube. Smiling his started smacking me with it, drenching my face and covering me with the sweet scent of his balls and a hot blowjob. I leaned forward and met his jerking with my mouth and before I could react, thick hot ropes of cum were shooting past my lips and down my throat. It stuck to the top of my mouth and dripped onto my tongue and spilled out over my lips.

Carey quivered and moaned loudly as I sucked and swallowed whatever he had to offer. His cum was a little salty but mostly sweet and I savored every drip as it left the slick shaft of his penis and dropped onto my thirsty tongue. I sucked eagerly at my fingers after he pulled away and looked up at him, covered in spit and cum just moments after saving my life.

“So same time tomorrow?” I asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32