My Black Beauty

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A few months ago my boss invited me to spend a weekend at his ranch along with the rest of the IT department. His ranch covered almost ten acres and what beauty it was too. I felt so relaxed and even had a room all to myself. In total there were nine of us invited to the ranch and my stay was very refreshing. I got the opportunity to relive some of my childhood memories of working on an animal farm and I loved every moment. All too soon our time at the ranch was over and on the Sunday afternoon I returned home and all was back to normal. About six weeks later my boss gave me an offer I could not refuse as he wanted me to stay at his ranch for a long weekend while he was out on a major business trip to France and after careful consideration I agreed to do it.

Friday arrived and was allowed to leave work at mid day and was driven up to his ranch in his very own limo. I must mention that Mr. Solomon is a very classy man and this house is well equipped to make sure anyone would have a ball of a time. I was also told that I could not bring anyone with me which I thought sucked but as it happens there was no need to bring company with me. At around 10pm after I had had a look around the place I retired to bed and woke up early morning at 5am with the sun streaming in the window to the smell of freshly made coffee. I had thought I was the only one on the ranch apart from the foreman who took care of the animals.

To my amazement when I poked my head around the corner of the door and into the kitchen there was a gorgeous 19 year old African/American woman cooking up bacon and eggs. When she saw me standing there with my mouth wide open and my tongue hanging out at her beauty she just told me to sit at the table as breakfast would be about 2 minutes. She wore a crop top and cut off jeans which even showed the bottom of her butt cheeks. Her name was Lucy and she told me she also worked on the ranch tending the horses.

As I said she was drop dead gorgeous and had long black hair half way down her back which was held in a very long ponytail. Once breakfast bahçeşehir escort was on the table she joined me and me about herself, well at least I thought she told me all about herself but there was one thing she didn’t tell me and that I would find out later on. We got on really well and I spent most of the weekend getting to know her while she tended to the horses. All too soon and the weekend was almost over and it had been an amazing weekend thanks to Lucy being there. Later on that evening I showered, cooked and had dinner by myself as Lucy was nowhere to be found. I took one of Mr. Solomon bottle of Whiskey and went outside next to some almond trees with a large table and chairs.

I had drunk enough of the whiskey to get a buzz on, the warm air of the day was beginning to cool now almost so I went back inside and realised that I had the start of a raging hard on and had the urge to masturbate so I went online to look at some porn and jerk my cock off. It was about then that I heard a noise coming from the kitchen and I got up and went to see who it was that was there.

As I got to the kitchen door I could hear the clinking of what sounded like milk bottle and when I peered around and looked in I was greeted by the most erotic scene in front of me. It was Lucy and it looked like she lived on the ranch as well as she was stood there in an almost sheer nightie which was totally see threw with the light behind her coming from the fridge. I was rooted to the spot staring at her as she stood there drinking milk from the bottle. She soon spied me at the kitchen door looking at her and she didn’t even shut the fridge door but had to know I could see right through her nightie.

“Sorry did I wake you?” She asked still standing there letting me see everything through her nightie.

“No I was still awake” Was all I could stammer out while my cock was throbbing inside my shorts and trying to burst out and have its wicked way with Lucy.

Lucy the put the bottle back bakırköy escort in the fridge and shut the door and walked right up to me with a very naughty smile on her face while staring directly at my crotch. As she got to within about a foot away from me she reached out her hand and places it right on my throbbing cock.

“Well someone is pleased to see me!” She said.

Lucy had told me over the weekend that she was a virgin as she had not gone all the way with anyone so now I knew I if things were going the way I thought that I could be her first. There I stood watching her as she dropped my shorts and pants to my ankles with my cock now dripping with pre cum. I had been jerking off to this black beauty only a few minutes ago and now here she was with my cock out and in her small had as she stroked it up and down my hard shaft. I kind of lost my balance and fell against the table to which she looked up and stood up and lead me by my cock to my room.

With my pants at my ankles I shuffled inside and she shut the door behind me. Lucy licked her full lips and stared at my eight inch hard on as it throbbed before her. Before I knew it her hand was back on my hard on and she was jerking it up and down ever so slowly as she let saliva drip from her mouth to act as a lubricant as she jerked my cock up and down a little faster now. I was so focused as to what Lucy was doing to me that I just wanted to cum all over her. Lucy seemed like she had some experience with a cock and she must have sensed that I wasn’t going to last much longer and let go of my dick.

I reached out and rubbed my hands over her lovely big boobs and it wasn’t long before she dropped the nightie to pool at her feet. After about five minutes of rubbing and playing with her boobs she moved away from my touch then pushed me down onto the floor then got down on all fours in front of me spreading her legs a little to show off her hot wet pussy. I got up on my knees and positioned myself behind her and placed my cock başakşehir escort head at the entrance of her pussy where I could feel her heat on the head of my cock.

I pushed my cock in to her hot wet juicy pussy and thrust home my whole eight inches to the hilt inside her and just stopped moving so she could get used to my cock being in her. My cock fitted her pussy well and I made love to Lucy with a passion I have never felt before. With every stroke and minute it got more intense until I finally felt my cock beginning to swell up inside her pussy as my cum wanted to shoot from my balls and fill her pussy. I started to fuck her harder and faster and Lucy took me with ease. I knew she loved my hot cock in her pussy because her pussy kept juicing all over my cock.

After fucking her for about five minutes I finally shot my spunk deep inside her pussy as she shook with her own orgasm as I humped my cock in her and held fast to keep my cum inside her. Once Lucy came down from her afterglow she got up and headed for her own bedroom. I lay there on the floor too tired to move and finally feel asleep where I lay.

The next morning I was woken up with the smell of coffee in the air. I moved the cover that Lucy must have put over me during the night got up and took a shower before getting dressed again and then having a cup of coffee with Lucy at the kitchen table where I thought about having her again right there and then. We talked a little and then I told her it was time I was on my way as Mr Solomon was due back this morning. It was then that Lucy told me that her surname was also Solomon and that she was indeed his only daughter.

Needless to say once I was back at home I wondered if she would say anything to her father about what happened between us at the ranch. After about ten months I got a letter which I knew from the post mark was from the town next to the Solomon ranch. When I opened it there was an invitation to visit the Solomon ranch that Friday which I did attend being curious as to why I had been invited in the first place. I was met at the front door by the butler and shown to the study where I met Lucy’s father who offered me a drink and asked me to sit down as he had some news for me.

It was then that Lucy walked in carrying a bundle in her arms as she came over to me and placed the bundle in my lap.

“This is your son Benjamin!” She said with a beaming smile on her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32