My Bitch is Black Ch. 02

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The name is Lorelei Isobel Azure. The hard-living heroine of this tawdry little tale. I stand six feet eleven inches tall and weigh exactly three hundred and forty pounds. Yeah, I’m huge. Big all over. I’ve got big breasts, a thick body, wide hips and a big, plump ass. We’re talking about a sixty-inch booty here. My skin is bone-white, my eyes are green and I have long hair that I keep braided. The Alabaster Giantess of Boston, that’s me. I’m proud of every inch of my body. I am a fat chick and I am proud. That should tell you all you need to know. Oh, and I’m a lesbian too. What is my occupation? I’m a Sergeant with the Boston Police Department. I got on the job roughly about ten years ago, after graduating from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. I am forty two years old and my astrological sign is that of Aquarius.

What is my passion? Wild women. I love seducing wild chicks. Especially those extremely wild black chicks. They’re my absolute favorites. My favorite kind of black chick is the often arrogant, loudmouth and sexually aggressive chicks from the hood. You’ve seen the type before. I like them big-booty ghetto bitches. I like my females to be thick-bodied, wide-hipped and big-bottomed. They can be straight, lesbian or bisexual. I don’t care. They can be married, engaged, divorced or single. I don’t give a crap about their relationship status. I just want passionate but casual sex from them. Yes, lesbians like casual sex too. Those black females from the hood absolutely rock my world. I tried one once a long time ago and have been hooked ever since. Since then, I am always on the prowl for them. My favorite hunting grounds are the mean streets of Dorchester in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s where I meet the feistiest of all black females. What can I say? Black pussy is addictive. Lots of men and women are into them. And I am no exception. Lesbians can be sexually addicted too. Another little fact that very few people know.

Right şişli escort now, I’m lying in bed with a chubby black slut named Wanda. We’re in a cheap motel in the Dorchester Area of Boston. She’s a prostitute working the Blue Hills Area in the city. My thick legs are spread and Lorelei is going down on me. I chose her on that street corner because she fits the profile of what I’m looking for. Wanda is five feet eight inches tall. She’s got a thick body, wide hips and a huge, plump ass. Also, her skin is jet-black. I really like dark-skinned females. The darker and the plumper, the better. That’s what I say. Wanda isn’t exactly pretty in the face. But she has big lips that seemed to be made for oral sex. I could tell that she swung both ways because she checked out both men and women as they walked. Yes, the chubby black female prostitute was bisexual. More fun for me. The black chick is really good at eating pussy. I grab her by the scruff of her neck and urge her on. She licks my pussy and slides her fingers inside. I like it. She doesn’t seem to be as into it as I am. So, I smack her. Wanda gasps in shock. I grin wickedly. I am paying this slut some good money to get my rocks off. No slacking off allowed. I tell Wanda that if she doesn’t lick my pussy the right way, she can kiss the hundred dollar bill goodbye. I flash it in front of her eyes. Wanda’s eyes are filled with greed. She resumes licking my pussy.

I love fucking black women. Why? I don’t know. They’re so wild. So passionate. So arrogant and vivacious. So full of themselves. It’s almost as if they’re begging me to come and take the pussy. I’ve slept with women from all over the world. I hooked up with a six-foot-tall Swedish supermodel on an American Airlines Flight from New York to Chicago in the late 1990s. I also seduced a four-foot-tall Latina Gangster while living in the city of Los Angeles. I did the bump and grind with a female Border Patrol Agent in a van on the highway leading to Mexico. I practiced mecidiyeköy escort S & M games and the fine art of lesbian domination with a buxom Cheerleader from Harvard. I seduced a Haitian-American female Minister in the basement of a Seventh Day Adventist Church in the city of Brockton. I had sex with a female member of the United States Senate while on a trip to Long Island, in New York. A young Irishwoman went down on me five hours before getting married to a rich oil tycoon in the city of Galway. You name the kind of woman, I’ve had her.

Yeah, I’ve had all types of women. However, the only kind of female who rocks my world is the big-booty black chick from the hood. Wanda worked her magic on my pussy. Yeah, she was alright. She got me nice and wet, and fucked me with those thick fingers of hers. Her big lips really knew how to tease a pussy. Her agile tongue darted in and out of my pussy, teasing my clit and getting me hot. I screamed passionately as the thick black woman worked her magic. This is ghetto lesbian loving. The best kind there is. I grabbed Wanda’s neck and practically buried her face in my pussy. I couldn’t get enough of her. Then, the magic happened. I couldn’t believe it. It started out as a twitch in my pussy. Then, I found myself squealing in delight as something quite unbelievable happened. My pussy squirted hot girly cum all over Wanda’s face. I was oozing with pleasure, literally. Wanda didn’t let up. She continued licking and probing my pussy. She slurped up my girly cum as it poured out of me like a torrent of pleasure. Wanda gathered some of my cum and smeared it all over my face. I tasted myself. Yummy.

I lay there, feeling like putty in Wanda’s hands. The chubby black woman smiled. I grinned, and pulled her to me. I kissed her, then began licking her all over. Like my own personal female lollipop. I suckled on Wanda’s big breasts and fingered her pussy. She was tight down there. Just the way I liked them. I worked my own brand of magic on her. Until she screamed in sheer pleasure. It was Wanda’s turn to be amazed by what I could do. I grinned. Yeah, I still had the magic touch. It seems I got chemistry with this woman, prostitute or not. So why waste it? I pulled out my little bag of tricks, and told Wanda what I wanted her to do. I like to go all out when having fun. Wanda was down with that.

A few minutes later, I got on all fours and spread my plump wide butts cheeks. Wanda knelt behind me, sporting a big strap-on dildo and an even bigger smile. A lot of people are surprised when I tell that I like anal sex. Anal sex is enjoyed by straight men, straight women, bisexual women, bisexual men and gay men. Why can’t lesbians enjoy anal sex? I for one love having my backdoor stuffed. And that’s precisely what Wanda did. She lubed up my ass before sliding the dildo into me. I gasped as the thick dildo slid into my asshole. Wanda placed her hands on my hips and began thrusting the dildo into my booty hole. She cussed me out, calling me a dirty white bitch while fucking me. I screamed quite passionately and begged her for more. Wanda has a hidden sadistic streak, I think. She grabbed my hair and slammed the dildo harder inside of me. I felt her dildo deep inside my ass and I loved it. So much that I pushed back, driving the dildo deeper into my ass. I don’t know why so many women, both straight and gay, seem to shun backdoor sex. Anal sex feels terrific when done right. And Wanda knew how to fuck me right. So much that, moments later, I experienced my first anal orgasm! I screamed loud enough to wake the dead!

Afterwards, Wanda and I parted ways. She was one hundred bucks richer, and I was pleasurably sore all over. Happy as a clown, I went back to my car. I drove out of Dorchester and back to the Back Bay where I lived. I was smiling from ear to ear. Good sex will do that to you. Mind you it wasn’t until I stopped at the Gas Station that I realized my wallet was gone. Instantly, I knew what happened. Wanda must have stolen it. That bitch! She got me good! Oh, well. I laughed to myself as I pulled up to my apartment building. This was going be a funny story to share with the guys and gals at work!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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