My Birthday Celebration

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It was the summer and my birthday. I’d celebrated that afternoon by drinking a few glasses of wine with my girlfriend Melissa, her sister Lisa and their sexy cousin Emily

Melissa told me that she had something special planned for my birthday and asked if I could stay for a while. “Sure, of course,” I’d answered, not knowing just what I’d committed to.

I guess that it was the wine, but I was still giggling when the three of them suddenly lunged at me, pulled my T-shirt over my head and tightly lashed my hands together with a piece of old clothesline rope, fixing them firmly to the bedpost. It was obvious that I wasn’t going anywhere without their permission. As Lisa tossed an empty wine bottle into the garbage she addressed the others. “Great. Let’s get started then.” The three of them quickly shed their clothing.

Lisa ordered the other girls to flip me over and bind my ankles to the bedposts. Lifting my torso off the bed, Lisa stuffed three big pillows under my stomach. Winking at Melissa, she said, “This should be a lot of fun, baby sister. Emily, please go get the toys.”

I was savoring the sight of their naked bodies and was as hard as a rock when Emily returned, toting a soft rubber butt plug and three strap-on dildos. I was stunned. These sexy young women planned to gang bang me, and there wasn’t a damn thing that I could do to stop it!

I pleaded with them. I begged. I wept. They just giggled as Emily passed around the toys.

Lisa scowled. “No, take this one, Melissa. We need to prep him first. Don’t worry, you’ll get your ride. Emily, here, this one’s yours… you go after Melissa’s loosened him up for us. This one’s mine. But the big one’s for Melissa. She gets to finish him off.” Draping her arm across Melissa’s shoulder, Lisa looked her in the eye and said, “Well, baby sister, what do you say we have a little fun?”

Things had spun crazily out of control, and I was beginning to get scared. But the more frightened I became, the more aroused I became. With adrenaline rushing through my brain and with heart pounding a million beats a minute, my senses were super-heightened. Utterly defenseless, I again pleaded with them to let me go.

Emily removed Anadolu Yakası Escort the lace from one of my shoes and knotted it securely around my balls, expertly tying them up like a sack of marbles.

Melissa leaned over the bed to kiss me on the forehead. “It’s your birthday. I promise we’ll be gentle.” She gave a big grin as she flicked on the switch to the vibrating butt plug.

“Best we use some Vaseline, Melissa,” said Lisa. “We don’t want to hurt him.” Lisa slapped a generous portion on the butt plug, then spread a liberal dollop across my back door. “OK, sweetie. It’s show time!”

Melissa sidled up to me from behind. I wanted to be sure of her, but I wasn’t. I pleaded with her to stop.

“No, sweetheart, no. You can fight us, but we’re still going to fuck you. Just relax, and you’ll enjoy it. Trust me, it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Lisa added, “She’s right, boyfriend. If you fight, it’s only going to hurt.” Turning to baby sister, she said, “He’s all yours, Melissa. Have fun. I’ll be right back.”

I was all hers, and completely helpless.

Melissa cautiously stuffed my ass full of the vibrating butt plug. At first it hurt but the pain soon eased. She was building up a steady rhythm when Lisa appeared in the doorway quickly loading her Polaroid Swinger camera with a pack of film. “Souvenir time!” giggled Lisa. “Smile, everybody!”

She shot two pictures of Melissa alongside me, the rubber sex toy securely buried in its intended spot. Melissa’s face is hidden behind her silky blonde hair, but she has a big grin. I have a painful grimace on mine. Remarkable.

Melissa removed the rubber toy. It hadn’t been as painful as I’d feared. Lisa looked toward Emily and said, “OK, ladies, let’s SADDLE UP!”

“Me! Me! Me! I’m next!” cried Emily, excitedly. I hardened up, ramrod-straight when I saw her tall, slender, beautiful naked body, but I got terrified when I spied what she was about to ram inside of me. The dildo she had strapped around her was at least an inch longer and was thicker around than the rubber butt plug that Melissa had just used, but somehow, I trusted her. But when Emily climbed on board and entered me, Kartal Escort I yelped, and she quickly backed out.

Lisa applied more lubricant to my male pussy as she called it, and some more to the dildo, and gave Emily the thumbs up to mount me again. I was helpless, and she began to fuck me. Melissa captured the moment for all posterity with the Polaroid camera. This time, there was no grimace, but the trace of a smile on my lips. I was starting to enjoy it.

Lisa touched Emily on the shoulder. “Cutting in,” she chuckled. Turning to me she asked, “Ma’am, can I have this dance?” The dildo she’d strapped between her legs was even bigger than the one Emily had fucked me with. She greased it up thoroughly, then expertly lubed my ass. Apparently, she’d had practice doing this on someone else. Shortly we were engaged in the most intimate of tangos, but eventually she tired of the dance, and dismounted. The photo shows her astride me with a victorious grin on her face.

“OK ladies, step aside. It’s my turn!” piped Melissa.

“Here, Melissa, let me adjust that for you,” said Emily. Emily hitched Melissa’s straps into position, and then stepped away. God, that dildo was big! Panicking, I felt my ass-hole tighten. Melissa’s strap-on toy was the longest and thickest of the three, and when she climbed into the saddle I thought I was going to die. I almost blacked out.

I screamed in pain. Lisa ordered Emily to cover my mouth and Melissa hurriedly climbed off. “Look, love,” she told me. “I told you to relax and enjoy it, but you decided to fight us.”

Standing over the heap of clothes on the floor, older sister Lisa spied my pants. “Hey baby sister, hand me his belt,” she ordered Melissa. Turning to me, she hissed, “You’re going to get a spanking for making all that noise. This is going to hurt!”

On Lisa’s instructions Melissa shoved Emily’s bra into my mouth and tied it behind my head to gag me. Emily then violently whipped me half a dozen times with my belt. My ass was on fire and the pain was excruciating as

Melissa mounted me again. I tried to scream, but they’d effectively silenced me.

One of the knots binding my wrists to the headboard finally Maltepe Escort loosened a little, and I struggled to escape. I managed to get on all fours and I bucked like a bronco. Melissa rode me like a championship rodeo rider.

“Ride ’em, cowgirl!” shouted Lisa.

“WEEE-HAHHH!” yelled Melissa.

I know it must have hurt like hell, but I was feeling incredibly stimulated; the more I bucked, the more pleasure I felt. I finally quit bucking when I ran out of energy. Melissa slowed down her pace, but it felt too good to quit.

“No, don’t stop!” I begged. Melissa pumped way furiously. With the bootlace wrapped around my balls, the pressure had built to the danger point. My brain went white hot as my body released the greatest explosion of sexual energy that I’d ever experience in my lifetime. I twitched and jerked for almost a full minute before losing consciousness. When I came to, I was lying in a sizable puddle.

Three very nervous looking naked young ladies were crowded around me. “Are you OK?” Melissa asked me worriedly.

“Yes. When can we do this again?”

All three of them replied at once, “Whenever you want to!”

And Lisa added, “And whenever we want to also, since you are now our male-bitch.”

Emily and Lisa padded off together for a quick shower before retiring to Lisa’s bedroom. They closed the door and climbed into Lisa’s big feather bed. Giggling quickly ensued.

Melissa pulled the old blanket from her bed and put it in the corner. It was so stained and soiled that it would have to be thrown in the garbage.

Painfully, I waddled down to the bathroom where Melissa put me in the tub, drew warm water and tenderly bathed me. From the other side of Lisa’s bedroom door, we heard bedsprings squeaking and joyful female voices. Apparently, Lisa and Emily had something to celebrate.

Melissa and I returned to her bed, to do some celebrating of our own. When Melissa pushed me out of bed to go home that evening, I was spent and exhausted.

Lisa and Emily were sitting at the kitchen table sharing a cold bottle of beer.

“How are you doing?” asked Lisa.

I replied. “It was an incredible experience. But I need you to give me a ride home. There’s no way in hell that I can get home by myself tonight.”

They both just looked at me and giggled. When they dropped me off I gave them each a kiss on the cheek and wished them goodnight, and they asked, “Care to set a date for the next time?”

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