My Big Surprise

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I was at a wedding with my girlfriend last weekend when something happened that amazed and delighted me. We were partying in the hotel for several hours and drink was flowing freely. The atmosphere was great and everyone was in great form, really enjoying themselves. My girlfriend was looking really hot in a black silk skirt and a tight black top.

Let me take a minute to describe her to you (I am getting hard even thinking about this again!) She is tall – about 5’8, she has long brown hair and deep blue eyes. She works out most weeks, and has a really fit body, 34 c tits, and a great ass. She is also great in bed, and is often keen to try new things, although she can be quite prudish too at times.

Anyway – back to the wedding night. We were drinking quite a bit, and dancing too for most of the night. When Val gets drunk she gets quite flirty (she insists she is not a flirt and that she is only being friendly). She also gets quite horny after drinking. We had been dancing all night and I had caught several of the men (and women) staring at Val as she danced and swayed exotically to the music. Much of the time I was on the floor with her, but from time to time I would go to the bar and speak with some of our friends. On these occasions Val wouldn’t be left dancing alone for long.

One of the guys who was there – Adam – is a real ladies man. It isn’t that he is a good looking guy, he just has a way with women. He isn’t a very close friend of mine – more a friend of a friend. He seemed to be taking an especially keen interest in Val. They even danced a few waltzes together. One of my mates warned me about him, pointing out to me that he was blatantly flirting with Val, but I was drunk and in good humour and I told him it was all only innocent fun. Adam knew Val was my girlfriend, and we were surrounded by people we knew so I felt that nothing could happen.

Anyway, one of the times I was at the bar Val came running over to me. She seemed a bit bothered. karabağlar escort bayan I asked her what was up. She said that she thought Adam had gotten the wrong impression. I asked her what she was talking about. She told me that they had been dancing and talking a lot. She insisted she hadn’t been flirting, and I think she believed that. But she said that things had gotten a bit out of control. She seemed embarrassed, and she didn’t want to go on, but I insisted. She said that he had been touching her from time to time as they chatted, and while she felt this was a bit too friendly she didn’t think much of it. Not until he put his hand on her ass and began to caress her cheeks.

I couldn’t blame him – she looked great and the skirt really showed off her ass. I felt a pang of jealousy, but also a pang of excitement. It was hypnotic. I nodded and tried not to show a reaction so that she would finish her story.

She said that she had grabbed Adams hand and reminded him that she was going out with me. They had both looked in my direction but I was busy talking to someone at the bar. Adam said to her that I didn’t seem to be too interested in what she was doing. He looked into her eyes and suggested that they slip away from the crowd. She said that all she could think of doing at this point to diffuse the situation was to laugh, so she laughed a bit and slapped Adam on the arm. They danced a bit more, Val didn’t want to walk away incase the situation remained tense. She put his boldness down to drink and decided that after a dance or two she would come find me. But soon enough when Adam leaned over to talk to Val over the music he had his hands on her hips again, and again he slid one down over her ass, complimenting her on what a great body she had. So she immediately went to find me.

I could see she was waiting for a reaction. I didn’t know what one to give. I was jealous, yes, but I was hard too. I didn’t know escort karabağlar what to feel, but I had had a lot to drink and I was horny. So that’s what I said. “I’m horny – let’s go to our room”. Val grabbed my hand and we left immediately. In hindsight I see that she must have been really horny too, and that the events had in some way turned her on.

We raced back to our room. The minute we got in the door we were kissing and I was grabbing and squeezing that perfect ass. I pulled her top off and unhooked her black bra. Her nipples were standing to attention. I kissed and sucked them. She pulled off my shirt. “I want to suck you” she said. I pulled off my pants as quick as lightning. She pulled off her skirt and panties. Then I lied down on the bed, rock hard, and Val crawled up on top of me. She began to suck, lick and kiss. It felt amazing. She really knows how to give good head. I was really enjoying this when I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. The room was dark – we hadn’t put on the lights. I squinted and gasped. It was Adam.

He must have came up to our room before us. He had his dick in his hand and when he saw me looking at him he put a finger to his lips. The cheeky bastard. But I said nothing. Val mistook my gasp for one of pleasure and kept on sucking. The fact that Adam was there watching made me hard as a rock and I started to caress Vals body infront of him, squeezing her tits and ass as if they were on show. He was rock hard and stroked like a man possessed. I shot a massive load straight into Vals mouth. What an orgasm.

She never swallows, so at this point she smiled at me and turned to go to the bathroom. It was then that she saw Adam and screamed. Cum srayed from her mouth, some of it dribbling down her chin and onto her tits. I leapt from the bed and grabbed and held her.

“It’s alright” I said

“What the fuck are you doing here?” she shouted.

“I’m sorry, I was karabağlar escort out of line” Adam said, still standing with his knob in his hand.

Val realised that I must have seen him.

“Did you know he was here?” Val asked, turning to me.

“Not initially,” I said, knowing there was no point in lying, “but I did see him a few minutes ago.”

“And you didn’t tell me?” she said.

I stared at her in silence.

“Did you want me to put on a show?”

Then the unbelievable happened.

“Well if that’s what you want. I can’t let him leave like that” she said. She turned to Adam and told him to take off his pants and lie on the bed. He did it in an instant.

“Now you watch” she said to me.

She swayed towards me bed, and staring Adam in the eye she took hold of his dick and kissed it. Then she looked at me. “Is this what you want?” she said. I stared blankly, turned on and jealous. My dick told a different story. Val saw it and shrugged. Adam smiled, only for a second, then his face took on the appearance of one in extreme pain or pleasure. In this case it was pleasure. Val took his dick in her mouth as deep as she could-in,out,in,out. She then licked along his shaft in circles and took him deep again. This went on for ages. She was moaning and grunting. Adam looked like he’d never had a blowjob as good, and he probably hadn’t.

Eventually he gripped Vals head and face fucked her (something I’d never done but it was amazing to watch) until he came, shooting a huge load into her mouth and deep down her throat. He held her head making her swallow, and she did so without complaint. When he was finished thrusting he released her and collapsed back on the bed.

“Damn that was the best fucking blowjob I’ve ever gotten” he said. Val smiled.

Adam looked at me. “You’re one lucky guy”

“And don’t ever ask me to swallow for you” Val told me.

Adam pulled up his pants and headed for the door. “Thanks mate” he said, slapping me on the back and winking at Val.

Once he had left I joined Val in the bed. We held each other a while and didn’t talk. Eventually she said “I didn’t mean that about not swallowing yours”

I kissed her. “How was it for you?”

She knew I’d liked it so she told the truth. “Erotic.”

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