My Best Friend My Lover My Mum Ch. 03

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Things happened the next morning. Mum and I were still in bed. It was just after ten. Mum’s phone beeped. There was a message from. Kay, it read, “Good morning Jill foremost, thank you so much for inviting mum for the barbecue with you and Jack. She told me Jack’s an excellent chef. She asked for her steak medium rare and that’s what she got. I hope you are well rested as mum said you retired early as you were tired. Mum enjoyed chatting with Jack as they hadn’t spoken for two months. Thank you for allowing mum to join me at the funeral service and the barbecue at Jack’s afterwards.”

“We are both excited about this and also the invitation on the following evening for the Birthday barbecue. We were talking and we both will wear conservative clothes for the funeral. Mum says you like casual clothes around the house. We both love tops and leggings around the house. I’m now going to stay with mum which allows me to see dad every night during the week and during the day at weekends.”

“I was so happy when you suggested we keep we keep in touch. It excites me when I think of you saying that. Looking forward to seeing you at the funeral, Kay.”

Mum showed me Kay’s message with a smile on her face. As she was replying she said, “I had the feeling Kay would reply. It excites her me suggesting we keep in touch. I think we’ll all be touching physically soon.”

I read mum’s reply after she had sent it. My cock stiffened as I read, “Good morning, Kay, thanks for your lovely message. Jean is a lovely lady. It surprised me how comfortable your mum and Jack are with each other. We had a super barbecue last night. I enjoyed chatting with your mum. We are both open-minded women and think the same way. After a long day, I went to bed early. I’m now staying with Jack and I wondered what would happen if he was, shall I say, entertaining a lady? I just went to bed and left them to it.”

“I’m refreshed now. In fact, I’m still in bed. I haven’t heard Jack yet, he’s still sleeping, which doesn’t surprise me as before I fell asleep your mum and Jack were being quite noisy. Regarding clothes, tops and leggings are so comfortable around the house. Can I be naughty and say the tighter the leggings look, the nicer they look? That’s nice of you to stay with your mum while your dad’s in hospital, spend as much time with your dad as you can, that’s important this now. The funeral is at eleven tomorrow morning. If you are staying with your mum, then we can all go in the one car? Let me know if you want that?”

“Kay, you and I have experienced similar things in our lives, though I experienced them earlier. I was thinking as we drove home yesterday how it was for me with my late husband? There was no variation, the same routine every time. A nice blow job to get him hard as he played with my tits. Then he’d stick his cock in me in the missionary position. A couple of minutes later, he’d shoot his load, pull out, and fall asleep. You have more recent experiences with him. Did he change? Looking forward to tomorrow and let me know if you want a lift? I’d better go, Jack’s up. Jill.”

Just after mum sent her message to Kay, I received this message from Jean, “Darling, thanks for those two wonderful orgasms. I needed them. Meeting your mother was fantastic. I like her as a person. I had a word with Kay. She likes you a lot. I told her about the barbecues tomorrow and Saturday. She’s so happy about this, she said. Let’s see how things pan out. Jack, make her feel you are not using her and I’m sure it will work out. Bob didn’t look good this morning. They’re giving him a new medication. We can only hope for the best. See you at the funeral tomorrow. I took your mum’s advice. I bought a bra, a cup size smaller. My boobs are jiggling beautifully. You’ll see tomorrow. I love you, Jean xx.”

As I was reading this, mum had a message from Jean. It read, “Jill, thanks so much for last night. When I get you in bed, you’ll see how much I appreciated it. Regards Jack, you could leave some of your sexy panties lying around the bathroom. It’s an old one, but it works though. Make sure they are soiled. Are you and Jack into cuddling each other? If not, try kissing his neck, nibbling his earlobe, sliding your tongue inside his ear. Always wear clothes that show your gorgeous body to perfection. Try flashing your boobs and pussy. With what you’ve got, you’d even get a blind man excited. Kay’s interested in Jack. Tell Jack to not rush things. Your husband has used her too much. Looking forward to our next meet. I want to go down on you, love Jean.”

Things were falling into place, I said, “Mum, they are responding, you’re in total control, it’s incredible how you have orchestrated this and that was before I’d read Kay’s reply to mum’s naughty reply to Kay. Mum replied, “Jack, I’m doing it for you and for me, I can’t wait to share a bed with you and Kay, Jean can be there as well. I want a grandchild, Kay will give us a good-looking, intelligent child, and keep the Ryan company going for another generation. kızıl gaziantep escort That’s our goal. I want this to happen.”

Kay’s message read, “Jill, so many thanks for your so accurate message. I’m open-minded too. I say it as it is. I’m sorry if mum disturbed your sleep. I don’t know if Jack has told you, he’s been looking after mum for three years, this is keeping mum young. Mum is exciting and noisy in bed. I’ve been there and I know. I believe she does it because it helps her climax. Mum and I only wear tight leggings. We both have amazing Camel’s Toes. Amazingly, they are both the same length, long sex slit with thick cunt flaps.”

“It was exactly as you had it. He told me I’ve a magic mouth and tongue and loved that. As I got older, my tits never changed. They are still incredible to look at. He loved me to oil them up and give him a titty fuck. Jill, I’m probably like you. I met a man that could change my life. To make this change, I had to do things that gave him pleasure. He had shown me a new world sexually, but in the real world, I was getting so much satisfaction from my job.”

“Your husband gave me the deposit for my apartment. I was earning good money and could pay my mortgage. The security in my life came from my job. I felt I was still under pressure to perform for your husband to keep my job, even though a lot of my ideas were making the company more productive. Thank you for your confidence in me. I feel I can look forward to the future with confidence.”

“I’ve spoken to mum and we both think it’s a great idea to go in the one car. We’ll both be up early and visit dad at eight in the morning. Mum asked the hospital, and that’s no problem. We’ll be with you around ten if that’s ok with you. If not, let me know what times are good for you? I’m looking forward to spending time with you and Jack tomorrow. Regards Kay.”

Mum replied, “So happy to hear from you. He hasn’t changed at all. I introduced him to the titty fuck using coconut oil. Did he every vary his position with you, or was it always the missionary position? If I tell you, he never gave me an orgasm in my life when he was fucking me? I have a personal question which if you don’t want to answer, I’ll understand? Did he ever make you cum when he was riding you? He got close twice, but then he came and that was the end.”

“Kay, I was thinking maybe it’s time to bring Jack into the loop. Why don’t you message or phone him about the time he wants to leave tomorrow? That gives you the opportunity to chat and get to know each other.”

“Don’t worry about the noise your mum and Jack made last night. If I’m honest, I was a little jealous as I’ve had this fantasy of Jack fucking me for a few years now. Do you think I’m a naughty mum for wanting this? I’m looking forward to seeing you and your mum tomorrow. Please let me know the time you and Jack agree on and the other questions I’ve asked. Jill xx.”

Mum then let me read the messages. I was now officially in the loop. I wondered how Kay would reply to or would she reply to mum with some subtle question first? I hadn’t long to wait. Mum’s phone beeped a minute later. The message read, “Jill, you know everything. He never made me cum once. He came close twice but no Champagne. The last few years, he used Viagra. It made him a little harder, but didn’t improve his staying power. We’ve shared the same experiences. I was still on the pill. I came off it the day he died. Seven years is a long time to be on it.”

“I had my low times with your husband, usually when a new fuck buddy appeared. Mum comforted me then. It felt wonderful. Both my mother and I wanted it and still do. A baby is what I want. I’m staying off the pill until I find the man. I find the man I want to be the father of that child. If the man I want loves me, he’ll allow me to still see my mum.”

“Let Jack know how you feel about him. The easiest way is to be affectionate with him, cuddle him, pull him close, tongue kiss him. That’s the way did it with me and it worked. You know you want it, you must be sure Jack wants it too. I’m with my father this now, I’ll phone Jack when I get home. Jill, I want Jack, but I must be sure he wants me. But he must accept I want him too. Now, to be completely honest, I would love to have you, too. Let me get to know Jack first, then we can move to the next stage. Tomorrow, I’ll dress for you, mum and Jack. Kay xx.”

Mum let me read the last message as I read. I realised mum had almost certainly created a way for Kay and I too be together. I liked Kay; I liked her. She looked good physically. I knew that when she phoned, I must be cool, but welcoming for her. I was a little worried for the first time we would be alone, as I knew it would be difficult to not want to feel her.

Mum and I had eaten, mum had made a delicious pasta, after our meal, mum had looked so good. I took her on the kitchen table doggy style. Just after we both climaxed mum’s gaziantep kızıl escort bayan phone beeped, she had a message from Jean, it read, “Hi sexy, Kay and I’ve eaten, Kay is going to phone Jack as she’d like to come up and have a glass of wine and a chat with Jack about tomorrow. This would also allow them to spend some time together. Darling, would you like to come to me? It can’t be an all nighter but have a lot of fun for a couple of hours. Let me know if it’s good for you then Kay will phone Jack. Kisses, Jean xx.”

Mum let me read the message. I liked what I read, then I said, “Mum, we’d better shower first so we’re fresh for them. Tell her you’re good with that, but you need twenty minutes to finish some things that you are doing. Tell Jean to tell Kay to phone me in fifteen minutes as I’m in the shower. Mum did this, we both had a quick shower, mum put on a top and tight leggings as I put on a towelling bathrobe and poured myself and sat in the lounge.

Mum came in. She looked stunning in her leggings and top, her massive tits jiggling beautifully. Mum said, “I’ll wait until Kay phones and I’ll open the door for her. I’ll shut the lounge door and tell her you are ain the lounge. I’ll tell her advice worked, and you gave me a fantastic fuck. That way, she’ll know that you’re fucking her mother and me. It all feels good to me.”

My phone rang. I answered, “Ryan, how can I help you?”

“Hi Jack, sorry to trouble you but mum asked me to confirm with you what time you’d like us to leave tomorrow as we want to visit dad before we leave?”

“Kay, would you like me to pick you up from the hospital?”

“That’s thoughtful of you, Jack, but then we are messing about with cars. We can be here at ten, if that’s good for you?”

“Ten is ideal, because of Corona. I don’t know how many will be there, but they are putting three large video screens outside with speakers so those that can’t get into the Crematorium can see what’s happening outside. It’s better if we are there early.”

“That’s great Jack, mum and I will be there then. We’ll come back and change into our funeral clothes, then come to your penthouse. Mum has invited your mum down for a glass of wine. Is it possible I could come to you and have a glass with you?”

“Kay, I’ve just had a shower. I’m sitting in the lounge in a towelling bathrobe, having a glass of wine. Mum told me she was going to visit your mum, come and join me.”

“Thanks Jack, I’ll be there in two minutes.”

Mum smiled and said, “Jack, Kay’s more than interested. She’s an asset to the company, treat her with respect. Tell her I want a grandchild and you must now settle down. Don’t rush things with her. I’ll open the door and tell her we’ve now fucked. That brings me into the loop. She’ll then know that you can have all three of us.”

The door bell rang, mum said, good luck. My pussy will be nice and wet after Jean’s been working on it for a couple of hours. See you later.”

Mum closed the lounge door, I heard the door open and mum say, “Hi Kay, you look amazing, your tits feel so good.”

“So do yours, Jill. You are glowing?”

“Am I? It’s happened. As you suggested, it was as though we were both wanting it. We cuddled, then I leaned up to kiss, he leaned down, it was so spontaneous, the kisses were so affectionate. Jack started playing with my tits. I felt this monster cock pushing against me. I stroked it. When I felt the size of it, it’s huge. If I’d known he had this beauty, I’d have had it years ago. Jack’s in the lounge, that door there. Good luck. If it goes well for you, it goes well for all of us.”

I heard the door close as mum left, then a knock on the lounge door. I said, “Is that you Kay? Come in, please.”

The door opened. Kay looked stunning. Her nipples were hard, her tits looked massive and jiggled beautifully. Her long sex slit looked so inviting. She wasn’t wearing panties. I stood up and walked towards her. She smiled with a look of anticipation on her face. She ignored my hand and gave me a hug. I felt her gorgeous body against me. It felt incredible. I wanted to feel her massive tits as they felt so meaty against my chest. Instead, I said, “Hi Kay, you look great. I’m having a Chablis. Would you like a glass?”

“You’re looking good yourself. I’d love a glass. This is a gorgeous apartment. Mum’s is nice, but this is luxury living.”

We broke away, and I left to get the wine. Kay said, “Jack, may I come with you? I’d love to see around.”

I said no problem where I half filled a fresh glass with what I left in the bottle and opened a fresh bottle and topped Kay’s glass up. As I was putting ice into a wine cooler Kay was having a good look around the kitchen, there were outstanding sea views, Kay said, “I love cooking but the views here are incredible, mums are good, these are exceptional, you’d never get bored looking out this window.”

We then went back to the lounge. I took Kay gaziantep kızıl escort on to the balcony. She gasped when she saw it. She said, “I’m impressed Jack. Is that a sauna and a Jacuzzi over there? What a marvellous barbecue, you have so much space. Mum’s balcony can take two comfortably, though three is a squeeze. I’m looking forward to the barbecue tomorrow.”

We went back inside and sat on the sofa together, drinking our wine and chatting about so many things. Kay’s sharp brain impressed me. She was so knowledgeable about everything we spoke about. An hour later we were on her second bottle of wine, we hadn’t mentioned the company, I remembered her saying she had a couple of suggestions to make, I said, “Kay, you told me you had a couple of suggestions to make or do you prefer not to talk about the company?”

“Jack, I love the company, one thing I’d like to suggest is our present office is in a prime location, ok, we own the entire block, but the two floors we occupy could bring a rent of the guts of two million a year. Your family’s house is now lying empty. We should rent out our offices and move to the house. There’s so much room there.”

“Kay, mum and I were talking about this. Bring it up at the next board meeting. I’m sure we’ll act on it. What were your other suggestions?”

Kay smiled, the way her tits jiggled was stiffening my cock, that was the last thing I wanted tonight, Kay replied, “They’re all for the board meeting, I need a PowerPoint, there’s so many Apps out there which would give us tighter management, I’m more computer savvy than Bill, I haven’t shown him them yet but I’m sure he’ll approve. Can I ask a question? If you feel it’s none of business, then tell me.”

“Please ask.”

“How come you’re not married? I’ve never spoken to a more eligible and interesting man in my life before.”

“Thanks Kay, you’re very attractive, too. I studied computer programming, I’m good at it, dad wanted me to join the company, the way dad treated mum, he wasn’t my favourite person. I worked for a gaming company for six months, then I launched my first gaming program. The sales were astronomical. I made enough money from that I didn’t need to work again. I’ve now produced twenty-seven games.”

“Years ago, on mum’s suggestion, she got dad to make me a director. I listened, the company was running well l made no suggestions. Mum wanted me there as she knew one day dad wouldn’t be there. I can help you. I know a lot about Apps. A good one can be a godsend.”

“I bought this apartment. I could work in a relaxed way here. I was never one for socialising. At university I hardly went out. At university, I had an affair with my year’s lecturer. She was fifty-five and living in a miserable sexless marriage. This relationship lasted for several years and ended when her husband retired. By this time, I was already living here. I had several affairs with widowed neighbours, then I met your mum.”

“The sex your mum and I have is incredible. I’ve only had only older women in my life and I’ve enjoyed it. Now Mum wants a grandchild, she wants another generation to take the company into the future. I think I’ll have to getting out more.”

Kay smiled and squeezed my arm so gently, she said, “You’ve had older women. I have only had an older man. I’ve no problem with your relationship with mum, you give her so much pleasure, my mum wants a grandchild too. I also want a child, but I’m going to be so selective about who the father is. Jack, I’ve only been with one man and I hated that. Jack, I feel so comfortable being around you.”

As Kay said this, I thought of the similarity between her and mum. I knew then that I wouldn’t have penetrative sex with Kay tonight. It was not the time. If she responded to a kiss and cuddle and then she would get the best and possibly the first oral of her life. We were both sitting next to each other, sipping our wine, but both of us were deep in thought. I put my wineglass on top of the coffee table. Kay did the same with her glass.

We both took each other in our arms. In the next few minutes, everything happened so spontaneously, our lips met, we intertwined our tongues in our mouths. The kisses were affectionate, nothing was rushed, we were both enjoying what we were doing. My right hand found Kay’s massive left tit. I teased and played with her hard nipple. Kay gasped and said, “That feels so good. You’re so gentle and loving.”

Her last five words told me so much as I raised her top above her beautiful massive tits, as I nibbled on the meaty part of her breast, as my fingertips squeezed and teased her gorgeous hard nipple. I delicately nibbled around the circumference of her massive melon. Kay loved it. I then took her hard nipple inside my mouth and sucked on it as my hand went south across her flat stomach, my fingertips just inside the waistband of her leggings.

As I sucked her big hard nipple, Kay was caressing my neck and ear. She had such a gentle touch. My fingers slipped deeper inside her leggings. I felt her vulva, smooth and swollen. It felt good to touch. Kay spread her legs, allowing me easier access to her honey pot. She then did a surprising thing. She raised her butt off the sofa. With one quick movement, I had Kay’s leggings on her ankles. Kay stepped out of them and sat down on the sofa, naked apart from her top, which was still above her gorgeous tits.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32