My Best Friend? Ch. 03

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The next morning Jen was still in her t-shirt and naked from the waist down. She had apparently not gone to visit Seth last night.

She was still sleeping off the beer.

I went to our bathroom and got cleaned up to go to work. I had been gone now for three days and decided I better go in and at least make an appearance. I also had a very important meeting today with the owner of our company. I really knew that I was going to have a hard time staying focused on the meeting knowing that my wife was probably at home fucking who knows how many guys. I decided to go in and get the meeting over with and get home by one or two. It appeared that other than her fucking Seth the real activity did not begin until then.

I put our video camera in my briefcase so that no matter what was happening and where I would have my camera to record her infidelity.

I quietly headed down the hall and to the kitchen to get some breakfast and a coffee.

Seth was still in bed also.

I got something to eat and was headed for the door when I heard, “Honey?”

I turned and Jen was standing there with a large t-shirt on and apparently nothing on under it.

“Did I do what I think I did last night or was it a dream?” She sleepily asked me.

“If you mean did you shove Seth’s face into your pussy then fuck me in the pool then go over and give Seth a hand job? Then yes you did it.” I responded.

“Oh my gawd, it did happen.” She turned red.

“It will be ok. That is a minor in the scope of things.” I replied.

“Can you forgive me?” She asked.

“Yes. Now I have to go. I have a meeting with the Boss today.” I said.

She grabbed me and kissed me deeply, “I love you Sweetheart!” She said.

“Love ya too.” As I went out the door.

I got in the car and backed out the drive. I could not believe she was worried about a hand job when she has fucked nearly everyone I went to school with. But then she does not know I was in the closet watching her fuck them yesterday.

I headed to work wondering if she had jumped into bed with Seth and was fucking him right now.

It was hard for me to concentrate on work and my meeting with the boss without wondering what was happening at the house.

The meeting went a little longer than it was supposed to which was beginning to irate me.

Finally, it was over about one and I went to my office to finish a few things up. I got out of the office about two and told my secretary I had a client meeting to go to and would not be back today.

I drove as quickly as I could towards the house. When I got there, I grabbed my camera and walked the block to the house. I went to the backyard and looked through a crack in the fence. There was no one in the backyard.

I went to our bedroom and tried peering through the blinds. I could not see much but there was no noise and I saw no movement.

I quietly opened the gate to the backyard and strolled toward the backdoor. I looked around the corner of the house and looked into the kitchen and family room.

It was there I found Jen.

She was naked.

I figured she must have been waiting for your daily gangbang crew to come over.

But, I might have already missed it and somehow I was very disappointed at not having the opportunity to video tape her extra marital activities.

Jen left the kitchen and down the hall. I snuck back around the corner of the house to where I could see into our bedroom. Jen was getting into the shower.

This was my opportunity to sneak into the house and into the closet so I could wait and see what happens.

I stepped into the closet as Jen turned off the water. She came into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her and sat at her vanity. She was applying make-up and acted as if she was getting ready to go out.

She got up and went to her closet. She was in there for a while and I was getting nervous that for some reason she might come into my closet.

She stepped out of the closet dressed. She had on a skirt that barely covered her ass. The blouse that she had on was white, sheer and very sexy because I could easily see her large full breasts. She put on a pair of high-heeled sandals that when she stood up made her legs look long and very sexy.

I had forgotten about the camera and decided to use it to tape her in this outfit. Then the phone rang.

“Hello.” She answered.

“Ok, I’ll be right over. I just need to leave Dave a note in case I’m not home when he gets here.” She said.

“See in a few minutes, bye.” She hung up the phone.

She checked herself in the mirror one more time and left the bedroom.

I mumbled to myself, “Fuck, where is she going?”

My car was a block away and there would be no way to get to it to follow her.

I heard the front door close and quickly left the closet and went to the front windows to see where she was going.

I could not believe she was walking down the street in that outfit in broad daylight. She crossed the street and went two houses down and rang the doorbell.

The door opened and she walked konak escort bayan in. The house she went to was friends of ours, Beth and Steve.

I went to the kitchen and there was a note.

Hello Honey,

Beth and I have gone shopping. Might be home late. I left some food in the fridge for you to warm up.

Love ya,


I went back to the front of the house to look over at Beth and Steve’s house. Nothing yet. “What the hell?” I mumbled

I decided if they were leaving, I was going to follow them so I walked back to my car and moved it to where I could see if they left.

I waited for about five minutes and then the garage door opened. Beth’s car backed out and they turned to go the opposite direction. I started the car and followed. I stayed back and kept a few cars between us.

They got onto the highway and headed into town.

They turned off the road and headed into a sleazy section of town. I saw the turn signal come on as Beth turned the car into a parking lot of a building that had no name on it.

I turned into the parking lot across the street and parked. Beth and Jen got out of the car and headed toward the door. Beth was equally seductively dressed.

They went inside. I waited for a moment and then walked across the street and went inside.

There was a cover charge at the door so I paid it and a sheet of paper was handed to me.

On it was prices for using one of the rooms in the building. It seems that these rooms are Glory Hole Rooms. I stepped into the next room and it was a very dimly lit room.

I saw Jen and Beth at the bar drinking what looked to be margaritas.

I found a chair in the corner where I could see them. After drinking a few drinks, they got up and I held the piece of paper in front of my face as they started down a hallway. I watched as they both went into a room.

I quickly got up and went down the hall.

There was a big guy standing at the entrance to the hall and asked, “Would you like a room?”

“Yes.” I responded.

“How long would you like to have a room?” He asked.

I want that room there for one hour.” As I pointed to the room next to the one that Jen and Beth went into.

“Sorry that room is occupied.” He answered.

“I’ll wait then.” I replied.

I waited about fifteen minutes and a guy came out of the room and walked down the hallway.

He looked at me and said, “Dude, take room five. There are two of them in there and man can they suck cock. I even fucked one of them.”

The guy took my money and I went to room five. I opened the door to a very dimly lit room. There was the unmistakable smell of cum in the air.

Against the wall that was next to the room Jen and Beth was in there was a hole about five inches in diameter.

I could here them whispering and giggling in the next room. My cock was already hard with just the thought of sticking my dick through the hole and being completely anonymous.

I unfastened my pants and let them slide to my ankles. I then waddled to the hole and stuck my cock through it.

Very quickly, a hand grabbed my cock and began stroking it. I wondered if my wife or Beth was the one stroking my cock. Then the warm embrace of a mouth enveloped my shaft and began sucking it. I thought I would be able to tell from the technique if it was Jen or Beth but I could not.

I stood there concentrating on who it might be when I heard through the wall, “Your turn.”

The mouth slipped away and then another mouth took its place wrapped around my cock. I knew now that either way my neighbor Beth had or was sucking my cock.

Beth is one of those women that when you see her you instantly want to fuck her. She is about five foot six inches tall with shiny brunette hair that reaches the small of her back. Her tits are full and not too big but not too small either. She has always liked running around dressed somewhat seductively.

The girls switched again and this one was nearly swallowing my cock. In fact, when I looked down I could see her lips at the hole when she sucked me completely in her mouth and throat. I thought this could be Jen because she was excellent at swallowing my cock. However, the lips looked more like Beth’s. It was hard to tell when they were stretched around my shaft.

Suddenly the mouth was gone and my hard cock was left in the cool air of the other room. Then I felt a hand touching my cock.

“Holy shit” I mumbled softly as the unmistakable feeling of a pussy was surrounding my cock. I was now either fucking my wife or my neighbor. Again, I could not tell which one it was.

They were sliding back and forth on my cock. The wet warmth was now making my mind spin and I did not care if it was Jen or Beth.

I was pressed against the wall trying to get as deep as I could into whoever it was. I was rocking my hips slightly back and forth with the motion of the woman on the other side.

I then heard the soft whisper, “You fuck him now.”

I knew that was Jen’s voice. I had been fucking my wife through escort konak the hole in the wall.

I felt her slid off my cock and again I had a hard cock pointing through a wall at who knows what. Then another hand grabbed my cock and I felt which I now knew was Beth’s pussy. She slid fully onto my cock.

Somehow, I felt a little twinge of revenge at fucking Beth even though Jen did not know I was doing it. Then she also did not know that I knew she was fucking every swinging dick in town.

I was humping into the wall knowing that I had my cock buried inside Beth’s pussy. She was very wet and very tight. Her pussy muscles were massaging my cock. I knew that my mind knowing I was fucking Beth would not let me last very long as I felt the cum boiling in my balls.

I looked down and was attempting to see through the hole at the ass that was pressed up against it.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned softly as I felt the cum racing up my shaft.

The pussy slid off my cock and a mouth took its place. I erupted with such a force that my knees buckled and I shot load after load into the mouth on the other side of the wall.

I did not know if it was Beth who had flipped around and sucked me or if when she slid off that Jen grabbed my cock and sucked it. It really did not matter at this point because I had just fucked Beth.

My cock was going limp and the hand and mouth withdrew from it. I pulled my deflating cock back through the hole and pulled my pants up. I fastened them and waited to see if they were leaving. I did not hear anything but silence and a few inaudible whispers.

I decided they were staying so I unlocked the door and stepped into the hallway. I had to see how long they stayed in there so I went to the lounge area again and took a seat where I could see the doors.

Another guy then paid and went to door five, opened it, and went inside.

I sat there knowing that my wife was in there having her part in fucking and sucking the guy who just went in.

It took about twenty minutes for him and he came out of the room with a big grin on his face.

He saw someone he knew and told them, “Take room five. There are two of them in there and they suck and fuck.”

“Wow, really?” He responded.

He went to the guy and paid his money and went to room five.

As this guy was in the room, I began to wonder how many of Jen and Beth’s “shopping trips” were actually visits to this place. How long had this been going on? I also wondered if Steve was as clueless as I had been.

I looked at my watch and it was now six thirty and there had been probably ten guys including me who had entered the room and come out.

Suddenly the door to Jen and Beth’s room opened and I quickly stood, turned and left the building. I ran across the street to my car and got in it. I started it and headed toward the house. I wanted to beat them home.

I pulled into the garage and went into the house. I went to the front windows and watched for them to return to Beth and Steve’s house.

About the time I saw Beth and Jen pull into Beth’s garage, Seth pulled up out front and was walking to the house.

I opened the door for him and he said, Hey Buddy what are you doing?

“Just waiting for Jen to get home.” I replied.

“Where did she go?” he asked.

“Shopping with Beth.” I replied.

I then saw the front door of Beth’s house open and Jen stepped out. She gave Beth a hug and started walking down the street. It was nearly dark but I could see her unrestrained breasts bouncing with each step.

Seth and I went to the kitchen and opened a beer when the front door opened and Jen walked in.

“Hey guys what are you two doing?” She asked.

“I just got here.” Seth replied.

“Honey did you get something to eat?” She asked me.

“No, I thought I would wait for you and Seth.” I replied.

I then asked her, “How was shopping?”

“We had a great time.” She replied.

“And, you went shopping dressed like that?” I asked

Then Seth added his two cents worth, “I need to know where this shopping mall is!”

“She then did a little pirouette and said, “Yes, don’t you like it?”

“I’m sure the guys at the mall liked it.” I replied.

She looked directly at me with a slight glare and replied, “Yes, in fact I think there were several guys who enjoyed it.”

I knew her underlying message was that several guys enjoyed her mouth and pussy because they could not see her clothes.

“I’m going to go take a shower then I will fix something to eat.” She said as she turned and went down the hall.

Seth looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.

I went down the hall and got to our bedroom as Jen was getting into the shower. I took my clothes off and got in the shower with her.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

I grabbed her, spun her around facing away from me, and bent her over the little seating area in our shower.

“If you want to be a little slut then I am going to treat you like a slut.” I responded grabbing her by the hair.

My konak escort cock was immediately hard and I held her down and shoved my cock into her pussy. Her pussy was still slick from the cum that had apparently been deposited in it from the glory hole.

I was holding her by the hair and pounding my cock in and out of her pussy.

She quit struggling and supported herself on the bench. I grabbed her ass cheeks and then slapped one of them with a resounding “smack” from the wet skin.

“Oh Yes!” She groaned.

I then spread her ass, grabbed the skin conditioner, and dribbled it onto her tight asshole. I let my thumb press against her ass and then pushed to let it slid inside her rectum.

“Oh fuck!” She moaned as I invaded her ass with my thumb.

She began bucking back and forth on my cock as I fucked her hard and deep. I let my thumb slid further into her ass until it was buried inside her.

“OH MY GAWD YES!” She nearly screamed in the shower.

I pulled my cock from her pussy and she groaned, “No. Keep it in.”

I guided my cock to her ass and laid my cock head against her asshole. I leaned forward and the head popped inside her.

“Fuck my ass.” She groaned.

I leaned forward until my cock was deep inside her. I then withdrew and pushed forward again.

“OOOHHHHHHH YES!” She groaned.

I then plunged in and out at a rapid pace and let my hand slid under her and massaged her clit.

The tightness of her ass was unbelievable and after about thirty strokes, I shot a huge load of cum inside her rectum.

When I had finished coming I withdrew my cock and looked at the cum dribbling from gaping open ass.

She stood back up and turned to kiss me.

“Please treat me like a slut more often.” She said to me.

She then added, “Now get out of here so I can wash up.”

I got out of the shower and dried off. I went to our bedroom and had to pause for a moment.

I thought to myself, “Could it be that all she wanted was to be treated like a slut? Is that why she has been fucking everyone I know? I mean I love her to death and the thought of treating her rough and like a common whore had not crossed my mind. Damn.”

I slid on a pair of shorts and went to the kitchen. Seth was sitting in the family room watching TV.

Jen came up behind me as I looked at Seth. He turned with a big smile on his face.

“Can we eat now?” He asked.

Jen responded with, “I’m on it.”

I turned to look at Jen who was standing behind me. I once again was somewhat shocked that she was now running around the house with company dressed so provocatively. She was wearing a skintight white tank top that left nothing to the imagination when looking at her tits. On the bottom half all she had on was a thong.

She kissed me again and went to the kitchen as I watched her near naked ass wiggle away.

I joined Seth in the family room on the couch.

“That sounded like a hot little fuck session in there.” He said.

“I treated her like the slut she has become. I fucked her pussy then her ass and it seems she enjoys being treated rough and slutty.” I replied.

“It could be worse I guess. After all how is she going to dress around the house after I’m gone?” He said with a grin.

Seth also did not know at this point that I knew he was fucking my wife.

Jen yelled dinner was ready and we both got up to go in and eat. When we walked around the corner she was facing away from us and her tight firm ass was looking mighty fine in that thong. In a way it was turning me on that Seth was also staring at her.

Jen set our plates in front of us but not without a little flaunting of her body. She sat down and we ate. Both Seth and I were regularly stealing looks at Jen’s big tits and hard nipples as they strained against the thin fabric of her tank top.

After eating we all went to the family room to watch some TV. I was ready to begin this new life with my gorgeous wife if that is what she wanted. However, I was going to be in control of all that went on if it was going to be this way.

“How about a movie?” I asked.

They both agreed that would be good. I picked through our DVD collection and found the porn movie I was looking for. It had several scenes of two guys and one girl on it.

I slid it into the DVD player and turned to sit on the couch next to Jen.

When the movie began Jen knew exactly what I had put in and looked shocked at me.

It did not take long for Seth to realize that this was a porn movie because it started right away with a man and wife fucking. As the scene goes the doorbell rings and the husband gets up to answer it. It seems his best friend has come over. The husband had planned all along for the friend to come over and help him fuck his wife.

The room was very quiet except for the heavy breathing and cheesy music on the TV. I looked at Jen who had curled up with her head on my shoulder.

I reached for her tits that were now supporting very hard and erect nipples. I began lightly massaging them through her shirt. Seth who was slightly sitting in front of us had not noticed this yet. He was silently watching the video.

As the scene progressed, the friend had joined in with the husband fucking his wife. The wife was sucking the big fat cock of the friend while her husband fucked her from behind.

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